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My Event Finder

By Placer Ventures released on: 2010-07-31T04:06:44Z

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Search for Craft Fairs, Bridal Shows, Music Festivals, Gun Shows, Art Shows and many other events throughout the United States. Searching for events is designed to be simple and easy.

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mystar ToGo star Tankstellenverzeichnis

By art supplies - the art of internet released on: 2010-06-15T12:41:30Z

mystar macht mobil:
star Tankstellenkunden mit iPhone nutzen jetzt mystar ToGo mit den bew"u00e4hrten Pfadfindern t.finder und t.Watchlist auch unterwegs f"u00fcr den k"u00fcrzesten Weg zu star.

Wo ist die n"u00e4chste star Tankstelle? mystar ToGo findet alle Stationen auf Ihrem Weg schnell und einfach per PLZ oder GMS. Die Suchergebnisse k"u00f6nnen Sie sich komfortabel auf einer "u00dcbersichtskarte anzeigen lassen. Und wenigen Klicks kommen aktuelle Infos "u00fcber Preise, "u00d6ffnungszeiten, Services und Zahlungsm"u00f6glichkeiten aufs Mobile. Dann einfach eine star Tankstelle ausw"u00e4hlen und von mystar ToGo direkt zur Zapfs"u00e4ule routen lassen.

Wie stehen die Preise an meiner Lieblingstankstelle? mystar User fahren mit der t.Watchlist immer die g"u00fcnstigste star Station an. F"u00fcr die Nutzung des vollen App-Umfangs inklusive t.Watchlist registrieren Sie sich bitte bei mystar auf der star Tankstellen Webseite:

Der t.Finder kann auch in mystar ToGo sofort, ohne Registrierung, genutzt werden.

Kleiner Tipp:
Nutzen Sie unser Logo, den Stern rechts unten, um die Entfernungen der Umkreissuche zu ver"u00e4ndern.
Zur Auswahl stehen Ihnen: 5 km / 25 km / 50 km.

Und noch ein kleiner Hinweis - erfahrene iPhone User wissen das l"u00e4ngst - Sie k"u00f6nnen in mystar ToGo bl"u00e4ttern.
Achten Sie auf die kleinen Punkte unten. Zum Beispiel auf der Seite Preisanzeige. Einfach "wischen" und Sie finden viele weitere n"u00fctzliche Informationen.

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Comob Net

By Joja released on: 2009-08-17T11:41:08Z

Comob Net allows a group of people to see each others geographical locations in 'real-time' and connect them up with lines. To see your friends' locations, ask them to run the app and set the same group name on all phones in the settings tab.

The application was designed for an arts / cultural project and has some features to support its use in galleries or in the street.

Detailed Description:

On the main screen (Map View), the user is able to see their location along with others who are have entered the same group name in the Settings screen.
The buttons along the top of the Map View:
1. allow access to the Help page at
2. allow users to zoom the map to a scale in which they can see all members of the group
3. tells the server to mark this position

Settings screen
The Settings screen allows users to:

1. set a user name

2. set a group name (You are free to chose any group name you like, but be aware that if you use a very common name, other people might choose it as well, in which case you may be seeing more positions than you expected. This may not be what you want to happen, especially if those people are on the other side of the world!)

3. choose if you want to see the names of your friends displayed above their position

4. choose if you want the proximity sensor to switch off the screen when something comes close to it. This can save some power when you let the app running in your pocket in order to send position updates to your friends without looking at the screen yourself.

5. New with this version (requires iOS4 and at least an iPhone3GS) is the option to let the app continue to track your position and report it to other group members while comob Net is in the background.

WARNING: Continued use of GPS running in the background (accurate mode) can dramatically decrease battery life.

For that reason we limited the accurate background tracking with a timeout, just in case you forget to switch it off. This timeout by default switches Comob Net to its coarse tracking mode 30 minutes after becoming a background task, but you may adjust that in the advanced settings to a value from 1 minute to 300 minutes.

The coarse setting uses much less power, as it does not use the GPS. Instead it relies only on cell tower positioning, which causes very little overhead on top of the phone's normal roaming activity. The disadvantage is obviously its relatively low accuracy. During the few days we tested this feature on an iPhone 4 we did not notice a significant difference between coarse tracking on and no background tracking at all. However, if you drive around and the phone has to roam a lot, Comob Net will send updates more frequently, which may decrease battery life as well.

6. change the map type (Map, Satellite, Hybrid)

7. change the way that lines are drawn between users (None, All, Convex Hull)

From here you can also reach an advanced settings screen where you can adjust the timeout duration for accurate (GPS based) background tracking or change server settings. This allows anyone to use this app with his/her own server instead of ours.

Status screen
The Status screen
Is uneditable, but reports the following information back to the user:
1. available location data
2. general status of the connection with the server

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