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By ibokanwisdomreleased on:2010-06-21T11:58:13Z


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Arcade Hoops Basketball\u2122 Lite - The Classic Game of Arcade Basketball

By Skyworksreleased on:2009-03-04T01:52:24Z

Arcade Hoops Basketball™ Lite, the classic game of arcade basketball, has been enhanced with several major new features. In addition to the Classic game mode, Arcade Hoops Basketball Lite now has new music options, Facebook connectivity and challenges!

From Skyworks"u00ae, creators of many of the most popular sports and arcade games, comes Arcade Hoops Basketball™ Lite. Arcade Hoops Lite is packed with many exciting features, including Classic mode - just like it's played in the arcade, access to your own music library as an alternative to in-game music, Facebook integration and the ability to "Challenge a Friend" for bragging rights.


" of the most realistic and fun games I have used on the iPhone"
Mike's iPhone Blog

".. really fun basketball game it's a hit!"
AppsStoreMod YouTube video channel:

".. one of the best games buy it and you'll love it."
Justin Ciappara's Blog


- CLASSIC MODE: the original game of arcade basketball

- CHOICE OF MUSIC TRACKS: choose in-game music or your own, direct from your music library



- "CHALLENGE A FRIEND": email your buddies with a challenge!


- Classic: sink the most 2-point shots in 45 seconds
- Progressive: score the most 2 and 3 point shots in 99 seconds against a moving backboard
- 3 Point: max out the number of 3 pointers in 45 seconds

- FIVE SKINS: themed environments from the "court" to the hands and ball
- Arcade: play like a pro! The traditional game of arcade hoops.
- Christmas: Deck the Halls! Christmas Tree, presents and even a giant ornament basketball!
- Space: a celestial shooting experience featuring stars, constellations and a special "Moon" basketball
- Doodle: doodle drawings, a doodle cage and even a doodle basketball!
- Zombies: if you like blood and "dark", this basketball game is for you

After you play ARCADE HOOPS BASKETBALL LITE, try ARCADE BOWLING™, as well as other hit titles from Skyworks, including GOAAAL! SOCCER™ and 3 POINT HOOPS"u00ae Basketball. Or, just search for "Skyworks" in the App Store search bar, find your favorite games, and have fun!!! "u2028

Look for more new games from Skyworks COMING SOON!

Skyworks - Find YOUR Game!

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Finger Basketball

By Bluesky Studioreleased on:2010-04-16T10:01:07Z

Play basketball with your fingertip. Aim and shoot the basket, 3 minutes a round.
There are two ways to shoot out ball. One is by flip gesture, put finger on the ball and flip to the direction your want, the speed of ball is corresponding to the speed of flip. The second way is by tap, the nearer to ball's edge, the stronger throw. After put finger on ball, a crosshair will show current angle and speed, move finger on ball to adjust them and lift finger to shoot.
You can also preset a constant speed for easy control, the value can be adjusted at board on top-left corner.
Tips: Use wall to bounce ball, especially the wall at right side.

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Arcade Free Throw Basketball -FREE-

By Purple, Inc.released on:2010-10-22T02:54:29Z

Arcade Free Throw Basketball is the most advanced basketball game out there today. Using amazing 3D logic and physics, 3D Arcade basket ball brings you a whole new way to play the old school game on a new school device. Everyone has seen the classic game of arcade basketball and now it is on your iPhone!
Arcade Free Throw Basketball features:"u2028- Stunning 3D graphics"u2028- Awesome physics"u2028- Game timer"u2028- 3D virtual scoreboard"u2028
Arcade Free Throw Basketball is very simple to play, too! All you have to do is start a new game and basically flick the ball for the height, power and speed to get it into the hoop. It's that simple!
Test all of your friends and family on how well their basketball abilities are and see who can get a high score! Have fun!

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WNBA Center Court

By National Basketball Associationreleased on:2010-05-08T06:21:27Z

WNBA Center Court is an application that delivers real-time statistics, scores and player information for the WNBA. This is a league-wide application that is designed to supply fans with as much information and statistics about the WNBA during the 2010 Season.

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Fantasy Basketball Monster '10 Lite

By Bignoggins Productions LLCreleased on:2010-09-27T10:42:15Z

Tired of having multiple apps to manage each of your fanatasy basketball teams? Fantasy Basketball Monster is the only app that lets you manage all of your Yahoo and ESPN! fatnasy basketball teams in one place! With a killer user interface and every feature available on the desktop, Fantasy Basketball Monster is the only app you'll need this fantasy season.

-- Reviews --
"There are a handful of fantasy apps out there, but none that are quite as comprehensive as Fantasy Monster." -

"In Godzilla-like fashion, Fantasy Monster - Pro Edition pretty much burns all the competition to the ground and admirably fulfills our fantasies." -

"FantasyMonster is the most usable app we've seen for managing your Yahoo! Fantasy sports teams on the iPhone" -

--- Features ---
"u2714 Drag and drop to quickly edit your lineups
"u2714 Quickly search for players using auto-complete
"u2714 Add and drop players
"u2714 Trade players
"u2714 Check live NBA! scores
"u2714 Check weekly matchups
"u2714 Read and post to the message board
"u2714 View latest transactions
"u2714 View Team Notes
"u2714 View standings and rosters
"u2714 Check player news
"u2714 Check injury reports
"u2714 View sports headlines

Disclaimer: Fantasy Football Monster and Bignoggins Productions LLC are not associated with Yahoo! or ESPN!

- If you can't see your Yahoo! teams, your account may to locked. To rectify this, log in to from a desktop web browser. Logout if you are logged in, then log back in. There may be some account unlock questions you will have to answer. After this your account will work again.

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College Basketball Live!

By Plusmo, Inc.released on:2009-01-20T12:48:45Z

Plusmo's College Basketball Live gives you all the latest scores, schedules, standings, news and blogs for your favorite NCAA Basketball teams and players. You can keep track of all the latest scores from live games, and you can even chat with other fans and cheer or boo teams.

College Basketball has live play by play for all teams in the Top 25 and the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Pac 10, SEC and Big 10 conferences! You will also get play-by-play for all the March Madness games!

College Basketball Live also lets you set your favorite teams so you have one touch access to all the latest live scores.

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3D Arcade Basketball

By Inner Four, Inc.released on:2009-11-03T06:43:05Z

3D Arcade Basketball is the most advanced basketball game out there today. Using amazing 3D logic and physics, 3D Arcade basket ball brings you a whole new way to play the old school game on a new school device. Everyone has seen the classic game of arcade basketball and now it is on your iPhone!

3D Arcade Basketball features:"u2028
- Stunning 3D graphics
"u2028- Awesome physics"u2028
- Game timer"u2028
- 3D virtual scoreboard"u2028-
Virtual hands

3D Arcade Basketball is very simple to play too! All you have to do is start a new game and basically flick the ball for the height, power and speed to get it into the hoop. It's that simple!

Test all of your friends and family on how well their basketball abilities are and see who can get a high score! Have fun!
3D Arcade Basketball works on the iPhone and iPod Touch version 3.0 and greater

Any reference to any third-party products, services, names, or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, developer, supplier or otherwise, is for convenience or comparison only, and does not constitute nor imply endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship thereof. All characters, names, titles, likeness, and other content used or depicted in this product (even those based on real products or real people, either living or dead) are entirely fictional. Any similarity to actual products, or persons either living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any coincidental likeness and or voices are not real. This product is for entertainment purposes only and is not authorized or endorsed. All trademarks, service marks, product, service, or other names mentioned herein, are the property of their respective owners, and no claim is made to any such mark, product, service or other name. Copyright 2009 Inner Four, Inc. and its licensors.

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The Official 2011 Big Ten Network Basketball

By The Big Ten Networkreleased on:2011-01-14T12:55:32Z

FREE to download, the Official 2011 Big Ten Network Basketball application offers the best way to follow the conference action on the hardwood. Follow along live with detailed play-by-play updates. Stay up to date with the latest Big Ten news, schedules, conference standings, national rankings and conference leaders throughout the year. You'll even have easy access to the Big Ten Network television schedule so you'll always know when your favorite school will be featured on the air.

True Big Ten fans will want to upgrade to the PAID version of the application (a one-time $3.99 in-app purchase), which gets you all of the great features included in the free version, plus:

LIVE RADIO CALLS: Listen to every Big Ten basketball game live with radio play-by-play from ALL schools' radio networks: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin.

CLOSE & LATE: Watch live "Close & Late" video of the Big Ten Network's most exciting finishes. Receive a push alert when any Big Ten Network televised game is "Close & Late" and you get to watch the exciting finish live on your iDevice.

ON-DEMAND VIDEO CLIPS: Watch a rich offering of Big Ten highlights, features and interviews from the Big Ten Network.

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Livesports24 Pro Basketball (NBA Scores)

By Genera Mobilereleased on:2010-10-26T08:53:40Z

The FAAD GOLD App by introduces Livesports24 Pro Basketball as Today's Featured Free App!

The Livesports24 Pro Basketball (NBA Scores)2010-2011 season update IS NOW AVAILABLE!!

Best Pro Basketball app for LIVE ACTION 24 hours a day! Everything you need to know is just one click away!! Follow your favorite sport LIVE! Powered by STATS.
Do you want to know what happens in the NBA around the clock? Discover one of the best sports applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. Livesports24 Pro Basketball:
. Offers you the latest news.
. Game Recaps.
. Player Stats.
. LIVE Play to Play Commentaries.
. LIVE Results.
. Alerts. Select as many teams as you like!

Additionally, there are calendars, stats, classifications and so much more!

SCORE CENTER_____________________________
. Get quick access to real-time results for all games!!
. Access all the schedules and calendars for all the competitions.
. Access the latest news.
. LEAGUE LEADERS: Assists per Game / Blocked Shots per Game / Field Goal Percentage /Free Throw Percentage

NEWS SECTION_____________________________
. Follow the latest news and events.

GAME CENTRAL_____________________________
. Access to real-time results for all games: Timetable / LIVE Results / Game Recaps / LIVE Play to Play Commentaries / Highlights Match / Player Stats

. Consult updated, last minute league classifications of all the competitions:
Division Atlantic / Central / Northwest and Conference West Team / East Team

Want more? Just press more and get quick access to:
FAN FORUM: Access user FAN FORUM to share your own comments and read others!
ALERTS: Choose who you want PUSH alerts for. Select as many teams as you like!

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Crazy Basketball

By YOMEN, Inc.released on:2010-04-22T02:45:32Z

June-July TOP 10 GAME, App in - USA, Canada, Australia,Germany,France, UK and more!
TOP 1 Sport Game, Family Game!

☆Crazy Basketball game for the iPhone and iPod gives you a fun and different way to play basketball a using physics engine. The Best Pocket Basketboll in 2010! Just Fun and Simple☆

Crazy Basketball have a physical engine, interesting backgrounds with Hundreds of animations and dozens of achievements.

New features:
New Balls with different stats! Football, Golf, Tennis, Bowling and Alien dude!
- 4 New Maps with free map!
- 5 New Line Colours!
New Game Modes:
Crazy Mode and unique Sniper Mode with dozens of levels!

The game features simple touch and drag controls and realistic physics. Tap and drag anywhere on the dotted line to change the power and angle of your shot and release to shoot

☆iOS 4.1 Support + Game Center!
☆Intuitive touch-screen controls are easy to pick up and play for the whole family.
☆Unlimited Gameplay and entertaining free updates!
☆STATS, you can know your: Total shots, Total goals, Total misses, Total Goals, Total First Strikes, Total accuracy shots, Total Long Shots.
☆Bonuses: 7 in a row bonus - Full Line, accuracy and Long shot Bonus, 8 in a row bonus - 2x Scores!!
☆Slow Motion!

*Online and offline high-scores, competition system for your friends or other players
*Realistic physical engine
*Dozens of achievement and Hundreds of animations and 1000 OpenFeint points.
*Captivating Gameplay for every age
*Send your high-score at Facebook and Twitter

Your account will not be debited for retrying operation at In App Purchse. When you retry downloading the content you will get the message that You've already purchased this,Tap OK to download it again for FREE.

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Pro Basketball Scores

By Plusmo, Inc.released on:2008-11-26T06:21:50Z

Plusmo's Pro Basketball Scores gives you all the latest scores, schedules, standings, and news for your favorite NBA teams and players. You can keep track of all the latest scores from live games, and you can even chat with other fans and cheer or boo teams.

Plusmo Pro Basketball Scores also lets you set your favorite teams so you have one touch access to all the latest live scores.

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Angel Basketball Free

By Singtaareleased on:2011-02-04T03:42:01Z

This is the Free version of Angel Basketball 3D. The basic shooting stage (with 3 shooting positions) is available for playing. Separate leaderboards and achievements are available for this version. However, the fun mini stages (Angel Room) and "Vs CPU" mode are not available in this version.

Side note: if you notice a slight lag in AB3D after signing into gamecenter for the first time, simply restart your game, the lag will be gone. *Remember, fully restarting an app means to kill it in the "task manager" (double press the Home button) first and then start the app again.


Angel Basketball is a stylish 3D basketball shooting game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. In a nutshell, Angel Basketball is an arcade basketball hoop with elegant 3D environment, real physics, 3D sound effects, variety of stages/modes, competitive scoring schemes, and more. Read on ...

Notable features and description:

- Ultra responsive, simple, and realistic finger motion control.

- 8 Shooting positions.

- Vs CPU mode with 3 level of difficulties.

- 1 Main court stage and 4 mini fun stages.

- Leaderboards and Achievements all set up.

- Player controls the ball throwing with a 2-stages finger motion (pull back and flick upward). Pulling back adjusts the angel of the shot. Flicking upward control the power and the direction (left or right) of the shot.

- This kind of finger motion also allows the player to get a nice tempo going where he/she can comfortably shoot 3 to 4 balls per second.

- Gorgeous environment. See the screenshots!

- Realistic 3D Physics. Really, things don't get any more real than this.

- High quality and realistic 3D sound effects. Enjoy the bounces!

- 4 fun stages in the "Angel Room". Stage 1 has a short distance rim (free-throw range). Stage 2 has a longer distance rim (3pt range). Stage 3 has a rim that dynamically allocates itself in the scene. Stage 4 has a rim that moves left and right.

- Competitive scoring metrics. For the "Angel Room" mode, each Clean Shot gets you double points and plus 7 second on the time clock. Score a N-In-a-Row to get N times the base points. The main court stage has a similar scheme.

From many user feedbacks, we found that most players make consistent shots by doing a swipe motion (upward) after the initial pull back. There are also some players who are good with just "pushing" (as opposed to swiping) the ball upward. So, we encourage you to try different hand/finger positioning to find out what you are most comfortable with.

Lastly, enjoy the game!

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Heat Basketball

By The Miami Heraldreleased on:2009-12-03T04:14:13Z

ATTN: There is a bug when you try to "register" for the app that is causing it to crash. We're currently fixing this. In order to bypass this bug and register for your 30 days free, select "Skip" instead of "Register." Once you have exceeded your "Skip" allotment, then click on "Register" from the pop-up window that appears in the "You have exceeded the number of skips" screen. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the update up soon. For questions, contact us at


Attention Heat fans, this is the MUST-HAVE application for you! Follow the Miami Heat through their basketball seasons with exclusive 24/7 coverage from The Miami Herald and around the web.

Free for the first 30 days of access; subscriptions are available for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The Heat Basketball app is also an ad-supported application.


- Miami Herald's "On the Beat" blog. Read and comment on exclusive reports, analysis, insider information and opinion.

- Commentary from Miami Herald columnists Israel Gutierrez, Dan Le Batard, and Greg Cote.

- Exclusive daily beat coverage of the team from Miami Herald Sports reporters.

- Photo reports: Relive the game action with in-depth photo galleries and exclusive Miami Herald photo coverage.

- Fan chat: Voice your opinion and connect with other Heat fans in an exclusive chat room available only on the application.

- Daily Heat schedule, scores and standings

- Team and league leaders

- Heat roster

- Wikipedia: Tons of information on the team and its history accessed via Wikipedia.

- Get news, view headlines and read stories from around the web

* Not associated with the Miami Heat

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3 Point Hoops\u00ae Basketball Lite - The Classic Game

By Skyworksreleased on:2009-03-27T01:47:06Z

Can't get enough March Madness! Then lace up and hit the basketball courts with 3 POINT HOOPS"u00ae LITE from Skyworks"u00ae, creators of the best quality and most fun sports on the iPhone/iPod touch!

In 3 POINT HOOPS LITE you'll shoot 5 shots from two different positions around the 3-point line. The first four shots at each position are worth 3 points, while the last arcade "bonus ball" is worth 5 points.

After the ball appears in your Shooter's hands, tap the ball and flick it toward the basket to take a shot. The speed and direction of your flick will control the speed and direction of the ball.

Looking for more hoops action? UPGRADE to the full version of 3 POINT HOOPS"u00ae and get many more great features:

- CLASSIC MODE - Shoot from nine positions around the 3-point line!
- SUDDEN DEATH MODE - Miss one shot and its game over!
- UNIQUE POSITIONS - Five unique shooting positions around the court!
- BONUS BALL - Bonus ball worth even more points!
- GLOBAL HIGH SCORE BOARDS - Compete against players around the world!

After you play 3 POINT HOOPS, try ARCADE HOOPS BASKETBALL™ designed by legendary game maker Garry Kitchen, and other hit titles from Skyworks, including ARCADE BOWLING™, ARCADE QB PASS ATTACK™, MENTAL BLOCKS"u00ae (puzzle), and POKER MATCHUP™ (card). Just search for "Skyworks" in the App Store search bar, find your favorite games, and have fun!!!

Look for more new games from Skyworks COMING SOON!

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By Global Agent Increleased on:2010-07-15T07:00:00Z


Want to play basketball in a relaxing and immersive way? Take this app!

This is an unique and engaging basketball game which enables you to completely enjoy the pleasure of basketball game and avoid those boring managements and complicated strategies!

This is NOT a lite version
This is a FULL featured application

Just slide your finger on the screen and shoot perfect at the basket! It not only lets you play as a top scorer but also provide you with immersive experience! A smooth touch creates awesome shoots!

*Realistic and awesome gameplay
*Three modes, including basketball ground with tens of thousands audiences, shooting in the snow, and beautiful sunset!
*Ranking: see your historical record, find who else do better than you!
*6 set shoot position.
*No rules! Just enjoy the pleasure of the game!

How to play the game:
"u203bScore calculation:
Once you make one shoot, you'll get 3 points.
"u203bSet shoot:
There are 6 set shoot positions in total. First two located in the middle, then two in the right, two in the left.
"u203bGoal attempts:
You can shoot for five times in each position. Count from 1 to 5.

It can be used only on iPhone 3GS(or above)

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Basketball Dribble

By LOLriffic Stuffreleased on:2009-06-14T06:22:56Z



Can't practice basketball because you don't have a basketball with you? Never use that excuse ever again and entertain your friends with your dribble skills. Basketball Dribble turns your iPhone or iPod into your very own basketball that you can dribble around, on either side of your leg, or even underneath or in between your legs!

Hold your iPhone or iPod firmly and give it small tugs or flicks to dribble a basketball, you can shake it softly to bounce once, and flick it firmly to dribble or bounce a few times. Each time, you'll hear the ball bounce off if your sound is on and if you have an iPhone, you'll feel the ball hit your hand on the bounce with a vibrate.

Show how much you love to watch the nba on espn and impress your sport buddies with mad basketball skills using your iPhone or iPod as if it were a real basketball! Practice outside of basketball practice after school and train on the bus, between university classes, under the table, when you have time at work, or even while you wait in a line. Who knows, if the game point comes down to your free throw or awesome dribbling skills as you fly down the court and the audience and cheerleaders cheer you on, you can flash back to those times outside the gym as you're walking back to the car dribbling with your iPhone and catching glances from curious onlookers at the skills you can show off. Play with friends, have a ball and enjoy basketball!


Keywords: basketball, sports, nba, bounce, orange basket balls, team sport, court, buzzer and three point shootout, fun

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NBA D-League Center Court

By National Basketball Associationreleased on:2010-02-10T01:33:55Z

NBA D-League Center Court is an application that delivers real-time statistics, scores and player information for the NBA Development League. This is a league-wide application that is designed to supply fans with as much information and statistics about the NBA D-League during the 2010-11 Season.

Learn more about: Austin Toros, Bakersfield Jam, Dakota Wizards, Erie BayHawks, Fort Wayne Mad Ants, Idaho Stampede, Iowa Energy, Maine Red Claws, New Mexico Thunderbirds, Reno Bighorns, Rio Grande Valley Vipers, Sioux Falls Skyforce, Springfield Armor, Texas Legends, Tulsa 66ers, Utah Flash

Also: NBA assignments, NBA Call-Ups, NBA Futurecast, Antoine Walker, Antonio Daniels, Jonny Flynn

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Basketball 2010 Lite

By Mad Monkey Studioreleased on:2009-12-17T05:03:51Z

Basketball 2010 Lite

Basketball 2010 Lite is a simple and addictive dribble game.

No luck involved, only your skill.

In Basketball 2010 Lite, you simply dribble a basket ball as much as you can in a minute. Don't forget to use Plane Mode if you don't want to be interrupted !!! It's so easy anyone can play.

With amazing 3D rendered background and a full 3D basket ball, Basketball 2010 Lite will keep you dribbling as much as you can.

There is no luck involved in this game, it is exclusively skill-based.

Everyone can participate.

Download the full version of Basketball 2010 to submit your high scores and compare in real time to others' scores.

How to play ?
Dribble the ball as much as possible for one minute.
When the timer reaches 00:00, the game ends.
Your high score will be recorded.
You can play as many times as you want, your scores will be added to the score board.

Please see for full rules and general information.

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Arcade Basketball Scorers Lite

By MystoneGame Increleased on:2010-06-17T02:45:06Z

Test your basketball skills from behind the three point line on your iPhone. Now we offer a 3 point basketball shooter game that you can play with your friends. simply drag your finger to shoot the basketball, try your best to get highest scores in 45 seconds. good luck, let's go!

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By SGNreleased on:2008-11-17T08:00:00Z

From the makers of iBowl, one of the most popular games ever released for the iPhone and iPod touch, iBasketball lets you polish your game on the go. Perfect your swish, get on the court with other online players and play head-to-head in a timed shootout or with a game of Horse. iBasketball lets you compete in real-time, using lifelike shooting motions anytime, anyplace!

Accelerometer based ball control - just swing your device and watch the ball fly!
Half court shooting physics - control the distance and angle of your shot, using the backboard for more difficult shots.
Cool street court environment.
Compete online in timed shootouts where speed and accuracy is key, or in a game of Horse where you can stump your opponent by sinking the most difficult shots.
Compete with opponents in regions around the world with localized game play.
Check your high score against our national leaderboard!
Player Reviews:
"I cannot believe someone can make such a wonderful application and for free Great work!!" Marcelinho Carioca
"I'm a BIG basketball fan and I LOVE to play! Really awesome graphics! -Benmen7550
"This game is so fun!" -Fungirl21
Online reviews:
"A fun game the social features for iBasketball keeps things interesting" -Social Times.

Coming Soon! iBowl Deluxe
Get our new bowling app! iBowl Deluxe is a more interactive and immersive iBowl application with all new features and content. If you liked playing the original iBowl, try Deluxe!
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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Basketball you looking for.

We belive for every paid Basketball app out there there is a equivalent free Basketball app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Basketball apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Basketball apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Basketball apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Basketball app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

Basketball Apps Users Comments