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British Herps - Reptiles and Amphibians of the British Isles

By ETI BioInformatics released on: 2010-12-17T10:52:43Z

This e-guide on reptiles and amphibians of the British Isles is part of a series of mobile systems for identifying species in nature. They were developed as part of the EC KeyToNature project aiming to provide easy access to flora and fauna information. Other e-guides covering plants, birds, butterflies, fish and mammals are available or in preparation.

This e-guide holds information on all native species of reptiles and amphibians found in the British Isles and several frequently occurring alien species. In addition to an identification key, descriptions and colour pictures of each species are provided; calls of frogs and toads are included as an aid to identification. This application is based on the CD-ROM Interactive Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of the British Isles, published in 2008 by ETI BioInformatics (ISBN 978 90 75000 955).


Compilation: Tekla Boersma, Huub Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Paul Klinkenberg (opening screen)
Photography: Jan van der Voort. Additional photographs were supplied by Jeroen Speijbroeck, Tekla Boersma, Edwin van Spronsen, Huub Veldhuijzen, Ruud Altenburg and Ingrid de Kort
Sounds: Robert Jooris (calls of frogs and toads)
Programming: Dennis Seijts, Stefano Martellos and Edwin van Spronsen

ETI BioInformatics was founded in 1990 by the Dutch government and UNESCO to facilitate easy access to information on taxonomy and biodiversity. Check

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ETI BioInformatics, this e-guide is offered for free.

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Forecast Point Free

By Amphibious Technologies, LLC released on: 2010-01-28T07:13:06Z

Forecast Point provides the NOAA 7-day forecast for any point in the continental United States, not just cities and towns!

Most weather apps only provide data in major towns and cities, but Forecasts can vary greatly due to geographic features and elevation, so get the forecast exactly where you want it!

Useful campers, backpackers, travellers and anyone planning to spend some time out of the city.

Lookup locations and areas by name, or simply add a pin via the map.

Detailed 7-day forecasts are just a click away!

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By Amphibious Technologies, LLC released on: 2009-07-02T06:19:26Z

Find your current magnetic declination based on the World Magnetic Mode.

Specify your position via GPS, lat/lon coordinates, UTM coordinates, or browse the world map.

Use Declination to verify and update your local magnetic declination for all your maps before you enter the backcountry!

Requires iPhoneOS 3.0

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Backyard Scat & Tracks

By Natural Guides, LLC released on: 2010-04-01T07:00:00Z

FalconGuides' Scats and Tracks Backyard Edition - A Field Guide to the Signs of Common Critters


A fun and informative guide to recognizing the common critters who may live in your own backyard—from North America's most respected publisher of information on outdoor recreation and the great outdoors.

In this delightfully free app, fifteen of the most common backyard critters, often found near creeks, ponds, or parks, are described with concisely worded yet detailed information, easily accessible by fast and easy navigation. Simple to use and intuitively designed, field-friendly and richly illustrated, this free app is a great way to turn a backyard mystery into an identified guest!

Was that track in the snow left by a gray squirrel or chipmunk? Is that pile of poop from a white-tailed deer or cottontail rabbit? FalconGuides' Scats and Tracks Backyard Edition will help you determine just what has passed your way and could still be nearby.

What's in this app:

* Detailed illustrations of scats, tracks, gait patterns, and other signs of an animal's presence.
* Easy-reference descriptions of all scats and tracks with precise measurements.
* Built-in ruler for more accurate field identification.
* An identification key and glossary of tracking terms.
* Instantly view hundreds of color images for each species with built-in links to Google Images or Flickr.


Mallard Duck
Canada Goose
American Robin
Grizzly Bear
Striped Skunk
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
Eastern Gray Squirrel
White-tailed Deer
Eastern Chipmunk
Herring Gull
Blue Jay

Check out our other titles with over 140 species!

Apps in this series include:

Scats & Tracks of
North America
Desert Southwest
Pacific Coast
Rocky Mountain
Great Plains
Great Lakes

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tap puzzle - Frogs edition

By FSE, LLC released on: 2010-05-17T06:13:56Z

Modern twist on the traditional puzzle. This puzzle consists of several puzzles of amazing pictures of frogs. The puzzle consists of 30 tile squares that you tap to swap places to form the image. There is also a "Peek" button to help a little with the more difficult puzzles. Included are puzzles of tree frogs, amphibian. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, but more fun.

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By Silver Island Media released on: 2010-06-01T10:22:48Z

Shake, Rattle, ROAR! Turn your mobile device into a wild zoo. Simply shake your iPhone or iPod-Touch and listen to the sounds of animals from across the world. With over 20 animal sounds you won't be disappointed. What social situation couldn't benefit from an awesome animal sound??

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By Mica Limited released on: 2009-12-20T04:06:01Z

Whether you're looking to fly to a romantic lakeside restaurant with your spouse, a golf course with a buddy or a fishing trip with the family, LakeLander can help you plan your trip! With over 800 lakes and every seaplane base in MN, LakeLander can help you get there.


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