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BrainPOP Featured Movie

By BrainPOP00aereleased on:2010-04-01T08:30:07Z

A New Movie EVERY Day!

Learn something different each day with the free BrainPOP Featured Movie App for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch! Watch BrainPOP's daily animated movie, then test your new knowledge with an interactive quiz.

BrainPOP's award-winning educational resources are used by millions of students in thousands of schools across the U.S. and worldwide.

Our topics cover Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Music, and Health - everything from Carnivorous Plants to Abraham Lincoln! All movies are captioned, making it easy to read along.

The more you know, the more you know!"u00ae

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BrainPOP: Pel\u00edcula del D\u00eda

By BrainPOP00aereleased on:2011-01-27T11:54:25Z

"u00a1Una pel"u00edcula nueva CADA D"u00cdA!

"u00a1Aprende algo diferente cada d"u00eda con la aplicaci"u00f3n de la Pel"u00edcula del D"u00eda de BrainPOP para iPad, iPhone, y iPod touch! Ve la Pel"u00edcula del D"u00eda de BrainPOP y luego pon a prueba tu conocimiento con un cuestionario interactivo.

Los reconocidos recursos educativos BrainPOP son usados por millones de estudiantes en miles de escuelas alrededor del mundo.

Nuestros temas abarcan Ciencias, Matem"u00e1ticas, Ciencias Sociales, Salud, Tecnolog"u00eda, Ingl"u00e9s -Espa"u00f1ol, Arte y M"u00fasica - "u00a1todo, desde las plantas carn"u00edvoras hasta Miguel Hidalgo! Todas las pel"u00edculas est"u00e1n subtitulas, haci"u00e9ndolas m"u00e1s f"u00e1cil de leer y entender.

"u00a1Entre m"u00e1s sabes, m"u00e1s sabes! "u00ae

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What Does Not Belong?

By Brain-Go LLCreleased on:2010-10-29T09:53:36Z

Developed by educators, What Doesn't Belong is a fun way to build vocabulary and classification skills. The game is also a useful tool for OLSAT, ERB, or Stanford-Binet test preparation. The game comes to you as the first in a series of games developed by Brain-Go. At Brain-Go, our mission is to enhance the cognitive skills of young children through fun and engaging iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad applications.

For each question, your child will see five pictures appear on the screen, one of which does not fit with the others. The child advances to the next question by dragging the picture that does not belong into the trash can in the lower left corner. To improve vocabulary and word retrieval, encourage your child to look carefully at the choices first. Then, ask your child to say the name of each picture.

Before your child drags the picture to the trash can, expand the learning experience by asking your child to identify WHY the picture does not belong and WHAT the other pictures have in common. For one picture to
ot belong," the other four pictures must having something in common. For example, "The cheese does not belong because it is not a fruit." If your child needs assistance, offer a choice (i.e. "Is it a fruit or a vegetable?"). Help your child gain a clear understanding before moving on to the next question.

Learning can be an exciting and valuable way to interact with your child. For more information about What Doesn't Belong and Brain-Go's fun and educational games for kids, please visit us at

Programmed by Daniel Amitay
Graphics Design by Grace Carey
Soundtracks by students from Learning for Life
@ Generations Achievement Center

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By appbirdreleased on:2010-01-16T06:51:10Z

Bite-size puzzles! Perfect snacks for your brain any time of the day. Choose from six treats in the BrainBox:

1) Fastmath - go for speed on basic math problems
2) Fifteen - slide or tap 1 to 15 into order
3) Sudoku - chose from 1000 sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty levels
4) Sequence - view a set of numbers or letters and recall their location
5) Wordsort - see how fast you can alphabetize words
6) Wordbuilder - build words from a set of letters

Games are quick and fun, and become progressively more challenging as you play so you don't get bored. Use the Stats icon to view your accumulated daily points.

Connect with Facebook and challenge friends or family to try the games and post scores.

Fastmath, Fifteen, and Sudoku can be used in landscape mode.

Games by

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Newton's Cradle Classic Megamind Edition

By Enabled Solutions Pty Ltdreleased on:2008-08-19T01:14:46Z

"Newton's Cradle, now with more balls"

To celebrate the release of DreamWorks Animation's Megamind 3D, we have brought you the Newton's Cradle Classic Megamind edition.
Megamind is the most brilliant super-villain the world has ever know, and the least successful. But when a new villain arrives and threatens Metro City, can the worlds biggest "mind" save the day?
Coming to a cinema near you this December

Newton's Cradle Classic - Megamind Edition
- Updated to include the Limited Edition Dreamworks Megamind Cradle
- Supports Retina Display
- iOS 4 Compatible
- Still includes the original 5 ball designs
- Links to download the FREE "Megamind Stress Buster" App, featuring animated Cradles and sounds from the movie.

Newton's Cradle Classic reached "Top 2 App" status globally with well over 3.5 million downloads.

Here's what some of our users had to say:

"Newton's Cradle is a fun diversion...Responds to touch and tilt alike for hypnotizing effects."
- Gizmodo

"Just so stupidly simple and fun. Great distraction."
- Army Drummer

An interesting application designed to fight boredom at your desk... or anywhere else for that matter. Simply touch and drag the balls and then let go to set the cradle in motion. Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch left and right to play with the laws of physics. Enjoy!

Our NEW PRO version is out now, incorporating user feedback and offering cool new features including:

- 9 different types of "u2018balls' with custom sound effects

- "Freeze Mode" - freeze time and move the balls individually to set up the ultimate clash.

- "The Head Basher" - take a photo of someone's face and turn them into the Newton Cradle balls so you can literally bash their heads together!

So don't bash your head against your desk in boredom or frustration...

get Newton's Cradle PRO now

...and bash someone else's head.

Still looking for something to do? Watch video of our latest Apps:

Follow us on Twitter: enabledgames

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By newpixelreleased on:2009-11-13T01:20:46Z

This simple but addictive memory game challenges you to repeat the patten established by four different-colored flashing lights accompanied by musical tones. You can decide to play in a more traditional fashion--with a repeating pattern that increases by one each time--or you can try the trickier random patten, which will have your brain scrambling between each session!

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By RESOLUTE Games Corp.released on:2010-05-14T09:32:02Z

This app is for those seeking a
new approach to winning others over to your brand. An approach that
is powered by brainwoo and delivers results through smart thinking and

What is brainwoo? It's what powers the Thompson Marketing
Communications companies. brainwoo is a culture built on knowledge,
learning and winning others overwooing our clients' customers.
Structurally, it is what ties all of our expertises together -
advertising, PR, branding, design, interactive, etc.

We are all powered by brainwoo. It is our mojoour flux
capacitorour energy.

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By Veriunique Productions, Inc.released on:2009-12-23T07:38:57Z

Braineo is a simple game with virtually no learning curve...

Yet, it becomes quite challenging very quickly!!

The game works like this:

You are shown an image for a limited amount of time and then it flips over (disappears) so several multiple-choice questions can be asked about the image. The questions start out easy and just get harder and harder as time goes on. It's fun and easy because Every Answer is Shown to you but you soon find out that sometimes it is hard to recall details you just saw (unless you are that Mentalist guy on that popular TV show). You only have a limited time to answer the questions and the quicker you answer, the more points you will receive for that question. If you get a question wrong, you will receive a Strike and if you get too many strikes, it is game over. There are 3 questions asked per Round/Image and there are 6 Rounds per Level. The images become quite interesting and the clean intuitive interface combined with the fun sounds make this simple game worth giving a try.

Braineo also has a sarcastic character (Pampa, the insult Panda), who will harass you to do better when you answer questions wrong but the Panda will also keep you laughing through the game with his sarcastic comments. Pampa, the insult Panda will remind you of that insulting dog featured sometimes on that late night talk show.

Braineo is wonderfully addicting fun that will entertain you for hours as you try to increase your High Score. Also, training your brain to pay attention to visual details like this can be a great asset to anyone for everyday life.

Braineo is hooked up to the Open Feint Global High Score Network so you can compete with others around the globe for the Highest Scores!

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BrainsPool Lite

By Xiaokereleased on:2010-08-02T04:07:24Z

This is a very cool puzzle pool game. Your goal is to knock the red gem into chest.

Gems are tied by strings. By precisely controlling the falling direction of blue gems, you can hit the red gem in the right direction and win.

There will be some other props in the scene, such as flowers, guns, etc. Although they can not be controlled directly, smart players can use them creatively.

Show us your intelligence! Come on!


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