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GlobeConvert: Currency & Units Converter

By Ivan Karpan & Evgeniy Lebed released on: 2009-10-16T09:53:28Z

Live In Your Usual Co-ordinates!
As simple as it is possible GlobeConvert easily converts to the co-ordinates you are used to any values of 80+ units of following types:
"u2713 Temperature
"u2713 Pressure
"u2713 Weight
"u2713 Volume
"u2713 Length
"u2713 Time
"u2713 Energy
"u2713 Power
"u2713 Speed
"u2713 Area

Currency converter contains 190+ commonly and rarely used currencies and updates exchange rates online and on-the-fly.

You can also save your favorite presets you use the most and access them quickly and easily when you need it.

Complete information about the units and currencies GlobeConvert contains can be found on its web-site.

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Convert Units for Free

By Free the Apps! released on: 2009-11-04T09:04:25Z

Download the only app with custom conversions! This free (yes, free) application lets you create your own unit conversions for anything you want, quickly and easily. Convert Units for Free is an essential tool that you'll love and use everyday. Over seven million users already do.

"() this app is amazingly versatile and user friendly. Unbelievable that it's free. Converts dozens of measurements and types and does so easily for those of us with no mathematical abilities whatsoever. The customizableness (there's a word...!) makes conversions fluid, understandable and remarkably convenient and easy to input. Can't say enough nice things about this app. Thank you for this much needed and often used tool."
-Adam Schramm

"I would fail geometry without this!"

It doesn't matter whether you're a physics student, a cyclist or a plumber, you have conversions to make. You could use a pen and paper or dig out a calculator but why would you? It's not necessary now that you have Convert Units for Free.

Why tax your brain when you can get conversions in mere seconds, right on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Need to convert an area or an angle? Want to figure out speed, force or volume? No problem. Convert Units can handle whatever you throw at it and best of all, it won't cost you a cent. Not now, not ever.

Convert Units for Free is not only powerfully capable, it is also the one and only app offering custom unit conversions. It comes with 13 ready-made categories containing hundreds of conversions for you to use but if you don't see what you need, just create a new one!

Here are the included categories that are all set up and ready for you:

* Angle"u2028* Area"u2028* Data"u2028* Energy"u2028* Force"u2028* Length"u2028* Mass"u2028* Power"u2028* Pressure"u2028* Speed"u2028* Temperature"u2028* Time"u2028* Volume

Think an app that can do all this is hard to use? Nope, it's as easy, user-friendly and intuitive as it possibly can be. You don't need a degree to be able to take full advantage of Convert Units for Free.

Just check out some of the features!

* User-friendly, extremely intuitive interface
* 13 ready to go categories with hundreds of unit conversions
* Allows you to easily create your own custom conversions
* Copy and paste for OS 3.0 or later users
* The only app in existence that offers custom unit conversions
* Is and always will be 100% free

Come and find out why over five million users are already making Convert Units for Free part of their everyday lives. Download this unique, one-of-a-kind application for yourself. It doesn't cost you anything and may quickly become your most indispensable tool.

Free the Apps! brings you the quality of paid apps for FREE. Download some and see for yourself. You've got nothing to lose. We have registered over 10 million total downloads. Thanks everyone for your support! We have many more apps in the works! If you haven't gotten a chance to try out our other top free apps, check them out and spread the word!

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911 Police Radio Free
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Crop for Free
FilterFX for Free
HDR for Free
Fisheye for Free
MovieFX for Free

Give us a shout at:

Follow us on Twitter:

We hope you enjoy yet another FREE application from us. Cheers!
Free the Apps!

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a2z Pro (Unit Converter)

By Western ITS Limited released on: 2008-07-18T06:23:46Z

a2z Pro is the free community driven units converter (with no ads!).

The new a2z Pro allows you to convert between hundreds of different units or add your own categories for units that are not already included in the application.

Once you have created that category, you add the units (and their relevant conversion formulas) and then you can upload it to our server. That way, fellow a2z Pro users can browse the online catalog of categories and download a conversion category that is of use to them.

The process of creating your own category is straight forward, but you will need knowledge about that category in order to make it accurate and worthy of sharing.

We will of course check all units uploaded to our server and approve them before making them available for others to download. To make things more interesting, we've included an icon set of 240 Apple friendly icons to choose from for your own category. Your name will be added to the category and you will be able to see how many people have downloaded it and benefited from your contribution.


- ability to add/remove and download new units.

- 2 different ways of displaying the conversions (more coming soon).

- currency conversion for more than 150 different currencies.

- active community constantly writing new conversions for the app.

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myConvert Lite - unit converter

By Lu A Oo released on: 2009-08-04T01:09:15Z

myConvert is your ultimate unit converter.
Designed with speed, functionality and usability in mind, it covers all your everyday to scientific conversion needs.

This is a free version. Full version have about five times more units and without ads. Please search for 'myConvert'.

< Features >
- Multiple unit conversions on one screen
- Faster navigation and fewer clicks as less scrolling is needed
- Build-in numeric keyboard with calculator
- You can add your own units and categories
- Complex conversions ,e.g. 180cm can convert to (and from) 5ft 10.87in, 60kg to 9st 6lb 4.44oz. Others include binary-ASCII-Roman, carbon dating, resistor color code and many more!
- Currency rates updated once a day or on demand
- New units and categories can be downloaded from server directly to myConvert
- Remembers your last input so next time you launch, it goes straight back to where you left off
- Searchable units and categories from home screen
- Lots of ways to sort, rearrange, hide and search as your liking
- Simple, highly customizable, fast and responsive

For full list of units, see product web page -> units.

List of categories from PAID version: Mass, Distance, Area, Temperature, Volume, Density, Volumetric Flow, Fuel consumption, Pressure, Time, Frequency, Timecode/Frames, Video length/space, Speed, Acceleration, Energy, Power, Force, Torque, Angle / Trigonometry, Navigation, Angular velocity, Resistance, Radioactivity, Carbon 14 Dating, Data storage, Data download, Numeral System, Luminance, Illuminance, SI prefixes, Currency, Suit/coat/sweater, Dress/suit, Shirts, Blouse/sweater, Shoes (Men), Shoes (Women), Socks, Stockings (Women), Dress (Juniors), Bra - band, Bra - cup, Hats, Rings, Electric current, Electromagnetic spectrum, Radiation absorbed, Moment of Inertia, Viscosity (dynamic), Viscosity (kinematic), Metal Hardness, Circular, Typography, Concentration (solution), Concentration (molar), Radiation, Radiation exposure, Musical Intervals, Musical notes, Sound level, Angular acceleration, Paper Weights, Resistivity, American wire gauge

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Currency Converter

By OANDA Corporation released on: 2009-09-18T06:18:57Z

Convert exchange rates for over 180 currencies and 4 metals. Type conversion amounts using a custom big-button keypad.


OANDA Rates"u00ae are used by corporations, tax authorities, auditing firms, and financial institutions. They are daily filtered rates based on information supplied by leading market data contributors.


Use the Interbank rate (which is seldom available to the general public), or choose a percentage add-on to better approximate the actual rate charged by your bank or credit card company.


See conversion rates immediately, or ask for details where you can see buy and sell rates for both currencies.

When you convert currency, you sell one currency to buy another. Your financial institution charges you a different rate if you are selling a currency (the bid rate) or buying a currency (the ask rate).


Store the last five currencies you used for quick access.


See the current rate for obsolete currencies, if they were still around today.

Read currency news. Click here >

Online currency tools. Click here >

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Measures Lite - Unit Converter

By Neuwert Media released on: 2009-05-09T12:29:30Z

It doesn't have a currencies category and doesn't allow to change UI themes. Also the library of units is much smaller than in the full version.

Yet another unit converter utility... But the one which is really quick and easy to use. We paid major attention to the usability of the program and hope that you'll find it helpful in your daily work, travel and leisure. We are also very open for your suggestions. Miss feature, unit or category, - then just contact us and we will add it as soon as possible if it fits the concept.

- All in one screen interface with the scroll wheels
- Four quickly re-programmable favorite buttons
- 16 categories of units
- Instant search in units / categories configuration
- Units / categories which are rarely used can be deactivated
- Sorting of units: alphabetical, based on usage frequency etc.
- Built in calculator
- Swapping the units or clearing the input through shaking
- Clearing the input through swipe gesture

- 170 World currencies updated via Internet
- 22 additional categories of units
- Tons of new units in each category
- Switchable GUI themes (currently 4)

Follow us on Twitter:

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3D Converter

By AR Vision Inc. released on: 2010-03-24T07:00:00Z

3D Converter is intended for 2D to 3D conversion. The program can generate stereoscopic images with a finger and share them with friends on Facebook.

1. Take an image from Camera or Photo library
2. Touch and hold your finger on screen
3. Draw region of object to generate a stereoscopic image
4. Change the value of depth using slide bar on "Control" (and you can change the brush size)
5. Select stereoscopic style (Anaglyph or Wigglegram)
6. Click "Save" to send your result image to Photo Library or FaceBook

- Taking image source from camera or photo library
- 2D to 3D conversion using a finger
- Ability to send stereoscopic image to Facebook
- Color anaglyph creation
- Wigglegram mode for a fun, simulate 3D effect

If you have any suggestions to improve this application, feel free to send email us.
you can contact us directly at:

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Convert Trial - Unit Converter by PBF

By Polar Bear Farm Ltd released on: 2009-03-27T02:15:04Z

Convert Lite is a taste of our beautifully designed unit converter. Convert Lite offers a limited range of categories and units to convert between, all from a single screen.

If you're looking for more conversion options, upgrade to the full version of Convert which provides an extensive range of units to convert between.

Categories available in Convert Lite:

Sq. Miles, Sq. Yard, Sq. Feet, Sq. Inches, Sq. Km, Hectares, Acres, sq.Metres, Sq. cm. Sq. mm

Miles, Naut. Miles, Yard, Feet, Inches, Kilometres, Metres, Centimetres, Millimetres

Short Ton, Pound, Ounce, Troy Ounce, Stone, Long Ton, Kilogram, Grams

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Weight Converter

By Gregory P. Moore, MD released on: 2008-08-15T12:09:25Z

Multi-featured weight converter between Kilograms/Grams and Pounds/Ounces.

New Modes:

Normal Mode (for larger weights)
Baby Mode (for Ob/Gyn and Pediatrics)
Micro Mode (for very small weights)

Allows use of decimal or ounce display in imperial (lb/oz) weights.

Reset Button allows you to zero weights quickly easily.

App saves last weight for easy return later.

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iConverter PRO Lite Advanced Unit Converter

By YJ Soft released on: 2011-02-10T02:17:13Z

Free for a short time only.

Advanced real time unit converter, that removes the hassle of using tables, formulas, and calculators, that handles different kinds of units types, such us: Lengts units, weight units, area units, volume units, Acceleration Units, Velocity Units, Force Units and Angle Units, as follows:

(1) Length units:

"u2713 Miles
"u2713 Yards
"u2713 Feet
"u2713 Inches
"u2713 Kilometers
"u2713 Meters
"u2713 Centimeters
"u2713 Millimeters

(2) Weight units:

"u2713 Grams
"u2713 Kilograms
"u2713 Pounds
"u2713 Ounces
"u2713 Tones

(3) Area units:

"u2713 Square Meters
"u2713 Square Miles
"u2713 Square Yards
"u2713 Square Feet
"u2713 Square Inches
"u2713 Square Kilometers
"u2713 Square Centimeters
"u2713 Square Millimeters.

(4) Volume units

"u2713 Cubic Yards
"u2713 Cubic Feet
"u2713 Cubic Inches
"u2713 Cubic Meters
"u2713 Cubic Decimeters
"u2713 Cubic Centimeters
"u2713 Gallons
"u2713 US Gallons
"u2713 Quarts
"u2713 Pints

(5) Acceleration Units

"u2713 Centigal
"u2713 Centimeters / square second
"u2713 Decigal
"u2713 Decimeters/square second
"u2713 Dekameter/square second
"u2713 Foot/Square second
"u2713 G-unit
"u2713 Gal
"u2713 Galileo
"u2713 GN
"u2713 Grav
"u2713 Hectometers/square second
"u2713 Grav
"u2713 Hectometers/square second
"u2713 Inch/square second
"u2713 Kilometers/square second
"u2713 Meters/Square second
"u2713 Miles/hour minute
"u2713 Miles/hour second
"u2713 Miles/square second
"u2713 Milligal
"u2713 Millimeter/square second

(6) Velocity Units:

"u2713 Miles/Hour
"u2713 Feed/Minute
"u2713 Inches/Second
"u2713 Kilometers/Hour
"u2713 Meters/Minute
"u2713 Millimeter/Second

(7) Force Units:

"u2713 Attonewton
"u2713 Centinewton
"u2713 Decigram-Force
"u2713 Decinewton
"u2713 Dekagram-Force
"u2713 Dekanewton
"u2713 Dyne
"u2713 Exanewton
"u2713 Femtonewton
"u2713 Giganewton
"u2713 Gram-Force
"u2713 Hectonewton
"u2713 Joule/Meter
"u2713 Kilogram-force
"u2713 Kilonewton
"u2713 Kilopond
"u2713 Kip
"u2713 Meganewton
"u2713 Megapond
"u2713 Micronewton
"u2713 Millinewton
"u2713 Nanonewton
"u2713 Newton
"u2713 Ounce-Force
"u2713 Petanewton
"u2713 Piconewton
"u2713 Pond
"u2713 Poind-force
"u2713 Poundal
"u2713 Sthene
"u2713 Teranewton
"u2713 Tan-force(long)
"u2713 Tan-force(metric)
"u2713 Tan-force(short)
"u2713 Yactonewton
"u2713 Yottanewton
"u2713 Zeptonewton
"u2713 Zettanewton

(8) Angles Unites:

"u2713 Radian
"u2713 Mil
"u2713 Grad
"u2713 Degree
"u2713 Minute
"u2713 Second
"u2713 Point
"u2713 1/16 circle
"u2713 1/10 circle
"u2713 1/8 circle
"u2713 1/6 circle
"u2713 1/4 circle
"u2713 1/2 circle
"u2713 full circle

Hope you enjoy your work thanks to this advanced unit converter / convertor, it will save you time and money.

Free for a short time only

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Convertisseur universel Free : Convertit toutes les unit\u00e9s de mesure

By oWorld Software released on: 2011-02-19T04:45:21Z

This converter is an application designed to efficiently convert units of measurement such as speeds, temperatures, time, weight and distances etc.! It will help you make a success of your cooking recipes, maths homework, etc.

An essential tool for your iPhone. Stop asking questions like:
"How many millilitres are there in a centilitre?"
"We still have 158 miles to go. How far is that is km?"
"The speed limit is 80 miles/h. How fast is that is km/h?"

The answer is in this application. Its purpose is simple: performing conversions and doing it so well... that you can't live without it.

Conversion categories:
- Mass (7 units)
- Computer measurements (8 units)
- Speed (7 units)
- Volume (13 units)
- Distance (8 units)
- Time (7 units)
- Temperature (5 units)

Can't find a measurement unit or category: leave a comment or send an email to

Upcoming categories: Angle, Force, Shoe size, etc.

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Unit - Converter

By The Bear Flag Republic released on: 2010-01-19T03:17:46Z

UnitConverter allows you to convert for practical purposes units of Weight, Temperature (Free Version) form the Imperial Unit System (used in English-speaking countries) to the Metric Unit System (used in the rest of the World) and vice-versa
This is a very easy to use app

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Converter Plus FREE

By TranCreative Software released on: 2010-04-29T10:07:22Z

Finally, the CUSTOM CONVERSIONS has been added!
Converter Plus version 1.5 is more powerful than ever with features to ADD UNITS and CUSTOMIZE TEMPLATES.

Converter Plus is the most extensive unit converter that converts currencies, area, weight, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume, bits and bytes and many others.

Live exchange rate update for all 167 world's currencies is downloaded automatically every 6 hours. You can also start the update manually.

Don't let the free tag fool you, this is one of the highest quality apps we are proud of for its intuitive design, fast performance and attention to detail.


- Converting multiple units/currencies simultaneously
- Built-in standard calculator
- Support for compound units like Pounds + Ounces or Feet + Inches
- Automatic currency exchange updates (downloaded from the internet)
- Ability to edit units/templates and sharing the templates via email

To learn about designing templates in Converter Plus, please visit:

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