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Free mobile blogging with BlogBooster

By 6tapsreleased on:2010-07-29T05:48:36Z

Free version of popular blogging tool. Your chance to get the best blogging application for free! Tap and Publish. BlogBooster gives you complete control over what, when and how you publish content to your blog. You can create blog posts in minutes, on the go.

Writing blog posts has never been so easy and exciting. Your blog post won't differ in any way from those written on the computer. Blogbooster reduces the time of writing of a post dramatically! Write posts with BlogBooster with ease and fun.

Write posts = Have FuN ))


*WordPress Hosted
*Blogger (Blogspot)
*Windows Live Spaces


*POWERFUL TEXT TOOL: change font, size and the color of the text, align text to the left, right or center.
*Compatible with major blog platforms:,, TypePad, Blogger, Tumblr, Windows Live, MyOpera, Joomla and other Metaweblog-powered blogs. We are working on full support for other platforms. Email us your requests (
*SPEED TYPING: write text with two fingers in landscape mode, built-in spell checking.
*CROSS PUBLISHING: publish a single post to all registered blogs on different platforms. Write once, publish everywhere at one tap! That's amazing! (in full version)
*PICASA INTEGRATION: upload your images to all your blogs in one tap.
*NATIVE IMAGE UPLOAD: upload your images directly to your Wordpress blog.
*AUTOSAVE: If you receive a call, or press HOME, the application will save all your records and you can continue writing later.
*OFFLINE FREEDOM: Make your entries offline - mode, the application will publish them in the appearance of the network.
*MANY BLOG ACCOUNTS: all available blog platforms in a single application, the number of accounts is not limited (in full version).
*SIMPLE, NATIVE DESIGN: you do not have to learn to work with application.
*AUTOCONTENT: use the content gathered from the Internet to enrich your records and attract more visitors to your blog. We use the Zemanta API, which allows us to look at 10+ millions of pictures, thousands of blogs and news sites, over 20 specialized sources. Simple point & click enrichment of your blog posts (and emails). In real-time, while you type. We suggest tags, links, photos, related articles, and more. No matter what you're writing about: books, music, or how to save the planet, we have highly relevant content to enrich your posts (in full version).
|"tFree version"t"t|"tFull version"t"t |
|---------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| Ad-funded"t"t"t| No ads in application"t |
| One blog account"t"t| No limits for accounts"t |
| No cross-posting"t"t| Cross-posting enabled"t |
| No autocontent"t"t| Autocontent enabled |

Here are some ways to use BlogBooster for your personal and professional life:

"u25cf write posts in your blog on the go with photos and rich text;
"u25cf share your thoughts in your blog;
"u25cf stay in-sync with your blog;
"u25cf write notes and save them privately or share with your friends;
"u25cf manage your existing blog posts directly.

NOTE! For Windows Live Spaces and Joomla please read the manual -

We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:

or follow us on twitter: @blogbooster
or on Facebook -
see how it works -
download free blogbooster wallpapers for your desktop -

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By Tumblrreleased on:2009-02-25T04:36:53Z

Use Tumblr's iPhone app to easily post quotes, photos, audio, video and more to your tumblelog.


Post to Tumblr
Send a Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio or Video post.

Check Your Dashboard
Your Tumblr Dashboard is built right in. See all your posts from each of your blogs, including drafts and queues.

Supports searching across Tumblr, in your Dashboard or on just your posts.

Video Posts
Choose from your camera roll or capture a new video right from the app (iPhone 3GS only).

Advanced Post Options
New support for Save as draft, Add to Queue, Publish on, Custom post URL's, Send to Twitter and Ask a question.

Save For Later
Ability to save unfinished posts, including auto-save when you quit or receive a call.

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By Automatticreleased on:2009-10-29T01:14:16Z

It's easy to manage your WordPress blog or site from your iOS device. With WordPress for iOS, you can moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, and add images or videos with ease. All you need is a blog or a self-hosted site running 2.9.2 or higher.

WordPress for iOS is an Open Source project. You can help contribute to its development at:

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By LiveJournal Inc.released on:2010-07-29T05:45:47Z

LiveJournal is a unique social network that allows users around the world to find each other through journaling and interest-based communities. LiveJournal App for the iPhone offers many of LiveJournal's core features. You can read your friends page, manage your friends list, post entries to your journal and communities, upload photos, communicate with other LiveJournal users and more!

Here are some of the key features:
- Read Friends page
- View your Journal posts
- Ability to edit and delete entries
- View cached Friends page and Journal without Internet access
- The ability to load images separately from text in posts
- Ability to create and post a poll
- Create and edit drafts
- Edit your Friends list
- Sort Friends list by type: Journal, Community, RSS
- Ability to edit your tab bar menu
- Ability to refresh data at application start-up
- Ability to disable image-loading when loading posts
- Ability to enable userpics when images are disabled
- Display userpics on your Friends list and personal messages

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By Posterousreleased on:2010-10-12T04:49:26Z

Posterous lets you post any mix of text, photos and video instantly on the web for free. It's the only content sharing app you need from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Sharing is effortless with Posterous. Just tap post and add text, photos or videos. We'll create a site for you to share with your friends and family.

Multi-Media Posts
Your posts can include any mix of text, photos, and videos. You can also add tags and include your location.

Share Everywhere with Autopost
With your free Posterous account, you can set up your posts to be automatically sent to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and over 20 more destinations.

Built for Multi-tasking.
Use other apps while your uploads to Posterous continue in the background.

Optimized for Mobile Viewing
We automatically resize your image galleries and videos so that mobile viewers have the best experience possible.

Not quite ready to send that post? Now you can easily create drafts. After you start a post, finish it later by tapping cancel and then save as draft. You can continue to add additional text and media to the draft until it's just right.

Optionally register for a Posterous account to:

Manage multiple sites, including private sites
Create group sites on the fly so anyone around you can contribute
Post to your online site via email or with our web editor
Update existing posts and manage comments

Learn more at

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Innovate - Innovation, Creativity, and Inspirational articles, audio, and videos - TED, Accidental Creative, Fast Company, Blogging Innovation, The 99%

By Geoff Zoecklerreleased on:2010-06-29T01:11:19Z

Looking to spark some creativity or need some inspiration for a new idea? Scroll through this app to connect quickly with some of the world's best innovation articles, conversations, videos, and news reports. All information is updated in real time as the information is published.

Combines the blog feed from Braden Kelley's Bloggin Innovation, innovation conversations on Twitter, YouTube innovation videos, and innovation news from Business Week all in one application.

The information available in the app will give you insights for developing business strategy, investigating creativity methods, improving brain storming techniques, generating ideation thoughts, and will improve the way you think about your current challenges.

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By Squarespacereleased on:2009-09-11T07:00:00Z

*** This app requires a paid Squarespace account. Squarespace is not a free service. ***

DISCLAIMER: Users upgrading from a previous version of Squarespace for iPhone will need to re-add their accounts. If you have any local data that has not been synced, sync it before upgrading or it will be lost.

Squarespace for iPhone is your website in your pocket. Manage blog posts and comments, post photos, and check your stats, all in the palm of your hand.

Post and manage your site's content
Edit content in multiple modes including Text, Markdown, Textile, and Raw HTML
Post photos
Reply to & delete comments, email comment authors, mark comments as spam,
Batch comment management
Approve new comments
Receive a push notification for new comments & comments awaiting moderation
See a live preview of your site and posts
Manage multiple Squarespace sites
View robust site stats on the go

Any problems, please open a support ticket through your account interface: Website Management > Support Tickets

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101 Blogging Tips

By rise uP! Labsreleased on:2010-04-03T07:00:00Z

Learn the greatest Blogging Tips from our SEO manager.
Download this app for Free for a limited time.

"u2666"tAttractive user interface for easy exploring.
"u2666"tNo 3G/WiFi connection required.
"u2666"tShake your iPhone and get random one.
"u2666"tSelect and copy option is enabled for SMS sharing.
"u2666"tFrom "all" section you can see all tips and select any tips you like.
"u2666"tYou can mark any Tips you like as Favorite.
"u2666"tSharing any tips from this app through e-mail is available. Spread the fun to anyone in the world!
"u2666"tMore apps/games are available on "more" section.

Also check out our other apps:
*** We recommend some cool iPhone games: Tap Tap Ants, Tap Tap Love , Tap Tap Bubble, Bubble Tap - most addictive, iWarehouse, Flying Insects.
DISCLAIMER: This application may contain some explicit material, but does not intend to be defamatory, racist or offensive in any way. In no event shall the creator of this application be liable in any manner for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of your access, use or inability to use this application, or any errors or omissions in the information on this application.

Email us"t: "
Follow us"t:"
Subscribe us"t: "
Join us"t: "

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Joomla Admin Mobile! Lite

By CovertApps.comreleased on:2009-06-06T01:53:47Z

Joomla Admin Mobile! Lite (JAM! Lite) allows you to blog and edit many of the core features from your Joomla! 1.5 site right from your iPhone, for free!

Have someone spamming your forums? Block them with the flip of a switch. Did a user email you that they forgot their password? Change it for them and send them an email to let them know. All without leaving the app!

Think you have no reason to 'administer' while on the go? JAM is also the perfect blogging app! Create new articles, set the title and category, and even upload images from your phone. It couldn't be easier.

Please note: JAM! Lite is a limited version of the full JAM! application. In addition to being ad-supported, it only allows for full blogging features. It is limited to only viewing most other admin features (See chart below). The full allows you to edit and save everything you see in the app.

JAM! Lite Feature List:
* Save your Joomla! 1.5 site login information
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Joomla Articles w/ images
* View Joomla Sections
* View Joomla Categories
* View Joomla Users
* View Joomla Menus
* View Joomla Menu Items
* Pagination for all groups - You select how many articles, users, etc you fetch at a time
* Article filtering by section, category, or publishing status
* Edit/Insert Images into Articles

If you're looking to add or edit more of the above items, take a look at our full version.

All this is made possible with a Joomla! 1.5 xml/rpc plugin installed on each site.

The Joomla plugin is available below:

Feature planning and request forum:

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By Scribble Technologies Increleased on:2010-01-06T08:00:00Z

ScribbleLive Mobile allows the next generation of journalists and livebloggers to publish real-time news and content. Live publishing is a snap anywhere you are: just log in, create an event and invite audiences to participate.

All your content will appear on your website instantly. Best of all, we can offer your organization a completely branded live blogging experience that will drive page views, ad impressions, and ensure visitors stay on your website, where they belong. This companion to our real-time web publishing platform will empower you and your writers with a single tool to post text, images, audio and video, all in real-time! It's fast and easy.

Key features:
* Fully intergrated with Enterprise clients
* Post text, links, images, audio, and video instantly
* Publishes the content in real-time to your website
* Great for breaking news and event coverage
* Moderate comments as they come in
* Share your event and posts via email or Twitter
* Watch events from around the world

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Balloons! Lite

By Shiny Developmentreleased on:2009-11-04T08:04:48Z

The most adventurous iPhone app ever that allows you to meet people from across the globe! Balloons! allows you to release virtual helium balloons into the sky and track their progress around the world.

Look out for special balloons launched by Santa in the lead up to Christmas!

"u25c6 Where will they go?
"u25c6 Who will they meet?
"u25c6 How far will they travel?

Balloons! has been featured in the What's Hot list and has been an Apple Staff Favourite around the world.


"With over 100,000 apps in the app store, it's getting harder and harder to find something new; Balloons! is something I haven't seen before, and it's really very clever."

"Balloons reminds me of the message-in-a-bottle feeling of the early days of the Internet -- 'Hey, who else is out there?'" -

"This is a great idea, and bound to go down very well with your kids." -

"Balloons! is a fascinating concept that is executed well. It's fun, easy to pick-up-and-play, and draws a bridge between the traditional idea of a physical balloon experiment and virtual social networking. 8/10"


By putting your twitter name on your balloon tag people can tweet you when they catch your balloon!

Scan the sky and catch the balloons of others. Add your own message tag and release them back, high into the air, to travel to who knows where? Why not Tweet to say you've found them!

Balloons! Lite - the environmentally friendly alternative to a real helium balloon launch.

** Balloons! and Balloons! Lite are not compatible with iPod Touch devices **


Launching Balloons
- Choose from 7 colorful balloons
- Write your name on the balloons' virtual tag (use your twitter id if you want people to contact you!)
- Then take a photo and write a message
- Launch the balloon into the air and watch it fly away

Catching Balloons
- Scan the sky for balloons flying past your location
- Pick one from the sky at random
- Read the tag(s) attached to the balloon
- Add your own tag and release the balloon back into the sky

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WorldMic Free - Make Yourself Heard

By Spark Soreleased on:2010-05-12T05:44:50Z

Perhaps strangers ain't so strange.

This app allows you to talk (yes talk, not type) people around the world on a streaming server, you will meet new friends here for sure. Think of it as a voice twitter.

"There are no other apps like this - Amazing!" - WeeklyAppReviews



- Push and hold down the big orange button to record something for 5 to 60 seconds

- Let go of the button to send your recording to live streaming server where thousands of people are listening to.

- Your saying will be queued and a pop-up message should appear which tells you approximately how long you will have to wait before the whole world hears it.

- When no new voices are being recorded and uploaded, the previous 20 recordings will be looped.

- Free version is limited to 50 recordings.


"ub2f9"uc2e0"uc740"ub178"ub798"uac00/"uc5ec"uae30"uc5d0"uc790"uc720"ub86d"uac8c"uc774"uc57c"uae30"ud558"uace0"uc138"uacc4"uc758 "ub098"uba38"uc9c0"ub294"ub2f9"uc2e0"uc744 "ub4e4"uc5b4"ubcf4"uc790.

Une station de radio iPhone sans DJs.
Vous pouvez chanter / parler ici librement, et laisser le reste du monde que vous entendez.

Ein iPhone ohne Funkkanal DJs.
Sie k"u00f6nnen singen / sprechen hier frei und lie"u00df den Rest der Welt h"u00f6ren.

Un canale radio iPhone senza DJ.
Si pu"u00f2 cantare / parlare liberamente qui, e lasciare che il resto del mondo si sente.

IPhone "u043a"u0430"u043d"u0430"u043b"u0430 "u0440"u0430"u0434"u0438"u043e "u0431"u0435"u0437 "u0434"u0438-"u0434"u0436"u0435"u0435"u0432.
"u0412"u044b "u043c"u043e"u0436"u0435"u0442"u0435 Sing / "u0433"u043e"u0432"u043e"u0440"u0438"u043c "u0437"u0434"u0435"u0441"u044c "u0441"u0432"u043e"u0431"u043e"u0434"u043d"u043e, "u0438 "u043f"u0443"u0441"u0442"u044c "u043e"u0441"u0442"u0430"u043b"u044c"u043d"u043e"u0439 "u043c"u0438"u0440 "u0441"u043b"u044b"u0448"u0438"u0442 "u0432"u0430"u0441.

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CoveritLive iPhone

By CoveritLive Inc.released on:2010-02-10T06:08:53Z

CoveritLive is a powerful live event publishing platform, used by thousands of writers to engage millions of readers around the world. CoveritLive enables bloggers, journalists and media companies to power their live events with real-time reporting and social engagement.

The CiL App let's you view live events and instantly publish commentary and multimedia directly to your CoveritLive event. Ideal for on-the-scene coverage of breaking-news, conferences and sporting events.

CoveritLive is used by leading brands and media companies including ESPN, Fox, Gannett, Sky News, TMZ, Washington Post, and Yahoo.

Any CiL Writer can use the iPhone App to instantly:

Launch and run live events
Publish live commentary
Approve and moderate Reader comments
Publish Photos, Audio and Video in real-time
Integrate Twitter - search for and post tweets
Email event link and embed code
View live event listings from around the world
Place events into Standby Mode
End live events

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By Snehasish Barmanreleased on:2010-06-09T11:42:44Z

BlogSpace makes a comeback! Thanks to all of you for your support :)

Have you ever wondered how can i take complete control of my blog from my device?
Have you ever wondered how can i add videos to my post from my device?

Here comes the ultimate blogger tool that uses Google's Blogger empowering you to add pictures and videos to your blog right from your device.

Managing your blog has been made easy!

* Easy to use interface.
* Youtube Integration - Search or upload videos to Youtube and add them to your post. More so you can search videos by location too by enabling maps in the settings.
* Picasa Integration - Search,upload or download photos from Google's Picasa and add them to you post.
* Friends - Popularise your blog by letting your friends know on FaceBook or email them your entire post.
* Search in all of your posts.
* Landscape mode while typing your post.

Note: <"/u><"/b>
BlogSpace requires Internet Connection.
BlogSpace uses Google account authentication.
Video uploading requires linking your google account with youtube account and using youtube user id.
Use swipe while typing a new or existing post to bring extra options.
Hold and tap a post to bring extra options for easy navigation.
As of now video upload is only possible for videos up to size of 5MB. This will be improved in future versions.

BlogSpace is not an official Google application.

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Urdu Blog Reader

By Rashid Kamranreleased on:2009-09-18T06:08:22Z

Urdu Blog Reader is a RSS reader specifically developed for Urdu Blogs.

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The Blogger's Handbook

By Socialmaticreleased on:2010-02-22T06:48:46Z

From the creators of Atomic Blogging 3.0

"The Blogger's Handbook" is written by the Alvin Phang who is an active blogger since 2006 @ generating a nice 5 figure income just from blogging ranked the top 20,000 bloggers on the internet by Technorati!

In this free detailed handbook valued @ US$97, you learn how Alvin generates a massive 5 figure income just from blogging. Sharing his knowledge and experience to help people who are new to blogging to start making money easily online!

It consist of a total of 30 chapters which gives you details steps on how you can start making money online with Alvin's detail's handbook.

Here's Some Of The Topics Covered In The Handbook:
-"tThe Blogger's No.1 Problems
-"tTop 10 Mistakes In Blogging
-"tHow To Select A Profitable Niche
-"tGetting More Traffic With Joint Ventures
-"t3 Powerful Marketing Ideas
-"tAdvanced Affiliate Marketing Tips
-"tMust See SEO Tips To Ranked No.1
-"tPowerful Tip On Writing Blog Articles
-"tTop 3 Common Problems Faced In Making Money From Blogging
-"tAnd so much more.

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By YieldBuild, Inc.released on:2010-06-09T11:47:23Z

HubPages is the most rewarding place online to publish, discover and interact with people who share your interests. More than 800,000 Hubs (topical articles) have been published by over 150,000 authors on HubPages. Visit for more info.

Now enjoy HubPages when you're on the go:
- HubFeed (post and comment on status updates, Hubs, forums, etc.)
- Notifications and Stats (approve comments and fan mail, ask/answer questions)
- Hub Hopping (discover and rate new Hubs)

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Pen My Blog

By TechAheadreleased on:2010-04-30T01:31:36Z

This is an amazing application to post your blogs on You can edit, delete your posts according to your choice.

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Free eBook: Nobody's Reading My Blog!

By Nixon Publishingreleased on:2010-06-10T12:10:35Z

So,you've created a Blog and populated it with well thought-out, superbly written and thought-provoking posts, but the web isn't beating a path to your door - what can you do?

Have patience and follow the advice in this free, nine part eBook, and you too could become a top blogger, and maybe even make some money too!

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By Marketing Solutions ltd.released on:2011-01-07T05:35:36Z

Cash For Blogging, is a great application that teaches bloggers and article writers how to get more money online.
It is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on bloggers and how they can gain name recognition, traffic for their websites and eventually be able to expand their business. The second part targets article writers in general, and provides a list of websites with short reviews covering the most important details plus their structure.

Leverage the current traffic of these sites for potentially massive exposure to your name
and possible your websites.
Gain credibility to your name or brand, especially if your content is accepted into sites
that have higher application standards and reputability.
Syndicate your content across multiple sites that require non-exclusive rights.
Make money while improving your writing skills by learning how to write for a network
that requires far higher standards than many article directories.
Use the analytics of these sites to test out different writing techniques and topics faster
than a new website.
For service providers: gain more clients through social networking on these sites, a
readership base interested in your services, and a detailed author bio.
For freelance writers: add high quality samples to your resume and gain credibility
to justify higher prices for your services.
For entrepreneurs not interested in writing: have an almost endless source of high
quality writers, see their samples up front, and hire them for projects.

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By Five minutes Ltd.released on:2009-11-19T11:30:47Z

ShoutEm for iPhone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends in real time. Use your iPhone to check your friends' latest status updates or post your own on the most popular micro-blogging networks like ShoutEm or Twitter.

* Handle multiple accounts on your favorite microblogging networks - ShoutEm and Twitter
* Browse through your friend statuses, public statuses or mentions
* Update your status (with photo or location attachments)
* Explore user profiles, their followers or statuses
* Follow or stop following
* Explore received or sent private messages. Write a direct message to a user
* Track conversations in our threaded view (ShoutEm specific)
* Search through statuses
* find places of interest around you
* look for nearby places on a map or in 3D (augmented reality) view
* check-in to different places
* find out who is hanging out at a place at this moment
* read shouts posted from some place
* earn badges and build your rank by hanging around, exploring new places and shouting

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By Life In Focus, LLCreleased on:2010-05-27T04:36:10Z

Sharing photos is easier and more fun with PhotatoBug! With a few quick swipes of your finger, you can turn a batch of photos on your iPhone or iPod Touch into a custom slideshow -- then send it to anyone you choose via email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, or the web!

Emailing or posting photos one by one from your iPhone is a time-consuming chore. PhotatoBug's efficient touch interface makes sharing your photos a pleasure, and lets you get creative with hundreds of slideshow themes, colors, and music choices -- you control it all!

Want to capture the presentation slides at your next conference and zap them to your team back at the office? A professional-looking slideshow can be assembled and sent in seconds with PhotatoBug. Want to drop your child's birthday party photos into a festive background with custom music, then share the fun with friends and family? With PhotatoBug on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can share those photos before the ice cream melts!

PhotatoBug offers features you won't find in any other slideshow app, and best of all, it's FREE!


* Drop your photos into custom slideshows quickly and easily

* Post your slideshows to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, or email recipients with a single button

* Choose from hundreds of slideshow themes, colors, and background music tracks

* Your slideshows have their own unique web address; you control who can see them and who can download them

* Use PhotatoBug to securely store and organize your photos, and access them from anywhere

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Blogging you looking for.

We belive for every paid Blogging app out there there is a equivalent free Blogging app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Blogging apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Blogging apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Blogging apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Blogging app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

Blogging Apps Users Comments