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Teacher Tools - Who's Next?

By Naaptime Software released on: 2010-08-21T01:15:35Z

Do the same one or two hands always pop up when you ask a question in your classroom? The Teacher Tools - Who's Next? app will shake things up for your class by allowing you to call on students randomly and even create randomized work groups!

Grab the app today to start realizing the benfits of random calling and random groups in your classroom immediately. Benefits include:

- Makes all students in the class accountable for the lesson information at all times.
- Eliminates any possible bias; no students will be called on too little or too much.
- Saves time when splitting class into groups for assignments.
- Helps with classroom management by not allowing students to pick their own groups.
- Simple to set up, takes just a couple of minutes to create a class and enter student names.
- Great way to use technology in the classroom and keep students engaged.

Calling on students randomly has been proven to have positive effects on learning by holding everyone equally accountable for the lesson. But implementing this differentiated instruction in the classroom is often a pain since it requires teachers to assign numbers to each pupil or number the desks, and then find a method for generating random numbers.

The Teacher Tools - Who's Next app makes the process simple! Just take a couple of minutes to set up your classes in the app, and you can start calling on students randomly any time in just seconds. To call the next student, just shake your iPhone or iPod Touch or tap a button on the screen. No one will be called on to little or too much and everyone will be participating in the lesson, knowing they can be called on at any time.

Do you draw a blank when it's time to break students up into groups? The app also allows you to create random groups to make group work quicker and help with classroom management by making sure the same students don't always work together. Just choose the class and the number of groups you want to break the class into, and a list of the groups will appear. The groups are even given optional names that can help spark students' creativity.

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The 2.0 Teacher by A.J. Juliani

By Six Voices released on: 2010-06-12T03:18:27Z

"The 2.0 Teacher" is a self-help manual for educators around the world. Written specifically for the Tapstack platform, this eBook is designed to explain why using 2.0 resources is necessary in today's classroom, the purpose of each resource, and how to implement this technology in the classroom immediately.

The book identifies the uses of wikis, blogs, podcasts, social networks, websites, and open source platforms — as well as step-by-step advice on creating and using each in the classroom.

After reading this book educators will not only understand the amazing potential of Web 2.0 resources, but also how to improve their instruction and their student's learning through each platform.

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Six Voices' Tapstack format offers a unique and surprisingly fun way to explore your favorite books. By distilling them down to a selection of engaging "cards" like only the iPhone could provide, Tapstack offers you a great way to read on-the-go. Swipe, shake, rotate and spin your way through the most important points from top-selling titles.

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