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By Laub Appsreleased on:2009-09-02T12:24:52Z

# For free! Only for a short time!! #

Once you have choosen your model (iPod Touch, 3G, 3GS) this app enables you to see the battery level* and the remaining standby time, video playback time, audio playback time, talk time and internet time.

*The software shows the battery level in 5% steps.

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By Contradictoryreleased on:2011-01-27T10:12:20Z

An electrical battery is one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Since the invention of the first battery (or "voltaic pile") in 1800 by Alessandro Volta, batteries have become a common power source for many household and industrial applications. According to a 2005 estimate, the worldwide battery industry generates US$48 billion in sales each year, with 6% annual growth.
There are two types of batteries: primary batteries (disposable batteries), which are designed to be used once and discarded, and secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries), which are designed to be recharged and used multiple times. Miniature cells are used to power devices such as hearing aids and wristwatches; larger batteries provide standby power for telephone exchanges or computer data centers.

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Battery Magic

By myNewApps.comreleased on:2009-09-07T08:01:46Z

ALERT - The paid version, 'Battery Magic Elite' now has 1% Accuracy and is ON SALE for 99"u00a2 for 2 days!!!

The #1 Battery App is FREE! Lots of Stats and Custom Battery Themes! Offers the LARGEST Battery Display!
OVER 1,000,000 iPod/iPhone USERS LOVE USING BATTERY MAGIC! Upgrade to the Pro and Boost Battery Life!

Battery Magic "FREE" 4.0 has been released with new battery themes added: Now you can change the look and feel of your battery with exciting new themes to choose from!

If you like the FREE version, there is a PAID version called "Battery Magic Elite" with great new features including Charge Alert, Full Cycle Maintenance Charging and you can even use your OWN PHOTOS for your battery themes!

Check out the YouTube Demo Video of Battery Magic PRO 4 -

Note: Charge Alert alerts you with a pleasant sound when your battery is fully charged! With Charge Alert there is no more waiting and getting up to check and see if the battery is done charging!

Follow us on Twitter for FREE promo code giveaways for the paid version!

Look what our users are saying about Battery Magic!

"This App is 200% better thane anything else out there. For the iPod Touch, it omit things that only the iPhone uses. It factors in utilities as to let us know how much time we have left on it. Great stuff!!! Glad it's free."
The Ramey Blimp ★★★★★

"Awesome - Best Battery app. Insanely accurate. I use all the time."
Migulrocks ★★★★★

"If I could give this app more than 5 stars, I'd do it. Great job."
Cras411 ★★★★★

"Battery Magic is Nicely Done - A Sleek & Simple Battery Meter. Fantastic!"
PowerHouse ★★★★★

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ releases a new state-of-the-art Battery Indicator that works like Magic!

Battery Magic is now available, featuring the easy-to-use scrolling wheel menu that enables you to get all of your important battery status presented in hours, minutes and percentages. Power users will appreciate the accuracy of how much Battery juice they will have to complete their Game Play, Talk Time, Web Browsing or any other iPhone/iPod touch application you would like to run before your plane lands. Battery Magic helps you organize your battery life so that you can preserve your battery time and make that important phone call when you are on the go! Key Features include:

Usage in Hours and Minutes
- Game Play 3D
- Game Play
- Talk Time
- 3G Internet
- Wi-Fi Internet
- Video Playback
- Audio Playback
- Standby Time
- iPod touch Video Play Time
- iPod touch Audio Play Time
- Time To Fully Re-Charge the Battery

Everything you need is here in Battery Magic. Nothing has been left out. Battery Magic even lets you know how long it will take to fully recharge your iPhone or iPod touch so that you can schedule your time effectively.

Battery Magic FREE 4.0 has been thoroughly tested on all the devices in our lab, including the original iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G/3GS and the iPod Touch 1st/2nd/3rd Generations.

Compatible with OS 3.0/3.1

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Battery Go! (Battery Life Tool)

By CollegeKidApp.comreleased on:2009-07-05T09:21:19Z

Recommended by the New York Times as a top way to keep your battery lasting longer.

Reviews - "Battery Go is a handy utility for anyone taking a trip or going mobile...As such, I recommend the tool for a good idea of how you can use your iPhone when power is at a premium." - review by John Brandon

"Will definitely be welcome to heavy iPhone users. If you've gotten battery level warnings on your iPod or iPhone before and wondered just how much usage you have left, give Battery Go! a try." - Troy Dreler of PC Magazine

"Best of all is the slider, which allows you to calculate various hypothetical scenarios. Let's say you want to watch a video, but you don't know if you're phone will last that long. This app can tell you." - Matthew Shaer of

"A novel addition, for sure. Now, if only this app could extend the battery life of Apple's devices, we'd really be in business." - Shawn Oliver of


Say you're sitting at your sister's high school graduation but you'd rather be watching your favorite movie and want to know if you will have enough battery life to last through the whole ceremony. Maybe you're sitting on a plane wanting to listen to your favorite tunes but you're not sure if you'll have enough juice to call your mom once you land. Just launch Battery Go! and see your battery percentage as well as the amount of time you have remaining to use your phone, watch videos, browse the web, or listen to your favorite music. Battery Go! also offers helpful battery saving tips. It's quick, it's easy, it's simple, it's Battery Go!

Battery Go! determines what device your running and then gives you the most accurate information possible to help you keep an eye on your battery charge.

Important Note: The times displayed in the app are in the format of hours:minutes, these figures are all estimates based off of device technical specifications. Application only gives battery life to nearest 5 percent, thus figures should only be used as a rough estimate not as exact fact. At 10 percent battery life remaining, app gives warning that battery is dangerously low. BatteryGo differentiates between different models. Supports iPod Touch - all generations, iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS.


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Battery Boost

By Appventionsreleased on:2010-02-09T09:41:36Z


#1 Top FREE US Utility App (Feb, 2010)


INCREASE your battery life with Battery Boost!

- Increase Game play time
- Increase Video playback
- Increase Audio playback
- Increase Talk time
- Increase Net browsing time

Battery Boost features a collection of tips and tricks to improve your battery life.

Get more out of you iPhone/iPod Touch today!

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Battery Box 3-in-1

By Free the Apps!released on:2010-05-29T08:57:44Z

★ Increase your battery life ★
★ 3 battery apps in 1! ★
★ The only app that charges AND drains! ★

Battery Box 3-in-1 gives you THREE useful battery apps to maintain and increase your battery life. It is the ONLY app in the entire app store that will effectively charge AND drain your battery. If your battery life isn't lasting as long as when you first got your iPhone/iPod, you may need to completely drain the battery and fully charge it. Battery Box 3-in-1 uses an advanced algorithm to efficiently drain your battery quickly and easily. Use our collection of tips and tricks to improve your battery life.

Apple recommends:
"For proper maintenance of a lithium-based battery, it's important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. Be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down)."

Extend your battery life and keep track of your battery status:

"u2713 Talk Time on 2G
"u2713 Talk Time on 3G
"u2713 Internet on Wi-fi
"u2713 Internet on 3G
"u2713 Video Playback
"u2713 Audio Playback
"u2713 Standby Time
"u2713 Time to Charge

Don't let your battery die out! Start now and increase your battery life today!

Works great ★★★★★
"Helped increase my battery power"

i like it ★★★★★
"It's simple and works great."
-Music is Life 123

This app contains unobtrusive advertisements that are carefully selected. We work really hard in selecting the right advertisements that won't ruin your user experience. These ads help us out a little and is what keeps this app free for you. If you appreciate our hard work, please leave us some friendly feedback. Every bit helps.

Free the Apps! brings you the quality of paid apps for free. Download some and see for yourself. You've got nothing to lose. We have registered over 18 million total downloads. Thanks everyone for your support! We have many more apps in the works. If you haven't gotten a chance to try out our other top free apps, check them out and spread the word!

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FilterFX for Free
HDR for Free
Fisheye for Free

App Ideas? Visit us:

Become a fan:

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Free the Apps!

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Battery Life Pro - All-IN-1

By Kdan Mobile Software LTDreleased on:2010-05-27T11:02:21Z

★★ New Update is coming! ★★
Here comes the most desirable battery monitor app now! Battery Life Pro is exactly the functional app for your device.
Battery Life Pro is not only the best assistant to maintain and monitor your battery status, but a considerate reminder that gives you full charge suggestion and battery optimization tips.

What's more, we support you to customize your very own battery themes with personal pics and many built-in beautiful layouts.

★★Specialize your battery theme★★
-build theme with any photo

★★Constructive information★★
-guides of extending Battery Life / Tips and more...

-Power saving mode

★★Log Monitor★★
-Day/Weekly/Monthly Cycle LOG
-Charge Maintenance and Suggestion

★★All advantages in ONE★★
-High quality Battery Monitor for you

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Battery LED!

By BLUE WINDreleased on:2009-09-30T12:50:37Z

#1 app in TOP 100 Free Utilities apps in USA!
- Nov 17, 2009

Top 100 Paid Utilities - app in 30 countries!
Top 100 Free Utilities - app in 49 countries!
- Dec 08, 2009

"u2714 REVIEW:
Battery LED Pro accomplishes it's job of showing you exactly what you need to know but it looks so good while doing it.
- Video :

Battery LED pro is the best battery app for the Apple devices.-

Informative and beautiful by violet_yoshi
The first thing I said when I opened the app was, "Wow! This is beautiful!" I also would reccomend this to people who are fans of vintage Epcot Center, it reminds me of the kind of displays they used to have.

Wow~~~ by LihToM
It shows all of my iPod/iPhone. This app is really awesome. I shocked when I see this UI. Really clean grapic. Easy and simple. You will like this app. Must buy! Just buy!

"u2714 NOTE:
A clear, simple display will show you the amount of battery you have left.

Displaying remaining time according to the time information from Apple Store(Technical Specifications). The estimated times are estimates only, results may vary.

Battery fully charged alarm
It is not fully charged although the battery level is saying 100%.
Please check the status whether it is saying full or not.
After 100%, additional 40 minutes will be required to be fully charged.

Battery status log
Any changes to your battery status will be recorded but only when the application is running
You will be able to read the record which application takes how much amount of battery or how long it takes to be charged.

This app requires iPhone OS 3.0!

"u2714 SUPPORT:
BatteryLed Pro is the first and most accurate battery monitoring application.

It displays the hours and minutes remaining of:
-Recharge Time
-Standby Time
-Phone Talk Time (2G, 3G)
-Internet on 3G, WiFi
-Video Playback
-Audio Playback
-GamePlay Time
(Battery consumption will depend on the game type.)

Supported Model:
iPod 1Gen, 2Gen, 3Gen, 4Gen
iPhone 1G, 3G, 3GS, 4

2.2.1 Update - Dec/09/09
- You can adjust condition of the battery of your device to get more acurate time information.
- New Option : The alarm will go off when battery is fully charged.
- Current time will be shown on the upper side of the screen.

3.0.0 Update - Jan/09/10
Battery status log.

Support Languages : English, "ud55c"uad6d"uc5b4, "u65e5"u672c"u8a9e, Fran"u00e7ais, ltaliano, Deutsch, Espa"u00f1ol

Email requests to :

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Battery Free HD

By Santiago Lemareleased on:2009-09-19T02:10:44Z

This is a lovely battery monitor for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Instantly know how many hours you have left for:
- Music playback
- Video playback
- Talk time
- Internet Browsing (WiFi or Edge/3G)
- Standby

Works on all iPhone and iPod Touch devices, displaying the correct values for each one.

Also note that battery life estimates are provided by the system in increments of 5%.

Try it. It's simply the best at what it does.

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Battery Master Free

By iHandySoft Inc.released on:2009-11-16T06:25:09Z

Get notified as soon as your battery is fully charged!

Battery Master Free comes with "charge notification" feature as well as other useful functionalities.

Need to know how long you can watch your movie on your iPod? Want to estimate how long you can talk over your mobile network? Now with Battery Master Free, you are able to be aware of the remaining hours and minutes for different uses at one glimpse.

Battery Master Free shows you the current battery level of iPhone /iPod Touch, e.g. the remaining time for standby, audio, video, Internet browsing in different scenarios. It can also notify you while your iPhone/iPod Touch is fully charged.

Battery Master Free supports all existing iPod/iPhone, including iPod Touch ( 1st/2nd/3rd generation), iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and iPhone 4, fully tested and verified on these devices in our lab.

Features includes:
- Device auto detection
Automatically detect and shows you the data for your device specifically.
- Charge Alert
Just open Battery Master Free while charging your iPhone/iPod touch. It will notify you when the charging procedure is done.
- Estimation of remaining time for
√ Standby
√ Talking
√ Audio
√ Video
√ Internet surfing
Battery Master Free will automatically detect you Internet connection (Wifi/3G/Edge) and the remaining will be calculated accordingly.

*******Fully tested and support all iPhone/iTouch OS devices******

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Battery Go! Plus ~ The Battery Management App

By CollegeKidApp.comreleased on:2010-08-26T09:49:33Z

Battery Go! Plus is the premium battery management application, build for everyone from power users to first time iPhone users. With our new "Battery Health Manager", Battery Go! Plus will ask you several questions about your device and usage habits, which will help develop a special formula custom configured for your device to help give the most accurate battery life figures you've ever seen. Throw in our improved slider bar as well as our new "doodle art" theme, and Battery Go! Plus has become a must have application for an iOS owner.

Proper battery management can be absolutely essential if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, traveling without a phone charger, expecting an important business call, or while on a lengthy car ride. Don't trust less accurate battery management tools which will leave you guessing as to what your battery life truly is. Get Battery Go! Plus, the only battery management application that develops a custom time formula based off your usage habits, so that you can be ensured that the numbers you're seeing are as accurate as they can possibly be!

New features in Battery Go! Plus

--New custom "Battery Manager", which is something thats never been done to this detail on a battery app. Helps determine just how much time you have left you use your device more accurately than any other app by taking your device type, it's age, your typical daily use, and screen brightness all into account.
--More battery management times available. Now, you can see how much longer your device will last while using GPS, video games, iBooks, YouTube, FaceTime, and more.
--Tons of new battery tips which help teach you how to properly manage your device and get every last bit of juice left before your iPhone needs a recharge. (Tips coming very soon for the iPad)
--Fun new "Doodle Art" theme, which present a fun new hand drawn way to check out your remaining battery life. (Doodle coming soon to the iPad, sorry for the delay, had some production problems getting the doodle art ready!)
--More accurate version of our beloved "slider bar" feature, which allows you to play around and see how much time you'll have left to use your device after watching a video on a plane or listening to music on a long car ride.
It's a universal app available for both iPhones and iPads, no need to buy a special HD version for your bigger device.
--iOS 4 compatible, with retina display ready graphics
--Customizable color set, so that the app can match your personal style.
--New shake to refresh battery time feature lets the app check your device to make sure that it still has the most accurate battery data available.

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Streetball Lite

By Battery Acid Gamesreleased on:2009-05-27T06:30:33Z presents the best basketball game in the App Store! The all new Streetball release features new functionality and new opponent players, Jay "Boogie" Brantley and Macleem. Other opponent players include Kenny "Serious Satellite" Satterfield and the #1 point guard in the Class of 2014, Jerron Love aka JLove. Tap to pass, shoot, steal, block, and dunk your way to world domination!

- 14 characters (4 playable characters in the lite version) with different stats and strengths, with new characters appearing in new updates
- Two on two and tutorial game modes
- Fluid analog stick and character controls
- Unique 2D character animations and visuals
- New soundtrack by Young Mel called, "Streetball"

***Limited Time***
Unlock Local co-op and competitive multiplayer for OS 3.0 and up by signing up for for free! In the game, click on the multiplayer icon on the bottom left hand of the screen. Sign up for or enter your username and password. Then go to, click the image and unlock multiplayer!

- For 99 cents, upgrade and get all 14 characters with different stats and strengths
- Challenge your friends in local co-op and competitive multiplayer for OS 3.0 and up.
- Four game modes ranging from a 5-minute Two on Two game to a more casual turn-based H.O.R.S.E.
- High Scores challenge how good you are on the court! screenshots, video trailers and more information can be found
online at:

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Battery Booster Max

By myNewApps.comreleased on:2010-04-30T12:39:59Z

MAXIMIZE your Battery Life - Guaranteed - Get it while it is still FREE!
Upgrade to Battery Magic Pro for more Battery Tips, Maintenace, Battery Stats, Charge Alert, and lots more Battery Features!

Battery Booster Max:

Awesome Tips to Maximize your Battery Life for your Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad

★ Maximize Game Play
★ Maximize Talk Time
★ Maximize Audio Playback
★ Maximize Video Playback
★ Maximize Web Browsing
★ Maximize iPod, iPhone, iPad Usage

Download this FREE version today and get the Most out of your Battery Life!!!

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Battery Life FREE

By Andrew Vilcsakreleased on:2009-07-30T01:57:32Z

Check out the newly released Battery Life ADVANCED for iPhone and iPod Touch, and receive detailed information about your battery usage and available remaining battery time!

With the new iPhone OS 3.0 Battery Life FREE application, you can finally know the exact level of your iPhone or iPod Touch's internal battery. Instead of guessing based on the tiny battery level indicator, it is now easy to know with confidence exactly how much battery life you have left, and plan accordingly. It's such a simple tool, you won't know how you ever lived without it!

Follow @vilcsak on Twitter for application updates.

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Battery Saving Tips - iPhone Secrets Lite

By Intelligenti Ltdreleased on:2009-12-20T01:52:55Z

Get the most out of your iPhone battery with these power-preserving Tips!

* Turn 3G off to make calls for longer
* Get more battery life for making and receiving calls
* Get more battery life for playing music and games
* And more..!

REVIEWS FOR THE FULL EDITION: "I'm very impressed. Tremendously helpful. Well presented and well done overall. A very handy set of tips and tricks right there on the iPhone" "I run several iPhone-related websites but I was pretty surprised to find several items that were genuinely new to me" "I learnt some stuff, and I'm on the iPhone every day constantly"

"Mind-blowing" - Australia
"I thought I was an iPhone power user till I bought this app. A must have" - USA
"Reads well, easy to use, great user interface and useful information that saves time!" - UK
"Great interface, simple and well organised - helps maximise the use of our beloved iPhone" - Australia
"Worth SO MUCH more than the price!" - USA (note - iTunes only shows those reviews from your country)

Looks & feels like a real book! iPhone Secrets is carefully constructed to suit the iPhone perfectly. Our animated, natural interface allows you to intuitively flip through the pages.

business, tips, guide, iphone, ipod, touch, secrets, tricks, shortcuts, ebook, ereader, help, manual

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Battery Pro Boost Magic lite

By Heavy Duty Appsreleased on:2010-10-29T02:55:12Z

"u25b6 The #1 Battery App is Free! "u25c0
"u25b6 Get the fullest set of battery performance stats available, the largest & easiest to use display, and an award winning graphical user interface "u25c0
"u25b6 Battery & Screen Pro (the paid version) was featured on CNN, CBS, CNET, Fox, AppCraver, and others. Now you can try "Battery," for Free! "u25c0

With this app, you will always know exactly where you stand on each activity, and how much usage time you have left for anything that you use your iPhone/iPod/iPad for: from 2G & 3G talk time, WiFi & 3G internet browsing, Video & Audio Playback, Video & Youtube watching, Video recording, snapping pictures, GPS navigation, 3D & 2D gaming, and standby time.

Quotes from the media on "Battery & Screen Pro":
"The enhancement that makes an expensive device last so much longer"
"Getting this app should be a no-brainer for any iPhone owner that wants to use the device for longer"
"at only $2, this is an absolute bargain for such a high quality app. Is it market entry pricing? remains to be seen, but I do love this app"
"Battery & Screen Pro is an essential iPhone maintenance utility"
"For the cost of half a cup of coffee, my iPhone now works longer hours. I love it!"

"u2714 Battery performance & remaining time in hours/minutes for all possible iPhone/iPod/iPad activities
* 3G Talk time
* 2G Talk time
* WiFi Internet web browsing
* 3G Internet web browsing
* Video playback
* Video recording
* YouTube watching
* Photo taking
* Audio listening
* GPS Navigation
* 3G Games
* 2D Games
* Standby time remaining

"u2714 Quick tips & best practices for maximizing your battery

"u2714 Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad

"u2714 Universal App - designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

"u2714 Retina Display for iPhone4 & iPod4, and iPhone/iPod regular display

"u2714 Powerful, Professional, Accurate

"u2714 Tested & Approved on all Apple product models

"u2714 Tested & certified on all iOS operating system versions from 3.1 to the new iOS 4.2

"u2665 Dear customers of Battery & Screen: we are here for you! Questions? Comments? Support? just drop us a mail to

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Battery Life Lite

By Exact Magic Software, LLCreleased on:2010-01-21T03:43:29Z

Want to know how much remaining battery life you have? That little icon at the top of the phone isn't that helpful, it only gives you a very rough estimate. Battery Life Meter will show you not only the exact percentage charge remaining, but the amount of time remaining depending on how you actually use the phone. Have enough battery left to watch that movie on the plane? Can you leave the phone on standby overnight? Battery Life Meter will tell you. Quick and easy to use, just run it!

Shows Remaining:

* Talk Time (2G, 3G)
* Standby Time
* Internet Browsing Time (3G, WiFi)
* Video Playback Time
* Audio Playback Time
* Gameplay Time

Other Features:

* Multiple battery styles
* Customizable color scheme

Supports all iPhone and iPod Touch Models!

* Original iPhone
* iPhone 3G
* iPhone 3GS
* Original iPod Touch
* Second Generation iPod Touch
* Third Generation iPod Touch

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Battery Themes From Photo Library

By Vignesh Badrinarayananreleased on:2009-11-16T09:51:55Z

★ Full Charge sound Alert
★ Themes from Photo Library
★ Multiple Charge alerts for better battery health
★ Accurate remaining times for each tasks

"u03de 30% More Battery Life "u03de

Use our in built charge alert along with sounds and you will surely extend you battery health.


Choose your battery theme from photo library and along with a full charge alert sound that will indicate you even if you are not near the device.

Your battery your app and your theme. Don't limit your creativity. Isn't it nice to have your fav car, dog, sweetheart, football team or just about anything as your battery theme instead of boring themes.

Ever wondered why other apps remaining time are not accurate?

Simple, they don't test different devices as we did and we backed all the data with hours and hours of testing in our labs. We tracked the major scenarios that affect the remaining time and we have added those scenarios in this app.

By downloading this app you will be able to manage your battery usage in a really better way and be proud of the few that never lets their battery die.

Customer Reviews:

My Favorite Battery App! - ★★★★★

by Ewonguyen - Version 2.1 - 27 March 2010

I've tried so many battery apps, but this is, by far, the best! Giving the battery your own personalized theme is just awesome! I put fav pictures. Oh, and thanks for clarifying that the button on the bottom is a flashlight. Great idea! I recommend this app to everyone!

Very useful - ★★★★

by Jelly-Lover 1234 - Version 2.1 - 18 May 2010

I was going on a trip and, at the last minute, I decided to bring my iPod. My little brother had been playing for a while, and it did not have much battery left. Thankfully, I had this app. It told me exactly how much juice I had left so i would know whether or not I had enough to bring my iPod along. Thanks, Vignesh!

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Real Night Vision Picture and Camera Toolbox - Lite

By Best Phone Game Tracker Security Alarm Battery Mirror Flashlight Booth Talking Test Apps Companyreleased on:2011-01-28T10:20:24Z


"u2713 NUMBER ONE Night Vision app in the store!
"u2713 Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!

The most impressive Night Vision application on the market!

Do you ever wonder what happens in the dark? Find out now by turning your iPhone and iPod Touch into a night vision picture and camera spy toolbox. Check out the screen shots and see for yourself!

Never again miss a special moment because it is too dark. Night Vision is very easy to use and allows you to watch the live camera feed and take pictures of what you see on the screen. For entertainment purposes only.

This app will provide hours of fun and entertainment and is particularly well suited for making fun of friends and family. Try it now :-)

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About Battery

By rockifone.comreleased on:2009-08-16T12:52:40Z

About Battery shows the current battery status but also determine the type of hardware (iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS/iPod touch generations) and estimate the remaining time for different tasks.

Checkout About Battery PRO for:
- Dozens of Tips on how to use your battery efficiently
- Adjustment of remaining time estimation for old battery to make it more accurate
- Estimation of remaining time for fully battery re-charge
- Charge alert,no more waiting and getting up to check if the battery is done charging.

Isn't it great to make full use of the battery, instead of trapped in the middle of the process? Have you ever wondered how much longer would your iPhone/iPod Touch go when you were surfing the internet, listen to the music, watching a movie or talking on the phone? All you need is About Battery. It'll not only show the current battery status but also determine the type of hardware (iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS/iPod touch generations) and estimate the remaining time for different tasks. Just run the application to check it out!

- Accurate visual battery indicator (updates very 5% of the battery life)
- Estimation of remaining hours and minutes for:
* Stand by
* Talk time
* Surfing on Edge/3G internet
* Surfing on Wi-fi internet
* Audio playback
* Video playback
* Game play(2D, 3D)
- Charging indicator

Note: This application is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. iPhone/iPod touch software only updates very 5% of the battery life. Estimation of remaining time is for reference only, results may vary.

Follow us on Twitter at

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Battery Level

By KendiTechreleased on:2009-06-25T02:16:02Z

Shows the current battery percentage of your device.

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Battery Free +

By David Softwarereleased on:2010-08-02T05:02:38Z

A battery monitor for your iPhone, iPod, iPad.

Instantly know how many hours you have left for:

- talk time
- Internet Browsing (WIFI or Edge/3G)
- music playback
- video playback
- standby

*When loading, indicates the remaining time for a 100% charge*
*HD graphics for iPhone 4*

Works on all iPhone and iPod Touch devices, displaying the correct values for each one.
Note that battery estimates are provided by the system in increments of 5%.

Try me! I become quickly essential :)

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Animation Battery

By Global Agent Increleased on:2010-04-08T07:00:00Z

Coming soon! If your iPhone or iPod touch has a battery, you must have it!
A "MUST HAVE" for every iPhone/iTouch.

Offer a longer battery service time and battery life for your iPhone/iTouch, by using this application. To avoid the trouble of battery-rundown without notification!

A Glow Battery is an application which can display your battery maintenance with awesome effects.

It displays the Remaining Time of your iPhone/iPod in Hours and Minutes:
- Talk time
-Stand by time
- Wi-Fi Internet Browsing Time
- 3D Game Playing Time
- 2D Game Playing Time
- Video Play Time
- Audio Play Time
-Files Transferring Time

It provides one battery theme: Luxuriance, 7 more themes in Paid Version.

More information on how to prolong your battery life time with easy methods. A very short time of reading provides a longer life time for your battery. Turn on Dispaly Lock to stop battery theme sliding from left to right

Attention: For the actual conditions of batteries are different, the remaining charge time is just for the reference

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Best Phone Game Tracker GPS Locator - Find Anyone - Lite

By Best Phone Game Tracker Security Alarm Battery Mirror Flashlight Booth Talking Test Apps Companyreleased on:2010-12-15T05:49:37Z


* Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!

Number 1 phone tracker application on the market !!!


Enter number of the phone you want to track and watch as the app finds the phone's location. Trick your friends into thinking that you can actually track their phones. Watch their reaction as they freak out about the fact that you can track them. For entertainment purposes only. A cellular or wifi connection is required. Works every time and the reactions are priceless!! Not a bad way to get a girl's or guy's phone number as well ;-)

The only tracker app in the App Store with professional grade CIA sounds !!!

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