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By MobilityWare released on: 2010-03-18T09:33:47Z

If you like Windows Solitaire then this is the app for you!

Drag and drop to move cards is supported as well as both portrait and landscape orientations, not all iPhone Solitaire apps support these desirable features.

This is your classic game of Solitaire for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Also known as Klondike, this is the most popular version of Solitare.

Your game is saved when you get a call or other interruption and then restored when you return to Solitaire to complete the game.

Solitaire is also known as Patience.

- Klondike
- Draw 1 card
- Draw 3 cards
- Drag and drop cards
- Portrait
- Landscape
- Custom card backs
- Custom backgrounds
- Leader boards
- Achievements
- Multiplayer
- Right or left handed play
- Game state saved when interrupted
- Unlimited undo
- Auto complete to finish game
- Standard scoring
- Vegas scoring
- Statistics

Solitaire is ad supported.

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Blackjack Free

By MobilityWare released on: 2008-09-04T11:47:28Z

Money won is money earned in Blackjack! Also known as 21, the card game found in casinos all over the world can now be experienced on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Currently the most popular iPhone/iPod Blackjack/casino application, anybody can step up to the table at any time of the day and feel the thrill of trying to win BIG money against the house! Strategies such as being able to split or double down allow players to become high rollers all without leaving their seat.

In this game of Blackjack, the dealer stays on soft 17 and Blackjack pays 3 to 2.

The money used in this game is fictitious, but the strategies you will learn are priceless.

Perfect the art of counting cards without fear of losing money! Use this application to sharpen your skills before your next big trip to Vegas! Or Monaco!! Or Macau!!!

Free Blackjack is a fully-featured, but ad-supported version of Blackjack.

If you like Free Blackjack, but prefer it without ads, you can purchase Blackjack without ads from the App Store.

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Card Ace: Casino

By Self Aware Games released on: 2010-11-25T12:34:07Z

Blackjack, Texas Hold 'Em & Word Ace in ONE APP you can play with your friends.
Get FREE chips every day you play, and join HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of users online.

Play a hand of poker with friends halfway across the country while standing in line waiting for a sandwich. Out-spell a college professor on your lunch break. Take on the dealer or just learn the rules of Blackjack with four friends in four different states while you're watching TV. Card Ace: Casino is a game you can play with your friends anywhere, any time!

Earn FREE CHIPS in the daily lottery EVERY DAY you play!

Card Ace: Casino puts a whole new spin the social multiplayer card game! Find awesome people to play with or quickly jump into a game with your friends using the brand-new "People Grid"! Combining three of the best social multiplayer games around, Card Ace: Casino lets you play Blackjack (21), Texas Hold 'Em, or Word Ace (Hold 'Em + Word creation) online, any time, with tens of thousands of other players.

You can now play Sit & Go tournaments of Texas Hold 'Em!!!

- 5/5 - "...just plain fun." The Current Gamer

With in-game chat, a unique picture-based emote system, and the slickest interface around, Card Ace: Casino is the best social card game on the planet. Earn dozens of hilarious awards, compete for the top spots on the global leaderboards, and see if you've got the skills to become a Featured Player!

- 99/100 - "...why is this free? This game is more fun than games I've spent $3+ on, and... it's free!"

Yes - that's right. The game is FREE - and you get free chips EVERY DAY you play with the Daily Lottery, where you can win up to 10 MILLION chips! Card Ace: Casino's awesome graphics, optimized for the iPhone 4's Retina Display will MELT YOUR FACE OFF!

- 9/10 - EDITOR'S CHOICE -

Already have a Word Ace, Card Ace: Hold 'Em or Card Ace: Blackjack account? Your profile info (Chips, XP, Friends, Awards & the works) will carry over automatically into Card Ace: Casino!

(Card Ace: Casino requires an internet connection to play.)

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Card Ace: Hold 'Em

By Self Aware Games released on: 2009-11-03T11:52:40Z

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Download the game now, and receive an extra THOUSAND free chips!!

Card Ace: Hold 'Em is the online multiplayer Texas Hold 'Em poker app that makes it easy for you to play poker with your friends!

Play online any time, anywhere, against tens of thousands of live human opponents, or use your Friend List to jump into games with people you know you love playing with. With text chat, and a unique picture-based "emote" system, playing poker online with Card Ace captures the social experience of poker night with your pals.

With a beautiful, intuitive interface, and a wealth of features not found in any other poker app, Card Ace is hands-down the best hold em poker game in town.

Build up your collections of hilarious Awards, and show 'em off to your friends online - you may have the biggest stack of chips, but you won't have true bragging rights until you've won the award for winning with one of the worst starting hands in poker!

Got Word Ace? Your Profile, Friend List, chips and XP all automatically carry over between games!

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Pogo Games

By Electronic Arts released on: 2010-12-09T08:00:00Z

**GET 6 GREAT POGO GAMES IN 1 FREE APP! NOW FEATURING THE MATCH 3 FAVORITE, PHLINX!** Enjoy great puzzle, word, and card games like Poppit!™, Word Whomp™, Turbo21™, Mahjong Safari, Sweet Tooth 2™, plus the ALL-NEW addition, Phlinx! Join millions of people already playing Pogo Games - and now play even more for FREE!

Your Pogo Profile is the same on, Facebook, and iPhone/iPod touch. Challenge your Facebook friends to match your personal bests and see how you stack up against them on the leaderboards.

See your token totals grow as you play. And for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, take on WEEKLY BADGE CHALLENGES!

For hours of casual fun on your iPhone or iPod touch, enjoy these 6 great Pogo Games
PHLINX - The mystery of the Phlinx is beckoning you. Reveal the darkest secrets of the Pharaoh and the Sphinx as you uncover the captured hieroglyphs in each match 3 puzzle.
POPPIT! - Pop "u2018til you drop! Release hidden "prizes" by popping groups of two or more balloons of the same color.
WORD WHOMP - Show the gophers who's the real wordsmith and spell as many words as you can before the clock runs out.
TURBO 21 - Enjoy this fast-paced, black-jack inspired card game that puts you in the driver's seat.
MAHJONG SAFARI - Experience this timeless classic with a WILD new spin!
SWEET TOOTH 2 - Match three or more sweets in a row to score!

Your Club Pogo membership gives you 100% Ad-Free gameplay, just like on and Facebook!

For more information about the ad serving technology in this app, see License Agreement.
** DON'T MISS OUR OTHER EXCITING GAMES! ** SCRABBLE, The Sims™ 3, TETRIS"u00ae, MONOPOLY, Madden NFL by EA Sports™, ROCK BAND"u00ae Reloaded, Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit & Surviving High School FREE

COMING SOON: Coconut Dodge

GIFT THIS APP: Click the "Buy App" arrow on the iTunes"u00ae App Store

Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more

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Card Ace: Blackjack

By Self Aware Games released on: 2010-02-09T05:45:07Z

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Download the game now, and receive an extra THOUSAND free chips!!

Play the #1 social blackjack game for FREE. Play online with your friends, or with tens of thousands of players worldwide!

FREE CHIPS! Get FREE chips every day you play! Download and play Card Ace today!


Card Ace: Blackjack is the social online multiplayer app that lets you play Blackjack (21) with your friends!

Play online any time, anywhere with tens of thousands of live human players, or use your Friend List to jump into games with people you know. With text chat, and a unique picture-based "emote" system, playing Blackjack online with up to four friends captures the social experience of playing cards with your pals.

With an intuitive, beautiful interface and a wealth of features not found in any other Blackjack app, Card Ace: Blackjack is hands-down the best Blackjack game in town.

Got Word Ace or Card Ace: Hold 'Em? Your Profile, Friend List, chips and XP all automatically carry over between games!

Want more chips? Every day you get free chips - but if you want more, additional chip packages are available via In-App Purchase!

(Card Ace: Blackjack requires an internet connection to play.)

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Card Games - 4 Pack

By John Rouda released on: 2010-10-14T09:36:28Z

4 Classic Card games:

- The classic Solitaire game
- 5-card Draw (video poker style)
- One player Texas Hold'em (play against the 4 virtual players
- BlackJack (play against the dealer)

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Card Tower: The House of Cards

By Karma World LLC released on: 2009-06-25T07:00:00Z

Brand new version of the original (over 1 000 000 downloads) virtual multi touch House of Cards game! New graphics for iPhone 4 retina display, universal HD version for iPad, 3D environment, real physics, in game screen rotation (landscape mode), pinch zoom, unlimited undo (put cards back and save the house). New arcade mode with OpenFeint and Game Center achievements, solve progressively complex levels and share your results on Twitter and Facebook!

With a good technique and a little bit of patience, you can build a seven story (or even higher) card tower! With virtually unlimited set of cards, you can compete with people around the world on Game Center and/or OpenFeint.

Beautifully designed game, with accurate physic rules and an unlimited undo feature to correct mistakes not to ruin an entire tower you've spent hours to build.

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iHearts - Hearts Card Game

By DMBC released on: 2008-11-14T01:44:14Z

Classic game of hearts
Each heart won in a trick scores 1 penalty point against the player winning the trick, and the player winning a trick containing the queen of spades scores 13 penalty points. Therefore, there are 26 penalty points in each deal. The game ends when one player reaches 100 points. Player with the fewest penalty points wins.

Take Em All
If one player takes all the penalty cards on one deal, 26 penalty points can be added to each of the other three players' scores. Attempting to take em all is a risky strategy, failure to capture even one of the penalty cards will result in the remaining penalty points (as many as 25) being added to one's score.

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Magic Card Trick on myHIP

By released on: 2008-12-30T03:08:54Z

Way back when I was a kid, my Dad showed me a card trick that had me baffled for a few days until I figured it out.

In this magic card trick, 7 hands of 5 cards are dealt out. The victim is then asked to pick a card out of the ones showing, and to tell the dealer which hand their card is in.

The cards are then reshuffled, and dealt out again in 5 hands with 7 cards in each hand.

The victim is then asked once more to signify which hand their previously chosen card is in.

Magically, the dealer turns over the cards and the victims card is identified.

SPECIAL NOTE TO REVIEWERS: Yes, this is a simple card trick, so, if you figure it out right away, good for you, but please refrain from spoiling it for other folks. Don't give details about how the trick works here. It's much more fun if people figure it out themselves.

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700 Solitaire Games Free

By Pavel Buchelski released on: 2010-01-26T06:07:20Z

Are you looking for an awesome Solitaire cards game collection for your iPhone or iPod Touch? If so, this application is for you. Solitaire on the iPhone and iPod Touch has never been so exciting. Get Solitaire Mania Pro Free today and join the fun!

"u2660 12 solitaire games.
"u2663 Animated backgrounds - You can download and install full-screen animated backgrounds for your game.
"u2665 Background images - Thousands of background images available for download directly from our website!
"u2666 Background colors - You can choose any color your device supports as the background.
"u2660 Cards back images - More than 60 built-in cards back images.
"u2663 No moves remaining detection - Alerts you when there are no moves left in a game, at which point you may use the undo button to replay portions of your game or start a new game.
"u2665 Favorite and hidden games folders - SMPro can track your favorite games separate from the rest.
"u2666 Filters - SMPro gives you the ability to filter the list of games according to multiple criteria, like skill level, odds of winning, etc., making it easier to find a game you'd like to play.
"u2660 Hint - SMPro can show you all available moves when you get stuck.
"u2663 Undo/Redo - You can undo even the longest game to replay any move.
"u2665 Save/Load - You can save a game to resume later.
"u2666 Auto-resume last game - When you return to SMPro, you're right where you left off.
"u2660 Drag 'n' drop/single tap play modes - You can move one or more cards by dragging and dropping or a single tap.
"u2663 Auto-jump to foundations - You can configure SMPro to automatically place cards in the foundations; this can reduce fatigue and time needed to complete a game.
"u2665 Tool bar - While playing a game, SMPro can display a tool bar with many common options.
"u2666 Game rules - While playing a game, SMPro can display the rules.
"u2660 Statistics - Detailed statistics for each game and across all games.
"u2663 Internet and local scores board - The best scores for each game and across all games.
"u2665 Animation - SMPro animates card movements, but you can disable the animation if you prefer.
"u2666 Game seed - You can control the random number generator used to shuffle the cards for each game so you can try every variation of a game or repeat the same game as often as you like.
"u2660 Restart - Restart the current game exactly as before.
"u2663 Support for portrait and landscape mode.
"u2665 Sound effects.
"u2666 Left-handed layout option.
"u2660 Background music.

If you have any technical problems, please email us at
Visit us at for more information about Solitaire Mania Pro Free and other fun games!

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Card Shark Solitaire

By Easy 8 Software released on: 2008-10-15T01:04:12Z

Card Shark uses an intuitive drag-drop interface, which should be immediately familiar to fans of Windows Solitaire.

Card Shark is fat finger friendly - piles are automatically split following a drag-drop gesture. Tap foundation piles to autoplay compatible cards.

Card Shark supports Klondike Solitaire, FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Beleaguered Castle, Crazy Eights, Draw Poker, and Memory Match.

Features include:
- silky smooth animations with a tasteful 3d presentation.
- photo library support for custom tables and card backs
- multiple styles of card fronts, backs, tables
- does not interfere with ipod music
- left/right handed stock placement
- undo/redo
- optional vegas scoring
- fast load time
- sophisticated random number generator capable of dealing billions of unique hands

Are you an artist? Contact the author for tools to help you design your own decks.

If you like this game, please consider supporting further development by submitting a user review and/or upgrading to Card Shark Collection Deluxe.

"Card Shark Solitaire is currently the best free solitaire game in the App Store." - Art Of The iPhone

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Monster Game Pack (20 Games in 1)

By Tim Jensen released on: 2009-01-05T08:00:00Z

*** The FAAD GOLD App by introduces Monster Game Pack as Today's Featured Free App! ***

Are you ready to turn your iPhone or iPod into a great gaming machine? Download Monster Game Pack and never be bored gain. Moster Game Pack is a collection of 20 games all located under one icon and all for free. There are no lite games and no in-app purchases to get more games. They are full games and all for free!

Monster Game Pack is also integrated with Apple's Game Center so you can compare your scores on certain games with your friends and everyone worldwide!

The games are:

Color Drop - A word drops from the top of the screen filled with a color. Can you identify the color before it hits the bottom?

Slap Jack - The classic childhood game brought to the iPhone. 3 difficulty levels makes it great for kids to adults.

Bubble Pop - How many bubbles can you pop in 30 seconds? Use your Game Center account and see how you compare to your friends and worldwide.

Tic Tac Toe - A simple game with 2 difficulty levels. So easy, yet so addicting.

Slots - Spin the wheels and see how much you can win!

Sudoku - Test your smarts with this number-based puzzle game.

Blackjack - Can you win the big bucks playing this authentic Vegas game?

Color Find - You are shown 35 different color words that are filled with different colors. Can you find the words that aren't filled with the correct color?

Video Poker -Test your Poker ability with this Poker game.

Response Time - A light changes from red to green. How quick can you touch the screen after it changes?

Darts 301 - Play the classic Darts game, 301.

3 Card Poker - Play this exciting Vegas table game without risking a dollar!

Deuces Wild - Try this exhilarating Video Poker variant where all 2's are Wild.

Darts 501 - Play the classic Darts game, 501.

Jokers Wild - No joking with this fun Video Poker game. Try your luck and see what happens!

War - Is your card higher than the dealers? If it is then you win!

Darts Cricket - You must close out all the Cricket numbers before the computer. Can you do it?

Hangman - Guess the letters of the phrase before your hangman is built. Simple, yet addictive fun!

Roulette - Heading to Vegas soon? Practice with this authentic Roulette Game

## Please note that the Response Time Game Center reporting issue has been fixed in the upcoming update. ##

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Blackjack Lite - Popular and fun card and casino game for iPhone and iPod Touch

By Runic released on: 2010-05-07T07:00:00Z

Blackjack Lite - Popular and fun card and casino game for iPhone and iPod Touch!

Try your luck at the classic game of Blackjack!
This Blackjack game is the BEST Blackjack game out for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

#1 card game for iPad in Sweden, Poland, China
#2 card game for iPad in Croatia, Romania, Mexico, and Thailand


"u2713 Custom cards, buttons, and chips designed specifically for this application
"u2713 Unlimited start overs
"u2713 Split (A surprising amount of Blackjack apps won't even let you split!)
"u2713 Double down
"u2713"u2713"u2713 Made by dedicated developers who care about you
"u2713 AND MORE!

Coming soon:
"u26a1 Customizable deck design
"u26a1 Card counting techniques and trainer

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By YoYo Games Ltd. released on: 2010-12-08T12:18:21Z

Get immersed in this free version of the classic game of Solitaire. This uniquely styled version, with its natural card layout, engages the player like no other Solitaire.

Game Features:

* Klondike Mode
* 1 Card Draw
* 3 Card Draw
* Drag, Drop & Double Tap Cards
* Unique Visual Style Enhanced for iPhone
* Natural Card Layout
* Multiple Game Modes
* Retina display support
* Compare Scores Against Friends
* Variety of Backdrops
* Game Center
* Special Effects
* Game Statistics
* HighScore Table
* Auto Save

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Euchre! Lite

By Water Closet Games released on: 2009-02-24T03:30:15Z

Euchre! Lite is a free version of Euchre! which contains all of the features of the full version except is limit to only 4 points for either team.

Consider Euchre! the ultimate iPhone Euchre game. Whether you are traveling or looking for a way to kill a few minutes, you will love this classic game—the same game played at countless get-togethers and parties. Euchre! will increase your Euchre playing skills, and will be the game you just can't do without.

You will love navigating the multiple screens with the simple sweep of a finger. Adjust the speed and difficulty from Euchre!'s startup screen. The game table screen is simplistic and user friendly. Sweep your finger left to see the cards played on the last trick. Sweep your finger right to view the four players' last hand. Euchre! gives the user the popular option to hang the dealer.

- Game restore
- Hang the dealer
- Go alone
- Multiple computer skill levels
- Computer speed adjustments
- Intuitive game board design
- Score keeping

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Higher or Lower Lite Card Game (Hi Lo)

By Scott Falbo released on: 2009-07-25T06:52:08Z

The classic Hi Lo card game!

Great for a quick game by yourself when you only have a few minutes. See how many times you can guess correctly in a row!

Also great for party games with your friends! Place a challenge and see who the luckiest player is!

Just like our premium version except we've added some ads. If you'd like to remove the ads please consider purchasing our pay version. Thanks!

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Vegas Card Counter

By MoonBeam Development released on: 2010-02-13T04:53:28Z

The Vegas Card Counting app teaches you to count cards the right way!

Counting cards is easy to pickup, but takes
practice to do well.

Along with other techniques it can give you an advantage over the house when playing.

We will walk you through the basics, and then you can be off practicing whenever you have time.

No need to bring a deck of cards just your mobile device!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Card Games you looking for.

We belive for every paid Card Games app out there there is a equivalent free Card Games app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Card Games apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Card Games apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Card Games apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Card Games app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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