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CalcsFree - Mortgage Calculators (With Estimated Tax Savings)

By MORTAL GEEK LLC released on: 2009-07-11T09:17:50Z

The most comprehensive, best selling Mortgage Calculator App in the App Store with 225,000 users. Two calculators in ONE APP! Advanced analysis on the go. Unique features no other loan calculator offers. See impact of Tax savings on your affordability. Extended Amortization. Loan advise. Beautifully rendered Graphs. Total costs allow you to make smart decisions.

Also available as an Ad-free version-Search for "CalcsPro".

1) Simple
Designed for people with a need for on-the-go and simple analysis.
Simple Input Methods. Use the glide of your finger to quickly try different scenarios.
See calculations change in real time!

2) Extended
Helps you to beat the lender at his/her own game! Understand terms like DTI, LTV, etc.
Designed for people who want to conduct detailed analysis about their situation, and understand loan criteria used by lenders.
Input values as either a percent or an absolute amount.
Click on the "u24d8 icon to see help & advice on the topic.
Analyze multiple loans for multiple properties.

Unique features common to both Calculators
Wicked fast; designed for attractive, simple usability with field navigation between text fields (similar to Safari).
See estimated Tax Savings. The savings calculations are automatically capped based on tax-filling-status.
Beautifully rendered Graphs help you visualize and understand easily.
E-Mail Loan Summary, Total Costs, Amortization Table etc. to yourself or a friend.
Loan Term can be Years AND Months (not just Years).
Ability to Input "Other Tax Deductible Expenses".
See Effective Monthly Payment (i.e. amount after Estimated Tax Savings).
See Monthly Payment broken down into various components (such as PITI, PITI + MI etc.)
See Total costs over 5, 7, etc. years (not just over life!).
Pick the date of the first payment and see not one, but ** TWO ** types of Amortization tables! A "Simple" Amortization table shows all the information in a compact table format which can also be e-mailed to yourself or a friend. An "Extended" Amortization table puts a lot of detailed information at your finger tips (See below).

Results broken into Sections by year.
Jump to a year directly using an index similar to Apple's Contacts application.
See how much interest you would be paying in a certain year (for Schedule-A tax deduction calculations).
See Effective Monthly Payment for a Month (i.e. after tax savings).
See how much you could save due to tax benefits (in a year or in a month).
See Interest & Principle for a month.
See Cumulative Interest Paid & Principle Paid.
See Loan Balance Due.

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By rumanek released on: 2011-02-03T12:26:34Z

Quick and easy-to-use calculators. We have built 5 calculators into one application giving you the choice of either one to use. The latest mortgage, loan, insolvency and credit card calculators no matter where you are

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By Springer-Verlag Italia Srl released on: 2010-03-03T11:42:55Z

This application integrates two important tools for everyday clinical practice in radiology: the Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) calculator and the Dose-flux calculator.

The GFR calculator returns estimated values of both GFR (expressed in ml/min for an average height of 1.73 m2) and creatinine clearance (ml/ml), based on entry values of age, weight, gender, race and serum creatinine.
The Dose-flux calculator permits various calculations related to the administration of contrast medium, such as the dose and flux of iodine (based on the injection parameters) and the injection parameters (based on the desired iodine dose and flux).

The calculators are available free for use on and can now be downloaded to your iPhone.

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PharmacyLibrary Calculators

By Silverchair released on: 2010-07-11T03:30:44Z

PharmacyLibrary Calculators contains calculators for body mass index (BMI), body surface area (BSA, including Mostellar, Lam, and DuBois & DuBois equations), creatinine clearance (including Cockcroft-Gault equation, Jelliffe bedside estimate, Salazar-Corcoran equation for obese patients, and Traub-Johnson equation for children), disease risk, Framingham 10-year risk for coronary heart disease, and ideal body weight (IBW).

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RateCompare +Free Calculators, Amortization, Auto Loan Calculator, Mortgage Calculator

By PTAJ Marketing Inc. released on: 2009-02-20T08:00:00Z

*Includes Free Mortgage Calculator including Amortization Tables and Auto Loan Calculator*

Compare Insurance and Loan rates instantly from your Iphone.

Compare the lowest local rates on:

Mortgage Rates
Refinance Rates
Auto Insurance
Auto Loans
Home Insurance
Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Business Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance

No annoying ads either. Just click what you want to see, enter your zip code, and select the company to see rates from.

We are including a Free Mortgage Rate calculator, that shows monthly payments, amortization tables and more. Why pay for one when you can get a better one free?

Also, get a free, very fast Auto Loan calculator.

As a small developer we appreciate your feedback

**Note: Internet Connection required for this app**

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The Love Calculator

By Jude Novak released on: 2009-02-22T02:33:43Z

Is Romance Meant to Be? Test Your Compatibility with Our Love Calculator!

Wondering how compatible you are with your new boyfriend or girlfriend? How about that secret crush? Is it a love that's meant to be or a dud? Now you can stop picking off flower petals and asking yourself if he or she loves you - or loves you not! The Love Calculator has all the answers!

Find out how compatible you are with your new love, that hot boy or girl in your class or a movie star or celebrity! Let the Love Calculator crunch the numbers and get your answer in seconds!

Try it on your friends and family! You may be surprised at the results you get!

Everyone knows that a name can tell a lot about a person. Names are not randomly chosen - they all have a meaning.The Love Calculator will take any 2 names and let you know what the chances are between you and your dream partner.

Calculations are based on etymology - that is the elements contained within the names. Using The Love Calculator you can help you to calculate the probability of a successful relationship between two people.

Download "The" Love Calculator today and use it to get a second opinion on the chance of a relationship working out with 2 people. You'll be amazed at the results!

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Converter Plus FREE

By TranCreative Software released on: 2010-04-29T10:07:22Z

Finally, the CUSTOM CONVERSIONS has been added!
Converter Plus version 1.5 is more powerful than ever with features to ADD UNITS and CUSTOMIZE TEMPLATES.

Converter Plus is the most extensive unit converter that converts currencies, area, weight, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume, bits and bytes and many others.

Live exchange rate update for all 167 world's currencies is downloaded automatically every 6 hours. You can also start the update manually.

Don't let the free tag fool you, this is one of the highest quality apps we are proud of for its intuitive design, fast performance and attention to detail.


- Converting multiple units/currencies simultaneously
- Built-in standard calculator
- Support for compound units like Pounds + Ounces or Feet + Inches
- Automatic currency exchange updates (downloaded from the internet)
- Ability to edit units/templates and sharing the templates via email

To learn about designing templates in Converter Plus, please visit:

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powerOne Finance Calculator - Lite, Free Edition

By Infinity Softworks released on: 2010-06-07T10:24:35Z

powerOne"u00ae combines an algebraic and RPN calculator with simple, customizable, spreadsheet-like templates, giving you hundreds to choose from. Create your own, keep a history and share with others.

This Lite version includes 5 templates plus create one. The Pro version offers hundreds of add-ons plus create an unlimited number of templates.

powerOne calculators have been:
"u25cf Best of 2010 - Apple Rewind
"u25cf Apple staff pick in July, 2010
"u25cf "The cr"u00e9me de la cr"u00e9me of calculators" - AppAdvice
"u25cf "Incredibly powerful tool for calculations of all kinds." - Smokin' Apps
"u25cf "You need this calculator. It's miles better than the competition." - Robert Burns
"u25cf "sets the benchmark for other calculators to reach." - Fred Swan
"u25cf "Not sure how I could do my job without powerOne." - Arvid Martin
"u25cf "A legend. The best financial calculator app I have ever seen." - Worldwide Tech
"u25cf " powerOne shines." - Mac Observer


Whether mortgages and real estate, finance and investing, math and science, health and fitness, conversions or construction, powerOne has you covered. There are hundreds of spreadsheet-like calculator templates pre-installed or in the Library, ready right now for all kinds of what-if scenario analysis. Five templates included with this Lite version; buy the Pro version to access hundreds more.

And for those one-off calculations use powerOne's elegant algebraic and RPN calculator. Perform calculations in either decimal, scientific, engineering, fraction or feet-inch format with functions that include powers, logs, trig and more.


powerOne is easily customized. It includes a dynamic language to create your own calculator templates. It can be as easy as entering a formula similar to HP Solve or harness the complete capabilities of powerOne's simple scripting language. Hundreds of examples and instructions included. Create one with this Lite edition; create hundreds with the Pro version.


Past computations are always available at your fingertips. powerOne automatically saves a history of your calculations. Name them, annotate them, share them or re-calculate.


Whether colleague or client, powerOne makes it easy to share the results and created templates, too. Just choose who to send it to. The results are in the mail.


After 13 years and more than 15 million software calculators distributed, Infinity Softworks has earned its reputation for high quality apps. We'd love to hear from you, whether ideas, help or problems, at


This version of powerOne includes

* Full-featured algebraic and RPN calculator
* Pre-installed calculator templates:
- Currency Conversions
- Date Conversions
- Percent Change
- Summary Data including sum, average, min and max
- Tip
* Access to hundreds in the Pro version
* Create a single template (Create hundreds with the Pro version)
* Perform decimal, scientific, engineering, fraction or feet-inch math with hundreds of functions
* Save a history of all calculations automatically
* Share results and templates by simply entering a recipient

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Practical Money Skills Calculators

By Visa Inc. released on: 2010-05-12T01:55:02Z

Visa brings you this comprehensive calculator suite as part of its ongoing effort to help students of all ages boost their financial literacy. Explore your own financial information in greater detail by using these powerful tools fore forecasting and assessing your financial choices. During the process, you might discover expenses you can eliminate and more effective ways to manage your money on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This suite of calculators is also available at the Practical Money Skills website.

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Age Calculators

By Animion released on: 2010-05-05T05:00:41Z

How Many Days Have You Been Alive? How much hair produced your body till now?


Find us at

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By Promega Corporation released on: 2009-03-27T01:53:09Z

The Promega App provides lots of great information for life scientists, including quick access to molecular biology calculators, technical tips, protocols, and multimedia presentations. The calculators provide a range of functions essential to molecular biology experiments, including DNA and protein conversions, melting temperature, molarity and dilution calculations. The Protocols & Applications section of the App covers molecular, cell biology, DNA and protein analysis procedures, and is divided into chapters covering a comprehensive range of topics --from basic amplification techniques to real-time PCR, from simple cell-based assays to complex imaging techniques, and from protein expression to more involved protein interactions assays. Multimedia elements can also be easily accessed via a separate menu.


DNA, Protein, Tm, and Dilution Calculators

Step-by-step protocols

Illustrations and example data

Extensive background information

Animated movies demonstrating key techniques and cellular

Regular content updates

Links to citations and other useful laboratory tools

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RF Calculators

By Lighthorse Technologies INC released on: 2011-02-25T08:00:00Z

Free RF Calculator from Lighthorse Technologies Inc.
A handy tool for calculating RF Equations and conversions. Equations include velocity of propagation, free space wavelength, characteristic impedance & more. Conversions include radiated power conversions, field strength conversions and more. Presented free by Lighthorse Technologies Inc.

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Calculator Free

By Pavel Buchelski released on: 2010-09-03T07:00:00Z

Calculator Free, the most popular free calculator for iPad, is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch!

- General calculations: adding, substracting, multiplying, dividing, square-rooting
- Standard memory functions: Memory Addition, Memory Substraction, Memory Recall, Memory Clear
- Thousands separators option
- Can handle very large numbers - up to 60 digits! (never displays in scientific notation)
- Multipe beautiful skins
- Large, easy to press buttons
- Copy/Paste buttons
- Key click

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Age Calculators 2

By Animion released on: 2010-08-25T11:56:59Z

How Many Days Have You Been Alive? How much hair produced your body till now? How many..... This is free version of Age Calcuators Pro2. NEW! Share your calculations on Twitter, Facebook or you can send it by email. Find us at

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UK Mortgage Calculators

By Alexander Hall released on: 2010-03-04T03:47:49Z

5 mortgage calculators in 1 free App:

1) How much can I borrow for a mortgage?
Calculate how much you can afford for a mortgage based on single or joint income.

2) Monthly payment mortgage calculator:
Calculate your monthly mortgage payments for repayment, interest-only and flexible (overpayment) mortgages. View your results on a graph.

3) Remortgage comparison calculator
Compare two mortgages to calculate the difference or savings in monthly and yearly payments.

4) How much can I borrow for a buy-to-let mortgage?
Calculate how much you can afford for a buy-to-let mortgage based on rental income and property value.

5) Buy-to-let minimum rent calculator
Calculate the minimum rent required for a buy-to-let mortgage loan.

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We belive for every paid Calculators app out there there is a equivalent free Calculators app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Calculators apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
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- Explore different Calculators apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
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