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TravelTrac Lite

By TravelTrac LLCreleased on:2009-09-25T03:52:33Z

TravelTrac - the #1 "Must Have" App for Multimedia Travel Sharing

Share your trip and travel adventures with friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts "as they happen" from anywhere on the globe. This simple and easy iPhone App feeds your GPS position, travel journal entries, photos, and videos to TravelTrac's web hosting services and custom content creation tools generating a dynamic online multimedia travelogue.


More robust than any travel blog, your iPhone submitted content auto-formats comprehensive expedition style web pages to share your trip and travel adventures while integrating personal Google Maps, photo slideshows features with geotagging, and video components into one dynamic online multimedia presentation.

TravelTrac's user controlled content tools allow you to create and post search engine optimized public trips to the world at large, restrict access to select friends with password protected viewing, or simply keep a private record of your travel adventures. The choice is yours. Import iPhone contacts or a webmail address book of friends and TravelTrac will notify your contacts automatically as updates are made allowing them participate in your adventures "as they happen".


Register and create an account. Add as many trips as you like incorporating location reports, travel journal entries, photos, and video from your iPhone.

TravelTrac's "Offline Mode" works even when phone or wireless service is unavailable at your destination. Add a trip "on the fly" from anywhere and once a connection is re-establish your content uploads automatically upon re-launching the App. "Drop off the Grid, but Stay on the Map" and share your travel experiences with friends from anywhere on the globe. Choose to submit your content using WIFI and save on expensive worldwide roaming charges.

Post to any of TravelTrac's travel sharing domains: - for sharing car, truck, motorcycle, RV and off road trips - for sharing land based tours or travel adventures - for sharing on the water voyages and boating experiences

Compatible with all iPhone devices running iPhone OS 3.1.


View your own trip and travel web pages

Edit and modify your online presentations

NOTE: Indoor use and weather conditions may affect the accuracy of the GPS reading. This is a characteristic of the GPS devices in general and should not be associated with the use of TravelTrac Multimedia Travel Sharing Apps.

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