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Action Bowling Free

By Kronos Gamesreleased on:2009-01-13T03:26:37Z


Download the full version of Action Bowling at 50% off! One week only from Nov 29, 2010 to Dec 6, 2010!!

Action Bowing Free - the most realistic bowling game on the iPhone and iTouch. Now with over 12 million units downloaded!

If you like Action Bowling, try Sheep Launcher Free (reached #1 Top Free App status in 24 countries) and our latest creation - Garfield Bird Crazy.

With this new update of Action Bowling Free, we've tuned the controls for more challenging gameplay.

Game Review:

Kronos's Action Bowling Rolls a Perfect Game...

There are several bowling games in the App Store...none is in the same league as Action Bowling, from Kronos Games. It's about as close to real bowling as you're going to get on the iPhone and iPod touch.


Action Bowing is the best and most feature packed bowling game on the iPhone and iTouch. It is the only bowling game in the App Store that features :
12 outrageous bowling locations
12 unique custom bowling balls
Options to create your own custom ball from camera snapshots or photo library
Listen to your own music on the iPhone or iTouch while playing Action Bowling
State-of-the-art 3D physics engine for real pin action
4 different bowling style settings - straight, curve, hook and custom
3 different ways to bowl - flick, gesture and Wii-like motion bowling
Pass and Play Mode so you can bowl against 3 friends
Practice mode so you can set up a custom rack to practice knocking down those tricky splits
Bowling Trivia featuring 165 questions guaranteed to stump the most seasoned pros
Detail stats tracking
Bowling alley, bowling ball and pins built according to PBA regulation specifications
Stunning 3D graphics
Full music tracks and robust sound effects


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10 Pin Shuffle\u2122 (Bowling) Lite

By Digital Smoke LLCreleased on:2009-12-05T05:29:53Z

10 Pin Shuffle™ is now Universal! Download once and play on the iPhone and iPad with Enhanced High Detail Graphics! Now with Game Center leaderboards and achievements too and iPhone 4 retina display support. 10 Pin Shuffle™ is one of the most addictive, "pick up and play", 3D bowling games available in the App Store and now you can experience it for FREE!

This Lite version contains "10 Pin Poker", one of three shuffleboard/bowling games found in the full version. "Bowl" at the pins with a puck on a bar room shuffleboard table and witness the powerful Newton physics engine deliver some of the most realistic 3D bowling pin physics yet seen in an iPhone App.

"Top 100 Games of 2010" -
"Bar game fun arrives on your iPhone with stellar graphics." - MacWorld
"Just so darn addictive. This game has a permanent place on our iPhone already." - AppSmile

10 Pin Poker is a combination of 10 Pin Bowling, Shuffleboard and Five Card Draw Poker and the rules are simple:

* 10 bowling pins are arranged at the end of a bar-room shuffleboard table.
* Each player shoots two shuffleboard weights at the pins, just like bowling.
* If the player scores a Spare they are dealt one playing card. Strikes are rewarded with two cards.
* Players who already have five cards may exchange cards with the deck if they score further Spares or Strikes.
* After ten frames, the player with the best five card poker hand wins.


* Amazing 3D graphics with shiny chrome weights, shadows and reflections.
* Hi-resolution graphics on iPhone 4 and iPad.
* Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
* Real 3D physics engine delivers accurate weight and pin physics.
* Animation rewards and special effects.
* Instant replays of great shots.
* Play against computer opponents of varying skill levels or practice on your own.
* Realistic sound effects capture every nudge, bump, and collision on the table.
* The crowd reacts to your shots as the action unfolds.
* Statistics and game scores are tracked and saved each game.
* Controls are easy to grasp, but a challenge to master.
* Easy and Expert controls with separate statistics.
* Listen to your iPod music library while you play.
* Resume game if iPhone is interrupted.
* Works on all iPhones and iPod touch models from OS 2.0 to OS 4.x

The full version of 10 Pin Shuffle adds Peer-to-Peer multiplayer, allowing you to whoop a friend's backside, and an additional two games:

[1] SHUFFLEBOARD the game you've enjoyed in your local bar. Play against a friend or a computer opponent trying to out-shuffle each other's weights or blast them off the table.

[2] BOWLING with real 3D pin physics! The 10 Pin Poker playing cards are replaced with the familiar bowling score cards. See if you can join the elusive 300 Club. If you liked Wii Sports Bowling then you're going to love your 10 Pin Shuffle™ bowling experience.

Follow us on twitter: 10PinShuffle

From Digital Smoke, developers of the popular Solitaire City™ range of games, also available on the iTunes App Store.

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Arcade Bowling\u2122 Lite - The Classic Game

By Skyworksreleased on:2009-02-10T08:00:00Z

Thanks to everyone who helped make ARCADE
BOWLING™ LITE a #1 Free Game App!!!

From Skyworks"u00ae, the creators of hit iPhone/iPod touch sports games, comes another addictive classic game, ARCADE BOWLING LITE.

In the tradition of everyone's favorite Boardwalk bowling game, use your fingers and steady aim to flick "laser" balls down the alley and up the ramp into the scoring holes. The further the scoring hole is, the more points you'll get! Once the laser ball flies off the ramp, you can tilt your iPhone/iPod touch to actually influence the ball's flight in midair! The accelerometer can adjust your aim by tilting left and right, and adjust the ball's speed by tilting forward and back.

ARCADE BOWLING LITE features a futuristic sound track, state of the art iPhone 3D graphics, and Classic Game Mode where you roll up to nine balls to score as many points as you can.

And, if you like ARCADE BOWLING LITE, upgrade to the full version of ARCADE BOWLING™ and get many more great features including:

- PROGRESSIVE MODE - Multiple levels of game play with increasingly challenging score plateaus and bonus targets
- GLOBAL HIGH SCORE BOARDS - Compete against players around the world

If you like boardwalk bowling, you'll love ARCADE BOWLING!

- - -

Appletell - "the folks at Skyworks... (ha)ve done a fantastic job... Arcade Bowling... (it) is wonderful."

Atomic Gamer - "you'll have trouble putting it down... Skyworks Interactive has done it again." - "Skyworks iPhone App Games decrease my need for Dave & Busters... 5 *****."

ITuneAppReviews - " a $1.99 this game is a steal!"
- - -

After you play ARCADE BOWLING, try ARCADE HOOPS BASKETBALL™ and other hit titles from Skyworks, including WORLD CUP TABLE TENNIS™, 3 POINT HOOPS"u00ae BASKETBALL, ARCADE QB PASS ATTACK™ FOOTBALL AND MENTAL BLOCKS"u00ae (puzzle). Just search for "Skyworks" in the App Store search bar, find your favorite games, and have fun!!!

Look for more new games from Skyworks COMING SOON!

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Skeeter Ball Bowling -FREE-

By Purple, Inc.released on:2010-07-08T07:00:26Z

If you love bowling games then Skeeter Ball Bowling is for you! This fun, free app lets you bring the fun of the arcade with you. You can challenge your friends and family to try to beat your high score!

Works on devices using OS 3.0 and greater.

Any reference to any third-party products, services, names, or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, developer, supplier or otherwise, is for convenience or comparison only, and does not constitute nor imply endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship thereof. All characters, names, titles, likeness, and other content used or depicted in this product (even those based on real products or real people, either living or dead) are entirely fictional. Any similarity to actual products, or persons either living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any coincidental likeness and or voices are not real. This product is for entertainment purposes only and is not authorized or endorsed. All trademarks, service marks, product, service, or other names mentioned herein, are the property of their respective owners, and no claim is made to any such mark, product, service or other name. Copyright 2010 Swartz Enterprises, Inc. and its licensors.

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I-play 3D Bowling Lite

By I-playreleased on:2009-03-27T02:11:35Z

"I-play 3D Bowling delivers the best to-go bowling experience, hands down. And the game is an absolute steal. Highly recommended." 9/10 IGN



Swing into the fun and excitement of bowling any time, anywhere with I-play Bowling!

I-play Bowling puts you in the alley and the bowling ball in your hand. Use your phone to control your swing, speed, spin and the angle of your ball. Get I-play Bowling now and get into the game!

Touch control for menu navigation and ball positioning
Accelerometer control for realistic Bowling action and spin—swing it like a real bowling ball!
Practice mode, to hone your bowling skills.

Note - PLEASE HOLD ONTO YOUR IPHONE while playing this game—remember your iPhone is not an actual bowling ball!

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Fantasy Bowling 3D Lite

By MystoneGame Increleased on:2010-09-27T10:19:36Z

Fantasy Bowling 3D Lite is a fun bowling game on iphone and itouch, you need to beat AI compter opponent.

- Realistic 3D graphics and physics engine
- Awesome music and sound effects
- Free upgrades to new versions - Full technical support

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Ten Pin Championship Bowling\u00ae Lite - The Classic Game in 3D

By Skyworksreleased on:2009-08-27T02:24:40Z


From SKYWORKS"u00ae, comes another addictively classic game, TEN PIN CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING™ LITE!

You approach the line, ball in hand. One more strike for a "Six-Pack". Your arm swings back, you step forward and release, sending the ball flying toward the pins. Will it be a strike or gulpa gutterball?

TEN PIN CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING LITE features an incredibly fun Strike-Throwing competition. In "STRIKES-IN-A-ROW," players are allowed only 3 misses as they try and roll as many strikes as possible. Bonus Points are awarded for "Turkeys" and "Six-Packs" on consecutive strikes. The accelerometer lets you curve the ball as it rolls down the lane.

TEN PIN CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING LITE combines incredible graphics and physics with awesome sound-design and camera work to capture the local-color of America's bowling alleys in this realistic Bowling game.

Looking for more Bowling action?
UPGRADE to the TEN PIN CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING and get all these great features:

- CHOICE OF 2 ALLEYS: with unique graphics, sound effects and music
- FULL BOWLING GAMEPLAY: with 1 to 4 Players locally
- TROPHY ROOM: tracks your High-Game, High-Series, Average and more
- ANIMATING SCORECARD DISPLAY: rewards your accomplishments while displaying your score after every frame
- ACCELEROMETER CONTROLS: allow you to curve the ball down the lane
- SOUND and MUSIC volume controls
- GLOBAL HIGH SCORE BOARD: compete against Bowlers all around the world

After you play TEN PIN CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING, try other top selling Skyworks arcade-style games like TABLE TENNIS™, ARCADE BOWLING and ARCADE HOOPS BASKETBALL™, or puzzle/word games like MENTAL BLOCKS"u00ae. Or just search for "SKYWORKS" in the App Store search bar to find your favorite games, and have fun!

Skyworks - Find Your Game! Look for more new games from Skyworks coming soon!

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Bowling 3D Lite

By MystoneGame Increleased on:2010-06-13T12:28:45Z

Bowling 3D is a fun bowling game on iphone and itouch, you need to beat AI compter opponent.

- Realistic 3D graphics and physics engine
- Awesome music and sound effects
- Free upgrades to new versions
- Full technical support

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Doodle Bowling

By GameResort LLCreleased on:2010-02-12T03:53:48Z

More fun than a box of crayons!
** also available as an ad-free Pro version **

Don't let the crudely drawn lines fool you, Doodle Bowling is a full fledged bowling game with realistic physics and scoring. Send challenges by email or connect to Facebook and compete against the inner circle of your most trusted friends. But be warned: Once you start playing, you won't be able to stop until you beat them all!

- 14 cool themes (Doodle, Glow, Chalk, Cardboard,Arcade Blue Paint, Crayon, Fire, Ink, Cave, Underwater, Real Lane, Space and Back Alley)
- 3D physics
- Facebook integration

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PBA\u00ae Bowling Spare Challenge

By Concrete Software, Inc.released on:2010-06-04T07:38:38Z

Learn to pick up even the most difficult spares in this 3D bowling game! PBA Bowling Spare Challenge is a universal app that supports the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Each game has different spare scenarios to prepare you to pick up even the trickiest spare. PBA Bowling Spare Challenge brings popular locations, including newly added Detroit, from the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour directly to your device! Enjoy a full 3D bowling experience, interactive atmosphere, the ability to customize your bowling ball, and much more.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an expert, with three difficulty levels, this game caters to you! Do you like to put a spin on your ball? No problem! Use the accelerometer by tilting your phone to spin the ball just the way you want it! So, polish those bowling shoes and prepare yourself for the most realistic bowling experience short of league night at the local bowling center!

"u2666"u2666"u2666 FEATURES "u2666"u2666"u2666

- Wide variety of spare scenarios
- Customize controls, animations, and sounds
- Choose your bowling ball's weight, graphics, textures and special effects
- May use accelerometer or touch screen
- New Lumber Liquidator PBA Tour locations: Las Vegas, Tokyo, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Reno
- Five lane types: Shark, Cheetah, Chameleon, Scorpion, and Viper
- Unlock special effects, bowling ball textures and patterns
- View oil pattern on lane
- Easy, Medium, and Hard Difficulties
- Dynamic menus and cutting edge graphics
- Tutorial messages available

"u2666"u2666"u2666 SUPPORT "u2666"u2666"u2666

- Concrete Software is dedicated to providing you with quality apps- including support. Please visit our support forums at for help, suggestions or feedback.

"u2666"u2666"u2666 MORE GAMES "u2666"u2666"u2666

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"u2666"u2666"u2666 FOLLOW US "u2666"u2666"u2666

Follow us on Twitter:
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Finger Bowling

By Bluesky Studioreleased on:2010-06-19T08:30:15Z

Play bowling with your finger.
When a frame start, the ball is placed in a random position on the lane automatically, put finger on the ball and flip to the pins. The angle and speed of flipping determine the motion of the ball. You get 2 balls per turn. Try to get the highest score in 10 frames.

The total score is the sum of three parts, in titled and twisty parts, there is a acceleration at horizontal direction, you need to adjust the angle and speed correspond to the value of it.

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Skee-Ball Free

By Freeverse, Inc.released on:2011-02-10T04:59:32Z

NOTE: For iPhone and iPod Touch only
☆ "This game is near perfect." - Gamezebo
☆ App of the Week - The New York Times
Bring the classic American arcade bowling tradition everywhere with Skee-Ball for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

☆ "One of the most addictive games on the iPhone."
Portable Gamer

Bring the fun of the boardwalk to the palm of your hand with 3D graphics, great physics, and awesome prizes. A true American classic.

With a quick flick, roll the ball up the ramp and into one of the numbered holes for points, tickets, and unlockable achievements.

Win enough tickets and go on a shopping-spree for fun prizes like a set of vampire teeth, a Peruvian Flute Band CD, or even a custom ball to use in-game. Over 80 prizes in all.

Skee-Ball is easy to learn and easier to love: Play by simply flicking your finger across the screen or making a bowling motion. Tilt the iPhone/iPod Touch to add spin. Simple to play, almost impossible to stop playing!

The NVIDIA PhysX engine delivers console-quality physics so the ball rolls and bounces hyper-realistically. Worldwide hi-scores let you see how your hoard of tickets compares to everyone else's. The Plus+ Network lets you challenge friends with score tracking, achievements and leader-boards.

Skee-Ball is celebrating its 100th birthday, but has never felt more modern!

Trademark of Skee-Ball Amusement Games. All Rights Reserved.

☆☆☆ More Great Flick Sports Games!

☆ Flick Fishing - best selling fishing game
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☆ NBA Hotshot - new arcade basketball game

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Monkey Bowl Lite - Free Bowling Fun in the Jungle

By HeavyLifters Network Ltd.released on:2009-03-27T02:10:02Z

Lets go bowling! You bring the banana pins, I'll bring the monkey head balls, and we'll meet at the bowling alley in the jungle! Get ready for monkey business, because the game is on!

Test your bowling skills in four frames of monkey bowling madness. Choose yourself a monkey-head bowling ball, then hurl yourself down the bowling lane with a life-like feel. That's right! Swing your arm and phone in a life-like bowling motion and leverage the accelerometers capabilities to detect spin when you twist your wrist.

Words you might associate with Monkey Bowl Lite are: monkey, bowling, bowl, balls, pins, fun, excitement, entertainment, game, games, sport, sports, jungle, banana, bananas, accelerometer, laugh, silly, lol, omg.

If you like Monkey Bowl Lite, chances are you will also like: Monkey Bowl, King Pin Bowling, Funny 500: Pickup Lines, Funny 500: Riddles, Funny 500: Knock Knock Jokes, Funny 500: Insults and Putdowns, Funny 500: Famous Quotes, Funny 500: Fun Facts, 15000 Baby Names.

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: We certify that no real monkeys were harmed in the making of this game. Device may become slippery if you've been eating bananas, no joke. Always bowl safe and wear a helmet!

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Downhill Bowling Lite

By GameResort LLCreleased on:2009-01-23T07:59:37Z

* Now with 2 levels! *


"Downhill Bowling is one of the coolest mobile takes on bowling I've seen."

"...this iPhone app is a clever, addictive game that is appealing and fun for all ages."

"...more compelling than most of the bowling and 3-D action titles released thus far for the iPhone."

"This is without a doubt one of the most inventive games I have ever played for the iTouch. GameResort LLC has transcended the classic bowling experience and created something new, fresh, and original."


Bowling made awesome.

Play the first level of the popular Downhill Bowling game for free!

Control a bowling ball as it charges down some crazy slopes with jumps, coins, bombs, speedups and more.

FEATURES (Lite version):
"u00b7 Spectacular 3D environment
"u00b7 Amazing physics
"u00b7 Multiple game modes
"u00b7 Tilt controls.

Get the full version for 12 levels of intense bowling action, jam packed with power-ups, mushrooms, raccoons, global leaderboards and other fun stuff.

For best results, please restart your iPhone after installation.

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Downhill Bowling 2

By GameResort LLCreleased on:2010-11-30T05:46:10Z

The long awaited sequel to iLounge's "u2018Bowling Game of the Year'...

Face it, anyone can bowl down a straight lane of polished wood. You need bowling raised to the next power, a wild, careening, joy ride kind of bowling. Ready? Go!

Intense bowling action. Race down slopes, charge ramps, and blast through pins while grabbing bombs, coins, speed-ups and more.

"u00b7 3 cool themes
"u00b7 12 exciting levels
"u00b7 Spectacular 3D environments
"u00b7 Amazing physics
"u00b7 Game Center enabled

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Night Dance Bowling FREE

By 1Gamesreleased on:2010-11-03T07:29:02Z

It is that is bowling crab which happen at nightclub.

If is struck, it gives that is dance another thing for 30 seconds

Dance Time in the exciting music and colorful lights together.

Shake to the rhythm fun look at 30 seconds

Point Up.

Bowling game for fun and enjoy the dance time

Party time :
Hand shake from side to side

Touch Control:"t
Drag the ball horizontally for positioning"t
Gesture (UP) on the screen to throw a straight"t
Gesture LEFT or RIGHT on the screen to throw a curve
Special tanks to cocos2d for iphone cocosdenshin

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"uc88c"uc6b0"uc758 "uac04"uaca9"uc740 "ubcfc"ub9c1"uacf5"uc758 "uc2a4"ud540"uc758 "ud68c"uc804"ub825
"uc0c1"ud558 "ub4dc"ub798"uadf8"uc2dc"uc758 "uc2dc"uac04"uc740 "ubcfc"ub9c1"uacf5"uc758 "ud30c"uc6cc

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By SGNreleased on:2008-09-30T11:29:28Z

iBowl is one of the most popular games ever released for the iPhone and iPod touch, and has been installed by millions of people! iBowl lets you practice by yourself or compete in bowling games over the internet with up to eight people around the world. Using the iBowl "u2018Challenge" menu, you can invite your friends to play or face off against opponents over the Internet.
- Accelerometer based bowling control - just swing your device!
- Tenpin bowling physics - curve your ball into the head pins for the best results like in real bowling.
- 3 cool lanes to play on.
- Compete online in 2, 3, or 4 person multiplayer games.
- Join a bowling tournament against 7 other people online!`
- Challenge your friends by starting a lobby, or go up against long distance opponents over the network or Wi-Fi.
- Find your friends with Facebook Connect and start a challenge match with a push of a button!
- Check your high score against our national leaderboard!
- Earn trophies by playing on- and off-line.
- Brag about your achievements to your friends by sending them a challenge email from our trophy screen.

Available Premium Content
Unlock new features in iBowl! We revamped our insanely popular free bowling app into a bigger and better game by redesigning iBowl from the ground up and adding tons of new features for you to try out.
- Earn Pippins to Unlock New Content: Get rewarded for each strike and spare and spend your new pippins to customize your game experience. Unlock exciting new alleys, bowling balls and outfits.
- Custom Avatar: Personalize your very own cute guy or girl avatar with new duds!
- Bluetooth Multiplayer: Challenge your friends to a game anywhere, anytime over local Bluetooth connection. Now you can enjoy iBowl competitively even off-network and out of Wi-Fi range.
- 3D Alleys: Choose from three different 3D alleys to play in, or download a new themed package lane.
-iPod Jukebox: Listen to your favorite music tracks and playlists while you bowl.
- Twitter Integration: Publish your game results to Twitter and let your followers track your progress.
Player Reviews:
"This is the best bowling app ever. Great graphics, Achievements, Single Player, many different game types for MULTIPLAYER (which is amazing) on top of all that it's FREE!!!! What do you have to lose?" - Ranck3
"Fun game, especially since its free. Good way to impress people at a party with your phone. :)" - DaMan1199
"I love the controls!" - Ralphrc54
"Just like real bowling" - Yunzhe813
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F.A.S.T. - War is coming to your part of the world, will you be ready!? Get ready with F.A.S.T.: Fleet Air Superiority Training. Fly skirmishes against simulated pilots to build flying and dogfighting skills, and then put those skills to the test in live head-to-head combat against other pilots around the world over Wi-Fi Internet!

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Penguin's Bowling Lite

By MystoneGame Increleased on:2010-06-12T02:57:54Z

The penguin sir needs your help to defeat his competitor(big dog, sea bird, little robot) and show them what the true meaning of "strike" really is! It's quirky, hilarious bowling fun just in time for the holiday season!

Penguin's Bowling have three game mode, you can challenges computer competitor, or play with your friends, or play it yourself and challenge high scores. You also can customize your photo and bowling ball style, about fifteen type ball you can select, but you need firstly unlocked it through challenge target scores in single player mode.

Penguin's Bowling offers amazing new visuals and audio effects. The latter includes about 15 type bonus and dirty that can help you defeat you competitor more quickly! Easy to learn and fun to play, Penguin's Bowling will please fans and newcomers alike.

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By PlayScreenreleased on:2011-01-27T05:19:47Z

#1 GAME IN ITALY! ***** By far the best Bocce game in the app world ***** Simple and incredibly fun. FLICK your way to FREE FUN. Single or Party Play, iPod Music, Saves game in progress, 6 Locations, Post to Facebook/Twitter.

The Best Bocce Game for the iPhone is here. Take on the computer or challenge friends with the perennial pastime of backyard barbecues, beach parties, and family picnics ... PlayScreen BOCCE-BALL is the Most Popular Bocce game for your iPhone or iPod touch. BOCCE-BALL will be continually updated with new features and your suggestions.

With the 'swipe' interface you loved in the most popular iPhone games, the fun is maximized with an authentic simulation which allows for responsive and accurate results. Easy to play but hard to master, PlayScreen BOCCE-BALL allows you to use multiple strategies to win the game. Go for accuracy or knock your opponent's balls out of the court, even restart a round by bouncing the little white ball out of the court. The choice is yours.

Looking for a change of scenery? Take your game around the world to six different locations including; The Beach, Central Park, Stonehenge, the White House, and even the Pyramids of Egypt. Get a call in the middle of your game? Not a problem, your game will be saved and can be picked up right where you left off. Remain competitive and challenge your friends as you try and obtain high scores to post on Facebook and Twitter directly through the app.

PlayScreen BOCCE-BALL is officially approved by the American Bocce League and conforms to the rules of

Polish your flicking skills and then take your game around the world with PlayScreen BOCCE-BALL!

Stuff that matters:

* Swipe interface like the most popular iPhone games.
* Single or Party Play
* Post to Facebook, Twitter.
* Six locations from around the world to choose from.
* Saves game in progress
* Approved by the American Bocce League
* Play in-game music or your own iPod selections.

INCLUDES: Scoreboard app for your real Bocce games featuring the scoreboard.


* Control your throwing distance by changing the length of your swipe.
* You can move the ball to the left or right before throwing for better placement.
* Place your balls so your opponent knocks them closer to the little white ball.
* Knock the white ball away from your opponent's balls.


Please contact us with any suggestions or problems, email us at

We value you as a customer. Do not hesitate to let us know about your experiences with our games. Thank you.

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Sheep Launcher Free!

By Kronos Gamesreleased on:2009-08-07T07:00:00Z

Sheep Launcher Free! has reached the #1 Top Free App status in the following countries:

United States
Czech Republic
New Zealand
United Kingdom

Can you launch a sheep to Mars??

Push the big red button to launch the sheep. Keep tapping him as fast as you can while he's in the air to boost him higher. On the way up, collect powerup items such as helium tank, rocket pack and flying saucer. Pick up as many stars as you can along the way to increase your final score. The higher you climb, the more challenging it gets! Compete against players worldwide and see if you can grab one of the coveted Top 50 Players spot!

Purchase the full version and see if you have what it takes to go beyond our Solar System and discover what's really out there. It is a huge universe...

Full Version Game Features:
No ads
2 additional playable characters with different attributes
Massive universe
Addictive game play
Endless replayability
Hand drawn animation
Soothing classical music
Nostalgic cartoon sound effects
Play your own iPod music during gameplay
Hilarious ranking system
Personal high score tracking
Global high score leader board

Try our latest creation - Garfield Bird Crazy available now on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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3D Shuffle-Board&Bowling Lite

By MystoneGame Increleased on:2010-09-28T06:20:55Z

3D Shuffle-Board&Bowling Lite is realistic 3d shuffleboard and bowling game, it have powerful 3D physical engine. you can play it again your friend or computer opponents. if you love shuffle bard game or bowling game, you must try to play this game! Let's go now!

* Real 3D physics engine delivers weight.
* Controls are easy to grasp, but a challenge to master.
* Interactive Touch Screen Play.
* A full desktop display showing the current status of competition.

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Free Bowling

By LOLriffic Stuffreleased on:2009-07-31T04:29:19Z

Make a perfect strike every time with Imaginary Bowling! So easy to use that anyone can bowl a perfect strike every time! Perfect for kids, that bowling fan in your family or to show off what your iPhone or iPod Touch can do!

***Simple yet fun every time!***
Just hold your iPhone or iPod Touch in your hand and make the motion as if you were bowling a real bowling ball. If you do it correctly, you'll feel the buzz of the ball hitting the track and rolling towards a strike.

***Listen and feel how good your bowling is***
Each time you bowl, if you bowl just right you'll make one of 5 different types of bowling strikes, if you don't bowl so well though, you'll get another shot!

Perfect family fun and overall fun for everyone including kids of all ages!

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