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Spend Free - Personal Budgeting

By Adamcode.comreleased on:2008-08-11T01:53:31Z

Spend Free is the free version of Spend, a simple, easy to use budget manager.

Keep track of your money with Spend, a quick and easy-to-use personal budget tracker. Create daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly budgets in categories that you define [Lite version limited to 5 weekly budgets], and enter new expenses in seconds with a few touches of your finger. Spend travels with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch and does not require internet access, so you can enter your purchases before you even leave the mall or grocery store!

Spend is perfect for people who like to budget their money but don't want to bother with using a full-blown money management application.

You can also export your data to a CSV file, which can be opened in most spreadsheet applications including Excel and Numbers.

Spend supports the display of all international currencies that the iPhone and iPod support- just make sure your Region Format is set accordingly in the Settings app.



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Budget Tool

By Consolidated Credit Counseling Servicesreleased on:2009-12-29T03:18:05Z

Budget Tool: A Finance App - Created by Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

Overview of Budget Tool

The Budget Tool is a money management application that tracks your total expenses and creates a simple to use budget to keep your personal finances in check. You can use the budget tool to find out if you are living within your financial means by comparing your current budget to recommended and ideal budgets. The budget tool allows you to track your spending and conveniently organize your budget in a visually appealing way, allowing you to easily track overspending in specific areas.


The Budget Tool provides six common categories with numerous sub-categories to make your organization simple. This lightweight app, gives you the ability to track your total expenses and generates a simple to understand graph of your overall spending. The app provides the ability to export spreadsheet compatible reports (.CSV) via email. This will allow you to view your monthly spending and keep track of all your finances on your computer. Most importantly it will allow you to create a backup for your financial records.


The Budget Tool was created by Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc., a leader in credit counseling. They have worked many years to provide money saving tips and strategies to get finances back on track. The Budget Tool will provide consumer tips on how to save money and reduce overspending in various categories. This feature makes the Budget Tool stand out over the rest of the budget applications available.

Overview Of Budget Tool's Features:
- Quick & Easy to use interface
- Export reports via email
- Pie charts for expense break-down
- Add/Edit/Delete expense entries
- Simple transaction and budget entry
- Highlighting of expenses over budget
- Backup important financial data
- Keeps track of spending in real-time
- Track total spending expenses simply
- Generate spending graphs for a visual overview of finances
- Compare current budget to recommended and ideal budgets
- Six common spending categories with numerous sub-categories
- Provides consumer tips on saving money and cutting spending
- Large numeric keypad for expense/income data entry
- Ability to save notes for each expense category
- Best feature of all: It is FREE!

About The Developer

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc., founded in the early 1990s, is an industry leader in providing credit counseling and debt management programs throughout the United States.

Our mission is to help families end financial crisis and solve money management problems through education and professional counseling.

Consolidated Credit is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the United States Chamber Of Commerce, The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, and the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies.

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By doejoreleased on:2010-01-06T12:15:10Z

v.1.05 has been released which fixes crashes and issues when adding expenses and creating new accounts through the app.

Texthog is a simple service to keep track of your expenses and personal finances on the go. No need to enter your banking information, Texthog works by entering in transactions as you make them. IRS based categories will keep your expenses properly organized come tax time!

Pro account features include the ability to track mileage and store receipts, as well as track spending among groups.

Unlike other personal finance applications that require you to enter your expenses by downloading your personal data, Texthog offers you a simple tool to track your accounts while on the go.

Save time by entering your expenses into texthog and using our web based service to easily create expense reports on the fly.

Automatically syncs with your web account and you can add expenses when offline, when there's no signal and in airplane mode. Your transactions will sync back up when you come back into signal range.

With a pro account, you can inexpensively store your receipts and documents, and get access to mileage and photo receipt features within the app.

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Day Bank Lite - Budgets Accounts Checkbook

By Quantum Quinnreleased on:2009-08-05T06:05:04Z

Thank you for your interest in Day Bank, the full version is available in the App Store. Day Bank Lite has all the features of the full version, including desktop editing.

Day Bank combines feature rich account management and budgeting into one high quality product.

The pocket app built for speed and simplicity. Unlimited accounts, categories, budgets and transactions. All of the basic features to get started. Plus several advanced features to keep you on top of your finances like never before.

√ Lite Version limits:
- 15 transactions
- 2 accounts
- 1 budget
- You can transfer your lite version data to the full version using Day Bank Station (FREE)

Day Bank goes beyond just backup and restore. With Day Bank Station you can easily backup, restore, and even view/add/edit/delete transactions from the desktop. FREE download available for Mac and Windows!
- Import QIF, QFX (Web Connect), OFX
- Export QIF, CSV, OFX, QFX
- Compatible formats for Excel, Quicken and MS Money

What others say about Day Bank:

iPhone's Best Business Tools

10 iPhone Finance Apps That Count

1.9.x documentation is available online.

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Dough Free

By Code Beyondreleased on:2009-06-25T04:12:05Z

Dough is a three-in-one solution for personal finance. Manage your accounts, budgets/reports and bills in the same application.

Save time by entering everything once. No need to switch in and out of three apps and learn three user interfaces.

The free version is restricted to a total of thirty (30) transactions within a checking, savings/cash and credit account.

You can also create and manage ten (10) bills.

Finally the free version allows you to manage five (5) recurring transactions.

At current prices, we believe our app represents one of the best values in the app store finance category.

But don't take our word for it, compare the free versions.

Dough makes it quick and easy to enter data by providing auto completion,pre filled fields and few required fields. Transactions are easy to browse using visually appealing and intuitive icons.

There are close to 20 How To articles available on our web site.

Email us at for specific questions.

Due to repeated questions on customizing categories, we are providing this link:


Below is a breakdown by modules.

- Create and manage unlimited checking, credit card or cash/savings accounts
- Add, modify or delete any account.
- Capture detailed information for each account.
- Manage recurring transactions with ability to set period as none, once, weekly, two weeks, twice a month, every four weeks, monthly, every two months, quarterly, every six months and annually
- Split Transactions
- Reconcile checking accounts
- Transfer between accounts
- See realtime snapshot of account balance on the overview screen
- Use easy to use icons to identify transaction categories
- Purge old transactions in any date range

- Create monthly budget and view which categories have money available and which are overspend.
- Ability to modify monthly budget. Work with as many or as few categories as you like in your budgets.
- Provides budget stats such as budgeted income vs. current income and budgeted expense vs. current expense.
- Customize category names represented by icons.
- Turn categories on/off
- See a realtime snapshot of your monthly budget progress on the dashboard

- Generate dynamic reports in tabular form or pie charts in any date range for any account or all accounts.
- See pie chart of monthly spending
- See a bar chart of monthly top 10 spending categories
- Export of Transactions via Email

- Add, modify and delete any bill
- Input and track bills due including information such as payment address, paid date, paid amount and confirmation number.
- Manage recurring bills with the ability to set recurrence as one, once, weekly, two weeks, twice a month, every four weeks, monthly, every two months, quarterly, every six months and annually
- Pay a bill with any account
- See the top five upcoming bills on the overview screen at all times.

- Password protection with pin
- Work with over thirty beautiful intuitive icons representing spending categories and three income categories.
- Includes three custom categories displaying number 1,2 and 3 which can be customized if no other category fits
- Data is 100% secure. Your data is never send to our servers.

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My Student Budget Planner

By Palgrave Macmillanreleased on:2010-09-28T07:21:14Z

This handy, free to download app from the UK's leading study skills publisher will help you manage your student finances and stay on top of debt. Perfect for anyone new to budgeting, it does all the hard work of number-crunching - leaving you free to relax and enjoy the money you have.

Designed by the team behind the best-selling Palgrave Study Skills books, My Student Budget Planner makes staying on top of your finances much easier.
Simply input your income and outgoings, set the period you want to budget for and the app will show you how much you have to spend each week. It's the ideal pocket companion for those cash-strapped student days.

My Student Budget Planner:

- Helps you establish your disposable income for the week
- Has a tracker, so you can tot up your spending on the go
- Stores your progress, so you can see where you are overall
- Alerts you if you've gone over budget
Recalculates week-on-week so you stay on track
- Points you to helpful tips and advice when needed

Straightforward to set up and friendly to use, this is a clever little tool that will make your life at college or University that bit less stressful. As a free app, it's the best investment you'll make this term!

For advice on how to organise and manage all aspects of your study, visit Palgrave Study Skills ( and follow us on Twitter @skills4study.

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Paper Finance Lite

By idealSky Software, LLCreleased on:2010-09-02T12:42:50Z

★ "...this app is a dream come true for someone looking for a quick and easy way to keep track of their daily income/expenses! " -

★ Featured in Macworld!

PaperFinance is a personal finance app intended to provide every feature needed in an expense and income tracker, without the overcomplexity and lifelessness found in most money apps. Use its refreshing and fun interface to easily input and track your expenses, income, accounts, categories, and budgets, without getting bogged down in bloat.

What makes PaperFinance different?
1) It is the only finance app to have a full swipe interface. Once you try it, you'll never want to go back to boring tapfests.
2) It strives to make finance-tracking as easy and intuitive as possible, without becoming another minimalist app that skimps on serious features.
3) It continuously improves and innovates. The functionality of the app has nearly tripled since its original release, and we're only on the third update!
4) It innovates and dares to think differently. PaperFinance has many features that no other app has, such as the swipe interface, single-screen reporting, graphs for any report, the most comprehensive backup/restore system ever (paid-version only), PDF export (paid-version only), and more.
5) We listen! We have responded to every user feedback ever submitted, and about 50% of all feature requests have made it into the app within two months.

See it in action at:

LITE VERSION DIFFERENCES: Ad-supported, 35 transaction limit, 2 budget limit, no backup & restore, no PDF export, no passcode email reset.


★ Unique Swipe Interface
Core navigation based on swiping, not tapping. A smoother, more fun experience.

★ Fast & Easy Input
Add expenses, income, and transfers in seconds, through a simple interface.

★ Single-Screen Reporting
Unlike most money apps, PaperFinance doesn't segment your reports over dozens of screen levels.

★ Powerful Reporting Options
Five report types, including "by date" and "by category", plus date and sort control.

★ Unlimited Graphing
Graph ANY report from the Reporting Screen to bar and pie charts.

★ CSV Preview & Export
PaperFinance was the first expense and income tracker to offer CSV Preview and PDF Export (PDF export is available on paid version only).

★ Budgets w/ Recurrence & Rollover
Create budgets and track them automatically. Unique budget statistics, such as pace and spending allowance.

★ Built-In Help
PaperFinance has a full user guide and FAQ built right into the app, no connectivity required, plus an intro tour for new users.

★ Solid Performance
PaperFinance has been tested to ensure that it performs reliably over time, even with thousands of entries.

★ Fast Recurrence
Even the longest recurrence operations complete in seconds, not minutes. All standard recurrence options supported.

★ Customizable Settings
Set favorite accounts, categories, views and more through the Settings Screen.

★ Unique, Cohesive Design
Say no to the gray hodgepodge. PaperFinance has a unique look that is consistent throughout every screen. The most unique finance app on iOS.

★ Full Calendar
See your dates in perspective with a complete calendar that has the familiar look of the native iPhone calendar.

★ Pop-up Tips
How does that feature work? Optional pop-up tips keep you informed.

★ Automatic Data Migration to Paid Version
Seamlessly transfer your data when you're ready to upgrade to the paid version (requires iOS4).

★ Other Features
Optional passcode protection
Ability to search transactions
Usable with any currency
iOS4 multitasking
iPhone4 high-resolution images for retina display
Intuitive terms that everyone can understand (no "payees", "vendors", or crazy acronyms!)

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Tip Sheet Lite

By Rick Frielereleased on:2009-12-18T08:38:15Z

Keep track of your tip earnings with ease!

Track hourly pay, cash tips, credit card tips, tips to others, sales, and much more! See what you've month to date, year to date and more.

This is the perfect app for anyone in the service industry or anyone who has tip income.

- Support for multiple jobs
- Quickly view your daily earnings in a monthly calendar view
- Differentiate between cash and credit card tips
- Keep track of sales and tip percentages
- Multiple summary views
- Organize your shifts into pay periods
- Export data via email

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By BudgetTrackerreleased on:2009-12-17T08:12:36Z

BudgetTracker is an online money management and personal finance application that you can manage from any internet connection via computer or mobile phone.

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Save! The Game

By MassMutualreleased on:2010-04-02T11:51:02Z

Enter into an amazing fantasy 3D adventure—and learn the real rewards of saving.

Download Save! The Game, and you'll run, jump and dodge your way through a fantastic world, collecting all the virtual money you can find before time runs out.

But avoid the iWannas! iWannas are those impulse items that pull at your cash: sodas, candy, cheap toys, and more. iWannas roam around aimlessly, but if they collide with any money—or with you—they'll take it.

So if you want to hang onto your money, you've got to get it to the banks. That's the key to advancing to the next level. And winning Save! The Game.

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iDesp Lite

By iDeias Tecnologia de Informacao S.A.released on:2009-07-07T02:24:24Z

Com o iDesp voc"u00ea controla seu dinheiro de forma simples e eficiente. Com apenas um toque veja sua receita, suas despesas e o balan"u00e7o mensal.

Esta "u00e9 uma vers"u00e3o de demonstra"u00e7"u00e3o que permite testar todas as funcionalidades, mas com restri"u00e7"u00e3o para inclus"u00e3o de 10 despesas.


- Progresso das despesas do m"u00eas
- Indicativo de despesas pagas e n"u00e3o pagas
- Indicativo de despesas atrasadas
- Prote"u00e7"u00e3o por senha
- Exporta"u00e7"u00e3o de dados
- Depesas recorrentes
- Receita padr"u00e3o
- Dispon"u00edvel em 4 idiomas: Portugu"u00eas, Ingl"u00eas, Espanhol e Franc"u00eas


With iDesp you take control of your money simply and efficiently. With just one touch view your monthly budget, expenses and balance.

This is a demonstration version that allows you to test all the features, limited to include 10 expenses only.


- Progress of monthly expenses
- Indicative of paid and unpaid expenses
- Indicative of overdue expenses
- Password Protection
- Data exportation
- Recurrent expenses
- Default budget
- Available in 4 languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French

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MFX Budget

By MFX Studiosreleased on:2009-12-15T08:37:20Z

MFX Budget is the financial application to help keep track of your expenses. You can enter in your spending and manage how you are doing. MFX Budget allows you to have an idea of how your spending is by letting you view reports that show your spending trends.

-Simple transaction and budget entry
-View daily, weekly, monthly budgeting
-Recurring Expenses/Incomes
-Spending/Budget Reports
-View Spending by categories to view spending trends

More features to come

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By Zachary Knudsonreleased on:2010-06-12T03:01:21Z

This app is a tool to help estimate your net worth. By putting in your loans and asset information, the app will calculate your net worth. After adding your bills and incomes, it will give you your cash flow. The app will then estimate your rate of net worth change per day given the information you have provided.

Of course, this would only be accurate until you spent money. When you purchase something, you can click on net worth, and it will give you the ability to log your purchase price, and provide a comment for that transaction. It then asks you for a category for the expense. After a while it is surprising to see how much money you have spent!

The app keeps track of the purchases, and gives you a daily average in each category, and even a pie chart.

Please keep in mind all information provided by the app is an estimate only. All financial decisions should be made by a qualified financial adviser.

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By 2see Technology, LLCreleased on:2010-05-13T11:30:50Z

The BudgetSimple app is a free companion app to the popular free online budget, The BudgetSimple app will allow you to add income and expense transactions on the go, automatically synching them to your BudgetSimple profile.

BudgetSimple works under the simple philosophy that to create a balanced budget you must spend less (or equal to) what you earn. Most people with credit card debt are running their household at a deficit (spending more then is earned). Do you make a decent amount of money but always feel like the bank account is short? Our users have found it amazing how simply tracking where your money goes can help you identify why you are in debt or not saving as much as you want. It's designed to be simple enough for anyone, and best of all it's free!

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Bible Money Matters

By MotherAppreleased on:2010-02-05T10:31:29Z

Bible Money Matters is an App based on the personal finance blog, Money Matters has content published daily on topics including budgeting, debt elimination, saving, frugality, thrift, debt, faith based investing, taxes, ways to make money, insurance, retirement and lots more! The App contains an RSS feed from the blog as well as a feed from Money Matter's Twitter account. The content of the feeds are mainly related to personal finance, but will sometimes cover more diverse topics. Add us now, we look forward to sharing with you!

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P2K Money

By Loconuts, Inc.released on:2010-12-03T08:15:52Z

In the current financial climate, it's important that your kids understand the value of money and the responsibilities necessary in handling it; but is there a best way to engage them on how to make the right choices with their money?

That's the purpose of P2K Money. This is an easy-to-use iPhone app for parents to teach their kids about managing money with tools that allow you to oversee budgeting, spending, savings, and a wishlist.

Working in conjunction with the P2K Money website ( ), P2K Money is an ongoing effort to help parents with their kids' money education: how to spend it, how to save it, but most importantly the responsibilities and value of making the right decisions with it. Help make sure that the next generation is on the fast track to financial responsibility and independence.

-track your income and expenses
-an overview of all your money
-maintain a wishlist to help save money towards items you really want
-add an image to each wishlist item to increase motivation
-a history of all the coveted wishlist items you've purchased
-customize the background to add some personalization to your money management experience

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Quick Entry

By Dillon and Lyon Solutionsreleased on:2011-01-17T09:34:07Z

Need to collect data QUICKLY with minimal keystrokes and have it emailed to you as a file?

Try Quick Entry, the app that focuses on one thing... a fast and simple way to collect any kind of numeric data, by category, and email it to you in a number of file formats for quick import to Excel or any other application.

And attached to your data, if desired, are the GPS coordinates of the data along with altitude.

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By Tony Eichelbergerreleased on:2009-10-06T01:43:18Z

Take a quick peek into your BucketWise ( account using BucketView.

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By wiWallet Mobile Paymentsreleased on:2010-05-28T08:52:32Z


AMMO is a chic, super safe, ultra convenient and easy-to-use mobile wallet app for your iPhone, which allows you to:

Pay for the things you love at your favourite eateries
Top-up your electricity meter without leaving the house
Buy airtime from the comfort of your couch
Settle all EasyPay bills such as traffic fines, Telkom bills and municipal tariffs wherever you are
Pay a friend you owe straight to their phone

AMMO is currently accepted at all vida "u00e9 Caffe stores in South Africa, Osumo Western Cape, Arnolds, Saul's restaurants, Blues and selected Nando's, Kauai Virgin Active and Primi Piatti stores in Cape Town, with an ever-growing store offering.

Users receive loyalty AMMO back when spending at certain retailers, and using AMMO is free!

Once you have downloaded the application and followed the registration process, lock and load by either adding a credit or cheque card into the application's profile (once-off process) or via EFT transfer from your bank account to your AMMO account.

Once done, you're ready to blow your AMMO at a store by confidently striding into any store which accepts AMMO, logging into your AMMO account using your secret five digit pin to gain access and selecting "Quick Pay" under the function menu. In the space of a few short seconds, a random six-digit transaction code is generated and displayed on your cell phone screen. Read this out to the teller, confirm the transaction when it appears on your screen and voila! Success.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Budgeting you looking for.

We belive for every paid Budgeting app out there there is a equivalent free Budgeting app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Budgeting apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Budgeting apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Budgeting apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Budgeting app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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