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Toy Bot Diaries Free

By IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc. released on: 2008-09-08T02:54:10Z

*** The Toy Bot Diaries Compilation containing all 3 Toy Bot episodes is out! You get all 3 episodes for the price of 2. Download now!

TBD FREE presents introductory, sample levels to this iPhone favorite! See what everyone is talking about with a taste of Toy Bot's world. Exclusive to TBD FREE, explore the play room full of treasure to be unlocked while mastering Toy Bot's special movements and functions. Perfect to play again and again!


Tiny Toy Bot has awakened within a strange machine and now he needs your help! Use Toy Bot's handy grappling hook and magnet boots to navigate him through environments teeming with physics-based challenges as he plunges into an unfamiliar world. Search for Toy Bot's lost datapads to recover his memory and guide him on his top secret mission. Stylized, comic book-style graphics and rich levels await your fingertips. You're sure to fall in love with the little robot with a big heart.


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Grab the complete IUGO games collection on the App Store including: Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 3, Shaky Summit, Zombie Attack!, Freeballin', Spy Bot Chronicles, Star Hogs, Toy Bot Compilation, Toy Bot Mini Missions, Toy Bot Compilation, Zombie Attack! Second Wave, A.D.D., Cliffed and Implode!

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Supported Languages: English, Fran"u00e7ais, Italiano, Deutsch, Espa"u00f1ol, "u65e5"u672c"u8a9e, "u4e2d"u6587.

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The Vampire Diaries

By Warner Bros. released on: 2010-10-21T12:25:02Z

The Vampire Diaries app sponsored by AT&T lets users create and share photos inspired by the hit series. Using a collection of Mystic Falls-themed Vampire and Werewolf backdrops and overlays, fans can manipulate photos to reveal their new selves. Once a photo is complete, these new creatures can share their passion for "The Vampire Diaries" with friends through Facebook and Twitter. Fans can also stay up to date on the show with video previews, weekly bite-sized episode recaps, and photo galleries.

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The Avatar Diaries: Love or Bust!? Free Manga

By released on: 2010-03-10T08:00:00Z

Following her graduation from a big-name, all-girls university, 27-year-old Akane Hazuki has worked diligently at a top ad agency as a database assistant to Kazuhito Goda, an overseas returnee and account exec who is the same age as Akane and has good looks and popularity in spades.
Little does anyone know that Akane leads a double life every night as "Avatar Yuka," a sexy online avatar who has cultivated quite the Internet following with her flashy sense of fashion.
One day, Akane finds herself shocked to learn that not only did an avatar she met online turn out to be Goda, but that Goda is apparently a fan of busty girls!
Presented with a miraculous opportunity to "endow" herself,
Akane goes on the hunt for Goda, only to find a surprise waiting for her
Hot on the heels of the popular "Real Maid," enjoy the second entry in Kenjiro Kakimoto's series of hand-drawn comics!
"u3010En 1 "u00e9pisode / Tout en couleurs"u3011

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Buddy TV - Your Social Interactive Television Check-in Companion

By BuddyTV released on: 2010-09-28T07:00:00Z

Control your TiVo with your iPhone. Get calendar reminders to catch all your favorite shows. Chat with others about your must-sees and read exclusive news on BuddyTV.

Remote - Use your iPod, iPhone or iPad as a remote to control your TiVo, and forget about having to rummage for your lost remote ever again.
Reminders - Set calendar reminders to receive notifications, so you'll never miss a show.
Trending - Discover new shows by seeing what other people are watching and what's on when you check in.
Discussion forums- Comment on episodes before, during or after they air -- the more you comment, the more credits you earn and the higher you move up the leaderboard.
Insider updates - View exclusive content from like episode recaps, video previews, personality quizzes, interviews and more.
Facebook/Twitter - Easily connect your check-ins and comments to Facebook and Twitter and invite friends to virtually watch with you.

With the BuddyTV app, you'll never watch TV the same again. You'll have the scoop on all your favorite shows with exclusive BuddyTV content from the latest news, spoilers, interviews and gossip for:

The Bachelor
America's Next Top Model
The Vampire Diaries
Big Brother
One Tree Hill
Jersey Shore
The Amazing Race
Sons of Anarchy
The Biggest Loser
Grey's Anatomy
The Office
Dancing with the Stars

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Vampire Texts Free

By Joseph Nardone released on: 2010-04-09T10:00:29Z

Vampire Texts Free is an app that allows you to send over 70 different vampiric sayings and vampire movie inspired quotes as text messages to your friends with only a few taps of the screen.

Pre-written messages include classic sayings by vampires and about vampires as well as the most popular adaptations of quotes from the Twilight movies, Vampire Diaries television series, and the Interview with a Vampire series of books and movies.

What's more, the text messages do not cost you anything to send since they go out through your email account and are converted to text messages by the recipient's cell phone company. The recipient is charged as if they received a regular text message.

Requires an iTouch or iPhone with an email account and internet access. Recipients can be on any of these US mobile networks:

Virgin Mobile

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By Revolve Works LLC released on: 2010-09-16T11:24:05Z

Ever wondered what you'd look like with Fangs?

- Simply load a photo from your library or take one with your camera.
- Set the size and position of your left and right fangs.
- Use the picker wheel to select your fangs or SHAKE for random fangs.
- Save, Email or Twitpic when you're ready to share.

Use your imagination and have fun!

Get the Full Version for more Fangs.

Please report any issues to

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Vampires! What do you know about them?

By Free.Kompany released on: 2010-10-07T01:58:43Z

Discover your vampire knowledge!With this app you will find out how much you really know about vampires. What is the 'Black Veil'?, What is a sanguinte Vampire?, Are vampires really repelled by garlic? Based on simple questions, you will find out if you really know everything about vampires. Are you ready?

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iFeel Vampire

By Free.Kompany released on: 2010-11-12T10:04:02Z

Are you a big fan of the new Vampire Movies?

Are you one of the few Humans that feel like they should reborn as a Vampire?

If you feel this way express your feeling to your friends and the world. Now you can transform your self into a Well Known Movie Star Vampire, you can have all of them as your iPhone Wallpaper.

Grab the best and cutest Vampire Family as well as their Enemies NOW!!!

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Ayahuazca Diaries

By Crabapps released on: 2010-02-26T12:12:39Z

Rebeca Moreno wrote Ayahuzaca Diaries in 2000 after working in the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico and took place in the musical preparation of Regina. The papers, which relate an experience shamanistic on Mexico, were published online until 2004, when the musical season ended. Subsequently, these journals were reprinted by several journalists in various major publications in Mexico and in various books Rebeca positioning as the most powerful witch in Mexico. Is she a witch or not? Read the newspapers will take us to the answer. These are the newspapers in its original version.

"A new witch hunt begins to gain ground. This time the weapon is no longer the hot iron, but irony and repression. All those who developed a gift (usually discovered by chance), dare to speak of their ability, are largely viewed with suspicion or seen their fathers, husbands and wives forbid say something about it ... ...
And for fear of being branded as charlatans, they end up strangled by its own gifts. None of these people are happy. All await the day when they can be taken seriously. Everybody expects a scientific answer to his own powers (and in my opinion, this is not the way). Many hide their potential and end suffering, because if left, could help the world.
Basically, I think they also expect the "official pardon" for being so different. Separating the chaff from wheat, without letting ourselves be discouraged by the enormous amount of quackery, I think we should ask ourselves what we are capable? And calmly, go in search of our immense potential "

Crabapps is a Mexican company whose primary purpose is to encourage, promote and release music, visual arts, performing arts, dance, literature, architecture and film.

Since November 2009 we signed a contract with Apple Inc. to develop and put applications in line with our view the biggest electronics store in the world, the iTunes Store. Last year our technology for applications literary won the Apple Design Award 2009.

Write us to:

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By Collin Chai released on: 2010-03-26T11:07:40Z

Memodiary Basic:
Record Date and Time instantly when you SNAP TIME.

NEW! Auto Calculation
Insert AMOUNT whenever you SNAP TIME. Total amount will be displayed instantly.

"Time" Function
Calculates the duration between your START TIME and SNAP TIME. Total time will be displayed instantly.

Convenience of direct email within MemoDiary.

Better recollection with notes and photos.

Always be reminded with alerts.

Indispensable app to record every facet of your life.

With MemoDiary 2.0, you have all the power to record and track back things in a second.


*FREE MemoDiary comes with complete function except:
Email function is a required purchase at $0.99, available at iTune App Store.

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By Intuitive Solutions Ltd released on: 2010-12-01T01:24:21Z

The MyOffice app gives MyOffice users access to diaries and contacts on the iPhone, both whilst connected to the internet and whilst offline. Any MyOffice user can access MyOffice via the iPhone app with their usual logon credentials.

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Half Baked

By Grey Swan Corp released on: 2009-12-30T12:37:20Z

These diaries are about a woman's outlook on the half baked world and according to reader comments, are very candid and easy to identify with, not to mention, enjoyable to read! Some diary entries you will be able to relate to and some you might need this Fruitcake to offer some advice. This app gives you the ability to explore the diaries and best of all, it's FREE!
Some of the unique features of this Half Baked app include:

-Home: a place to click and follow us on Twitter and Ask Thea any questions you might have or advice. You can also send her a story that you might have encountered while out or while waiting for an appointment, just Ask Thea to post it for you!
-Blog: Find everything here on this blog from diaries, movie reviews, women, mothers, military spouses
- F.R.I.T.S.: It is a place to start the healing in women who have been hurt by church or people, period. A place to come and know that you're not alone and we can all get through these trying times. Here you can also offer an encouraging word to someone else who is going through what you have.
-Stories: These are the diaries of this Fruitcake. Very easy to identify with and offer encouragement and laughter!
-About: Gives website address to view Fruitcake T.V. and our page on Facebook.

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Revelation Mobile

By Revelation, Inc released on: 2010-04-10T08:19:48Z

Revelation is a market research tool that enables researchers to immerse themselves in the lives of their research subjects.

Research participants can respond to diaries and other activities while they are on the go - uploading photos, answering open-ended and close-ended questions.

This app works with Revelation's web-based research tool, Studyspace and is not intended as a stand-alone product.

The main Revelation tool enables researchers to probe on responses, create reports, analyze data along with additional features for research participants.

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Diario Sur

By Vocento S.A. released on: 2009-11-18T08:24:39Z

Disfruta de tus noticias del Diario Sur ahora en tu iPhone.

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Las Provincias

By Vocento S.A. released on: 2010-02-08T06:34:47Z

Disfruta de tus noticias del Diario Las Provincias ahora en tu iPhone.

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La Voz Digital de C\u00e1diz

By Vocento S.A. released on: 2009-11-18T08:56:42Z

Disfruta de tus noticias del Diario La Voz de C"u00e1diz ahora en tu iPhone.

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La Verdad Digital de Murcia

By Vocento S.A. released on: 2009-11-18T08:56:25Z

Disfruta de tus noticias del Diario La Verdad Edici"u00f3n Murcia ahora en tu iPhone.

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