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Boating Swimsuit 2010

By Bonnier Corporation released on: 2011-01-19T01:45:47Z

Check out Boating Magazine Swimsuit Issue free with the Boating Swimsuit 2011
App. Free Download to view pictures and video of the Hottest Boats and Beautiful Models from the pages of Boating Magazine

Upgrade to the premium version of the app with a one-time payment of
$1.99 for exclusive content..

The Highlights:
* 24 videos of the Hottest Boats for 2011 and the Boating Magazine Swimsuit models. All video is available for download over 3G, Edge, or Wi-Fi
* Twelve exclusive videos not available anywhere else featuring the Boating Swimsuit models
* Over 120 photos -- all pre-loaded into the app and available without Wi-Fi from the photo shoot on Sanibel Island Florida

Download pictures straight to your Photos bin for sharing or to use as
wallpaper. Save videos to your "Favorites" tab for offline viewing. Use
the left and right arrows to toggle through the many categories for
Photos and Videos. Easy to use with exclusive photos and videos from the 2011 Calendar shoot.

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Sailing & Boating Community

By Social Knowledge, LLC released on: 2010-11-24T08:03:53Z is the leading online community for Sailboat owners, Cruisers and Boaters. Our iPhone app allows you to access our forums on your iPhone so you can post questions from the dock, bay or anytime aboard. Upload photos to let other Cruisers know what you are up to and stay connected with other boating and sailing enthusiasts. This app also enables you to check our classifieds for currently available boats or crew positions, get the up to date information on navigation and keep up with the latest innovations from boat builders. Liveaboards will find this app especially useful when planning the next leg of a cruise.

You can find our site on the web at

Install this FREE app and start sharing your knowledge with other sailboat owners and crew.. We are looking forward to seeing you on the forums from your phone!

This universal app also fully supports the iPad!

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Gaia GPS Lite - Offline Topo Maps, Compass, and GPS Tracking for Trails - Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Camping, Running

By TrailBehind released on: 2009-10-07T11:50:31Z

Off-trail, road-tripping, or wandering abroad? Use Gaia GPS to navigate anywhere you aren't connected.

Gaia GPS is a full-featured outdoor GPS app, developed by Anna and Andrew. We wander around with our dogs and like to pitch our tent wherever Gaia leads us. Please email us with questions, bug reports, feature ideas, and other feedback at

The lite version has three differences from the paid version:

The lite app includes ads and an Upgrade tab.

The paid app can import GPX files.

The paid app includes a Map Store where you can get additional free and paid map sources, such as snowmobile trails, Florida satellite imagery, and more.

Gaia lets you:

Download maps for times when you don't have an internet connection.

View topographic and road maps. Use MyTopo maps in the US/Canada, and Cloudmade topo and road maps all over the world.

Record tracks, waypoints, and take geo-tagged photos.

Search for nearby waypoints and reports about places.

Import and export GPX files, by email or to

Customize all aspects of Gaia, including units, coordinates types, color and sound, and more.

"u25ba"u25ba IMPORTANT - IPOD TOUCH AND NON-GPS IPHONES This application will not be fully functional on these devices. The GPS Recorder and compass will be inactive. You will be able to view maps and waypoints, but you cannot record tracks.

"u25ba"u25ba GPS WARNING - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Fishing Times Lite

By Brainware released on: 2011-02-18T07:59:27Z

Fishing Times Lite tells you the best time to go fishing in your area for the current date. The times are calculated based on several factors including the tides, moon, sun, time of year and location.

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Harbor Compass Pro

By Fishbone Studios released on: 2009-12-04T04:20:39Z

** SAIL FOR FREE! ** Celebrating Clock Pro: the worldwide Top #100 Utility app.
Clock Pro: SALE $0.99 -- The most feature rich Clock in the App Store!

MACWORLD review: Clock Pro, Great app! Lot's of functionalities in one single clock application. Just what you really need!

Thank you for downloading Harbor Compass Pro for free. Now you can navigate even more easy around the globe! Please take a moment to visit the best and most feature rich clock application in App Store: Clock Pro. It's on SALE!! $0.99

Clock Pro:
- Alarm Clock Pro
- Sleep Timer
- Stop Watch
- Count Down
- Chess Clock
- Project Clock
- Metronome
- World Clock
- Nature Times
- Analog Clock
- Egg Timer
- Free Push Notifications!!

About Harbor Compass Pro:
No problems finding your way home on the oceans, that's what Harbor Compass for iPhone 3GS is made for.

Harbor Compass contains about 500 harbors worldwide. Simply select a harbor you want to navigate to and follow the arrow on the screen. Harbor Compass tells you how far it is to the harbor and which direction you have to go. You can also open a map of the harbor for save and detailed navigation into the port mouth.

Using the magnetometer of your iPhone 3Gs device you can point at any location you want. Tag locations on your own for navigation to your own places, like special fishing or diving spots in open waters.

You can easily customize the look and feel of the application by changing the design in one of the four beautiful themes we created for this application. Look at the screenshots below for the different themes.

Start fully using the possibilities of your iPhone 3Gs today and use Harbor Compass for your ocean navigation!

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Boat Ramps

By Derek Trauger & Associates, LLC released on: 2009-10-05T11:47:47Z

Boat Ramps from is an exciting new app that lets you quickly locate and get directions to more than 35,000 boat ramps throughout the U.S.

Boat Ramps from has an easy-to-use interface and provides a list of ramps close to your current location or any zip code or city you enter into the application. Once you've found the boat ramp you're looking for, the app can even provide you with directions to the ramp.

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Knots Free

By Inner Four, Inc. released on: 2010-04-02T10:57:16Z

How many knots do you know? If you're like most people you probably only know enough to tie you shoes. But knots can be used for so much more! And now you can learn plenty of useful knots for FREE with Knots Free!

This app is simple! Open it up, click the name of the knot you want to learn, read the description and use the pictures to learn the knot. Before you know it you'll be trying knots everywhere!

Works on iPhone and iTouch OS 3.0 or greater

For More Great iPhone Apps:

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Knot Time Lite

By 7Zillion released on: 2009-10-28T09:12:34Z

This is the "Lite" version of the app that makes learning to tie knots easy for everyone. Knot Time uses easy-to-follow videos to walk you through the steps to tying knots. This free version includes nine knots that can be very useful in a large variety of different situations. The full version includes over 30 different knots in a variety of categories including boating, fishing, and mountaineering.

DISCLAIMER: Participating in activities that involve ropes is potentially dangerous. The quality of your knots and the ropes themselves should be properly evaluated before attempting any activity where danger is involved. Keeping yourself safe is your own responsibility, not the responsibility of this material.

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Funny Boating Crashes & Bloopers

By Easysource Hong Kong released on: 2010-10-07T01:17:56Z

A Collection of Boating Crashes & Bloopers.

Get ready to split your sides as some of these clips are hilarious!


Boating Bloopers
Funny Water Related Bloopers
Funny Boat Blooper
Boat Accidents
Ooops Boat Hits Bridge
Hilarious Boat Crash
Swan River Boat Accident
Crazy Beach Boat
Funny Speed Boat
Truck Accident On A Ferry Boat
Chopper Pulling Boat
Speed Boat Crash
Loading Laughs
Boat Fail
Yaught Boat Blunder
Sailboat Crashes Into Pier
Unexpected Ship Accident
Sailing Crash
Speed Boat Loses Control
Worlds Unbelieveable Accident
Destroyed In Seconds
Massive Drag Boat Crash

Prepare for laughter!!

Boating Bloopers
Funny Water Related Bloopers
Funny Boat Blooper
Boat Accidents
Ooops Boat Hits Bridge
Hilarious Boat Crash
Swan River Boat Accident
Crazy Beach Boat
Funny Speed Boat
Truck Accident On A Ferry Boat
Chopper Pulling Boat
Speed Boat Crash
Loading Laughs
Boat Fail
Yaught Boat Blunder
Sailboat Crashes Into Pier
Unexpected Ship Accident
Sailing Crash
Speed Boat Loses Control
Worlds Unbelieveable Accident
Destroyed In Seconds
High Speed Crash
Massive Drag Boat Crash

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WeatherLCD+Warn Box

By, Inc. released on: 2009-05-03T07:40:00Z

Why pay for multiple apps that provide U.S. current conditions, forecasts, and radar, plus marine weather, when you can get it all and much more with WeatherLCD!

On land:

- Current U.S. weather conditions
- Wind Chill
- Dewpoint
- Pressure tendency (East of Rockies only)
- Raw METARs & TAF data (where available)
- Lightning probability maps for the Contiguous US
- Forecasts (including snow accumulation)
- Alerts (including high surf & rip current)
- Animated radar (short AND long-range)
- City/Zip Code search
- Map-based Search
- Network/GPS location
- Metric conversion (except alerts and snow accumulation)

Alaska weather note: Land-based Alaska weather must be accessed using either Map Search or auto-locate. While there is good coverage near population centers (Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau), coverage of the Western Kenai Peninsula is not available, and radar coverage may not be available in all rural areas.

On the water:

- Surface observations from buoys
- Detailed wind, wave, and other marine condition predictions for the U.S. Pacific Atlantic, and Gulf Coasts, plus Alaskan waters and U.S. portions of the Great Lakes, Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam/N. Mariana Islands.
- Area forecasts farther off shore
- Hazardous marine condition bulletins/warnings
- Swell height/period for Pacific locations
- Text forecasts for Lake Champlain & Lake Tahoe
- Metric conversion (except alerts)

In the air:

- Interactive global air turbulence map primarily based on pilot reports (PIREPS)
- Color-coded pins make it easy to grasp turbulence severity
- Touch any pin to get details such as reported turbulence altitude range, frequency, and type (chop, clear air turbulence, low-level wind shear, or mountain wave) if reported
- Determines aircraft type or airline associated with report, and links to Wikipedia articles.

(Note to non-US customers: the vast majority of turbulence reports displayed by WeatherLCD are from the US (incl. AK & air routes to HI) and Canada. A few times a day there are reports from the North Atlantic, Western Pacific (off Japan & China), and Caribbean. It is very rare to see data points in other than the aforementioned locations.)

All weather data presented by WeatherLCD and all graphics (except those in the view backgrounds, on the maps, and in the bottom tab bar) are from the National Weather Service and not subject to copyright protection., Inc. is not affiliated with the National Weather Service.

Disclaimer: Aviation data presented by WeatherLCD is for information only and not to be used for flight safety or route planning purposes. The lightning predictions are not a substitute for your eyes, ears, or common sense.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Boating you looking for.

We belive for every paid Boating app out there there is a equivalent free Boating app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Boating apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Boating apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Boating apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Boating app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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