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By Pabst Brewing Companyreleased on:2009-12-02T04:52:31Z

PBRmeASAP makes it easy to find nearby places that sell PBR. After opening the app, PBRmeASAP uses your GPS location to let you know the nearby bars, restaurants, and stores that serve Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.
Click on a map icon to drill down on the retailer. From there, you can check the number of Yelp stars or directly call the location. You can even mark that you've been to a location and it will show up on the map.

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HomeBrewTalk Mobile Forum

By GCS Publishing, Increleased on:2011-01-25T03:39:33Z

Mobile version of Forums.

HBT is the largest and still fastest growing home brewing community on the Internet.

Recipes, DIY building, pub reviews, commercial reviews, equipment reviews and much more!

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iTrivia Beer!

By zzzziphonereleased on:2010-05-21T08:44:41Z

Free Version of iTrivia Beer
Same Content as paid version 1.2 but with ads

Beer Trivia now contains over 770 interesting and humorous items of Beer trivia. Great for parties or at the pub.

Posed in question and answer format you can make it a group or team challenge

Categories include: History, Records, Humor, People, Geography, Lingo and Extras.

Tap one of 7 specific categories or tap the bottle for a random category.

Cheaper than a pint or an appetizer, Beer Trivia will spice up your next beer adventure.

Download the app, download a pint and test your knowledge of all things beer.

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What's On Tap? NYC Craft Beer Finder

By Growler Filling Station, LLCreleased on:2010-10-25T07:00:00Z

Do you love craft beer?

Curious What's On Tap at your favorite bar right now? In search of that obscure brew you had last week? Looking for a new hang out? In the mood for a brewery tasting? Want to learn more about the local craft beer brewing process? If you love craft beer (and who doesn't) this app is for you!

WOT? provides afull service userinterface that will enable beer enthusiasts, like yourself, to browse through hundreds of beer menus from craft brew bars by current location or specific region and to find out which bars are carrying your favorite beers.

APP FEATURES version 1.0 foriPhone
instantly locate nearby craft beer bars and what they are currently serving on tap
discover which brew pubs are currently serving your favorite beer
save the names of the brews and bars you crave forfuture reference
easily search by current location, specific area, beer or bar
consult each bars Beer O'Clock (events) section for special deals, events, tastings and upcoming events
retrieve beer facts through detailed descriptions, articles and links to breweries

The WOT? website offers an easy to use members area where bars are encouraged to keep their beer menus and Beer O' Clock current events updated.

WOT? is working diligently to increase our database of bars and beers and we are committed to constantly updating our features and bringing our users a more complete experience.
WOT? will initially launch in the New York City area followed soon by a nationwide expansion. Please be patient, we're pouring as fast as we can. Cheers.

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Kona Brewing Company

By Kona Brewing Companyreleased on:2010-12-22T06:41:50Z

The Kona Beer Finder App for the iPhone helps you locate stores and bars that serve your favorite Kona brews. Act like a local and know where the best spots are. Use the Beer Finder to find your Liquid Aloha.

-Locate stores and bars serving Kona using the iPhone's built in GPS enabled map interface
-Location details for stores and bars serving Kona
-Directions to and from stores and bars serving Kona
-Filters so you can search by stores or bars.
-Filters so you can search by your favorite Kona brews

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Avery Brewing Co.

By Ashok Amaranreleased on:2010-04-12T09:04:11Z

Get all the info on Avery Brewery Co. beers right in the palm of your hands!

Choose from a selection of current, seasonal, and vintage beers and get a detailed description of each.

Get a list of the most recent beers on tap in the Avery Tap Room.

Look out for many more features in the future!


Since 1993 our brewery has been committed to producing eccentric ales and lagers that defy styles or categories. Our products are thoroughly American at heart: blending Old World tradition and expertise with ingenuity, creativity and boldness.

We are dedicated to making beer from the inside out: we brew what we like to drink--with utter disregard for what the market demands-- and search out fans with equally eccentric palates (We learned long ago that expressing your true self is much more fulfilling than giving in to outside pressures. Don't you agree?) If you think your taste buds can keep up with our brews, we invite you to check out our entire lineup of more than twenty different beers.

Peace to all and follow your dreams!

The Avery Brewing Crew

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Beer Talk

By Nathan Hangenreleased on:2011-01-14T04:13:12Z

If you love everything about Beer, you will love this app. Whether you like to drink it, home brew your
own, or talk about it, this will keep you almost as happy as having a Beer. Yah right, must be the beer
talkin'. Check out this FREE app, there is no better value except at Happy Hour at your local brew pub.

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Tap Hunter

By Ocean Breeze Software, LLCreleased on:2009-09-09T06:58:37Z

** Named 2010 Best Local iPhone App by San Diego Magazine!

With Tap Hunter you can find out what's on tap at the best local brewpubs, beer bars and all other locations where great craft brew is served.

Search our locations by proximity, load up the tap list and start dreaming of a cold beer in your hand. Not sure which beer to pick? Give the tap list a shake and we'll recommend a beer for you!

Tap Hunter is currently available in a limited number of locations, but we're adding more all the time.

* View locations by proximity or on a map
* Find out what's on tap at any location
* Shake the tap list to have Tap Hunter suggest a random beer for you to try
* Call, get directions, and easily view a location's website from the app
* Flag a beer as empty if the location has run out
* Includes brewery, origin, and alcohol % by volume for most beers on tap.

Current Markets
* San Diego, CA
* Seattle, WA
* Vancouver, BC
* Philadelphia, PA
* Denver/Boulder, CO
* Portland, OR
* San Francisco, CA (Coming soon)
* Dayton, OH (Coming soon)
* And many more markets to follow soon after!

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Ninkasi Brewing Company

By David Bookreleased on:2009-11-18T10:52:46Z

Ninkasi Brewing is located in Eugene, OR, and has been brewing high quality beers, in the Northwest style, since 2006. The Eugene location gives regional access to some of the highest quality brewing ingredients in the world, including pure cascade mountain water from the McKenzie River, Eugene's sole municipal water source, and hops from the Pacific Northwest.

Our focus is on flavorful, balanced beers, and we enjoy what we do. We are solely a production brewery, which allows us to fully devote our resources to creating the best beer possible. The overwhelmingly positive response we've received since our inception makes us very happy to be brewing in a region where people love great beer.

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PHM Beer App

By Genwi LLCreleased on:2010-02-13T08:00:00Z

Beer reviews from The Perfectly Happy Man, a team of Average Joes and Janes dedicated to stellar writing, commentary, and communal development on the topics of beer and beer brewing.

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By Psynchronous Communicationsreleased on:2010-06-03T04:19:14Z

The BrewLab lets you compose a beer recipe from hops, malts, and yeast. Original gravity, final gravity, bitterness in IBUs, color in "u00b0SRM, and percent alcohol by volume are estimated based on the ingredients.

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BrewTour CO

By Giant Robot Pilotreleased on:2010-02-12T12:42:05Z

From the Aspen Brewing Co to the Yak and Yeti Pub, Colorado produces the best beers in the country, if not the world. This app provides an interactive map and in-depth directory to all of the over one hundred locations where beer is produced in Colorado. The megabreweries of Golden and Fort Collins, the brewpubs around the corners, and every craft, micro, and regional producer in between- even meaderies.

Local beer-lovers, use this app to make sure you've tried every one of Colorado's awesome beers. Get directions and contact info, review amenities, get tour information, follow Facebook, Twitter, and newsletters, even email the brewmaster with your compliments.

This app is made by Colorado beer lovers, for Colorado beer lovers.



Beer Rating Mode

Adds a great interface for you to create and peruse your very own beer database. Record beer names, styles, comments, and your own personal rating for your favorite (and not so favorite) beers from the breweries in the app. Ratings available in basic mode - simple zero to ten - or advanced mode which conforms to BJCP guidelines for aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel, and overall impression.

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By Max Montgelasreleased on:2010-07-24T08:41:44Z

BrewSmarts is the most comprehensive data collection and analysis tool available to brewers of all abilities. If you brew beer, this application is a must have!

Plan your batches and design new recipes utilizing easy-to-use tools for predicting wort gravity, carbonation, and more. In addition to that, the brewsmarts account you create can be used to access a community where brewers of all kinds can share their experience and knowledge online at

Whether you're an All-Grain or Extract brewer, and the BrewSmarts app have the data collection tools needed to capture the variables in your brewing process. Unlike other brewing software on the market, BrewSmarts uses state of the art web-based technologies to provide seamless access to a robust and scalable database.

The BrewSmarts app is a convenient interface to the free web-based tools provided at If you already have a account, then all of your existing data will automatically become available to you in the iPhone/iPod application. If you don't have an account yet, no problem! Setting one up is easy and there is no additional cost!

Because this application is a convenient interface to the database, it does require that you have an active internet connection (wifi or telephony). In future releases we hope to make offline features available.

Data collection tools currently include:
"tIngredients (Grains/Adjuncts/Sugars/Extracts, Hops, Spices/Flavorings, Yeast)
"tMash Details
"tVorlauf/Sparging/Lautering Details
"tBoil Details
"tFermentation Details
"tBottling/Kegging Details
"tEvaluation of Batches

Other features include:
"tSearchable database of user submitted recipes.
"tUser groups for sharing data with other brewsmarts users (great for homebrewing clubs!).

Features to expect in future releases:
"tUser forums (already available at
"tShopping lists
"tInventory Management (already available at
"tGraphs/Charts (already available at

Please don't hesitate to send email regarding any bugs/hugs you may have for us! We're very interested to hear from our users about ways to make the system even better! Now, go make some homebrew!

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Gordon Biersch Brewing Company's Bootology

By DT Productionsreleased on:2010-10-03T08:38:31Z

Drinking from a boot is a centuries old German fraternity tradition that can now be attempted with the Bootology app from Gordon Biersch Brewing Company. Start Bootology by viewing a short video where Dan Gordon instructs you on the proper boot drinking technique.

The goal of Bootology is to empty the boot in less than 30 seconds while rotating the tip of the boot up at just the right time without splashing the beer all over your face.

High scores will be featured on the Gordon Biersch Bootology website page.

Check out our website at:

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook:

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BrewTour OR

By Giant Robot Pilotreleased on:2010-04-08T07:00:00Z

Oregon produces some of the best beers in the country, if not the world. This app provides an interactive map and in-depth directory to all of the over one hundred locations where beer is produced in Oregon. From great regional breweries like Rogue and Deschutes, the brewpubs around the corners, and every craft, micro, and regional producer in between. We've even included a hop farm or two.

Local beer-lovers, use this app to make sure you've tried every one of Oregon's awesome beers. Get directions and contact info, review amenities, get tour information, follow Facebook, Twitter, and newsletters, even email the brewmaster with your compliments.

Beer Rating Mode

Adds a great interface for you to create and peruse your very own beer database. Record beer names, styles, comments, and your own personal rating for your favorite (and not so favorite) beers from the breweries in the app. Ratings available in basic mode - simple zero to ten - or advanced mode which conforms to BJCP guidelines for aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel, and overall impression.


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Pale Ale 101

By appOmator.comreleased on:2010-09-03T07:45:10Z brings you a definitive Pale Ale Tutorial by one of the best home brewers in the world - Dan Small! Get more brewing tutorials in HD from!

Learn how to brew a classic English Pale Ale with Dan Small. 40 liters/ 10.5 US gallons of all-grain perfection.

Learn how to make well-balanced English Pale Ale with Dan Small in the back of his popular Vancouver Home Brew Store. This in-depth all-grain tutorial will guide you to home brewing perfection. The intermediate recipe yields 40 liters/ 10.5 US gal of this classic beverage. With Dan's vast experience and know-how you'll be drinking this refreshing ale in no time.

This tutorial starts with a tour of Dan's Home Brewing Shop. A detailed description of what's available and what you will need for brewing at any level. He shows the full spectrum of malted and un-malted grains, and as well demonstrates how the grain is ground in preparation for brewing.

Next we move into the back of his shop for a complete and through demo of the all-grain brewing process. Dan guides you through set-up, mashing-in, sparging, boiling, hop selection, cooling, yeast selection, racking, bottling and finally kegging. And to wrap it up Dan has a pint of finished ale straight from his well-stocked beer fridge.

Whether you're a rookie or seasoned pro you'll expand your brewing knowledge. Dan will show you how he does it, and you really can't argue with the results a clean, beautiful and flavourful English style pale ale, nice!

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OCB Beer Locator

By The Learning Edgereleased on:2010-10-11T09:37:04Z

The OCB Beer Locator finds The Beer Store (TBS) and Liquor ControlBoard of Ontario (LCBO) outlets for selected Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) offerings, plus beer details.

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Irish Red Ale 101

By appOmator.comreleased on:2010-09-18T03:18:37Z

Beer doesn't get any cheaper than this! Cam and Luc will show you the ins and outs of brewing with a kit.

Beer kits are a cheap and easy way to make your own beer. Cameron Wallace and Luc Delistrade show you how they make kit beer, beyond the instructions. This tutorial will yield 23 liters/ 6 US gal of some very cheap and drinkable beer. Produce tasty ale for pennies a glass. The Irish Red Ale is a great place to start your adventures in home brewing.

Using equipment that you probably already have in your kitchen you too can start to make your own beer. All you will really need to pick up is some basic brew stuff like a plastic primary fermenter, siphon rod, glass carboy, pop-top bottles and hydrometer and you can start utilizing your kitchen for something other than food prep, making your own beer.

In this beginner level tutorial with some tricks and tips Cameron and Luc have learned along the way you can master the kit beer and be drinking it in about three weeks. They will show you that if you can make soup, you can make beer from a kit Experience for yourself the freedom of brewing your own ale and save a lot of cash doing it.

Table of Contents

1 Trailer
2 Kit and Extract
3 Irish Red Ale
4 Set-up
5 The Boil
6 Cooling
7 Sanitization
8 Top-up
9 Pitching the Yeast
10 Original Gravity
11 Primary Racking
12 Secondary Racking
13 Terminal Gravity
14 Bottling
15 Tasting
16 Credits

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Widmer Brothers

By Widmer Brothers Brewingreleased on:2010-12-21T12:19:46Z

To find stores and bars serving Widmer Bros. brews and challenge yourself to a game of skill, the Widmer Bros. Beer Finder and Lemon Toss App for the iPhone is the perfect tool for going out or staying in.

-Locate stores and bars serving Widmer Bros. brews using the iPhone's built in GPS enabled map interface
-Location details for stores and bars serving Widmer Bros. brews
-Directions to and from stores and bars serving Widmer Bros. brews
-Filters so you can search by stores or bars.
-Filters so you can search by your favorite Widmer Bros. brews
-Keep score as you launch lemon wedges into a pint of your favorite Widmer Bros. brew

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By Thumpreleased on:2010-01-08T12:01:38Z

This app allows you to brew your own virtual pint of Greene King ale. You can brew a virtual pint of Abbot Ale, Greene King IPA or Old Speckled Hen. Select the right core ingredients of Barley, Water, Yeast and Hops, and from the right geographic areas followed by the correct quantities and simply shake to brew. This app is brought to you by the head brewer of Greene King and is part of the Head Brewers Club. The Head Brewers Club is a collection of some of the best Greene King cask ale pubs as chosen by Head Brewer John Bexon.

Choose the right Barley from the right region by scrolling through the menus offered and then the amount that you think is right, remembering not all real ales are the same and will have differing amounts of ingredients. Add Water, and Yeast. Finally choose the Hops from the geographic selection provided and again the quantity. To start the brewing process physically shake your iPhone. Within a few seconds you will see if you have brewed the perfect pint of Abbot Ale, Greene King IPA or Old Speckled Hen and you will hear the pint being pulled. If you have chosen the wrong ingredients or quantities you will have brewed a bad pint and the app will tell you if the pint you have brewed is too strong, too weak, too malty or too hoppy. In this event you will also be given a hint as to how you can re-select to achieve the desired result. Dependant upon your choices you may have brewed a great pint of Abbot, IPA or Old Speckled Hen so keep trying to brew all three.

Main features
"tChoose the right ingredients from the right area
"tChoose the quantity from the menu for Barley and Hops
"tShake to brew and listen out for the sound effect
"tBrew a perfect pint of Abbot Ale, Greene King IPA or Old Speckled Hen
"tIf you select incorrectly you will end up with a bad pint and be given a hint as to why
"tFind your local Head Brewers Club pub
"tBecome a virtual brewer

Of course you can try the real thing by using the search function to find a Head Brewers Club pub in your area!

Greene King supports

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Hefeweizen 101

By appOmator.comreleased on:2010-04-12T09:00:47Z

Learn to make Hefeweizen Beer in this 1-hour tutorial-video. Download or Stream the HD version of this tutorial at:

All-grain brewing is fun and this tutorial will show you how it's done. Make a delicious wheat ale in less than two weeks.

Avid home brewer Damon Elgie brews a light, refreshing wheat ale on his stovetop. This tutorial is a great primer for all-grain brewing. Without too much fuss or muss Damon shows you how to produce 23 liters/ 6 US gal of this quality refreshing ale. He shares his handy tricks and tips to mastering all-grain kitchen brewing. Damon's Hefe is awesome...

The tutorial begins with a brief explanation of the ingredients and the inherent simplicity of ale. From there it gets into detail about the gear you will need to brew this all-grain Hefeweizen. After that Damon jumps right into the brewing process and takes you through, mashing-in, sparging, boiling, cooling, pitching the yeast, both primary and secondary rackings, ending with a demo of bottle carbonation and kegging. There is nothing fancy or pretty about Damon's technique, just straightforward all-grain brewing with the standard gear.

With Damon's free and easy attitude towards brewing he'll make you want to go out and get the stuff to make your own all-grain hefeweizen. 23L/ 6US gallons of beer have never been so affordable or delicious. And besides chicks dig it.

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Two Beer Queers Mobile

By MotherAppreleased on:2010-02-05T10:28:33Z

Two Beer Queers Mobile. Keep up with Hawaii's only beer review web show hosted by Russel Kealoha & Bully O'Sullivan. Watch our latest episodes streaming, watch us on the youtube, and tweet up with us!

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Four Fruit Ale 101

By appOmator.comreleased on:2010-09-27T10:42:18Z brings you a delicious Four Fruit Ale Brewing tutorial! Get mor brewing tutorials in HD from!

Learn from the best! Shirley Warne will take you on an all-grain oddesy into the land of Fruit Ales. One of the finest fruit ales we have ever put our lips to.

In this tutorial brew meister Shirley Warne guides you to fruit ale nirvana. With her 25 years experience at home and professionally Shirley shares her craft and expertise to produce beautiful seasonal fruit ale. This recipe yields 60 liters/ 16 US gal of crisp quaffable four fruit ale. This brew takes a bit of effort to master, but it's well worth the wait!

With a brew shack full of custom gear Shirley shows how the pros at home do it. From her retro fitted keg kettles to her temperature controlled fermenting box, she flexes her brewing knowledge and gives you an idea of the possibilities for home brewing equipment and technique. A few steps beyond the standard homebrew set-up, she really maxes out the volume potential for home brewing.

Demonstrating and sharing her honed skills everyone can take something away from this tutorial. Whether it's exact mashing temperatures and volumes, re-pitching yeast or how to bottle pre-carbonated beer, every brewer will feel smarter for watching this one. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make a fruit ale, this video is for you.

1 Trailer
2 Intro
3 Equipment List
4 Set-Up (Part 1)
5 Set-Up (Part 2)
6 Recipe
7 Mash-In (Part 1)
8 Mash-In (Part 2)
9 Sparging (Part 1)
10 Sparging (Part 2)
11 Sparging (Part 3)
12 Sparging (Part 4)
13 The Boil (Part 1)
14 The Boil (Part 2)
15 Sanitization
16 Cooling (Part 1)
17 Cooling (Part 2)
18 Cooling (Part 3)
19 Cooling (Part 4)
20 Original Gravity
21 Pitching the Yeast
22 Primary Racking (Part 1)
23 Primary Racking (Part 2)
24 Adding the Fruit
25 Secondary Racking
26 Terminal Gravity
27 Kegging
28 Bottling
29 Tasting
30 Credits

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Cascade- The Brewer's Nose

By Droga5 Australiareleased on:2010-11-18T08:03:15Z


- Scan any beer barcode for instant, detailed information and video on over 500 beers.

- Match food and beer with the help of renowned food writer, Rodney Dunn.

- Keep a record of the beers you've tried and what you thought of them.

- Link up with your drinking mates to see what they're drinking and where.

- Find Cascade's range of beers in a pub or bottle shop near you.


The Brewer's Nose is a master brewer in your pocket. Don't know which beer to buy? Or want to know more about the beer in your hand? Even which beer goes with which food?

The Cascade brewers and beer expert, Matt Kirkegaard, have combined their years of experience and vast knowledge to give you all you need to know about almost any beer you care to get your hands on in Australia.

If you're having friends over for a meal and looking for some inspiration, food writer and creator of the Agrarian Kitchen, Rodney Dunn delivers unique insights into matching beers with the perfect dish.

Record your experiences as you discover new beers and beer styles by recording tasting notes in your beer log. Check out what your Facebook friends are drinking and where by connecting with them through the Brewer's Nose "u2018Drinking Mates' network.

Track down our extensive craft beer selection with our "u2018Find a Cascade' beer locator.


- iPhone 3GS and above
- Apple OS 4.1 and above


Language: English
Seller: Cascade Brewery Co
Copyright 2010, Cascade Brewery Co

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Irish Stout 101

By appOmator.comreleased on:2010-04-14T05:51:26Z

This App features over and hour of Tutorial-Videos that will show you how to make a tasty Irish Stout. Download or Stream the HD version of this title from:

Like dark Stout? Learn how to brew 60L / 16 US gal of dark creamy goodness.

Brewing with a buddy is more fun and produces more beer. John Marggets and Steve Wood show you how it's done in the great outdoors! This all-grain tutorial will produce 60-liters/ 16 US gal of dark creamy stout. With their combined efforts and honed technique, John and Steve prove that more beer is a beautiful thing.

John and Steve learned a few years ago that you can save money buy splitting the cost of gear and produce more beer with little to no extra time or effort, now that's a no brainer.

With their over sized stainless kettle, fermenter, and a few extra carboys they can really make the most of their brewing time and have more to show for it.

With a few custom devices like their custom copper manifold for the mash tun, to the extra large homemade copper wort chiller, these guys produce serious quantities of beer, and do it on their back porch.

In this tutorial they explain and demonstrate how to grow-up cultures of yeast, carbonate using a carbonator cap, and have a great time doing it. If you like Irish Stout and large quantities of beer in your home, check out this tutorial. Cheers!

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Wassail Dark Ale 101

By appOmator.comreleased on:2010-10-12T09:02:25Z shows you how to make a delicious Wassail Dark Ale from a popular off-the-shelf beer kit! Get more brewing tutorials in HD from!

Brew with extract and get all the flavour! Make a delicious Wassail dark ale with Cam and Luc ... its a great way to get into brewing.

Learn to brew using malt extract. Cameron Wallace and Luc Delistrade demonstrate the intermediate step between kit beer and all-grain brewing. This beginner tutorial will produce 23 liters / 6 US gal of very tasty home brew. By using malt extract Cameron and Luc save time and reduce the chances for mistakes while brewing. Brew beer with extract and get all the flavour!

Extract brewing removes the mashing-in and sparging step to all-grain brewing, saving time but costing a little bit more money. Brewing with extract you do add some soaked malted grains which adds more flavour and complexity to your beer than if you were just to brew with a kit.

It's a happy medium and they're some brewers that swear by it and have brewed this way for years. Cameron and Luc brew the beer they want with out a lot of extra time or mess, making extract a natural choice for a lot of home brewers.

These guys brew on their back patio, which speeds up cooling of the wort and eliminates some of the odors from brewing that their wives do not take kindly to With their simple gear and process, like their auto-syphon wort chilling technique, Cameron and Luc create a dark, flavourful and low maintenance ale, taste the flavour.

Table of Contents:

1 Trailer
2 Introductions
3 Equipment List
4 Recipe
5 Ingredients
6 Set-up
7 Soaking the Malt
8 The Boil (Part 1)
9 The Boil (Part 2)
10 Cooling
11 Sanitization
12 Top-up
13 Original Gravity
14 Pitching the Yeast
15 Primary Racking
16 Secondary Racking
17 Terminal Gravity
18 Bottling
19 Tasting
20 Credits

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Laurelwood Brewery

By Grid Sixty Softwarereleased on:2010-12-10T09:59:42Z

Laurelwood Brewery is proud to offer our loyal customers this FREE iPhone application so you can easily find and enjoy our products locally.

Laurelwood is a family owned brewery that creates one of the most recognized regional products of craft beer.

Dedicated to sustainable and organic practices, Laurelwood brewery first began producing certified organic beer in 2002.

Laurelwood's craft beer is recognized for its creativity and quality and the company has won many national and international awards.

The company's handcrafted beer can be found on draft and in bottles throughout Oregon and Washington.

By downloading this iPhone application, you are verifying that you are over the U.S. legal drinking age of 21+ years old.

NOTE: Unfortunately laws in AK,AZ,AR,GA,HI,IN,KY,MT,OH,PA,TX and WV prohibit the listing of pub locations.

Please enjoy our products responsibly and utilize a designated driver if you have had too much to drink.

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Happy Goblin Brewery

By DragonHeadreleased on:2010-12-03T06:10:21Z

The Happy Goblin Brewery is located in Mount Kuring-gai in Sydney's north. The Brewery has been licensed since November 2006 and is currently producing a small range of hand-crafted ales, available in 18L kegs, as well as a limited number of bottles.

The Brewery is owned and operated by Colin Larter, a Chemistry Graduate and home-brewer whose system out-grew the garage, and so was moved into a warehouse. Over the course of 2006 the Brewery was relocated, streamlined, beefed-up a little, and with the addition of the two cool rooms became the Happy Goblin Brewery.

This app will show the range of beers brewed by Happy Goblin Brewery, as well as details of bottleshops and restaurants that stock Happy Goblin brews.

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We belive for every paid Beer Brewing app out there there is a equivalent free Beer Brewing app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Beer Brewing apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Beer Brewing apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
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- For those of you looking for particular Beer Brewing app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

Beer Brewing Apps Users Comments