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Distant Suns (Lite): Astronomy for the rest of us

By First Light released on: 2009-02-23T03:03:48Z

Sporting a database of thousands of stars, nebula and galaxies, Distant Suns has earned the reputation of both having one of the most realistic displays of the night sky, while being one of the easiest to use astronomy programs available for the most casual sky watcher and serious telescope jockey alike.
Features include:

"t"tBest tech support in this and parallel universes
"t"tThousands of pinpoint stars scintillating like diamond dust in the palm of your hand (but not nearly as scratchy)
"t"tRealistic ghostly band of the Milky Way
"t"tAll 88 constellations with articles on their mythology
"t"tAll 9 planets (yes, we feel that little Pluto got a bad rap so in the Distant Suns universe it is still a planet)
"t"tSun and Moon
"t"tGPS aware
"t"tWhat's Up? Gives a quick snapshot overview of where all of the important stuff is
"t"tEasy one-handed operation.
"t"tPoint and Identify mode reveals the hidden data for each of the stars, planets and deep-sky wonders
"t"tUp to date Planetary data
"tIM the author with astronomical questions. And he may answer if he's not napping. AIM Handle: lazyastronomer. Also on twitter at distantsuns.

What do the paid versions have that this doesn't?

Universal version so it runs on both the iPhone and iPad (Distant Suns 3 only)
The ability to change date/time and accelerate time to study the heavenly motions
Up to 300,000 stars, down to magnitude 10
Mythical figures for all constellations
The ability to fine tune the star's sizes and images from simple to stunning
Be able to filter out dimmer stars to match your local sky
Compass support for iPhone 3GS, 4 and the iPad. Just aim the phone at the sky and see what you're looking at.
Augmented Reality: displays the stars on top of your phones video image
Nightvision mode keeps your eyes dark-adapted when outside at night
Smoothly slews to each object when selected
Limits the current-event alert to one showing.
Additional landscape images
Third toolbar for ease of navigation
Extra in-depth data about each object

"The most beautiful computer program anywhere! Thanks!!" comment received on Twitter

The Universe just got, well...uh..."smaller."

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

By Concentric Sky released on: 2009-02-11T01:12:22Z

** Translations now available in six languages **

Developed in partnership with NASA, Astronomy Picture of the Day for the iPhone/iPad brings the vastness of space right into your hand. Browse through decades of high resolution NASA space photos hand selected by NASA astronomers. Jump to photos by date, save them to your photo roll or share them friends. Want that latest Hubble photo as a background? Then APOD is for you.

New pictures every day. Shake for a random image!

Browse through descriptions in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Learn more at:

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APODViewerLite - Astronomy Picture of the Day

By sendmetospace released on: 2009-01-22T08:34:45Z

"This is a free app for astronomy enthusiasts and layman alike..for anyone interested in some daily encouragement brought by the beauty of the heavens, download this now!" - US App Store Review

APODViewerLite is the lite version of APODViewer (which provides even more functionality like offline favaorites, save to iBooks, searches, Push Notifications and more) provides an iPhone/iPOD Touch friendly interface to NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day Website.

Each day NASA's APOD presents an astronomical image (also animations & movies) along with a description of the "picture" written by a professional astronomer. These images range from pictures of The Planets, Galaxies, Nebula to astronomical phenomena here on Earth.

If you are an astronomy student, an enthusiast or just want to view beautiful images and discover and learn about the mysteries of the solar system and universe around you, then APODViewer is for you. Never has astronomy been so easy and fun.

Don't forget to rate 5 stars. Ratings help us to provide new functionality and updates. Rate it now.

Feature rich with unique functionality compared to other apps, in addition to showing the current day's APOD image, APODViewerLite provides:

*********** Highlights Include ***********

"u2714 Display details of APOD image by cliking the image on the main view. In this mode double touch (or pinch) to zoom and scroll the image to reveal its detail.

"u2714 Read a detailed explanation of the image including clickable links to other web pages, all from within APODViewer

"u2714 Display APOD Movies and animations directly from within the app - (unique functionality)

"u2714 Select an APOD by date from over 5000 published since 1995

"u2714 Random APOD - just give your iPhone/Touch a quick shake to display a new random APOD

"u2714 SAVE APOD image to your devices Photos app (where you can use it as Wallpaper or sync back to your machine).

"u2714 Portrait and landscape mode

After even more? Then check out APODViewer which provides the following additional functionality:

"u2714 Off line viewing of your favourite APODs (no network required)

"u2714 Receive a notification as soon as a new APOD become available.

"u2714 Save the APOD as a PDF document to read later in an app like iBooks (or other app that can read PDFs)

"u2714 Email an APOD to a friend - includes image and explanation text

"u2714 Search for specific APODs from the over 5000 available i.e "Mars" Saturn", "ISS", etc.

"u2714 Save and store your Favourite APODs to your Favourites List

"u2714 Save the "large" highest resolution APOD images to your Photos app

APODViewerLite is brought to you in association with, the official Spanish translators of NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day. Spanish translation copyright

APODViewerLite requires an internet connection (GPRS or 3G recommended as the images can be large)

Permissions & Copyrights:

Explanation text written by Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell

All the images displayed on the APODViewer are credited to the owner or institution where they originated. Some of the images are copyrighted and to use these pictures publicly or commercially you must write to the owners for permission.

Help & Support:

Twitter: @APODViewer
Email :

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Astronomy Backgrounds

By MoonBeam Development released on: 2009-10-04T06:11:34Z

Astrophotos app is a collection of Astronomy pictures taken by Astronomers from all over the world.

See Orion, Andromeda, Lyra, the planets and many, many more- like you've never seen them before!

There are over 25 different categories to browse through.

You can also search the database for specific photos or just click to see the most recent uploads and most popular ones.

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By Q Continuum released on: 2009-02-23T02:15:15Z

A 3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers.

★ Over 3 million downloads so far! ★

"2D Sky" shows sun, moon, constellations, planets
"3D Sky" adds constellation names, horizon, ecliptic
"Visibility" shows rise/set times, moon phase
"Visibility" pull-right for planet info, moon names
"Globe" shows 3D view of planets and the moon

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Cosmic Discoveries

By American Museum of Natural History released on: 2010-10-08T07:00:00Z

Take a ride with the Museum's astrophysicists through our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond. Cosmic Discoveries is the first app to collect over 1000 stunning astronomic images and was launched as part of a year-long series of events to help commemorate the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Museum's Rose Center for Earth and Space, a New York City icon and one of the world's most revered science and educational institutions.


Cosmic Discoveries contains over 1000 images of everything from the pockmarked surface of Mercury to the majestic Horsehead Nebula, culled from the Museum's archives and Science Bulletins, as well as dozens of space agencies and observatories around the world. All the photographs appear on the app's initial screen stitched together to form one of the most iconic shapes in our Solar System — the gas giant Saturn and its rings.

Double-tap or pinch to zoom into the mosaic and inspect individual photos. Tap the info button to flip the photos and read fascinating information about famous astronomical discoveries, the history of human understanding of outer space, and current advances in astrophysics. Comment on the photos, read others' comments, or share with your friends so they can join you on your journey through the universe.


In addition to over 1000 images in the mosaic, Cosmic Discoveries also features stories on a range of subjects from comets to galaxy clusters. Additional stories are on the way — so when you're not watching the skies, keep an eye out for more Cosmic Discoveries.


Cosmic Discoveries follows up on the enormous success of the American Museum of Natural History's first official app, Dinosaurs - # 1 educational download on the iTunes store in the months after its release — which lets paleontologists of all ages explore the AMNH fossil halls. And explore our halls and collections with the AMNH Explorer, which Gizmodo called "Nothing less than state-of-the-art."


Travel further into space and read about spiral galaxies, brown dwarfs, globular clusters, massive stars and novae in the new stories, written by the American Museum of Natural History's astrophysicists and included in the latest update.

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By Hanno Rein released on: 2009-08-28T01:22:31Z

"Exoplanet" is a daily updated database of all discovered extrasolar planets.

Main features:
* Database with physical parameters of every known exoplanet.
* Interactive visualisations and animations accommodate the scientific information.
* Interactive 3D plot shows the position of all exoplanets in our Milky Way. You can zoom into any planetary system.
* Push notifications are sent out whenever a new planet is discovered.
* Interactive multi-touch correlation plots.
* Extensive background information on exoplanets and detection methods.
* Direct links to over 50.000 scientific publications

Feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

You can also follow exoplanet announcements and updates on


* Physical properties of all detected exo-planets and their host stars, updated on a daily basis
* Links to over 50.000 scientific publications (via NASA ADS)
* Easily search and filter the database
* Real telescope images of the host star
* Visualisations of the orbits and the habitable zone
* Interactive 3D size comparison to planets of our own solar system
* Animation of the detection method (radial velocity/transit)
* Sky charts of the planet's position in the night sky including constellations
* 3D visualisation of the position of all exoplanets in the galactic coordinate system
* Animations of the orbital motion of all planetary systems
* Correlation diagrams can be created on the fly
* Full compatibility with iOS 4 and iPhone4
* Backwards compatible to iOS 3.1.3
* High resolution graphics for the iPhone4's Retina display
* Push notifications (can be turned off at any time in the Settings App)

If you want to be a beta tester and get the newest version of exoplanet ahead of time, please contact the developer.

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Moon Globe

By Midnight Martian released on: 2009-10-07T02:27:06Z

Hold the Moon in your hands. Moon Globe turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a precision instrument for viewing Earth's Moon. Satellite imagery and topographic laser altimeter data are combined to render the Moon with realistic lighting in realtime 3D.

Use the multitouch screen to manipulate the view. Spin above the surface, or switch to Telescope mode to see the Moon as it appears from your location on Earth. Adjust the display time and watch the sunlight shift over the lunar landscape. A "tag cloud" floats just above the surface, labeling terrain features and spacecraft; touch any label to find out more about that feature. Moon Globe also shows you where the Moon and Sun are in the sky with its dynamic sky compass.

This sophisticated astronomy simulation is FREE so that you can learn about Earth's Moon and wow your friends with what your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can do. For Moon Globe fans, Moon Globe HD is also available, with twice the map resolution and somewhat better rendering.

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iEphemeris Lite

By Marco Piccone released on: 2008-08-14T01:01:42Z

iEphemeris is an astronomical program for iPhone or iPod Touch.

iEpemeris displays moon phases, the visible surface of the moon, the distance between earth and moon, the Julian Date, the Sidereal Time, the Right Ascension and the Declination of the Moon.

The application can be customized by choosing:
- if you wish to use iPhone GPS;
- the hemisphere where you are living;
- between Metric and Anglo-American unit mesure system;
- if you want information in real time, or if you wish to set your own time and date;
- to choose your location among the 8.000 cities stored in the built-in database, or to add your own by setting latitude, longitude, elevation and time offset;
- to choose any of all supported languages without change your device settings; changes concern not only the application language, but even the regional settings used by the program (such as dates).

If you find any mistakes in translation just send me an e-mail to the following address:

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Space Images

By Jet Propulsion Laboratory released on: 2010-01-20T07:40:35Z

Stunning images of stars and planets -- including Earth! -- are at your fingertips with Space Images from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Get the latest images from spacecraft studying Mars, Saturn and the cosmos on your iPhone and iPod Touch.


* Rate images and check out which ones top the Favorites list.
* Email images to a friend or save to your iPhone.
* Search for images or browse by category.
* Click on links to get full image descriptions and resolutions.

For more information about this application, go to

You can find all images from NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory at

To learn more about JPL, visit .

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Stars new

By Nelix released on: 2010-07-20T02:28:54Z

The night sky in your palm

Stars is a light application that displays the 88 constellations in the sky. Just touch the screen and see the universe moving around you.
The green line is the celestial equator, it is the projetion of the earth equator.
The red line is the ecliptic or the path of the sun. On the line is located the 12 constellations of the zodiac.

This application is standalone, it does not use any network resource.

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3D Sun

By Dr. Tony Phillips, LLC released on: 2009-12-23T03:29:16Z

A major solar flare erupts on the sun. Before long, your phone chirps in your pocket to let you know! Pulling out your phone, you see a 3D view of the sun — a digital reconstruction of satellite images freshly downloaded from NASA's "STEREO" satellites, orbiting millions of miles away.

You rotate the sun with your finger to view it from any angle. You pinch in and out to zoom in for a closer look at the sun's ever-changing surface.

Now *this* is living in the 21st Century! :-)

"3D Sun" lets you carry a virtual window onto today's sun, right in your pocket. Open this app anytime to see what's happening today on the sun's ever-changing surface. See when major solar flares erupt on the sun's surface. Track sunspots that reveal the churning activity inside the sun's fiery inferno.

News alerts —provided by a Ph.D. trained astrophysicist —inform you of important solar events. Optional push notifications will alert you of the most important events even when "3D Sun" is not running.

Great for aurora watchers who want to be notified of when they should look up!

Along with the 3D view of the sun, this app is frequently updated with movies and image galleries of solar events, such as massive explosions on the sun and the beautiful auroras, or
orthern lights," that those explosions can trigger.

Developed in collaboration with NASA scientists.

NASA's STEREO mission is a pair of satellites orbiting on nearly opposite sides of the sun. Together, these two satellites provide an unprecedented wrap-around view of most of the sun's surface each day. "3D Sun" provides the first-ever 3D display of STEREO's images, right on your iPhone.

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By Kevin Rye released on: 2009-05-20T02:05:36Z

Welcome to planetFacts!

"planetFacts" has a beautiful interactive user interface that makes learning about the Solar System fun!

"planetFacts" includes tons of facts for the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

In addition to an interactive view of the Solar System, "planetFacts" features "Scale View" and "Size View" maps of the Solar System that aim to give you a better grasp and sense of the overwhelming size of our Solar System.

"planetFacts" also features a built in Dictionary that defines over 40 terms that are used throughout the application.

"planetFacts" has the following facts for the planets in our Solar System:

- Designation
- How many moons
- When discovered
- Named After
- Diameter
- Mass
- Rotation Period
- Orbital Period
- Orbital Speed
- Distance from the Sun
- Light Time
- Astronomical Units (AU)
- Apparent Magnitude
- Surface Gravity
- Escape Velocity
- Temperature
- Composition
- Atmosphere
- Pressure
- Ices
- Aphelion/Apoapsis
- Perihelion/Periapsis
- Solar Day
- Rotation Direction
- Density

Units of measure are in English or Metric.
Temperature is in Fahrenheit/Kelvin or Celsius/Kelvin

If you enjoy "planetFacts" please also consider "planetFacts Plus". It comes with more planets, over 40 moons, the Asteroid Belt, the Scattered Disc, and more. Just search the app Store for "planetFacts Plus".

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Star & Planet Finder

By Nir Alperovitch released on: 2010-03-16T08:07:08Z

Star & Planet Finder guides you to see stars and planets in the sky.

Simply choose a planet from the list, and move your device according to the pointer display, the pointer represents the planet.

- Moving pointer display with camera view - guides you to the chosen planet
- Compass, GPS, accelerometer, camera and clock aware
- All 7 planets including Sun and Moon
- The 300 brightest stars for 0.99$ !
- All 88 constellations for 0.99$ !
- Moon phase display
- Planets information: description, mass, diameter, range
- Vibration and sound
- Great for astronomy fans

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Astronomy you looking for.

We belive for every paid Astronomy app out there there is a equivalent free Astronomy app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Astronomy apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Astronomy apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Astronomy apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Astronomy app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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