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Southwest Airlines

By Southwest Airlines Co. released on: 2009-12-18T08:00:00Z

Traveling with Southwest Airlines is now even more convenient with our first iPhone app. Make reservations, check in for flights, and access your Rapid Rewards account directly from your iPhone. Plus, our iPhone app has DING! functionality built in, giving you instant access to exclusive, limited-time-only air fare deals. When a DING! fare is made available, you'll be notified immediately on your iPhone.

So now there's no need to boot up your laptop or make a phone call to prepare for your next trip. Just pull out your iPhone to:

"u00b7 View & book the latest DING! deals
"u00b7 Book or cancel air reservations
"u00b7 Book or cancel rental car reservations
"u00b7 Check in for your flight
"u00b7 Check flight status
"u00b7 Review flight schedules
"u00b7 Access your Rapid Rewards account
"u00b7 Access helpful contact information

With many of's most popular features now in the palm of your hand, traveling on Southwest is more convenient than ever before.

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American Airlines

By American Airlines released on: 2010-07-26T07:00:00Z

Introducing the travel app that understands who you are and where you're going. From where you're departing and from what gate. Where you'll sit and even where you are on the standby list. Simply swipe and tap your way through your personalized American Airlines travel information with the app that's perfect for flying through airports.

"u00ad- Enter your login & password only once: saving your info allows the app to push your upcoming flight details to your home screen, automatically
"u00ad- Set a parking reminder
"u00ad- Monitor your place on the standby list
"u00ad- Track your Elite Status progress
"u00ad- View personal flight details: get your gate, seat and flight status info at a glance
"u00ad- Access your mobile boarding pass: the app saves it for you, so it's always easy to find
"u00ad- Use GPS to locate the nearest American Airlines serviced airport
"u00ad- View terminal maps
"u00ad- Play Sudoku

Plus, access a variety of other tools to help you manage, plan and further enjoy each trip you take on American Airlines:

"u00ad- Book Flights
"u00ad- Check In for Flights
"u00ad- Create Flight Status Notifications
"u00ad- Check Flight Status & Schedules
"u00ad- Access your AAdvantage"u00ae account*
"u00ad- Enroll in the AAdvantage"u00ae program
- Access Contact Information

We are developing our plans for future functionality to be included in our American Airlines app. Please send us your feedback. We are listening.

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Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Mobile App

By Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air released on: 2010-02-20T01:28:20Z

Get Mobile with Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air

Traveling with Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air just got easier with our new iPhone app. Access to our most popular features is available wherever you go, making your travel experience easy and accessible.


"u00b7 Flight Status: Check your flight status.
"u00b7 Check-In: Check in 1 to 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Electronic Boarding Pass available in some cities.
"u00b7 Schedules: Review our daily flight schedules.
"u00b7 Flight Alerts: Create a flight alert for any Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air flight.
"u00b7 My Trips: View a list of upcoming trips using your My Account user ID and password. Review your itinerary details, add a mileage program number, and change seats.
"u00b7 View Reservation: Review your itinerary details, add a mileage program number, view upgrade status, and change seats.
"u00b7 Contact Us
"u00b7 Privacy Policy
"u00b7 View Full Site

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Continental Airlines, Inc

By Continental Airlines released on: 2010-10-02T12:43:57Z

Continental is proud to introduce our new Travel App for iOS devices. The Continental App is designed to keep the travel information you need up front and at your fingertips.

With features from Flight Booking to Flight Status, the Continental App will quickly become your indispensible travel companion.

Key Features:
"tFlight booking including Reward Travel

"tCheck-in and Mobile Boarding Pass storage - quick access so you're ready to go.

"tFlight Status - see upgrade priority list, seat map, in-flight amenities, as well as departure gate.

"tFlight Status Push Notification - monitor a selected flight and receive automatic updates sent to your phone.

"tOnePass Account Access - manage your OnePass account

"tAirport Maps - zoom in on maps to help you navigate through the airport.

Additional features include Presidents Club locations, DirecTV Schedule, Continental Social Networking information, and Sudoku games.

The Continental App puts valuable travel information in the palm of your hand, ready to access at a moment's notice.

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By Asiana Airlines released on: 2010-05-31T02:18:36Z

Welcome aboard on Asiana Airlines application. With Asiana Airlines application, you can easily access to check-in, flight status, latest timetable and many other information of Asiana Airlines.

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Singapore Airlines Mobile

By Singapore Airlines Limited released on: 2011-02-07T08:22:39Z

Flying with Singapore Airlines has been made even easier with an iPhone Launcher Application for the SingaporeAir Mobile WAP Platform, which enables you to :

Check flight schedules
Book flights and check in
Select your seats immediately after you make a booking, or while checking in
Retrieve your boarding pass
Log in to your KrisFlyer account
Change your account PIN
View your KrisFlyer statements
View KrisFlyer Miles Earned, Miles Redeemed, Miles Expired, and status of Retroactive Mileage Claim
Extend Expiring Miles
Receive confirmation on your redemption waitlist bookings

With such features at your fingertips, you can now begin every journey with us through the convenience of your iPhone.

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Austrian Airlines

By Austrian Airlines AG released on: 2010-11-05T01:55:23Z

Welcome on board with Austrian Airlines!

The new Austrian app gives you all the services you need quickly to hand when taking a flight.

You can check in for your flight easily or rebook your flight - your boarding pass is sent straight to your mobile phone! So saving you time at the airport, and when boarding your plane.

You can use the Austrian app to enquire about the latest changes in arrival and departure times. So you're always on time!

Want to go away? You can book flights in easy stages with the app. All you need do is enter your personal data one time, then the app automatically uses these in your next booking. All the flights you book stay stored, and you can pull them up at any time.

Or maybe you just want to check out the best connecting flights? You can even do this offline: you can also see all Austrian Airlines direct flights without an internet connection.

Want to relax a little before departure? Not a problem! With the Austrian app, you'll find all the Lounges at airports around the world. And if you ever want to call us, you'll find all the Austrian Airlines telephone numbers worldwide in our app.

Austrian Airlines - We fly for your smile.

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China Airlines

By Streams System Corporation released on: 2010-08-25T07:00:46Z

CI Mobile is a quick and convenient access to the China Airlines mobile
services. By selecting the menu function in CI Mobile, you can easily
and timely get the information. CI Mobile application includes following
services :

"u02d9Time table: Providing time table and online query of China Airlines flight

"u02d9 Flight Status : Providing real-time flight movement (including standard
departure/arrival time and actual departure/arrival time of China Airlines

"u02d9 DFP Membership information: DFP Members may access their mileage
status and DFP related information.

"u02d9 Promotions: The latest promotions from China Airlines, including Dynasty
Package, Dynasty Frequent Flyer Program and e-Booking.

"u02d9 E-Check In: Passengers may use this function to check-in China Airlines
international flights 3-24 hours prior to departure.

"u02d9 Reservation Contact: Providing service phone number of CI branch offices
in Taiwan.

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By China Eastern Airlines Co.,LTD. released on: 2011-02-23T09:33:42Z

""u4e1c"u822a"u79fb"u52a8E""u4e3a"u5ba2"u6237"u63d0"u4f9b"u4e86"u5168"u9762"u4e30"u5bcc"u7684"u670d"u52a1"u529f"u80fd,"u5305"u62ec:"u822a"u73ed"u67e5"u8be2"u3001"u673a"u7968"u9884"u8ba2"u3001"u5728"u7ebf"u8d2d"u4e70"u3001"u5728"u7ebf"u9000"u7968"u3001"u5728"u7ebf"u6539"u671f"u3001"u5728"u7ebf"u5347"u8231"u3001"u8ba2"u5355"u7ba1"u7406"u3001"u5929"u6c14"u9884"u62a5"u3001"u624b"u673a"u503c"u673a"u3001"u822a"u73ed"u52a8"u6001"u7b49"u670d"u52a1,"u624b"u673a"u7684"u79fb"u52a8"u7279"u6027"u4f7f"u5f97"u7528"u6237"u53ef"u4ee5"u968f"u65f6"u968f"u5730"u4eab"u53d7"u4e1c"u65b9"u822a"u7a7a"u516c"u53f8"u7684"u670d"u52a1,"u6210"u4e3a"u4e1c"u65b9"u822a"u7a7a"u516c"u53f8"u7684""u7a7a"u4e2d"u8425"u4e1a"u5385" "u3002

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Fly Delta

By Delta Air Lines, Inc. released on: 2010-09-01T07:00:00Z

Designed to make flying Delta Air Lines even more convenient and rewarding, this free travel app helps you take care of key travel tasks on the go:
check in for upcoming flights.
download mobile boarding passes (where available).
rebook canceled or misconnected flights.
check flight status and get terminal and gate info.
search upcoming flight schedules.
see your SkyMiles balance and current Medallion status.
check airport info and weather.
save a photo and make note of your parking spot.

You can even connect with the Delta iPhone app onboard your next flight for free through Gogo Inflight Internet.

And, in the next release, look for:
book and pay for flights.
see a seat map and pick your seat.
check your status on the upgrade or standby list.

Visit for more information on upcoming releases and versions for other mobile devices.

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S7 Airlines

By Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd released on: 2010-06-16T09:12:03Z

Welcome to in your IPhone
Access to S7 Airlines booking and flight services quickly and easily via this handy app. Save time with effort-less access to a "quick find" airports list, previous searches, saved traveller details, history of viewed bookings, etc. Use the application to gain optimized access to the following S7 Mobile services

- New Bookings - buy flight tickets
- "Aeroexpress" Booking - buy transfer from airports to Moscow
- My Bookings - view existing reservations
- Check-in - check-in on mobile
- Best Fares - view and book best fare
- Flight Info - arrivals and departures info
- Contact Us - click to email or call us directly from your phone
- Information - get details on the S7 Priority program, Business Lounges, FAQ, etc
- Multi-language - supports English, Russian, German

We continue to expand the features available on the S7 Mobile site and App.

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Optathlon Games from United Airlines

By Matmi released on: 2010-10-16T06:24:35Z

Opt to play the Optathlon mobile games from United. Use fancy footwork to kick falling items onto your tray table in Legroom Legend. Hop on your roller suitcase and hit the launch ramp at full speed to soar over the lines at the airport in Line Jump Hero

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The Converter by KLM

By KLM Royal Dutch Airlines released on: 2010-10-04T08:49:33Z

The ultimate travel converter by KLM. Converts anything from shoe and bra sizes to currencies!

Converter for clothes and shoe sizes
Converter for weight and volume
Converter for currencies

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EL-AL check-in

By EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd. released on: 2010-08-26T06:47:56Z

EL-AL Check-in iPhone application saves you time.
* Enables online check-in from 24 hours up to 1 hour before departure
* Allows you to choose your preferred seat in advance
* There is no charge for the service
* Shortens the waiting time at the airport



While El Al uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date
information by this APP, El Al and/or anyone on its behalf (collectively "El
Al"), is merely providing third party information. Therefore, El Al does not
make any express or implied warranties, guarantees or representations and
does not assume any liability or responsibility to a customer, APP user or
third party, as to the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the
information provided, the content or suitability of the services offered by
the APP, acts or omissions of the information providers or to any results
and consequences from relying on the information. In no event will El Al be
liable to a customer, APP user or third party for any decision made or
action taken by a customer, APP user or third party in reliance upon the
information provided by the APP.


"u05ea"u05e0"u05d0"u05d9 "u05e9"u05d9"u05de"u05d5"u05e9

"u05dc"u05de"u05e8"u05d5"u05ea "u05e9"u05d0"u05dc "u05e2"u05dc "u05e0"u05d5"u05e7"u05d8"u05ea "u05d1"u05de"u05d0"u05de"u05e6"u05d9"u05dd "u05e1"u05d1"u05d9"u05e8"u05d9"u05dd "u05e2"u05dc "u05de"u05e0"u05ea "u05dc"u05e1"u05e4"u05e7, "u05d1"u05d0"u05de"u05e6"u05e2"u05d5"u05ea APP "u05d6"u05d4, "u05de"u05d9"u05d3"u05e2 "u05de"u05d3"u05d5"u05d9"u05d9"u05e7
"u05d5"u05e2"u05d3"u05db"u05e0"u05d9, "u05de"u05e1"u05e4"u05e7"u05ea "u05d0"u05dc "u05e2"u05dc "u05d5/"u05d0"u05d5 "u05db"u05dc "u05de"u05d9 "u05de"u05d8"u05e2"u05de"u05d4 ("u05d1"u05d9"u05d7"u05d3 ""u05d0"u05dc "u05e2"u05dc") "u05d0"u05da "u05d5"u05e8"u05e7 "u05de"u05d9"u05d3"u05e2 "u05e9"u05dc "u05e6"u05d3 "u05d2'.
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"u05d0"u05ea"u05d4 "u05de"u05d1"u05d9"u05df "u05d5"u05de"u05e1"u05db"u05d9"u05dd "u05db"u05d9 "u05d1"u05e9"u05d5"u05dd "u05de"u05e7"u05e8"u05d4 "u05dc"u05d0 "u05d9"u05e9"u05d0"u05d5 "u05d0"u05dc "u05e2"u05dc "u05d0"u05d5 "u05db"u05dc "u05de"u05d9 "u05de"u05d8"u05e2"u05de"u05d4 "u05db"u05dc"u05e4"u05d9"u05da "u05d0"u05d5 "u05db"u05dc"u05e4"u05d9 "u05db"u05dc
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By ITA Software released on: 2010-07-25T03:39:02Z

OnTheFly™ by ITA Software offers an advanced and comprehensive way to shop for airfares for any itinerary in the world. Quickly and easily find available flights with optimal fares using a friendly and intuitive interface. Experience a fast, fun way to compare options across airlines, dates, and alternate cites/airports. Savvy road warriors, travel geeks, and novice travel shoppers can rely on ITA Software to plan air travel.

This app does not allow booking. Once a trip is selected you can email or call your preferred travel provider to make the reservation, confident that you have all the information you need to get the best fare for you.

OnTheFly™ is developed and operated by ITA Software, a leading provider of innovative travel technology. ITA's advanced airfare pricing and shopping technology powers its mobile application as well as the web sites and call centers of many airlines and travel companies worldwide.

OnTheFly™ gives you control over the mobile shopping experience:

Flexible airport selection automatically suggests additional airports around origin or destination and allows multiple airports to be selected

Intuitive travel date selector enables you to specify either single or multiple departure and arrival dates in one calendar interaction

Fine-grained control over search parameters allows you to specify number and type of passengers (such as adult or child), departure and arrival times, number of permitted stops, cabin class, and others

Easy-to-read, chart summaries of search results enable easy comparison among airlines, number of stops, travel dates and airports, as well as total mileage and carbon emissions for each trip

The ability to build an itinerary flight by flight makes it easy to explore multiple options, with controls for sorting flights by airline, price, departure time, arrival time, flight duration, and number of permitted stops

Full disclosure of exact airfare calculation, including all taxes and fees, provides all information necessary to make a reservation and purchase the ticket

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Apptify iCenter

By Apptify Inc. released on: 2010-02-03T10:04:31Z

This is a third-party application distributed for use of UA frequent fliers. Its functionality includes current date flight status, flight availability (up to one year in advance), offline timetable search, online review and offline storage of frequent flyer status and booked itineraries, offline access to lounge information and contact phone numbers, and a number of web based frequent flyer tools. The offline portions of the application can be used when no network access is available, even in "flight mode".

This application does NOT currently support purchase based options (including fare discovery and new flight booking).

NOTE: This application is not developed by, supported by, endorsed by, or authorized by United Airlines.

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By Deutsche Lufthansa AG released on: 2008-12-08T09:54:59Z

Enjoy greater flexibility and convenience in planning your journeys with Lufthansa. Get the latest timetable on your iPhone as well as current arrivals and departures information, and benefit from fast access to your personal travel data.

The Lufthansa iPhone app offers you the following:

Perfect for planning your journey: Lufthansa's current worldwide route network is always to hand. Save your preferred connection so that the information is also available offline at any time.

Quick and easy: request arrival and departure information on all Lufthansa direct flights and find out about the status of your flight while you are on the move.

As a Lufthansa customer you only need to save your access data once to ensure you can quickly access our services in the mobile portal: check-in including a mobile boarding pass, booking, a summary of your Miles & More account and many more.

We are gradually expanding the range of functions on our application, which is why we are always happy to receive your feedback.

Please note that this application requires iPhone OS 3.1.

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Low Cost Flights

By Bravofly released on: 2010-07-19T09:41:18Z

How much time have you wasted going on different airline companies' websites, comparing different flight prices?
Flight Search uses Bravofly's search engine to search, compare and book cheap flights from over 300 low cost companies and all the traditional airline companies so you don't waste any time.

You will easily find the flight most suited to your needs thanks to Flight Search's advanced filters:
-departure and arrival airports
-flights with and without stopovers
-airline companies

Travelling with children? No problem. You can books flights for up to 9 people!

When you find the right flight, you can complete the purchase on the Bravofly website.

Please note that the application requires an internet connection (Wifi, 3G)

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Optathlon Games from United

By Matmi released on: 2010-07-22T10:16:41Z

Opt to play the Optathlon mobile games from United. Use fancy footwork to kick falling items onto your tray table in Legroom Legend. Hop on your roller suitcase and hit the launch ramp at full speed to soar over the lines at the airport in Line Jump Hero. To redeem an e-certificate prize you've previously won, check your email records for the code.

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Wanderlust - Discount Airfares / Flight Bookings

By Tidal Pool Software released on: 2010-02-09T12:15:37Z

Find great airfares and book flights with Wanderlust! Wanderlust searches millions of airfare combinations from over 400 airlines worldwide with savings of up to 60%. This includes over 20 million consolidator fares and over 40 low cost carriers in Europe and Asia with fares starting at just $10. Wanderlust features an intuitive user interface to help quickly find flights and book them from within the app. Wanderlust is the only iPhone app that supports in-app flight booking.


- simple and intuitive flight search and booking user interface
- search for round-trip, one-way, and multi-city flights
- find great fares for adults, seniors, children, and infants
- browse economy, business, and first class fares
- search for flights nearby your departure/destination
- powerful sorting and filtering of flight search results
- flight search history makes it easy to quickly recheck fares
- prominently displays the full cost to make comparisons easy (no hidden taxes/fees)
- book flights securely within the app
- manage and email flight bookings
- find contact info for hundreds of airlines
- create profiles for multiple billing/shipping addresses (personal, work, etc.)
- set up travellers including their seat/meal preferences, frequent flyer numbers, and special services

Note: Wanderlust currently requires a US or Canada billing address and credit card.

Wanderlust is powered by OneTravel. OneTravel offers flights, hotels, and packages to top destinations throughout the world. OneTravel was launched in the mid-nineties in a barn in Pennsylvania and has grown to be one of best recognized online travel brands in the US and internationally. We are one of the oldest and most recognized travel sites, celebrated for our incredibly low airfares, last minute flight deals, cheap business class flights, and affordable first class fares, discount hotels, the best car rental deals, and attractive vacation packages all year round. Our products are backed by 1-800 courteous and professional customer support any time of the day 24/7.

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By Austrian Airlines AG released on: 2010-08-05T07:35:23Z

***red|guide mobile app***
The redguide mobile app is your personal travel guide running directly on your iPhone. Hippy hangouts, acclaimed restaurants and chic boutiques - the redguide helps you discover the very best spots and makes sure you don't miss out on a single thing.
***Why set off without an itinerary when you have your very own personal guide?***
The redguide mobile app lets you build your own custom travel plans before you set off. The personal guide lets you save your favourite tips from to your iPhone so you'll always know where to head next - and offline too: no need to worry about roaming fees.
***Welcome to Barcelona, Copenhagen, Paris***
Feel as relaxed on the road as you do at home. No sooner have you arrived than all the basic information is at your fingertips: getting from the airport to the city, public transport, highlights, and all the do's and don'ts. Your first hours will be as easy going as the flight there.
***You hadn't heard about that great shop around the corner?*** Now you have!
Thanks to GPS, all of your personal tips are arranged for you according to your current location. The redguide mobile app also lets you know automatically when any of your tips are nearby.
***What can ruin the perfect trip? Roaming fees***
No need to worry: your synchronized personal guide is available to you offline, wherever you are. The redguide will then go about helping you make further savings by recommending the caf"u00e9 that offers the best deal!
***red|guide mobile app overview***
Your mobile redguide for Barcelona, Hamburg, Cologne, Copenhagen, Milan, Nice, Paris, Rome, Stockholm and Vienna.
Basic information, facts, maps, descriptions and pictures for travelers, written by travelers, categorized under SEE, EAT, SHOP and STAY.
Custom personal guide with your favourite travel tips - available offline and without roaming fees.
GPS function for localization and sorting of tips according to your current position, with automated GPS alerts.

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Airport Info Lite

By UnitConvertr released on: 2010-06-18T04:56:59Z

Airport Info lite provides useful information in and around airports. The application supports over 4250 Airports worldwide and provides details like

* Hotels in and around Airport
* Restaurants, Coffee shops in and around Airport
* Car Rentals and Transportation options in and around Airport
* Parking and Gas Stations in and around Airport

Additional details like Departure & Arrival info, Weather & Delay info is available in the paid version of the app (Airport Info).


* Intuitive user interface
* Built in maps displays location of Restaurants, Coffee Shops etc
* Built in maps displays Hotels, Car Rental, Gas Stations, Parking lots & Transportation info
* Contact information is available for locations
* Directions to target location can be obtained with a tap using iPhone/iPad maps app
* Universal App available on iPhone & iPad


* You can define favorite airports
* Remembers recently used airports
* Provides map view and list view of areas in and around airports

This application needs internet connectivity to display information.


If you have any questions/suggestions/issues, please drop us an email at

Also, check out our other apps at

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Airlines Timetable

By iwantsoft released on: 2010-10-14T10:43:49Z

*2011"ub144 02"uc6d4 "ud56d"uacf5"uc2a4"ucf00"uc904"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4.

"uad6d"ub0b4"uc5d0"uc11c "uc6b4"ud56d"ud558"ub294 "ubaa8"ub4e0 "uc5ec"uac1d"ud56d"uacf5"uae30"uc758 "uc2a4"ucf00"uc904"uc744 "uc870"ud68c"ud558"uace0 "ud655"uc778"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4! "uc778"ucc9c"uacf5"ud56d, "uae40"ud3ec"uacf5"ud56d"uc5d0"uc11c "uc6b4"ud56d"ud558"ub294 "ubaa8"ub4e0 "ud56d"uacf5"uae30"uc758 "uc2a4"ucf00"uc904"uc744 "ud1b5"ud569 "uc870"ud68c"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"ub294 "uc5b4"ud50c"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4. "ubcf8 "uc5b4"ud50c"uc740 "ud1b5"ud569 "ud56d"uacf5"uc2a4"ucf00"uc904"uc774 PDF"ub85c"uc81c"uacf5"ub418"uba70, "uc27d"uac8c "ucc3e"uace0 "uc870"ud68c"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"ub3c4"ub85d "ub418"uc5b4 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

* "uad6d"ub0b4"uc5d0"uc11c "uc6b4"ud56d"ud558"ub294 "ubaa8"ub4e0 "uc5ec"uac1d"ud56d"uacf5"uae30"uc758 "uc2a4"ucf00"uc904"uc744 "uc870"ud68c"ud558"uace0 "ud655"uc778"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4! "uc778"ucc9c"uacf5"ud56d, "uae40"ud3ec"uacf5"ud56d"uc5d0"uc11c "uc6b4"ud56d"ud558"ub294 "ubaa8"ub4e0 "ud56d"uacf5"uae30"uc758 "uc2a4"ucf00"uc904"uc744 "ud1b5"ud569 "uc870"ud68c"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4. "uc774"uc81c "ud3b8"ub9ac"ud558"uac8c "uc544"uc774"ud3f0"uc73c"ub85c "ubaa8"ub4e0 "ud56d"uacf5"uc2dc"uac04"ud45c"ub97c "uc870"ud68c"ud558"uc138"uc694!

* "ud56d"uacf5"uc2a4"ucf00"uc904"uc744 "ub300"ub959"ubcc4"ub85c "uc870"ud68c"ud560 "uc218 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

* "uc870"ud68c"uae30"ub2a5"uc740
- "ub300"ub959"ubcc4"ub85c "uc870"ud68c"ud558"ub294 "uae30"ub2a5
- "ub3c4"uc2dc"ubcc4"ub85c "ucc3e"uae30 "uae30"ub2a5

"uc758 2"uac00"uc9c0"ub85c "uad6c"uc131"ub418"uc5b4 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

* "ub300"ub959"uad6c"ubd84"uc740
- "uc77c"ubcf8, "uc911"uad6d, "uc544"uc2dc"uc544, "ub7ec"uc2dc"uc544/"uc911"uc559/"uadf9"ub3d9"uc544"uc2dc"uc544, "ubbf8"uc8fc
"ub0a8"ubbf8/"uce90"ub098"ub2e4/"uc720"ub7fd, "ub300"uc591"uc8fc/"uc911"ub3d9/"uc544"ud504"ub9ac"uce74, "uad6d"ub0b4"uc120 "ucd9c"ubc1c"uc870"ud68c,
"uad6d"uc81c"uc120 "ubd80"uc0b0/"uc9c0"ubc29 "ucd9c"ubc1c"ub85c "uad6c"uc131"ub418"uc5b4 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4.

* "ub3c4"uc2dc"ubcc4"ub85c "ucc3e"uae30 "uae30"ub2a5"uc774 "uc81c"uacf5"ub418"uc5b4 "ub3c4"uc2dc"ub85c "ud56d"uacf5"uc2dc"uac04"ud45c"ub97c "uc870"ud68c"ud560 "uc218
- ("uc608) "uc77c"ubcf8"uc758 "uacbd"uc6b0 : "uac00"uace0"uc2dc"ub9c8, "ub098"uace0"uc57c, "ub3c4"ucfc4 "ub4f1"uc73c"ub85c "uc870"ud68c"uac00"ub2a5

* "uae30"ud0c0 "uc815"ubcf4 : "uc778"ucc9c"uacf5"ud56d "uc548"ub0b4, "ucde8"ud56d"ud56d"uacf5"uc0ac "uc548"ub0b4, "uc8fc"uc694"uc5f0"ub77d"ucc98 "uc548"ub0b4
"uc774"uc6d0"uad6c"uac04 "uc2a4"ucf00"uc904 "uc870"ud68c

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By Asiana Airlines (Cabin) released on: 2010-12-01T04:55:12Z

"uc774 "uc5b4"ud50c"ub9ac"ucf00"uc774"uc158"uc740 "uc6b0"uc120 "uc0ac"ub0b4 "uc9c1"uc6d0"uc6a9"uc73c"ub85c "uac1c"ubc1c"ub418"uc5c8"uc74c"uc744 "uc54c"ub824"ub4dc"ub9bd"ub2c8"ub2e4.
"uc774"uc6a9"uc5d0 "ubd88"ud3b8 "uc5c6"uc73c"uc2dc"uae38 "ubc14"ub78d"ub2c8"ub2e4.
"uc778"ub354"uce90"ube48"uc740 1993"ub144 "ubd80"ud130 "ubc1c"ud589"ud55c "uc544"uc2dc"uc544"ub098 "ud56d"uacf5"uc758 "uce90"ube48"uc2b9"ubb34"uc6d0 "uac10"uc131"ub9e4"uac70"uc9c4"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4. "uc2b9"ubb34"uc6d0"ub4e4"uc758 "ud76c"ub178"uc560"ub77d"uc774 "ub2f4"uaca8"uc838 "uc788"uc73c"uba70, "uadf8"ub4e4"ub9cc"uc758 know-how"ub97c "uc54c"uc544"ubcfc "uc218 "uc788"ub294 "uacf3"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4. "uc5ec"ud589"uae30"ub098 "uc5ec"ud589"uc9c0"uc5d0"uc11c"uc758 tip, "ube44"ud589"uae30"uc548"uc5d0"uc11c "uc77c"uc5b4"ub098"ub294 "uc218"ub9ce"uc740 "uc5d0"ud53c"uc18c"ub4dc"ub4e4, "uadf8"ub9ac"uace0 "uc7ac"ubbf8"ub09c "uc774"uc57c"uae30"uc640 "uce74"ud230"ub4f1"uc774 "uc5ec"ub7ec"ubd84"uc774 "uc54c"uc9c0 "ubabb"ud55c "uc0c8"ub85c"uc6b4 "uc138"uacc4"ub85c "uc778"ub3c4"ud574 "uc904 "uac83"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4.
"ub610"ud55c "uc804"ubb38"uacfc"uc815"uc744 "uac70"uce5c "uc18c"ubbc8"ub9ac"uc5d0"uc640 "ub974"uaf2c"ub974"ub3d9 "ube14"ub8e8"uc758 "uacfc"uc815"uc744 "uc218"ub8cc"ud55c "uc2b9"ubb34"uc6d0"ub4e4"uc774 "uc54c"ub824"uc8fc"ub294 "uc88b"uc740 "uae30"uc0ac"ub4e4"ub3c4 "ub2f4"uace0 "uc788"uc2b5"ub2c8"ub2e4. "ucc98"uc74c"ubd80"ud130 "ub05d"uae4c"uc9c0 "uc2b9"ubb34"uc6d0"ub4e4"uc758 "uc190"uc73c"ub85c "ub9cc"ub4e4"uc5b4"uc9c4 "uc7a1"uc9c0"ub85c, "ubd80"uc871"ud55c "uc810"uc774 "uc788"ub354"ub77c"ub3c4 "uc7ac"ubbf8"uc788"uac8c "uc77d"uc5b4"uc8fc"uc2ed"uc2dc"uc624. "uacc4"uc18d"ud574"uc11c "uc5c5"ub370"uc774"ud2b8 "ub420 "uc608"uc815"uc785"ub2c8"ub2e4.

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By Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. released on: 2009-12-08T10:59:23Z

The new SWISS App - practically made for frequent flyers.

Book and check in
Book your flight using the iPhone-optimised booking process. Check in using the App and choose your seat from 23 hours before departure (Webview). Your mobile boarding pass will be sent to your App if your number is registered (see App settings).

Call up your flight status and timetable
Use your iPhone GPS to check current arrival and departure times and your flight status. You can make your selection by flight number, airport, time and date.

My flight
To check your booked flights and to access your boarding pass offline: register your number, check in and simply shake your iPhone.

Call up baggage limits, Twitter feeds and media releases, SWISS Lounges, transport network etc. using Webview.

Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. states that users download this application at their own risk and that SWISS will not accept any liability in the event of misuse or damage to the iPhone. Note that for the use of the Mobile Internet charges associated with the transfer of data may apply. Messaging costs (SMS) may apply when using the mobile boarding passes. SWISS does not have any influence on the connection fees or charges.
The terms of use and privacy terms of apply.

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Flight Guru lite - Live Flight Tracking, seat guide

By Christopher Conner released on: 2010-07-18T01:13:09Z

Flight Guru lite is an application that brings the air traveler a great deal of useful information. There is a more robust feature packed version of this app on iTunes called "Flight Guru".

"tFlightStats flight tracking service that covers international as well as domestic flights. It aggregates information from airlines, airports and government agencies around the world to provide the most complete possible flight status information. Gives estimated flight arrival information for en route flights in the US and Europe including domestic Russian flights.
"tQuick access to the Seat Guru site which has tables comparing seat width and pitch and in-flight amenities for all the aircraft types in the fleets of 29 airlines. The best part is the detailed seating charts which show the locations of power ports, restrooms and galley and give each seat a color-code; white for a typical seat, green for a particularly good seat - usually one with extra log room, yellow for a not so good seat that doesn't recline fully or is near a restroom and red for a truly bad seat which usually means one with multiple problems. It's easy to navigate: first pick your airline and then choose the aircraft from a list.
"tQuick access to FlightView which tracks commercial flights in North America on your mobile device. FlightView shows departure and arrival and live flight status maps.

"tContent is professionally designed and optimized for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

"tSupports landscape mode for easy reading
"tShake to set the default page to show when launched.
"tDisplays Activity Indicator to let you know when a page is loading

Allows quick access to information from the following sites:

"tiPhone/iPod Touch
"tInternet connection

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By Digitopolis Co., Ltd. released on: 2010-04-01T07:00:00Z

NOKAIR's iPhone Application "u0e16"u0e39"u0e01"u0e1e"u0e31"u0e12"u0e19"u0e32"u0e02"u0e36"u0e49"u0e19"u0e40"u0e1e"u0e37"u0e48"u0e2d"u0e2d"u0e33"u0e19"u0e27"u0e22"u0e04"u0e27"u0e32"u0e21"u0e2a"u0e30"u0e14"u0e27"u0e01"u0e43"u0e2b"u0e49"u0e41"u0e01"u0e48"u0e25"u0e39"u0e01"u0e04"u0e49"u0e32"u0e2a"u0e32"u0e22"u0e01"u0e32"u0e23"u0e1a"u0e34"u0e19"u0e19"u0e01"u0e41"u0e2d"u0e23"u0e4c"u0e43"u0e19"u0e01"u0e32"u0e23"u0e08"u0e2d"u0e07"u0e1a"u0e31"u0e15"u0e23"u0e42"u0e14"u0e22"u0e2a"u0e32"u0e23 "u0e01"u0e32"u0e23"u0e15"u0e23"u0e27"u0e08"u0e2a"u0e2d"u0e1a"u0e15"u0e32"u0e23"u0e32"u0e07"u0e01"u0e32"u0e23"u0e1a"u0e34"u0e19 "u0e15"u0e25"u0e2d"u0e14"u0e08"u0e19"u0e01"u0e32"u0e23"u0e40"u0e0a"u0e47"u0e04"u0e2d"u0e34"u0e19 "u0e40"u0e1e"u0e37"u0e48"u0e2d"u0e43"u0e2b"u0e49"u0e25"u0e39"u0e01"u0e04"u0e49"u0e32"u0e44"u0e14"u0e49"u0e23"u0e31"u0e1a"u0e1a"u0e23"u0e34"u0e01"u0e32"u0e23"u0e17"u0e35"u0e48"u0e2a"u0e30"u0e14"u0e27"u0e01"u0e23"u0e27"u0e14"u0e40"u0e23"u0e47"u0e27"u0e22"u0e34"u0e48"u0e07"u0e02"u0e36"u0e49"u0e19

NOKAIR's iPhone Application is developed to provide convenience for Nok Airlines' customers. Our customers can make reservation, check flight schedule, view their booking as well as check-in just a click away through Apple's technology platform.

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Fly Turkish

By Pozitron released on: 2010-10-06T02:30:59Z

Bana bir dakikada bilet alacak birini ar"u0131yorum diyenlere Fly Turkish hizmetinizde...

Biletiniz, bini"u015f kart"u0131n"u0131z, koltu"u011funuz, kargonuz, bagaj"u0131n"u0131z, milleriniz, "u00f6d"u00fclleriniz hepsi bir arada cebinizde...

Uygulama ile neler yapabilirim:

"u00b7 Mobil bilet ile yurti"u00e7i bilet alabilirsiniz. Her"u015fey dahil fiyatlar"u0131 size sunuyor, en ucuz u"u00e7u"u015flar i"u00e7in sizi bilgilendiriyoruz.
"u00b7 Miles&Smiles "u00fcyelik ba"u015fvurusu yapabiliyor, "u00fcye iseniz M&S i"u015flemlerinizi yapabiliyorsunuz.
"u00b7 Koltu"u011fumu ben kendim se"u00e7erim diyenler i"u00e7in Check-in bankosu art"u0131k cebte.
"u00b7 Rezervasyon yapabiliyor, e-bilet g"u00f6r"u00fcnt"u00fcleyebiliyor, yapt"u0131"u011f"u0131n"u0131z rezervasyonu bilete "u00e7evirebiliyorsunuz.
"u00b7 U"u00e7u"u015flar"u0131m"u0131z"u0131n kalk"u0131"u015f var"u0131"u015f durumlar"u0131ndan g"u00fcncel haberdar olabiliyorsunuz.
"u00b7 Tarifeler ile yurti"u00e7i ve yurtd"u0131"u015f"u0131 u"u00e7u"u015flar"u0131m"u0131z"u0131 sorgulayabiliyorsunuz.
"u00b7 Bagaj takibinizi cebinizden yapabiliyorsunuz.

Fly Turkish ile uygulaman"u0131z"u0131 ki"u015fiselle"u015ftirebiliyorsunuz. Ayarlar"u0131m men"u00fcs"u00fcnden s"u0131k u"u00e7tu"u011funuz noktalar"u0131, yolcu bilgilerinizi, fatura bilgilerinizi d"u00fczenleyebiliyorsunuz. Bundan sonra tek yapman"u0131z gereken bir dakika i"u00e7inde biletinizi alman"u0131n keyfi ile u"u00e7u"u015funuzu beklemek...

T"u00fcrk Hava Yollar"u0131 ile iyi u"u00e7u"u015flar dileriz...

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By Air China Limited released on: 2010-03-17T06:06:09Z

Official iPhone Client for Air China, including the following features:

1. Trip Management
2. Check CA Flights Status
3. Promotions
4. Check In for Specific Cities
5. Timetable for CA Flights

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By SITA released on: 2010-01-11T06:39:58Z

MHmobile is the iPhone application for Malaysia Airlines' passengers. MHmobile will securely store your profile data on your iPhone to make booking and check-in fast and efficient. You can also store your travel plans and boarding passes on the iPhone so you can access them even when you are offline.

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By OnO Apps Ltd. released on: 2009-10-22T10:41:29Z

EL AL Israel Airlines is with you even before boarding the flight. We are proud to present you FlyTLV.
FlyTLV is a straightforward-no-fuss app that will easily track your flight and alert of any change.
FLY TLV covers the schedule of all carriers in every airport in the world 3 days before your flight hence it will update you online of any time changes made to your flight. The data source is
How does it work? Download (free of charge) FlyTLV, find your flight and set a worry-free push notification alert. FlyTLV will notify you automatically of any change.
Thank you for using FlyTLV by EL AL Israel Airlines.
EL AL - It's not just an airline. It's Israel.
While EL AL uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date information by this APP, EL AL and/or anyone on its behalf (collectively "EL AL"), is merely providing third party information. Therefore, EL AL does not make any express or implied warranties, guarantees or representations and does not assume any liability or responsibility to a customer, APP user or third party, as to the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the information provided, the content or suitability of the services offered by the APP, acts or omissions of the information providers or to any results and consequences from relying on the information. In no event will EL AL be liable to a customer, APP user or third party for any decision made or action taken by a customer, APP user or third party in reliance upon the information provided by the APP.

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Trip Organizer - Lite

By Europ Assistance Holding released on: 2010-06-04T03:01:47Z

Trip Organizer™ is the all-in-one application to help you plan the perfect trip abroad! With this application, world travelers are able to stay ready, rather than having to get ready. This application is powered by the experts at Netglobers and Europ Assistance.

More than 150 countries covered!

Before your trip, get organized
- To-do function: a catalog of personal assistance check lists
# Packing lists and personal information
# Mandatory and recommended vaccines
# Medical kit information
# Official documents and records
# Insurance information
# Travelers no longer need to create their own entries. Trip Organizer does it for you!

Once you arrive, hit the ground running!
- Local events information
- Useful numbers: police, fire, medical emergencies, embassies
- Phrasebook (10 different languages )
- Currency converter (34+ currencies supported and updated daily)
- Weather and time zone for all local cities
- Stored information for offline use in airplanes or areas with roaming fees
Protect yourself!
- Purchase travel insurance or identity theft protection for your trip through this application

Becoming a Netglobers member on Trip Organizer Give you access to:
- vaccine information, "Don't Forget" user generated lists and medical kit sections to complete for travel planning anywhere, anytime.
- This version includes Phrasebook
All information are available for these continents: Africa, Oceania, South America, Europe

Specific content for Full version:
- The full version provides Metro Maps around the world, "Dos & Don'ts" videos clips and allows to save your important papers such as Passport, Identity Card, Visas
- Access to all the continents

Trip Organizer™ helps you get the most out of your time abroad.

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By Tello, Inc. released on: 2010-09-28T07:00:00Z

Tello is the fastest and easiest way to rate customer service wherever you go. Had a good experience? Share it! Got something to say about less-than-perfect service? Now you can rate any employee at any business in just seconds, and even request to have a business follow up with you. Your ratings and comments help businesses improve their service -- whether at a retail store, an airline, a car dealership, a hotel, or a restaurant.

Tello Features:
- Rate and review any employee at any business in seconds
- Search for nearby businesses with just one tap
- Research and compare ratings to decide where to go
- Request a reply from a business to help resolve customer service issues
- Sign up with your email address or Facebook
- Share your ratings on Facebook and Twitter

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By Sven Gartz released on: 2009-02-06T12:25:33Z

Get location- and runway-information about airports all over the world OFFLINE.

For each airport update latest weather report (TAF, METAR) from internet.

The free version database contains around 10'000 airfields.

Search any airport by ICAO-code or by name and organize them in groups.

Any comments or recommendations are highly appreciated.

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