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Nickelodeon ParentsConnect FunOnTheRun

By Nickelodeonreleased on:2010-04-05T10:36:39Z

Parents need all the help they can get, and now you can carry Nickelodeon's's encyclopedic info in the palm of your hand! We've got over ten years of stroller-pushing, playground-pondering, restaurant-vetting, on-the-ground experience in more than 50 major cities and countless suburbs and smaller towns. And we're growing every day (so even if we haven't yet inspected the monkey rings in the park down the street from you, we want to - tell us where you are and we'll make sure you're covered!).

We're parents, too, and we built this for ourselves, but it's nice to share!

Features include:

*Auto-identify your location via GPS, or plug in a zip code or city and state
*Local categories - including Events, Indoor and Outdoor Fun, Restaurants, Stores, and Parent Escapes (because sometimes we all need "me" or "us" time)

*Look up addresses, phone numbers, and urls for thousands of local places to go and things to do
*Check store and restaurant hours, to make sure they're open before you go
*Descriptions and tips to help you decide if something's worth the trip
*Find great local events happening near you... or wherever you're headed
*Mark your favorites
*Email great finds to friends (or yourself!)

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Fire Truck Lite -- New HuaRongDao (\u65b0\u534e\u5bb9\u9053\u514d\u8d39\u7248)

By EleganSoft Inc.released on:2009-05-28T12:37:12Z

Fire Truck Lite ("u6551"u706b"u8f66"u7248"u534e"u5bb9"u9053--"u514d"u8d39"u7248)

The "Fire Truck" puzzle is a variation of a classic block sliding game that has been played in many countries for over 100 years. The objective of this game is to slide the Fire Truck block to the bottom center of the game board.

"Fire Truck" features 1010 puzzles grouped in 19 packs. After solving a puzzle, you can save it to the Score Board and later show it off to your friends!

All puzzles that appeared in version 1.x can also have the Hint function enabled so that our AI engine can show you the next move.

This game has many different names: Pennant Puzzle, Dad's Puzzle, Donkey in Red (from French L'Ane Rouge), HuaRongDao (from Chinese Hua Rong Dao "u534e"u5bb9"u9053 "u83ef"u5bb9"u9053), Daughter in the box (from Japanese hakoiri musume), Klotski (from Polish Klocki), and Khun Chang Khun Phaen (Thailand).

- 1010 puzzles in 19 packs
- Save solutions in Score Board and replay them later
- Animation of putting out the fire
- Pause/resume the puzzle being played
- Save the game state when exiting the game
- Fun for all ages

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By Wuonmreleased on:2009-01-15T09:54:24Z

Speed dial button to send SMS to your "Dad". Easy to configure. Fast. Free for a limited period.

If you prefer to personalize the icon with the actual photo of your "Dad" and his name don't miss **FaceCall**
Search "facecall" in the iPhone App Store or follow the link "All aplications by wuonm" in iTunes desktop.

You can configure the speed dial button in two ways:
1. Enter the phone number
2. Choose from contacts

That's all.

Once you have typed or choosed a phone number, press the home button and start using "Dad" immediately.

To change the configured phone number, look for "Dad" in iPhone Settings app. There, you can edit the phone number directly or activate the switch to reset the configuration. You'll be able to choose a different contact in the next application run.

+ Do you want to phone or e-mail your "Dad"?
+ Are you looking for MORE ICONS?
+ Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Mom, and much more.
+ SEARCH "wuonm" in your iPhone App Store.
+ Follow "All aplications by wuonm" in iTunes.

Got a question?
"u270e Write us to

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Dad's Puzzle

By Badda Big Boomreleased on:2009-07-14T04:03:44Z

This deceptively difficult puzzle has been around for over a hundred years. Americans, French, Thai and Japanese all claim to be the originators.

Keep your mind on its toes.

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Mabel's New Home

By Two Big Dadsreleased on:2010-12-17T04:35:58Z


Two Big Dads bring you the first in a series of Mabel's Fables. These interactive books are aimed at children aged 3-7 who are just starting to appreciate books and developing their reading. With the Record Your Own narration option, the book can be a bedtime story read by an absent parent or loved one.


- VERY SIMPLE interface - just a finger-swipe to turn the page in either direction
- NARRATION - use either the supplied narration or
- RECORD YOUR OWN NARRATION - great for when you can't be there!
- AUTOMATIC page turn available with narration
- INTERACTIVE OBJECTS on every page that make sounds or say the words
- HIGHLIGHTED WORDS for interactive objects help young readers learn to associate words with objects and sounds
- HIDDEN CONTROLS in the Settings app prevent young users making accidental changes


Beautifully and traditionally illustrated, the stories tell of Mabel the chicken and her adventures. Each shows Mabel learning important lessons in life, having fun and new experiences all the time.

Mabel's New Home introduces Mabel and her new friends. Moving into her new home is a daunting but exciting time for Mabel and is not as she expected.


Earlier 8GB iPod Touch models have no recording facility but the app will work in every respect other than Record Your Own narration.

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DadAesthetic: Good Finds for Great Dads

By Heideldesignreleased on:2011-01-29T02:24:46Z

Good Finds for Great Dads. The DadAesthetic iPhone app puts the latest reviews, tips and tricks right in your pocket. Listen to our podcast, submit photos and questions to "Ask a Dad" and more!

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Dad's Root Beer Store Locator

By TLS.NETreleased on:2010-07-24T09:19:53Z

Find Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer with this GPS-based application. You can see all stores near you and even search by a specific address!

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By RedRover Labs, LLCreleased on:2010-12-16T06:24:43Z


Welcome to RedRover, the private social app that lets you share with your real friends in real time.

* STREAMLINE: cut hours out of coordinating your day, make spontaneous playdates and have more fun
* DISCOVER: find cool things to do with your kids
* BE PRIVATE: share only what you want with whom you want
* BE SAFER: manage a real emergency more efficiently

Get started:
1. Download the app & register
2. Invite your friends
3. Have a better day

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Dads Taxi Free

By iSafeNetreleased on:2010-08-01T01:26:29Z

** Brand New Version Now Available **

* Previously Featured as New and Noteworthy by Apple *

* Featured as Whats Hot by Apple *

Do your children always ring you asking to be picked up from certain locations such as sports events, after school activities, the mall or the cinema for example and do you have trouble getting their actual location. Well this is where Dad's Taxi comes into play.

This app allows your children (Or in fact anybody) to easily obtain their location information and sent it too you in the form of a predefined email or text message in three simple steps:

1. Start Dads Taxi.
2. Shake the phone.
3. Send your location.

Dads Taxi 2 has been rewritten and given a UI update to make best use of the new features of iOS4.

Here are some of the new and updated features:

+ Multitasking - Shake and do something else while we locate!

+ Take and Use New Photo or Select Existing Photos of your location to your Pickup Request (Please Note: Taking photos is only available on iPhone)

+ Post your Pickup Request to your Facebook Wall!

+ Pickup Request can be sent by Email or Text Message from within the application to new or existing contacts.

+ Improved Accuracy of location.

+ Adjustable Location Finder Countdown to maximize location accuracy!


You are now able to use iOS4's multitasking features (If you are using an iPhone 3GS or iPhone4).

You can now shake to locate and while we obtain your location you could be using another app because as soon as we locate you a notification will be displayed so you can return to Dads Taxi to view your location information so you can make your pickup request.

When your current location is found you can view all of the details on the Location tab. In this view you will be able to see your location's address as well as the navigational information such as Latitude, Longitude etc and from this tab you are able to Take or Add Photos and/or Send Your Location.

Sending your location information (In the form of Pickup Request) from right in the application is so easy as we have made use of in-application Text Messaging and Email which allows you to enter any contact's email / mobile number or select one straight from your contacts without leaving the application!

You can also take or attach a photo of your location from within the application which is added to the Pickup Request email which might help explain where you are to your "Taxi".

You are now able to post your location to your Facebook wall so maybe one of your friends could come and Meet/Pick you up!

Please remember that due to GPS limitations please use the application OUTSIDE.

It really is as simple as:

Start Dads Taxi!
Shake Your Phone to Locate!
Send Your Location!

** This Version is for iOS4 only (Do not update if you are not running it) and the multitasking abilities are only available on either the iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 devices **

** Please Note: The continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. **

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future versions of Dads Taxi then please contact us.

Demo Videos now available at

This free version is supported by iAds.

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By SuccessfulMatch.comreleased on:2011-02-01T02:53:46Z

Welcome to home, single moms and dads!
The specialties single parent dating site for iphone users. is the largest location-based mobile single parent dating tool for the iphone users. It's the first, secure and most effective dating site for single moms and single dads. Here you can find open-minded single moms and single dads looking to relationship, friends , and etc.

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Moms Made Easy

By Moms Made Easyreleased on:2010-08-15T07:00:00Z

With fresh angles to breaking news, exclusive celebrity interviews and a theme that addresses both new media and a women's need to stay current, is a platform for today's women and mother. Aware that women are no longer held to the same cookie cutter standard, founder of, Monica Taylor, created a place for the new phase of mothers--- women first.

Moms made easy is the first organizational application made specifically for moms, dads, caregivers, families and children. This application is a secure place to keep ALL of your children's information at your fingertips. We have simplified the way families will keep organized. Moms made easy has developed an organizational template that will fit your family or child's specific lifestyle.

Features include:
* Keep all of your child's important information in one place making it easily accessible and simple to find.
* Quick and easy set-up, Information can easily be exported from your existing address book.
* Push for important appointments, Holiday's and events
* Directly email and make calls from within the Application
* Ability to keep pictures of children and important documents for reference
* All of the information can be password protected to protect your child's privacy.
* Keeps track of school, camp, friends, activities, pets, household and much more.

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BabyLOG by ducktv

By ducktvreleased on:2011-02-01T09:14:15Z

BabyLOG is an interactive log enabling all pregnant women and new mothers to keep track of everyday routines and how they and their babies change. Beside recording your own data, you can compare them with the results of others and with the recommendations of World Health Organization. You can also get weekly tips on baby care and on your own well-being.

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By TruAffinity Inc.released on:2009-12-04T04:57:15Z

Discuss parenting and anything about being a dad anytime, anywhere on your mobile. Community members can post thoughts, questions, comments, answers - sharing information and helping each other in the process.

Fun features:
* Share pictures
* Inbox-Private messages
* Private group conversations

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C.C. Chapman All Access

By Brad Brooksreleased on:2010-02-04T11:30:33Z

Media Maven and Digital Storyteller C.C. Chapman wants you to be able to stay on top of all the content he is producing and created this app to make it easier for you. Bringing together all of his award winning audio, video, photos and written content into one location for friends and fans alike.

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By Cornerstonereleased on:2010-11-12T12:11:13Z

DadsTie is your simple and secure play pal, where you can...

Create your own wish lists, no strings attached.
Share these gift lists and more with friends and family!
Find out what to get little Johnny for his birthday.
Interact within your community, using DadsTie's many games and apps!
Whether it is your birthday, shower, wedding, or whatever the occasion, DadsTie is here to simplify and organize the complexities of gift giving and receiving. Remove those awkward moments, phone calls, and hand written gift lists!

Why? Because you are the best and you should get you should get EXACTLY what you want.

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Scott Gulbransen

By Genwi LLCreleased on:2010-01-12T07:41:26Z

Why waste time opening your mobile browser to check out the latest from Scott Gulbransen? Now, with the iPhone app, you can keep up with the raving brilliance of PR and social media professional Scott Gulbransen right on your iPhone.

The application allows you to read the latest from Scott's blog, follow his lifestream, photos and YouTube entries. Watch, listen, read and follow him and the latest on the emerging world of social media and PR.

In addition, you'll also be able to follow Scott's other work on the Every Other Thursday Dad's blog, and his reviews of gluten free prodcuts on the Gluten Free Father blog.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Dads you looking for.

We belive for every paid Dads app out there there is a equivalent free Dads app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Dads apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Dads apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Dads apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Dads app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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