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Find a Coffee Shop with CoffeeSpot - Indie or Starbucks

By released on: 2009-06-17T06:16:23Z

Jonesin' for some Joe? JUST ONE TAP gets you to the closest coffee shop to your location.

App features:

Filter results - Ex: filter out chains you don't want to see or filter out independently owned shops

Listings of all brands of coffee shops in your area - big name and mom & pops

Ability to save favorite locations (great for people who travel)

Ability search by your coordinates or by city or zip code (maybe a friend needs your help finding a nearby shop?)

Quickly call or map locations

Invite friends to join you at a shop

Send Suggestions!

If you have ideas on how to make CoffeeSpot better, please let us know - just click on the support link below. We want to hear from our customers!

Thanks for downloading CoffeeSpot :) jen

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Coffee Finder

By IntuApps released on: 2008-10-19T10:50:14Z

Find the closest Starbucks locations in a heartbeat and for FREE!


* Worldwide, accurate listings of all Starbucks locations.

* Uses location aware feature (GPS) to find the closest locations, with the alternative option to input ZIP code or city, state (requires internet access).

* Easy clicks to Map to Store, Call Store, or Invite a friend.

* Each listing indicates the location's services, such as drive-thru, hot food, wi-fi, etc.

* Check your Starbucks card's balance (requires internet access).

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Find Ice Cream with IceCreamSpot Lite - the Ultimate Ice Cream Finder

By released on: 2010-07-22T09:53:57Z

JUST ONE TAP gets you the closest ice cream shops to your location.

Filter by specific chains to include or exclude the shops you choose.

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By Jossware released on: 2009-10-15T04:50:04Z

Coffee Seeker FE for your iPhone helps you find your next cup of coffee wherever you are.

- Finds popular coffee shops near your current location
- Easily see the direction and the distance to each coffee shop
- Integrates with the default maps application for more specific directions
- Save your favorite locations for easy access
- Filter your results based on distance and preferred stores
- Supports the US or Metric system for distance measurements
- Extensive location database
- Very easy to use

Useful for frequent travelers or for hopeless coffee junkies (like ourselves), Coffee Seeker provides a very quick and easy way to find the closest coffee shops to you no matter where you are. It is easy to see how far away each shop is and in what direction. You can save your favorite shops for quick and easy access. With a touch of a button, detailed directions are available from the built-in Maps application. Currently, Coffee Seeker supports Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and Peet's Coffee and Tea locations in the United States.

Coffee Seeker FE is the free, ad-supported edition of Coffee Seeker.

Find your fix with Coffee Seeker.

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Your Favourite Coffee Finder

By Be'ato Coffee Company Inc. released on: 2010-09-04T08:13:36Z

An answer to the coffee lover's prayers. Finally a tool that will get any coffee drinker connected with a coffee that they will love.

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The World of Genovese Coffee

By A. Genovese & Sons Pty Ltd released on: 2009-12-24T12:35:36Z

Welcome to the The World of Genovese Coffee. A place where we want to bring you the best coffee flavours of the world. To help you find a Cafe that sells Genovese coffee we have developed our Cafe locator that advises you on the closest Cafe to your location. Or you can search where a Cafe is at your next destination. Once you have decided on a Cafe, you can email your friends and invite them to join you. It's simple and easy. Enjoy.


1. Find a Genovese Coffee based on your Geolocation with one click
2. Use the integrated maps to help you find your nearest Cafe
3. Add your discovered Cafes to your favorites list
4. Invite a friend for a coffee by simply emailing or SMSing them the Geolocation to use in google maps

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By XLWTech Solutions Inc. released on: 2010-05-27T11:12:31Z

This incredible ALL-IN-ONE application contains ALL OFFICIAL DATA for SIX popular coffee shop chains and SIX Canadian banks for you to locate and get directions wherever you are in Canada!

Have you been stuck in the middle of nowhere and try to find a coffee shop to ease your instant caffeine crave? Have you been in need of hitting an ATM right away but hated the ripping off fees like us? 1ClickFinder can relief you from those frustrations in no time with unbeatable user friendliness and data accuracy.

Install it now to enjoy ONE COFFEE SHOP AND ONE BANK for FREE for UNLIMITED time!!! That's right! Without paying a penny, you will be able to enjoy ALL application features (NOT a LITE version) under our "u2018Free Services' category for as long as you want!

With 1ClickFinder in your pocket, just by one click, you will be able to locate your favorite coffee shops and your own bank branches nearest to you whenever you want. It is extremely easy and full of fun to use. You must try it to believe!

Here are the unique features and values this "u2018all in one' application has to offer that you won't find anywhere else on the market:

1) Official data for all banks and coffee shops to ensure accuracy and stability.
2) Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Timothy's, Second Cup, Country Style even Macdonald's are all in at your fingertip to search and locate.
3) Royal Bank of Canada, TD Canada Trust, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, CIBC and National Bank of Canada are all available for you to pick and locate.
4) Application will list six coffee shops and six bank locations nearest to your current location.
5) From "u2018settings', you can decide the search range and the number of results to display.
6) By selecting any address, the application will shoot you over to our built-in Google map where you get direction right away.
7) We have your current location pinpointed and all selected coffee shops and banks logo marked on Google Maps for your easy review.
8) Just one click on the logo to show the details of location including the address, postal code, business hours and even phone number for you to dial out right away.
9) Allow you to locate nearest coffee shops and bank location by a search of the address, city, postal code or the landmark. Get to know more about the place you plan to visit before you even get there.

For just $1.99, you will obtain FULL access to our "u2018Coffee Shops' category for all SIX chains or "u2018Banks' category for all SIX Canadian banks, only for the price of a cup of coffee or an one-time ATM charge. No reinstallation is required for your purchase and FREE upgrades are provided.

Your next cup of fresh brew and no fee ATMs just one "u2018click' away no matter where you are in Canada! It is just that easy! This is a value loaded application you don't want to miss out. Give us a try and you will never look back.

Your satisfaction means everything to us. To save you from more daily affairs, we will add more exciting categories soon to 1ClickFinder in our next feature release. Please let us hear your voice!

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By Beanhunter Pty Ltd released on: 2010-01-12T09:13:27Z

Finding great coffee has never been so easy! Beanhunter allows users to add and review cafes from around the world, helping each other find "Coffee worth travelling for". Using your iPhone or iPod Touch you can now find the best places for coffee whenever and wherever you are.

Find your nearest cafes or search for a cafe anywhere in the world.
Read reviews, write reviews and add cafes and photos directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Save favourite cafes for quick access on your phone or online at

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EAT - The Cafe Locator

By Internetics Ltd released on: 2010-03-23T07:00:00Z

Locate your nearest EAT shop, see what's on the menu for today and receive Soup Of The Day push notifications, special offers and more!

* Find the nearest cafe to you with our Cafe Locator.
* See the whole EAT menu, and all the nutritional data.
* Get Soup Of The Day alerts pushed directly to your phone.
* Receive special EAT offers.
* Regular database updates to keep you up to speed.
* Lots more in the pipeline!

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Parabay Timmy Finder

By Parabay Inc. released on: 2010-02-05T08:15:28Z

The ultimate free companion for the Timmy Lover:

"u00b7 Lookup the nearest Timmy coffee shop near you or any address in US or Canada.
"u00b7 Find directions to get there by walking or by car.
"u00b7 Call the store to check if they are open.
"u00b7 Lookup the nutrition information for any item in the menu.
"u00b7 Create an order and share with your friends.
"u00b7 Send your order to your friend via blue-tooth if they have an iPhone.
"u00b7 Email the order to a friend to have him pick up the order even if they don't have an iPhone.
"u00b7 Check your Timmy card balance without leaving the application.
"u00b7 Guaranteed to remain free forever.

FAQ: How to share data with a friend via blue tooth:

I) Your friend and yourself should follow these steps:
1. Launch "Parabay Timmy Finder" application
2. Select the "Orders" option.
3. Click the "action icon" at bottom left.
4. Select the "Share data" option.
5. Select the "Connect to peer" option.

II) If you are the sender:
1. Choose your friend's iPhone from the list.
2. Your friend should now accept your connection.
3. Once you are connected, Select the "Send data" option.
4. Your friend can now return to the orders page to review the received orders.

Please use the feedback option in the application if you have any questions.

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Macmillan Coffee Finder

By Kentlyons Ltd released on: 2010-08-28T11:53:29Z

This great, free app from Macmillan Cancer Support helps you find the best cup of coffee near you. Starting out with over 900 caf"u00e9s and coffee shops reviewed and rated around the UK, you can discover exciting, intriguing and fun places to meet up and have a coffee.

We've reviewed what we think are the best coffee shops up and down the UK - but we also want to hear what users think. Rate the caf"u00e9s by giving them a mug rating, upload pictures of the caf"u00e9, the pastries, the view etc, and comment on them too. Using our clever filters you can get more specific - find coffee shops with gallery spaces, wifi, toilets, alfresco seating and organic produce. Plus, using our map of the UK, you can easily see where the cafes are. Better yet, using our amazing augmented reality technology, you can hold up your app and see a mug representing the caf"u00e9 floating in front of you - all you have to do is follow it to find a great mocha chocca latte.

Why is Macmillan doing this?

Every year, Macmillan organises the World's Biggest Coffee Morning, an event involving millions of people, getting together to have fun, make friends and raise money for cancer care and support. But we want everyone to get involved - and we want it to run all year round. This iPhone app is designed to help people find great places to meet up with friends. And if the app has helped you, you can donate the price of a cup of coffee with our in-built donation button. Plus, you can sign up to host your own coffee morning - all within the app. It's thinking like this that allows Macmillan to help people have a good day.

For more information about the World's Biggest Coffee Morning, please visit To find out more about Macmillan, visit

If you want to donate, simply text "cafe" to 70123 to donate "u00a33.

Have we missed something?
If your favourite caf"u00e9 or coffee shop isn't listed, we want to hear about it. Email - our reviewers will check it out, and if it's good enough, we'll add it to the app.

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