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By released on: 2009-06-09T08:13:41Z

Have you heard of KIS? Keep It Simple, that's the idea behind the "BART Map" application.

- Full size map of the San Francisco BART system
- Pinch zoom, scroll left and right on the map

For support please contact us at the email listed on our web site.

Note: No internet required.

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BART Live Arrivals

By released on: 2009-03-27T02:18:13Z

BART Live Arrivals provides real-time (live) BART train arrivals for your favorite lines and stations.

- Customize the application with your favorite train lines for each station
- Real-time (live) always up-to-date train arrivals. No need to click refresh, it's all automatic !
- Map of the entire BART system
- Pinch zoom, scroll left and right on all maps

BART Live Arrivals is a stripped down version of BART Live Arrivals PRO.

1- From the iPhone/iPod Touch main screen select SETTINGS
2- You'll see Wi-Fi, Sounds, General etc... scroll down and select "ba Lite"
3- Select your favorite train lines then close settings and open "ba Lite"

For support, comments/suggestions please contact us at the email listed on our web site.

Note: No internet connection required for GPS and BART system map. Internet connection required for live arrivals.

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Routesy Free Bay Area San Francisco Muni and BART

By Pixelcup released on: 2010-07-30T06:00:07Z

Routesy will help you find your way around the Bay Area's top transit systems -- San Francisco Muni and BART -- in real time!

Simply choose the line you want to ride, and Routesy will show you the closest stop or station, along with real-time prediction data to make sure you make it on time.

You can also bookmark your favorite stops to quickly get predictions for your favorite stops immediately upon opening the application.

* This free version of Routesy is supported by iAd. *

Routesy was lovingly designed by the experts at Odopod (

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Bartender Challenge

By Nitobi Software Inc released on: 2009-08-26T07:00:00Z

Memorize, mix, and serve.

Think you know your alcoholic drinks? Try mixing together over 40 cocktails in Bartender Challenge. From the classic Manhattan to the exotic Pink Elephant and the simple Gin and Tonic, find them all in Bartender Challenge. See how well you can memorize the ingredients and make the perfect cocktail! Bartender Challenge even includes a handy drink list and their ingredients, just in case you forget.

- Over 40 recipes
- Memory & learn style game
- Recipe browser
- Delectable drink & ingredient graphics

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The Simpsons Arcade FREE

By Electronic Arts released on: 2010-04-14T06:28:07Z

WOO HOO!CLASSIC ARCADE GAME ACTION — FOR FREE! Get a FREE taste of Homer's frosted fried dough fracas on iPhone"u00ae & iPod touch"u00ae. Then, upgrade to the full version for MORE.

Play the first level for FREE. Join Homer on a hilarious chase through Springfield in drooling pursuit of a malevolent mystery doughnut. Clueless and hungry, he has no idea that his tasty treat is the key to a devious scheme hatched by sinister Springfield forces

Use touchscreen controls to punch, grab and flip, kick, butt slam, jump, pick up and throw objects, belly flop, and dodge enemies. Once you've had a FREE taste, you won't want to stop
MMMGet ready for doughnut-chasing daredeviltry on iPhone"u00ae and iPod touch"u00ae at a great low price. Help Homer race through 25+ levels in 6 different environments including Krusty Land, Channel 6, and Downtown Springfield.

Authentic sound effects and famous character voices by the real, live actors from "The Simpsons" give the gameplay a true Springfield accent.

Earn and activate "Family Frenzy" power-ups to summon help from Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Bart, who can come to Homer's rescue. He's gonna need it!

Use touch and accelerometer controls to "Slap Homer" back to life, indulge in "Doughnut Dreams," or engage in a hilarious "Inflato-Head" balloon blowing up contest.

Listen to your own music as you play this daring and sugary arcade adventure.
** DON'T MISS OUR OTHER EXCITING GAMES! ** SCRABBLE, The Sims™ 3, TETRIS"u00ae, MONOPOLY, Madden NFL by EA Sports™, Pogo Games FREE, ROCK BAND"u00ae Reloaded, Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit & Surviving High School FREE

COMING SOON: Coconut Dodge

GIFT THIS APP: Click the "Buy App" arrow on the iTunes"u00ae App Store

Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more

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BART Fares

By Apparent Etch released on: 2010-08-31T12:55:53Z

Check the current BART fare from your device.

PINPOINT ACCURACY — The current fare price is retrieved directly from BART's server in real time.

SLEEK INTERFACE — Select the origin and destination stations in seconds.

LOCATION SUPPORT — Find the nearest BART station with a touch.

GAME CENTER — New achievements, not just a challenge anymore.

iOS 4 OPTIMIZED — Retina display graphics + multitasking.

LIGHT FOOTPRINT — Every query takes less than 1 kilobyte!

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS — Stay up to date on the latest BART News.

Update to the latest iOS release to ensure compatibility.

Note: BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transit system in California

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iBART (Free)

By Pandav released on: 2008-08-22T07:02:35Z

"A thing of beauty" — The Atlantic Monthly

"iBART is the best transportation-related iPhone application I've seen" — LA Times


iBART is a transit application for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. It is essential to all BART riders — from the occasional to the daily, the tourist to the commuter.

It includes:
- A trip planner (no internet required)
- Station information
- Scheduled arrivals
- A handsome multi-touch BART map
- Service advisories


Feedback is greatly appreciated at

Note: iBART and iBART Live are not funded by or directly affiliated with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). These applications were made by two Bay Area natives who wanted to make BART easier to use for all riders.

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By released on: 2009-02-05T06:42:38Z

Just like our website,, this application provides detailed public transit directions and information. Whether you're traveling by bus, subway, taxi, or walking, this app will get you where you're going. Be sure to read about the unique iPhone features and travel customization options below. Have a great trip!

Supported Areas (with more being added every month!):

- New York City
- New Jersey
- Long Island
- Metro North Area
- Albany
- Boston
- Providence
- Hartford
- Philadelphia
- Pittsburgh
- Delaware
- Baltimore
- Washington DC
- Richmond
- Atlanta
- Milwaukee
- Chicago
- St. Louis
- Cleveland
- Minneapolis
- Seattle
- Portland
- Sacramento
- San Francisco
- London
- Paris
- Toronto
- Montreal
- Ottawa
- Edmonton
- Vancouver
- Raleigh
- Kansas City
- Los Angeles
- Miami
- Calgary

Here are just a few of the transit agencies we support:

iPhone Integration:

- Get directions from your current location using the iPhone's GPS functionality

- Access addresses from your contact list

- Map a location and see nearby subway and bus stops

- In taxi mode, tap the phone number of the company to call directly

- Shake your phone to clear the entries

Customize your Trip:

- Set travel preference (subway, bus, walking only; more walking/more transfers)

- Choose whether to include regional rail and/or vehicles operated by private companies

- Re-route trains or buses or choose to use a different stop than the one suggested

- Estimate time and cost of taxi travel and retrieve contact information for taxi/limousine companies

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Cabulous - Hail a Taxi Instantly

By UpStart Mobile Inc. released on: 2009-11-25T05:44:52Z

Cabulous - Hail a Taxi Instantly


Most Cabulous drivers are in San Francisco, but drivers in many cities and countries are starting to pop up on the map. Keep checking back!


Don't be late - use Cabulous! Taking taxis is now easy, fast, and fun.

- See available cabs near you on a map
- Hail any cab instantly with the touch of a button
- Track your cab on the map as it comes to get you
- Save "Favorite Drivers" so you can find them in the future

Thanks for trying Cabulous!

Please spread the word by leaving us a great iTunes review and telling all your friends.

Follow us on Twitter: @CabulousApp

Note: if you flag a cab from far away (more than a few blocks in a city during peak times), considering using the call button and assuring the driver you will be there when he arrives....and considering giving him a nice tip! :)

Licensed Taxi Drivers: Any licensed driver in the world can download Cabulous and start telling their favorite passengers to find them using the app. Cabulous helps you create great relationships with customers, which leads to repeat customers and more fares!

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Caltrain XPress

By Touch Technologies released on: 2009-04-09T12:01:30Z

Simple and easy to use Caltrain schedule application.


- Weekdays and Weekends timetables, fares, train number and train type - White regular | Yellow limited | Red Baby bullet
- Works without internet connection
- Remembers your stations.
- No Tamien/San Jose weekend bus shuttle

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San Francisco Way

By MyCityWay released on: 2010-03-12T01:45:51Z

*** From the makers of VEGAS Way - the number 1 travel app on iTunes AND NYC Way - Rated Top 5 Travel App for 2010 by Fox News ***

Your favorite city San Francisco has waited long enough to get the ONE STOP Killer App.

With 50 apps bundled into one, we have captured your entire San Francisco experience in SF Way!

Useful for LOCALS and TOURISTS alike, SF Way will be your know all best buddy whenever you need it.

* Coffee shops
* Wifi hotspot locations
* Major Tourist Attractions
* SF Muni Stops
* SF Muni Arrival Times
* BART Locations
* BART Arrival Times
* FREE SF - Things to do for FREE
* SF Kids
* Parking
* Restaurants
* Hotels
* Restrooms
* Nightlife
* Shopping
* Theaters
* Beauty & Spa
* Apartments
* Art Galleries
* For Sale
* SF News
* SF Events
* SF Jobs
* Safety Tips
* Emergency Help Lines
* Ecofinder
* Grocery
* Restaurant Inspection Results
* SF Local Citizen Reporter
* Parking
* Ice skating
* Zoos and Aquariums
* Parks
* Museums
* Bowling
* Yoga
* Hiking Trails
* Swimming Pools
* Libraries
* Gas Stations
* Hospitals
* Police Stations
* Crime Watch
* Wanted Criminals

and so much more!

Check-in from the app using facebook and Twitter. Take pictures from within the app and post to twitter and facebook!

Get the application that does it all, and find your way with SF Way.

What People are Saying about NYC Way (our NYC App):

"I've been a "NYer" for 20 years now; thought I've seen it all in terms of trying to put "everything you need to know about NYC" in one easily accessible resource, but this is the best by far... And, it's FREE!! "- Trurogirl

"I generally never write reviews for apps but this one blew me away today...this is GOLD!" - ifrowned

"Maybe this is the future of apps? One button leads to a dozen rich choices?..." - Tboomer

"Please oh please oh please make one of these for London ? I am begging...will change everything" - futureRMC

"Everyone in NYC needs this. It's incredible how many useful features this single app has. "- mcrobot

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The Simpsons Trivia - FREE

By Purple, Inc. released on: 2010-03-24T10:52:53Z

Prove to your friends that you are the ultimate Simpsons fan.

- 5 Quizzes
- Each Quiz contains 10 mind blowing questions
- The ability to show everyone that those years you watched Simpsons were not a waste
- Expand your Simpsons knowledge further with these 50 questions

Works on iPhone/iTouch OS 3.0 or greater

"u00a9 2010 Purple Penguin

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By Civil Systems @ UC Berkeley released on: 2010-01-11T07:12:10Z

BayTripper is an easy and fun way to get around the whole Bay Area on bike and also tap into real-time routing information for San Francisco, California on BART and MUNI.

We help you find BART, MUNI, Caltrain, Ferry, bus and train routes near you. You can:

- Get real-time arrivals
- Plan a trip using our real-time transit trip planner
- Look up local transit and bike maps

Plus, we support more than just transit! You can plan a bike trip, call a taxi, or access a handful of other useful Bay Area transportation tools.

This app is part of a research project aimed at trying to understand how to get more people out of their cars and onto bikes, public transit, or just walk!

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Transporter: Real-time Public Transit Designed for the Bay Area

By transporter released on: 2010-05-28T04:53:53Z

Transporter is an award-winning public transit app designed specifically for San Francisco and East Bay riders.

It supports: "u2713 SF MUNI, "u2713 BART "u2713 AC Transit

Transporter supports many features you might find in other apps, like finding out real-time arrivals of the buses and trains you ride. But, once you're on board Transporter lets you find out when you'll arrive at your destination!

Say you're standing at a stop and want to know when the next bus is coming. All it takes is two taps to find that out. Once you're on your way, it only takes a tap to see all the upcoming stops and when you'll arrive at any of them.

Transporter also lets you save the lines and stops you use most so you can see all your transit options at a glance.

These are just a few of the many thoughtful features that make Transporter the best public transit app for the Bay Area.

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iCommute SF Lite

By AppTight, Inc. released on: 2009-09-15T12:09:43Z

Brought to you by the developers of the #1 selling photography app, Gorillacam!

*** Updated to reflect the Dec. 5th 2009 MUNI Service Changes with new route and configurations through a real-time updater****

These changes are in effect:

Commute-SF Lite, powered by Nextbus provides you FREE real-time arrival predictions for the San Francisco Bay Area Muni & BART transit systems through our Lite Version!

*** This FREE Lite Version is made by the same great developers of iCommute-SF Full Version! Rated the 2009 Best iPhone App Pick by the San Francisco Magazine's Best of the Bay Area Winner! ***

- Know before you go! Never wait at the bus stop again!
- iCommute SF lite provides instant access to live real-time arrival predictions so your right on time, every time!
- Available for the Northern San Francisco Bay Area transit lines across SF Muni and BART.
- Unfamiliar with the area? Get nearby stops based on your GPS location to get you to the closest stop fast!
- Integrated Area Maps to scroll to the closest stop based on your current location. Great for newbies, visitors, tourists and those making most out of public transportation!
- Arrival prediction requires internet connection using Edge, 3G, or WiFi.

We're helping make transit fun again!

If you like what you see above and want more robust features, please check out the full version of iCommute SF. Get these additional benefits:

- Not sure of which stop to choose? GPS location features will automatically find the closest Muni or BART stop along your chosen route!
- Not only easily bookmark your favorite stops, but bookmark your routes too
- Not only get prediction data for San Francisco's Muni & BART, but get these additional transit agencies too:
AC Transit*
LBL Shuttle

- New Route Maps allow for scrollable and zoomable functionality to drill down into the maps easier and see a list of stops on your selected route
- Additional User Preference Settings:
- Easily set your distance in units
- Sort routes by numbers or letters at your discretion
- Control your own start-up screen by selecting the home agency screen, your favorite stops or routes, and more!

*AC Transit data is limited to what predictions are available. Please see for the full AC Transit coverage listing.

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iSpiral Lite

By Bart Groothuijze released on: 2009-09-18T08:09:45Z

Once started, NO ONE can stop and EVERYONE knows and FEARS it, it's iSpiral!

- NOW: with a special with British band KEANE -

Concentrate, train and optimize your hand-eye coordination, become ONE with The Spiral, overcome your FEAR and WIN!

iSpiral is a fantastic casual game with a retro look & feel. It is based upon a game that everyone knows, probably has played before and therefore FEARS... "The Hot Wire".

Manoeuvre a small ring from start to finish over a labyrinth-like track in the fastest time possible, without touching the track...

This Lite-version of the game iSpiral consists of 1 level, that gives a good impression upon all great levels to be found within the premium version of iSpiral! Each level features several bends and in higher levels also obstacles, such as the "pulsating red knots".

By carefully and fluently tilting your iPhone or your iPod Touch in specific directions, while sometimes adapting the speed, all levels can be mastered!

- 1 teasing level (the full version has 16!)
- Track-overview per level
- Adjustable speed
- Easy control: only tilting does the trick!
- Unique cartoon rendered 3d-visuals
- Online highscore-listing per level
- Unlock levels by finishing within certain time-limits
- Listen to your own music, while playing "iSpiral" (like KEANE's "Spiralling")

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By Bart De Bruyn released on: 2010-02-15T11:30:47Z

Join the Facebook group 'WeatherMaps' for the most recent news or to report bugs.

This application provides you the free weathermaps from With this maps you can forecast the weather by yourself!

In this version you can view the maps for temperature and precipitation for the next 90 hours. In later versions more maps will be available, like wind, CAPE, dewpoints,... and also till 180 hours.

What this application contains:
- Temperature
- Precipitation
- Wind 10m
- Dewpoint
- 850hPa Temp

- Temperature
- Precipitation
- 850hPa Temp
- Wind 10m

All these maps come from (GFS)

Australia and Africa will follow in later updates

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By Bart B More released on: 2010-08-17T06:17:13Z is based on 'Brapapella' a.k.a. the ultimate vocalization (understatement) of Bart B More's track 'Brap', released July 20th, 2010 through Boysnoize Records.

While the track 'Brap' is a serious dancefloor thriller, 'Brapapella' is the annoying acapella version which was cut into pieces for you to play around with.

Don't forget to buy 'Brap' from iTunes or Beatport, support the music industry, otherwise awesome free and life-changing apps like these wouldn't exist.

For more info check out or

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including BART you looking for.

We belive for every paid BART app out there there is a equivalent free BART app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free BART apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different BART apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone BART apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular BART app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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