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Bean Jar Kids

By KnockKnock Industries released on: 2010-07-08T11:39:18Z

Bean Jar Kids is a wonderful "on the go" behavior system devised to reward your toddler's positive behaviors.

This app was created by a stay at home dad who wanted a positive reinforcement system that wasn't tethered to the house.

Simply set up a jar for each of your children (up to 4 jars) by uploading or taking a picture of your child. Decide how many beans he or she needs before a reward is earned.

Start adding the colorful beans as positive behaviors are demonstrated. You can also remove beans from the jars if your kids aren't behaving! Once your child earns the set number of beans a customized reward certificate is emailed to you and a celebration ensues.

Bean Jar Kids is an easy to use tool that would benefit any parent with less than perfect children!

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