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Yahoo! Shopping

By Yahoo!released on:2009-11-10T07:27:25Z

The Yahoo! Shopping application for iPhone and iPod Touch lets you search through and buy from millions of products in our vast catalog — anytime, anywhere. Whether you're out with friends, on a bus, or in a store, you can search, compare prices, read reviews, save, share products with others, and click to buy at any one of our merchant Web sites directly within the application.


Tax and Shipping Calculation - Let us know where you are, and we'll calculate tax and shipping automatically where possible. It's nice to know the total cost!
Ratings & Reviews - Get the skinny on an item from Yahoo! Shopping's extensive database of user ratings and reviews
Shared Products - Want some more advice? Send any product to a friend via e-mail.
Saved Products - On the run? Save a product to your bookmarks list and check out the details later.
Yahoo! Search Assist - When you start typing in your search, we use Yahoo!'s leading search technology to suggest products and save you typing effort.
Search by UPC - Type in a UPC code when you search, and for products that have one in our catalog, voil"u00e0, they appear.

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Scandit - Barcode Scanner & Comparison Shopper

By MIRASENSEreleased on:2010-10-21T07:00:00Z

Shop, share and compare products with Scandit, a new barcode scanning app that will help you shop smarter and save money. Scandit has been rated one of the top barcode scanning apps for the holiday season.


"u2714 SCAN - Scan barcodes in a snap with Scandit's lightning fast barcode scanner. Recently rated by several popular blogs as the best barcode scanner in the app store.

"u2714 SHOP - Find the best deals at your favorite stores: Amazon, Best Buy, Borders, Ebay, Kmart, Nordstrom, REI, Sam's Club, Sears, Sephora, Target, The Home Depot, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and hundreds of other stores.

"u2714 SHARE - Comment on products that you like or consider buying via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and text messaging and get feedback from your friends in real-time.

"u2714 COMPARE - Read thousands of product ratings and reviews right when you need them.

Media Reviews and User Testimonials:

Eliane Fiolet of Ubergizmo:
"I was impressed by the speed of the scanning technology and the large number of vendors from which you can compare prices. RedLaser is touted by many people as one of the best barcode scanning app for the iPhone so, I tested Scandit against it: the bar code scanner is better, with Scandit, you can capture a barcode even when it is not positioned horizontally, and RedLaser is unable to do it."

Cheryl Morris of Bostinnovation:
"BostInnovation also tested Scandit against competitor ShopSavvy with its 6 million users, which did not recognize one of the item's barcodes we tested. Overall, Scandit is much faster at recognizing items...."

Scandit User:
"I have 3 other barcode scanning apps. Scandit is the best by far! The product lookups are much faster than the others! And the features and appearance are great!"

Scandit supports the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4G and requires iOS 4.0. Scandit recognizes UPC, EAN and Code 39 barcodes.

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pic2shop - Shop by Barcode

By Vision Smartsreleased on:2009-04-04T11:08:09Z

2M downloads! Thank you! Pic2shop is the fastest and easiest barcode scanner on iTunes. Scan the barcode of a product with your iPhone's camera and instantly compare the prices at thousands of online and local retailers. Product information, user reviews, etc., are just one tap away!


1. Download the FREE pic2shop app and open it
2. Point the camera at the barcode until the red line turns green (super fast!)
3. Find out where the product is cheaper and save money. (Yeah. It's really that easy.)
4. Each scan creates a webpage that you can share and access from any computer


ALL IPHONES: Not just the latest models, scans barcodes on the 3G and the new iPod Touch too!
ONLINE SEARCH: Thousands of online retailers help you get the best prices
LOCAL SEARCH: Don't want to pay for shipping? We can tell you if the store down the street has it
LIBRARY SEARCH: Why pay when you can check things out? Pic2Shop searches local libraries for what you are interested in and will even tell you if it's checked out (and when it's due back!).
WISH: Add an item to in one tap
SHARE: On Facebook, Twitter and many others
EMAIL: Send a link to the full results, or the last 20 scans to yourself or a friend via email
FAST: Identifies barcodes faster and more accurately
WEB FRIENDLY: The web sites of retailers are one tap away, without leaving the app

Watch real consumers trying pic2shop on YouTube :

WHO LOVES pic2shop?

"The scanning is super fast in fact faster than any other scanning app that I've tried"
--Sabarblaotoe - Version 4.1 - Nov 6, 2010

"The live (i.e. real-time) barcode scanning is seriously cool"
--Rick Broida

"If you're out shopping and spot something you want to buy, but are not sure if you could get it much cheaper elsewhere, this one's for you"
--Stewart Meagher,

"Pic2shop is amazing. I saved $70 last week scanning items and finding them at a lower price at a different merchant. The store manager dropped the price to the competitors in front of me after I scanned products and showed him."
--Ryan Vital

If you like the new Pic2Shop, please tell your friends! Thank you for your support.

Note: The 17+ rating is only because the app can browse the web, sorry.

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Barcode Reader

By SHAPE Servicesreleased on:2010-01-05T10:05:51Z

Smarter and faster shopping! Take a photo of any printed barcode, and Barcode Reader Pro will show you the lowest possible prices in local (US only) and online stores.

Use Barcode Reader to compare prices, find more details about scanned product, save or e-mail search results for your future shopping. Barcode Reader searches eBay, Amazon, Google Product Search and number of other price comparison services and stores.

Read more about a product on a seller's website in a built-in browser without leaving the Barcode Reader app.

The app uses user's location to find product prices in nearby shops.

Want your parents or friends to buy you something? Send them a wish list!

Supports UPC, EAN-13 and EAN-8 (almost all commercial barcodes).

Full list of supported networks: - global and local search - book search in local libraries - local search - global search
Google Product Search - global search - global search - global search

=== Compatibility Notes ===
No special equipment is required for using the app on iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. Barcode capture with camera works on iOS 4.0 and later, on iPhone OS 3.x all barcodes are entered manually.
If you are using iPhone 3G, you may need additional gadgets, such as Griffin Clarifi, to improve photo quality.

See other apps: IM+, IM+ Talk, Business Card Reader, Smart Scanner, RDM+, iDisplay, Mobiscope, GPSed, Headset and WebCamera.

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Google Shopper

By Googlereleased on:2011-02-02T01:13:38Z

Google Shopper helps you find information on millions of products. Google Shopper recognizes products by cover art, barcode, voice and text search. You can find local and online prices, reviews, specifications, videos, and more to help you make the best purchasing decision. With one click you can save items to your shopping list and share with your friends.

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By PriceGrabberreleased on:2009-12-07T08:18:25Z

The power of at your fingertips.'s iPhone application helps you quickly find the lowest price on millions of products from thousands of online merchants and sellers. Find products, compare prices, read product reviews and get merchant ratings - it's all right in your hand!


Scan barcodes to find products from thousands of retailers

Search, browse and compare products. Search by product name, UPC, Manufacturer's Part Number or just about anything you can think of. You can also browse through our product categories and see what's most popular.

Product reviews. Read unbiased information from millions of users.

See the BottomLinePrice (which includes tax and shipping)

Favorites. You don't have to be ready to buy, just add items to your Favorites and come back to them later.

Get random gift ideas from the Gift Shaker which returns random products from a variety of categories.

Set Price Alerts and get notified when your price alert has been met.

Viewable in landscape mode. Makes reviews and product descriptions easier to read. is the industry leader in online shopping. Millions of consumers use to quickly obtain free and unbiased information about products, services, merchants and sellers before making a purchase decision. Through continued innovation and consistent focus on providing the best shopping experience on the Internet, has established itself as the most trusted and effective online destination for savvy shopping.

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Bakodo - Barcode Scanner and QR Bar Code Reader

By Dedoware Inc.released on:2010-06-11T04:52:07Z

Featured in the New and Noteworthy and What's Hot Section!

"Top 5 Trends in Social Media Right Now" - Mashable

Bakodo Scanner is the best companion for your barcode scanning and shopping needs!

Use the barcode scanner (iPhone 3GS and later) to quickly and accurately scan barcodes on books, movies, games, groceries and practically any retail product! Use the search feature on legacy iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch to search our massive and growing product database.


"u2713 (NEW in 3.0) Rate and review any product (Facebook account required)

"u2713 (NEW in 3.0) Get your Facebook friends to help you make better shopping decisions! Connect with Facebook, and see how your friends are rating the product you scanned. Post the product you scanned directly to your Facebook wall and get comments from your friends while you are out shopping.

"u2713 (NEW in 3.0) Attach product information. If you scan a product and have information about what it is, or where you can find it, add it to our database, so that other users can see it to. Your submissions will help improve Bakodo!

"u2713 (NEW in 3.0) Massive database of grocery product information: locations, pries, nutritional information, ingredients, usage directions and warnings for 200,000+ grocery products!

"u2713 (NEW in 2.11) eBay, Shopwiki, Stickybits and Goodguide results shown in Bakodo Scanner!

"u2713 (NEW in 2.10) - Scan QR Codes (Square Barcodes) and use the information in them right from Bakodo Scanner. Whether it's an email address, contact information, website url, telephone number, you can perform all the actions associated with the data right from the scanner

"u2713 Innovative Landscape Scan, more ergonomic, makes scanning faster (NEW)

"u2713 Scans UPC A (groceries), UPC E, EAN 13 (books, DVDs, etc), EAN 8 (iPhone 3GS only - version for iPhone and iPhone 3G coming soon).

"u2713 Search using keywords, ISBN number or barcode number

"u2713 Search our growing database of 20,000+ retailers. No need to create "custom apps" to search new websites. Simply email with the site you want added and we will make sure to include it in our search results.

"u2713 Email links to your favorite products - perfect to buy them later or share them with others

"u2713 Star products you want to save for later

"u2713 See product detail pages and buy directly in Bakodo Scanner!

"u2713 Search for prices in US Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling

"u2713 Customize the Amazon store you want to search, directly in Bakodo Scanner (More tab)

Information Sources


"u2713 (with Local Results!) (NEW)

"u2713 Google Base (this is what RedLaser calls Google Search)

"u2713 Google Product Search (NEW)

"u2713 (NEW)

"u2713, wine review site (NEW)

"u2713 eBay

"u2713 Goodguide

"u2713 Stickybits

"u2713 Many more coming soon!

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Getprice Comparison Shopping

By on:2009-09-01T07:27:58Z

Getprice is Australia's leading Comparison Shopping Service. With this free Getprice for iPhone tool, you can now compare prices on millions of products wherever you are.

Getprice Mobile enables you to:

- Access up-to-date information on what products are available, where and at what price
- Search our extensive database spanning hundreds of retailers and a vast array of product categories
- Read detailed product fact sheets
- View maps with directions to physical retail stores
- Brag to friends when you find a better deal using your phone!

Our database of products covers the following categories:

- Consumer technology (computing, mobile phones, electronics etc.)
- White Goods
- Clothing & Fashion
- Health & Beauty
- Sporting Goods
- Travel
- Cars
- Gifts & Wine
- Books & DVDs
- Kids & Toys

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By IDCreleased on:2009-05-23T10:47:08Z

When you scan a 12-13 digit UPC, EAN or ISBN, barcodescan will automatically search a variety of providers to find relevant information. This provides super-fast access to user reviews, competing prices, and other details about the item.

*** Note: This version does not utilize iPhone's camera, that functionality is built into barcodescan pro, which is available from IDC on the App Store. Search for "barcodescan pro" today and find out how easy it is to search when you don't have to type anything!

Compare Product Prices
A penny saved is a penny earned. Save lots of pennies by comparing prices for your items at most major online retailers and participating brick and mortar stores. All prices and stores are easily integrated into a table for quick viewing. If you find a cheaper price online, open the link to purchase in Safari and order it on the spot.

Type Barcodes with Large Keypad
Prefer an alternate way to enter your barcode? Choose the style of barcode or have the app try to recognize the type and use the large keypad style button to enter the digits of your barcode. Watch a live preview of the barcode generated as you type like the one on the product.

Location Services
Every time you do a search for a product the location where you scanned it is recorded for your convenience later. When viewing items in a list the location where you scanned the item will show up.

Manufacturer Country Registration
For every UPC, ISBN, and EAN-13 barcode, the manufacturer registers their products with one of the GS1 main offices across the world. Barcodes have the location of the main office from which they are assigned encoded within them. The app takes the barcode and extracts this information. The country from which the barcode originates is then displayed in the detailed view alongside its flag. This doesn't always indicated the country of manufacture.

Service Links
Additional contextual searches are automatically included for certain types of items. iTunes music store links are provided for music and movies. We're also on a constant search for more providers, so drop us a line if one is missing.

Mobile Site Links
Every time you scan a barcode relevant mobile versions of sites are found and a quick link to them is provided. When a link is selected in the in-app web browser it opens inside the application. Great for quickly viewing sites using a slow connection!

Submit Product Information
No results for the barcode you scanned? Not satisfied with the information you got back when scanning an item? Contribute back to the database by adding missing details or fixing incorrect information. You can even take a picture of the label or other identifying information to have us enter it in one of the databases.

Save Lists of Items
Grocery lists, birthday presents, wish lists, anything you want. Any item can be moved or copied from the recent searches into a new list or an existing list. Rename the lists at will and more.

Share Lists and Items
Tired of sending your lists the old fashioned way? Did you find something great to share? You can compose an email within the App and attach the list or item, including links, the original barcode and the item's description, plus your own custom message.

** At this time only the UPC, EAN, and ISBN barcodes are supported: check back for more options in the future. Arbitrary length barcodes and 2D barcodes are not yet supported! If you have problems with the app, please check out the FAQ on our site or email us for help! Send requests for more types to

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EggMon Barcode QRcode search

By Mozzet Co.Ltd.released on:2010-01-31T08:00:00Z

EggMon is a Barcode and QR code search application.

EggMon's proposition
(1) Barcod scan and CHECK-IN service.
- Scan and check-in your product and post your comments or pictures to share with others who scan the product

(2) QR code creation and search
- create your own QR to attache your digital contents.
* pls visit for your own QR code creation

(3) Convenient way of managing various membership cards and their benefits.

Please visit for more information.

ATTRIBUTION: EggMon uses two separate algorithms for recognizing barcodes. One is part of the ZXing Project: is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Full:

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By Alice.comreleased on:2010-01-18T08:00:00Z

With the app for the iPhone, it's never been easier to shop online for toilet paper, trash bags, toothpaste, and 1000's of other household products.

Download the app and "put Alice in your pocket", getting all of the benefits of the service within the power of your iPhone and iPod touch. customers using the app have full access to their product lists, coupons, reminders, and shopping cart to order just what they need when they need it.

Use the app anytime, anywhere, to:

Shop and order all of your household essentials with always free shipping
Add products to your cart when you actually notice they are running low
Access price comparison, ingredients, customer reviews, and other data
Pick up reorder alerts that help you order items before you run out
Leave a special request for our customer team
Track your latest order
Find coupons and browse the top 50 daily deals on
Scan the barcode of any product in your home (or on the store shelf) with your iPhone camera to instantly add it to your order, compare prices or read customer reviews

To get started, make sure you've already set up your free account at ( All orders placed on the app receive the same great benefits you get anytime you order with, including always free shipping, great prices, automatic coupons, and a powerful reminder system to help you avoid that emergency trip to the store.

The iPhone app lets you:

Knock out your household shopping while in the waiting room, on the train, or anytime you have a few extra minutes kill
Save gas, miles on your car, emergency store trips, and time
Eliminate that "old school" household shopping list, and instead use your iPhone to add products to you cart when you actually notice they are running low (for example when you use that second to last scoop of laundry detergent)
Avoid poor purchases at the store with instant access to price comparison, ingredients, reviews, and other data on the household products you buy
Put our customer service team at your "beck and call" with a unique concierge service
Take household shopping off your to-do-list
Never run out of toilet paper again

ATTRIBUTION: The Alice iPhone application uses two separate algorithms for recognizing barcodes. One is part of the ZXing Project: which is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Full:

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mobiletag barcodes reader

By Mobile Tagreleased on:2009-08-05T08:30:18Z

Mobiletag barcode reader is an application for all iPhones, allowing you to read any type of standard barcodes (datamatrix, flashcode, fotokody, QR Codes, 1D UPC, EAN).

Thanks to Mobiletag's universal reader you'll be able to:
- Scan and compare product prices in order to find the best offers for DVDs, books, video games, high-tech products. And many more references coming up every day.
- Quick access to your favorite web content (videos, pictures, news, MP3s . . .) and mobile functions such as Vcard and text messages.

To use it, just open the application and start experiencing mobile web content without having to type anything at all. Just use your device's camera.

Languages available: French and English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Portuguese.

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By ShiningTripreleased on:2010-11-16T08:37:25Z



"u672c"u7248"u672c"u4ec5"u53ef"u5728ios4.*"u4e0b"u5b89"u88c5,"u4e0d"u652f"u63014.0"u4ee5"u4e0b"u3002ios3.*"u7528"u6237"u8bf7"u9009"u62e9"u53e6"u4e00"u7248"u672c:"WoChaCha - "u6211"u67e5"u67e5("u624b"u673a"u6761"u7801"u6bd4"u4ef7)"



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TheFind: Beat This Price

By TheFind.comreleased on:2009-12-03T12:15:06Z

Finally, an app that works the way you actually shop! Beat this Price from TheFind makes you the savviest shopper:

"u2794 Guaranteed to show you the most matching products & find the BEST PRICES compared to any barcode scanning app

"u2794 24 MILLION people like you shop across 150K merchants every month with already! Take advantage of this patented search technology combined with "impossibly accurate barcode scans" from Red Laser

Never miss a deal while shopping at any retail store. Beat this Price is the first scanning app to "memorize" your comparison shopping efforts, painlessly. Check prices for an item at one store, and match them instantly for that or similar items at another, or ask the retailer to price match the best!

NOTE: Use Facebook Connect or please go to on your desktop, to setup a free account with TheFind.


"I'm a fan of TheFind & can't go shopping without it. Their website is great too. I've used many apps, but this by far my favorite. I took my daughter shoe shopping and she found running shoes for $52 that she liked. She is 5 and I wasn't going to spend $52 on a pair of shoes for her. I pulled out my phone, opened TheFind, and found better prices immediately. The store gave me $10 off as soon as I showed them that the same brand was available for $42. Thank you, TheFind!" -- allaboutgadgets.

"My girlfriend loved the bottle of wine at a restaurant, and scanned the barcode. TheFind found the exact same bottle at a store, literally in the same block. All I can say - it was like magic!" -- James.


√ Check prices in stores!
√ Uses "Red Laser" barcode scanning technology
√ Save scanned products in your iPhone Drawer to create shopping lists
√ Syncs automatically with online
√ Identify coupon codes and shipping deals available for each item

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By Teccareleased on:2010-08-31T07:55:51Z

Tecca helps you find, buy, and get the best from personal technology. Bringing together detailed product information and prices from around the web, our app delivers a powerful research and shopping tool to the comfort of your own phone.

We're here to improve your relationship with personal electronics by giving you the ability to:
- SEARCH our ever-growing database of thousands of electronic gadgets
- SCAN product codes to get detailed information about individual products (compatible with iPhone 3GS and above)
- COMPARE prices and buy products from top-rated online retailers
- READ detailed product information before you buy
- CREATE a Wish List of products you want and a list to track what you already own

Think of us as your helpful, tech-savvy friend that guides you to find the best prices, products, information, and accessories for the gadgets of your dreams!

We're here to help, and we'll keep expanding on the universe of products and services available on our app. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@tecca) to plug in to the latest from Tecca!

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BuscaPe Mobile

By Increleased on:2008-11-19T04:15:16Z

The leading comparison shopping portal on Latin America now avaiable on your iPad too.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Thousands of people already downloaded it on their iPhones, and they are finding the best deals. Install it on your iPad and search for the best prices for all kind of goods before decide to buy.

The new version on BuscaP"u00e9 was specialy developed to run on your iPad on a fast and simple way. Now you can search for better prices without having to access any browser. And better: for free! You just have to download it and use at will.

See products and their specifications, compare prices on online stores, see other users opinion and get the better offers. You can also see the list of most popular itens on BuscaP"u00e9's site and set a list of favorite products making your research simpler.

The app also have an barcode reader using your device camera (just for iPhones with autofocus and iPod Touch 4th generation), or if you prefer the code can be typed to send you directly to the offers. The app also displays the currency code from the country where the search is made.

With a pleasant layout and optimized navigation, you can access the offers faster and with fewer clicks using precise search terms.

Success in several countries like: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, among other, the app is avaiable in portuguese, english and spanish. You just have to set your language an start search for good deals.

When it comes to decide for a product and good deals, BuscaP"u00e9 is the app for you.

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WoChaCha - \u6211\u67e5\u67e5(\u624b\u673a\u6761\u7801\u6bd4\u4ef7)

By ShiningTripreleased on:2010-07-05T06:58:29Z

("u4f7f"u7528iOS4"u76843GS"u548c iPhone4"u7528"u6237"uff0c"u8bf7"u4f7f"u7528"u65b0"u4e00"u4ee3"u4ea7"u54c1"uff0d""u6211"u67e5"u67e52")"u8ba9"u60a8"u7684iPhone"u53d8"u6210""u8d85"u7ea7""u6761"u5f62"u7801"u8bc6"u522b"u5668"u5427!"u901a"u8fc7""u6211"u67e5"u67e5","u7167"u4e00"u7167"u5546"u54c1"u6761"u7801,"u54ea"u5bb6"u5e97"u6709"u5356"u3001"u552e"u4ef7"u591a"u5c11"u3001"u5e97"u5bb6"u7684"u7535"u8bdd"u5730"u5740"u3001"u8425"u4e1a "u65f6"u95f4"u3001"u7f51"u5740"u7b49"u7b49"u4fe1"u606f,"u9a6c"u4e0a"u4f1a"u663e"u793a"u5728"u60a8"u7684"u624b"u673a"u5c4f"u5e55"u4e0a"u3002

"u5bb6"u91cc"u7684"u7c73"u3001"u6cb9"u5403"u5b8c"u4e86,"u9910"u5dfe"u7eb8"u3001"u6d17"u53d1"u6c34"u7528"u5b8c"u4e86,"u60a8"u53ea"u8981"u62ff"u8d77"u5305"u88c5,"u5bf9"u7740"u5546"u54c1"u6761"u7801"u7167"u4e00"u7167,"u54ea"u91cc"u5728"u4fc3"u9500"u3001"u4ef7"u683c"u662f"u591a"u5c11,"u9a6c"u4e0a"u5c31"u80fd"u77e5"u9053; "u591c"u6df1"u4e86,"u611f"u5192"u836f"u5403"u5b8c"u4e86,"u62ff"u8d77"u836f"u76d2"u7167"u4e00"u7167"u6761"u7801,"u9644"u8fd1"u54ea"u4e9b"u836f"u623f"u662f24"u5c0f"u65f6"u552e"u836f"u3001"u836f"u623f"u7684"u7535"u8bdd"u3001"u5730"u5740,"u9a6c"u4e0a"u5c31"u80fd"u77e5"u9053!

- "u8d85"u8fc7300"u4e07"u79cd"u5546"u54c1,"u8986"u76d6"u98df"u54c1"u996e"u6599"u3001"u7f8e"u5bb9"u62a4"u7406"u3001"u53a8"u536b"u6e05"u6d01"u3001"u6bcd"u5a74"u73a9"u5177"u3001"u5bb6"u5c45"u7528"u54c1"u3001"u8425"u517b"u4fdd"u5065"u3001"u6570"u7801"u5bb6"u7535"u3001"u56fe"u4e66"u97f3"u50cf"u5236"u54c1"u3001"u836f"u54c1"u7b49 "u5404"u5927"u7c7b"u5e38"u7528"u5546"u54c1,"u5e76"u5728"u6bcf"u65e5"u4e0d"u65ad"u589e"u52a0"u4e2d;
- "u5546"u5bb6"u3001"u4ef7"u683c"u7b49"u4fe1"u606f"u5305"u62ec"u5168"u56fd"u5404"u5927"u54c1"u724c"u8d85"u5e02"u3001"u5bb6"u7535"u5356"u573a"u548c"u7f51"u7edc"u5546"u5bb6"u7b49,"u5982:"u6b27"u5c1a"u3001"u6c83"u5c14"u739b"u3001"u5bb6"u4e50"u798f"u3001"u5927"u6da6"u53d1"u3001"u535c"u8702"u83b2"u82b1"u3001"u597d"u53c8"u591a"u3001 "u4e16"u7eaa"u8054"u534e"u3001"u82cf"u5b81"u3001"u6c38"u4e50"u3001"u5f53"u5f53"u3001"u4eac"u4e1c"u5546"u57ce"u3001"u7f51"u4e0a1"u53f7"u5e97,"u7b49"u7b49;
- iPhone 3GS:"u652f"u6301"u6761"u5f62"u7801"u81ea"u52a8"u8bc6"u522b;"u6240"u6709"u578b"u53f7iPhone"u53caiTouch:"u652f"u6301"u6761"u7801"u624b"u5de5"u8f93"u5165;
- "u4e5f"u53ef"u901a"u8fc7"u5173"u952e"u5b57"u8f93"u5165"u54c1"u724c"u548c"u578b"u53f7,"u6765"u67e5"u8be2"u6570"u7801"u5bb6"u7535"u7b49"u4ea7"u54c1"u7684"u4ef7"u683c"u4e0e"u5546"u5bb6"u4fe1"u606f;
- "u5546"u54c1"u7684"u4ef7"u683c"u3001"u5546"u5bb6"u4fe1"u606f"u7b49,"u6bcf"u65e5"u66f4"u65b0,"u786e"u4fdd"u7528"u6237"u80fd"u5f97"u5230"u6700"u65b0"u6700"u5168"u7684"u6bd4"u4ef7"u4fe1"u606f"u3002


iOS4"u66f4"u65b0"u4e86"u6444"u50cf"u5934"u7f16"u7a0b"u63a5"u53e3"u4e14"u52a0"u5165"u591a"u4efb"u52a1"uff0c"u4f7f"u7528iOS4"u76843GS"u548c iPhone4"u7528"u6237"uff0c"u8bf7"u4f7f"u7528"u65b0"u4e00"u4ee3"u4ea7"u54c1"uff0d""u6211"u67e5"u67e52""uff0c"u8be5"u8f6f"u4ef6"u57284.0"u73af"u5883"u4e0b"u91cd"u65b0"u7f16"u8bd1"uff0c"u5168"u9762"u652f"u6301retina"uff0c"u652f"u63014.0"u540e"u53f0"u548c"u591a"u4efb"u52a1"u5feb"u901f"u5207"u6362"uff0c"u66f4"u65b0"u6761"u7801"u8bc6"u522b"u5e93"uff0c"u8bc6"u522b"u901f"u5ea6"u63d0"u9ad830%"uff0c"u589e"u52a0"u626b"u63cf"u8f85"u52a9"u7ebf"uff0c"u66f4"u65b0"u63d0"u793a"u95ee"u9898"uff0c"u65b9"u4fbf"u7528"u6237"u66f4"u5feb"u4e0a"u624b"u4f7f"u7528"u3002

"WoChaCha" is a barcode scanning software, which allows you to find the price and merchant information of millions of
consumer products in China. Pricing and merchant information are updated daily.

Because current version was compiled with iPhone SDK 3.1.2, so it did not support iOS4's background mode. It's for iPhone 3GS with iOS3.x only.

For 3GS with iOS4.x or iPhone4, please use another latest app -""u6211"u67e5"u67e52(for ios4.x)-"u624b"u673a"u6761"u7801"u6bd4"u4ef7WoChaCha", which uses latest camera API and supports fast switching between multi-tasks.

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Preispiraten Mobile

By metaspinner net GmbHreleased on:2009-02-24T07:25:15Z

With the Pricepirates price comparison tool you will be able to find out right away while you are on the go whether those so-called special offers truly are great deals. Pricepirates searches through a vast range of prices for items on eBay, and in its own database of products from over 10.000 online shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

You can also make convenient use of the integrated watchlist to save interesting offers that you would like to look at later - even without an Internet connection.

Please address any suggestions or problems in an email to

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By Jose A Sanchezreleased on:2009-04-08T10:06:13Z

BookBargain is the perfect companion for price search on books over internet. This utility application compares prices of books on different online stores. You just need to specify country and currency, and BookBargain will find the best price for your country including shipping charges. Once you find your deal you can complete the order from the application (BookBargain will take care of your authentication) or send that offer to someone else thru email.

Who needs BookBargain

-Everyone who's doing books shopping, whether online or on a brick&mortar shop. BookBargain is your shopping assistant helping you to find the best price available on your country.


-Search books on USA, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Canada and google books (Selectable on the BookBargain settings).
-Currencies supported: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Yen, Swiss Franc, Yuan, Danish Kroner, HK dollar, Korean Won, Norway Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Rubles, Sweden Kronor, Singapore Dollar.
-Exchange rate updated every day.
-BookBargain save current search after closing the application.
-BookBargain provides you the best price for a book on your currency including shipping charges.
-Search for best prices on Amazon stores around the world, Barnes & Noble and
-Application settings can be accessed from within the application.
-Application default settings for location and currency use the iphone configuration
-Languages supported: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

Future versions will add support for more online book stores.

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Foundem Shopping Price Comparison

By Foundemreleased on:2009-07-18T10:43:57Z

State-of-the-art price comparison on the go. Compare prices and products from the UK's leading retailers while you are out and about.

Ever stood in a shop wishing you had done more research online? Ever been researching online wishing you had spent more time in a shop? Well, now you can have the best of both worlds by researching online with Foundem while you're in a shop!

From televisions, to toasters, to motorbike helmets, Foundem lets you compare products and prices on the go. The UK's best Price Comparison site, according to The Gadget Show, is now available on your iPhone. Search millions of prices for thousands of products from hundreds of the UK's leading retailers. Easily explore price histories, availability, user reviews, and retailer descriptions. Plus benefit from special offers and promotional codes, and e-mail details to yourself and friends.

Introductory offer - get all the power of Foundem FREE for a limited time only.


- Compare prices and view special offers from hundreds of the UK's leading retailers
- Track product prices over time with our unique Price History graphs
- Easily search for products, simply by entering the first few characters and choosing from the auto-complete list
- Browse the hottest products to see what others are looking at
- Quickly swipe through retailer prices, photos, and descriptions from within the app
- One tap access to your product on your chosen retailer's site. Buy online, direct from your iPhone, or
- Email handy links to yourself or to a friend

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By Zapplireleased on:2010-08-08T10:41:31Z

The ULTIMATE shopping companion

"u27a2The most comprehensive social shopping app
"u27a2Free to download!


Find all the information you could ever need about a product any way you want - scan the barcode, search by keyword, or browse by category. Then read expert and consumer reviews.


Ask friends for opinions or advice while on the go. Post on Facebook and Twitter and get instant feedback that will help you make the right choice. View your friends shopping feeds for insights or gift ideas.


Compare prices among thousands of retailers, for both new and used products, and buy at the best price. Never over pay for a product again!


Get feedback on products from friends using Facebook, Twitter, and email
Scan any barcode, get tons of information
Search millions of products by brand, keyword, or name
Take pictures of products and share with friends
Read expert and consumer reviews for insights
Save products you love to a wish list
Buy at the best price, hands down


Mashable - "The myShopanion app is designed to be a consumer's best friend and serve as a companion app for shopping, as the name implies."

IntoMobile - "The main idea in every example here is - you will never shop alone again. I like it."

Internet Retailer - "myShopanion helps consumers communicate to get shopping advice from friends and family."

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eShopping Madness

By LasVegasWH.comreleased on:2010-06-10T07:25:37Z

A comprehensive tool that allows the end users to look at the same product or products from thousands of online stores across the web. Streamlined for ease of use for the end user, it offers easy searching, simple navigation, and outstanding content. With years of experience in the online shopping cart industry, this application takes one of the most useful tools on the web and delivers it to the iPhone with the simplest of ease and usability.

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By ProductWikireleased on:2010-04-27T05:55:08Z


What is the best Espresso machine?
Which laptops compare to the Macbook Pro?
Is the salesman REALLY telling you the truth?

The ProductWiki App can answer all of these questions and more. Get instant access to the world's most comprehensive product database. Our concise reports are perfect for making smart buying decisions while in store.

- Search by title, barcode
- Browse by price, brand, release date, popular
- In-depth product information
- Pros and Cons
- Unbiased descriptions
- Price comparison
- Competitors
- Barcode scanning (coming soon)
- Wishlists (coming soon)

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CheapDeals101 - We'll Manually Search To Find Best Deal

By iTankster.comreleased on:2010-04-14T08:55:58Z

CheapDeals101 app allows iPhone and iPod touch owners to find the best deals for popular products. Don't let stores and manufacturers fool you with their clever tactics. With this app you'll always know which products offer you the best deal!

Exclusive Feature: Our App also includes a new feature called " Submit Find Deal Request" which allows you to submit your requirements; from which, a CheapDeals101 member will search hundreds of stores manually to find the best deal and email you, for the product you are searching! FREE OF CHARGE!!

* Submit Find Product Request for free

* Get top rated deals from popular stores within 24 hours with our exclusive feature

* Get daily top deals recommended by expert editors

* View top deals by our editors, by category. e.g. laptop deals, mp3 player deals

* Save your favorite deals

* Simple-super user interface

* Save your preferences

* Share deals with your friends
Follow Us on Twitter @

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By Lasoo Pty Ltdreleased on:2009-09-18T04:08:44Z

Lasoo lets you pre-shop using your iPhone or iPhone Touch to search across hundreds of catalogues, products and brands from your favourite local retailers.

You can then use the store locator to find the nearest store - including map and contact details of the retailer advertising whatever you want to buy.


Location Based Retail Product Search Engine
Browse Catalogues
Store Locator, Directory and Store Opening Hours
Product Details - Price, Description, Image
Shopping List - NEW!



Download or update to the latest Lasoo iPhone app and follow these steps to enter the Make a Wish and Win promotion. Win your wish with 2 x $1000 universal gift cards, or win 5 x fortnightly RedBalloon $200 gift cards.

1. Download or upgrade to the latest version of the Lasoo iPhone app
2. Find a product using the app and click on the orange "u2018Wish it & Win' button
3. Tell us why you are wishing for the product in 50 words or less.

Starts 1-Dec 2010 and ends 11-Feb 2011. Go to for full Ts & Cs.


Frustrating shopping expeditions are a thing of the past with the help of the Lasoo App. You'll be able to quickly locate what's available from Australia's biggest retailers, including:

Department stores/Toy stores: Myer, Target, BIG W, Kmart, Harris Scarfe, Toys R Us, Best & Less, Mr Toys Toyworld
Grocery: Coles, ALDI, IGA, Dan Murphy's
Electronics: Dick Smith, Betta Electrical, Bing Lee, The Good Guys, 2nds World, Harvey Norman, Camerahouse, Ted's Cameras
Homewares/Furniture: IKEA, Top3, Plush, Pillow Talk, Sleepy's, Spotlight, Fantastic Furniture, Early Settler, Recollections, General Trader, Whiteport, Sleep City, King of Knives
Books/Music: Borders, Angus & Robertson, ABC Shop, Allan's Music, Billy Hyde Music
Office/Art: Officeworks, Australia Post, Eckersley's Art & Craft, Art Direct
Hardware/Outdoor/Auto: Stratco, Repco, John Deere, Home Timber and Hardware, Stihl, Thrifty Link Hardware, Kincrome, Tradelink, Toro, Bob Jane T-Marts, Jax Tyres, Beaurepaires, Bridgestone, Glenfords, Supercheap Auto
Jewellery/Optical: Michael Hill, Bevilles, Optical Superstore, Goldmark
Pharmacy/Beauty: Priceline, Price Attack, Terry White Chemists, Good Price Pharmacy, My Chemist, Chemist Warehouse, ePharamcy, Discount Drug Stores, Chemist Depot, Perfume Connection
Sporting/Active/Travel: Colorado, Kathmandu, BCF, The AFL Store, League Online, Rebel Sport, Goldcross Cycles, Aussie Disposals
Experience/Gifts: RedBalloon, Adrenalin, Australian Geographic, iSubscribe
Fashion: Surf Stitch, Glue Store, Peep Toe, Westfield
Communications: Telstra, Optus
Rewards: FlyBuys, Qantas Frequent Flyer
Discount: Crazy Clark, Sam's Warehouse, Go-Lo
...and more!
Don't have the retailer you are looking for? Give them a call and tell them to get onto Lasoo!
Lasoo is where savvy shoppers start.

Send your comments and suggestions to

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By Snipi, Inc.released on:2009-04-01T10:38:48Z

To get a Snipi account and download the Snipi Toolbar, please visit

With Snipi your lists are always at your fingertips. Review shopping lists created from the Snipi Toolbar at anytime on your iPhone. The Snipi Toolbar is a Firefox extension that allows you to drag and drop products, photos and videos off of any website into custom, organized lists. Photo and Video lists will be available on the iPhone soon!

We appreciate your feedback. Check out for more about the Snipi Toolbar, the iPhone application, and Snipi's integration with Facebook, WordPress and Twitter.

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DVD Ferret

By Paul Geereleased on:2010-02-11T04:45:29Z

DVD Ferret searches the internet for the cheapest DVD & Blu Ray UK prices. You can search on the title, actor, director, category or format (DVD, Blu Ray, HD DVD or UMD). If you experience any problems or wanted changes, please send me an email at and don't leave negative feedback.

DVD Ferret will display a list of results that match your search criteria. Just tap on a match and DVD Ferret will display the list of retailers who are selling the DVD and tell you who is the cheapest.

DVD Ferret provides a review of each DVD along with the actors, directors and publisher in each title.

DVD Ferret keeps a history of your searches, so you can regularly check for price drops.

It's quick, simple to use and could save you money as DVD Ferret compares the prices of all the top online retailers for the UK and US including Play, SendIt, Amazon, Zavvi, The Hut, LoveFilm, Asda, Woolworths, HMV, Dixons, Currys and many more.

It features an in built browser so you can directly to the DVD at the online store and buy it, email the cheapest deal to a friend or post on Facebook

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By RedFlagDeals.comreleased on:2008-12-21T07:29:50Z for the iPhone and iPod Touch makes it easy to stay on top of the latest Canadian deals, coupons, and freebies from wherever you are! Check for deals and compare prices while you're in the store and never overpay again!

Find a hot deal that should be on the site? Now you can tell us about them by submitting deals from the app. You can attach photos and even add your location automatically if you wish!

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By solute GmbHreleased on:2009-12-05T05:27:01Z

Price comparison for more than 2500 shops in Germany!
Check if the "sale price" is really a good deal in seconds by scanning* the barcode.

Highlight - only for 3GS and 4G Devices:
+EAN-Code-Scanner via videostream-decoding*

Highlights - for all devices:
+price comparison
+test reviews

*The videostream-scanner supports only 3GS and 4G with Firmware Version iOS 3.2 and above or iOS 4.x.

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By iDisrupt.comreleased on:2010-04-05T11:28:48Z

The QuickPrice barcode scanner and search app allows iPhone and iPod touch owners to very quickly search, shop, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases on merchant stores using a simple, yet elegant, interface.

The Barcode scanning feature can quickly scan all UPC and ISBN barcodes within seconds, then help you compare prices at thousands of online stores.

QuickPrice is great for:
* Finding the lowest prices on products, quickly and efficiently
"u2028* Buying the sequel to a favorite book while waiting for an appointment
* Scanning before you buy to ensure your getting the best price
"u2028* Shopping for the full selection of products available from many online stores such as,,, and more!
* Browsing product images and reading customer reviews while on the bus or train
*Cool Email friend feature lets you tell your buddies about all the deals you find

QuickPrice has products available in the following categories:
Bags & Luggage"u2028
Movies, Music, TV, Games, CDs
"u2028DVDs & Blu-ray DVD
"u2028Camera & Photo"u2028
Video Games"u2028
Computers & Office
"u2028Software, Accessories, PC Games
"u2028Computer Components"u2028
Office Products & Supplies
Audio, TV & Home Theater
"u2028Camera, Photo & Video
"u2028Cell Phones
"u2028Sports & Outdoors
"u2028Exercise & Fitness
"u2028Camping & Hiking"u2028
Action & Team Sports
"u2028Outdoor Power Equipment
"u2028Home Improvement
MP3 & Media Players"u2028
Car Electronics & GPS
"u2028Home Appliances"u2028
Home & Garden
"u2028Kitchen & Dining
"u2028Furniture & D"u00e9cor
"u2028Bedding & Bath
"u2028Home Appliances
"u2028Vacuums & Storage
"u2028Home Improvement
"u2028Patio, Lawn & Garden
"u2028Pet Supplies"u2028
Personal Care
"u2028Toys & Games"u2028
Apparel (Kids & Baby)
"u2028Shoes, Jewelry, Watches
"u2028Cycling, Golf, Fan Gear"u2028
Tools, Auto & Industrial
"u2028Power & Hand Tools

QuickPrice, a comparison shopping engine, Helps You Find the Best Value on the Web for Computers, Electronics, Home & Garden, Clothing, Hotels, Autos, and More!

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By Swayablereleased on:2011-02-03T05:31:01Z

Swayable is a cool new way to get opinions on the go!

Stumped between any two items when your out and about. Create a Swayable and have your social network Sway you on which way to go.

You can take or choose 2 images and create a Swayable unit then share it via email, Twitter & Facebook. Your social network votes and comments and you get results back in real time!

Application features:
* Create a Swayable - Create and share Swayables from images you take on your phone or select images from your iPhone's photo library.
* Share your Swayables - Share them out via email, Facebook, Twitter and at depending on your privacy settings.
* Edit Swayables -View and edit your Swayables settings.
* View Results - View Sways and comments in real time as they come in.
* Manage Account -Manage your account settings.

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PriceMe Application

By Price Me Ltdreleased on:2010-09-18T12:38:36Z

This application provides on the go access to the PriceMe Ltd service (also available via or that allows you to search for products and compare retailers and prices for the products.

This covers retailers based in New Zealand or Australia, and covers various categories including electronics, automotive, entertainment, appliances, cloths, wines and spirits and many more.

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By Kakireleased on:2010-02-05T01:13:28Z

* Shopping List and Price Compare in one.
* It helps you to keep track how much you saved by comparing and choosing the cheaper item.
* Allows you to compare prices to see which is cheaper and add or update it to your shopping list.
* You can already access all the functions in our free version, additional features are available in our full version.
* Complete user guide is available at the developer's support site.

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CHOICE Strollers Lite

By CHOICEreleased on:2010-05-14T12:58:10Z

CHOICE tests 12 strollers, priced from $300 to $1550

CHOICE bought five three-wheel and seven four-wheel strollers and put them through their paces in our labs. This application gives you information and ratings on each stroller and explains what to look for in a stroller (eg, is it safe?).

CHOICE is the number one advocate of consumer rights in Australia. As the public face of the Australian Consumers' Association (ACA), CHOICE is a completely self-funded body. Members receive independent and expert advice on the products and services they encounter every day, while the community at large benefits from our high-profile campaigns that champion consumer rights.

Find out more about CHOICE at

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Comparison Shopping you looking for.

We belive for every paid Comparison Shopping app out there there is a equivalent free Comparison Shopping app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Comparison Shopping apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Comparison Shopping apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Comparison Shopping apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Comparison Shopping app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

Comparison Shopping Apps Users Comments