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WORDFREE - 200 Free Dictionaries

By Clickgamer.comreleased on:2009-06-08T01:48:08Z

The Collection of 200 Free Dictionaries for iPhone and iPod touch has arrived!


You can select many dictionary in the collection of more than 200 free dictionaries to use. Please download new dictionary from our server when needed. It's totally free!!!


- Supports view definition of a word in many languages at once!

- Ability to lookup content of any word just with one tap

- Supports pattern, anagram and phonetics search

- Supports history and favorites list

- Option to download available dictionaries from our server

- Option to activate/deactivate a dictionary

- Pre built-in many dictionaries such as: English <-> French, English <-> Spanish, English <-> German, English <-> Italian, and many more!

- Best solution for people working with many languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hindi, ...)

- Ready for iPhone 3.0

Developed by PPCLINK Mobile Software

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Pocket Rhymer

By iDisfattireleased on:2009-11-10T12:38:07Z

With Pocket Rhymer you have different rhyming dictionaries always with you, in your iPhone and iPod Touch!


You can easily find thousand of words that you can use in your songs, poems or whatever you want!

Do you want a pocket dictionary wherever you are?
Don't you remember how is a word written?
Do you need to write a song?
Do you like poems?
Do you want all these features?

Pocket Rhymar is here for you, for free.

Supported languages:
...more are coming...

Pocket Rhymer is sponsored by iSing Karaoke:

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French Multilingual Dictionaries - Lite (FrenchDict-Lite)

By Vu Tien Thinhreleased on:2010-12-08T09:53:09Z

Fran"u00e7aiseDict-Lite est une gratuite version d'application Fran"u00e7aiseDict.
Fran"u00e7aiseDict inclut les dictionnaires comme ci-dessous:

Anglais - Fran"u00e7ais (160.000 mots)
Fran"u00e7ais - Anglais (106.000 mots)
Espagnol - Fran"u00e7ais (856.000 mots)
Fran"u00e7ais - Espagnol (306.000 mots)
Japonais - Fran"u00e7ais (400.000 mots)
Fran"u00e7ais - Japonais (99.000 mots)
Allemand - Fran"u00e7ais (300.000 mots)
Fran"u00e7ais - Allemand (307.000 mots)
Chinois - Fran"u00e7ais (306.000 mots)
Fran"u00e7ais - Chinois (170.000 mots)
Vietnamien - Fran"u00e7ais (160.000 mots)
Fran"u00e7ais - Vietnamien (160,000 mots)
Italien - Fran"u00e7ais (200.000 mots) ★New★
Fran"u00e7ais - Italien (190,000 mots) ★New★
Portugais - Fran"u00e7ais (170.000 mots) ★New★
Fran"u00e7ais - Portugais (150,000 mots) ★New★

French Multilingual Dictionaries - Lite (FrenchDict-Lite)

FrenchDict-Lite is the free version of FrenchDict application.
The free version allow you to look up a limit words a day.
it is an multilingual dictionary dedicated to French or to people who is studying French.
It includes following dictionary database:
English - French (160,000 words)
French - English (106,000 words)
Spanish - French (856,000 words)
French - Spanish (306,000 words)
Japanese - French (400,000 words)
French - Japanese (99,000 words)
German - French (300,000 words)
French - German (307,000 words)
Chinese - French (306,000 words)
French - Chinese (170,000 words)
Vietnamese - French (160,000 words)
French - Vietnamese (160,000 words)
Italian - French (200.000 words) ★New★
French - Italian (190,000 words) ★New★
Portuguese - French (170.000 mots) ★New★
French - Portuguese (150,000 mots) ★New★

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Vocab Trainer

By Arne Golinskireleased on:2009-12-23T08:00:00Z

+ Learn your vocabularies very easy.
+ Learn your vocabularies on the walk.
+ Search for your vocabularies, whenever needed!
+ Export/ Import your vocabulary files
+ Search for your voabularies @ and import them
+ Update your Twitter status after you have been learning your vocabularies
+ Intelligent interrogation system: Learn your voabularies once a day and improve automatically your skills.

The App supports:

- Creating Dictionaries in english, german, french, spanish or italian.
- Creating your own vocabularies for each dictionary
- Search and look up your own created vocabularies
- An automated Question and Answer system (interrogation system) to learn your vocabularies.

The App does not provide any dictionary content.

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German Multilanguage Dictionaries Lite (GermanDictLite)

By Vu Tien Thinhreleased on:2010-12-06T01:02:43Z

German Multilanguage Dictionaries Lite (GermanDictLite)

GermanDictLite is the free version of GermanDict,
the free version allow you to look up a limit words a day.
GermanDict is an offline multi-languagese dictionary dedicated to German or to people who is studying German.

It includes following dictionary database:

English - German (250,000 words)
German - English (250,000 words)
French - German (300,000 words)
German - French (300,000 words)
Japanese - German (500,000 words)
German - Japanese (130,000 words)
Italian - German (400,000 words)
German - Italian (420,000 words)
Spanish - German (410,000 words)
German - Spanish (400,000 words)
Chinese - German (500,000 words)
German - Chinese (130,000 words)
Portugese - German (300,000 words) ★New★
German - Portugese (130,000 words) ★New★

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Dictionar EN-RO

By Editura Literareleased on:2009-12-11T10:58:33Z


During the last two decades, this lexical project has been continuously adapted to the demands and didactic needs, remaining in front of every teaching line bibliography. This edition contains 30 000 words and idioms, from usual daily language to different specialized professional domains (for instance, medicine, biology, music, arts or sport), targeting daily speech and literary discourse. The main criterion for including a key-word in the dictionary was that of its frequency in the basic vocabulary. The meaning of these words and expressions in which they are used covers everyday conversations, but, in the same time, various domains such as anathomy, commerce, economy, politics, and so on. Also, this dictionary presents a didactical perspective and the readers could find here a grammatical approach of the selected material, since the dictionary contains a number of grammar patterns, and some notions of good practice of the words, which could help to better understand and use these words in a good and proper English language. In this respect, the dictionary is a classic tool for those who learn English, because it keeps up with the time, enlarging the fields of the language and the definitions expressivity, enlarging the paddle of the domains and the depth of the definitions, succeeding to prevail the narrow limits of the scholar bibliography and to become a very useful instrument for translators or for British-American literature tasters.Prezentul dic"u0163ionar englez-rom"u00e2n este


De-a lungul ultimelor decenii, acest proiect lexical s-a adaptat continuu cerin"u0163elor "u015fi exigen"u0163elor didactice, reu"u015find s"u0103 se men"u0163in"u0103 "u00een prima linie a bibliografie de specialitate. Prezenta edi"u0163ie cuprinde un num"u0103r de 30 000 de cuvinte "u015fi expresii at"u00e2t din limbajul uzual c"u00e2t "u015fi din diferite domenii de specialitate (ex., medicin"u0103, biologie, muzic"u0103, arte, sport), viz"u00e2nd at"u00e2t palierul limbii cotidiene c"u00e2t "u015fi pe cel al limbii literare. In selec"u0163ia cuvintelor titlu s-a "u0163inut seam"u0103 de criteriul frecven"u0163ei lor in lexicul fundamental . Sensurile acestor cuvinte si expresii aferente acoper"u0103 sfera conversa"u0163iilor de zi cu zi, precum "u015fi diverse domenii de preocupare, cum ar fi anatomie, comer"u0163, economie, politic"u0103 etc. Aceast"u0103 lucrare prezint"u0103 "u015fi o tratare didactic"u0103 a materialului selectat ("u00een tabele gramaticale), cuprinz"u00e2nd notiuni practice de folosire gramatical"u0103, care s"u0103-l ajute pe cititor la o c"u00e2t mai bun"u0103 in"u0163elegere si mai corect"u0103 folosire a cuv"u00e2ntului respectiv. Prezentul dic"u0163ionar este un instrument clasic de "u00eenv"u0103"u0163are a limbii engleze, "u00een primul r"u00e2nd pentru c"u0103 "u0163ine pasul cu vremurile, l"u0103rgind paleta domeniilor "u015fi expresivitatea defini"u0163iilor, reu"u015find s"u0103 dep"u0103"u015feasc"u0103 grani"u0163a str"u00e2mt"u0103 a bibliografiei "u015fcolare "u015fi devenind "u015fi un foarte util instrument de lucru pentru traduc"u0103tori sau cititorii de literatur"u0103 anglo-american"u0103.

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TomeRaider 4

By Clickgamer.comreleased on:2009-08-25T02:36:13Z


TomeRaider was the first application to get multi-megabyte ebooks on a handheld device and now, ten years later, it's breaking new ground on the iPhone.

TomeRaider allows you to download and keep an increasing range of ebooks, specializing in education and reference works such as Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Guidebooks and Classic texts.

These files are available in this version:

CIA World Fact Book
King James Bible and the Apocrypha
The Fundamentals of Buddhism
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
The Dhammapada
The Holy Quran

Key Features:

Fast: TomeRaider's innovative indexing system works great on the iPhone, both for browsing and the Quick Find feature. We think it's the fastest way to get to reference information, with or without internet connection.

Useful: With so many reference and educational works in one place, TomeRaider will become an increasingly useful application, handy and quick, whenever you need it.

Attractive: TomeRaider on the iPhone makes great use of the new interface possibilities. It has its own picture display system and the books are all individually styled.

Other Features:

1. Fast subject search
2. Ergonomic Interface
3. Many more TomeRaider files are being prepared.
4. TomeRaider Tab view

How to use:

Browse the free "Online Library" for ebooks that you are interested in. Tapping on the item will take you the book's description from where you can download the book.

You can see which books are currently downloading in the "My Downloads" tab. Downloads can be cancelled, paused and resumed.

In the "My Books" tab you can browse and read the books that are stored on your iPhone. When a ebook is opened for the first time you will be taken to the subject index for that ebook. This list can be scrolled or you can use the Text box to quickly navigate to the subjects by typing their name.

Page Turning: The Previous and Next buttons allow you to move through the book's pages sequentially.

Hyperlinks: If the TomeRaider ebook contains links to other pages then you can navigate through the history of those links using the arrow buttons, which will become highlighted.

Image zooming: When there is a large image in an ebook, a small version of the image is created and displayed inline with the text with a magnifying glass icon overlaid. The original large image can be viewed in a separate image viewer by tapping the small version.

Rating ebooks: You can rate ebooks by clicking the "Actions" button on the subject index view. Books can only be rated once.

If you have any questions or suggestions for TomeRaider on the iPhone please don't hesitate to contact us.

TomeRaider is developed by Yadabyte Ltd

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By Semantico Ltdreleased on:2010-08-23T10:28:39Z

Dictionarium from Semantico is an open source encyclopedic English dictionary.
This app brings the GCIDE Dictionary, GNU Project's publication of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English (CIDE), to the iPhone and iPad in fully searchable form.

Dictionarium is brought to you by Semantico, provider of online publishing solutions for the world's leading publishers.

Dictionarium's features include:
"u2714 Synonyms
"u2714 Etymology (word history)
"u2714 Pronunciation
"u2714 Alternative Spellings
"u2714 Optimised for iPad and iPhone 4's Retina display.

The GCIDE Dictionary was derived from the Webster's Revised Unabridged
Dictionary Version published 1913 by

C. & G. Merriam Co.
Springfield, Mass.
Under the direction of
Noah Porter, D.D., LL.D.

and from

WordNet, a semantic network created by the Cognitive Science Department
of Princeton University under the direction of Prof. George Miller.
It is being updated and supplemented by an open coalition of volunteer
collaborators from around the world.

This electronic dictionary is the starting point for an ongoing project to
develop a modern on-line comprehensive encyclopedic dictionary, by the
efforts of all individuals willing to help build a large and freely
available knowledge base. Contributions of data, time, and effort are
requested from any person willing to assist creation of a comprehensive and
organized knowledge base for free access on the internet. Anyone willing to
assist in any way in constructing such a knowledge base should contact:
Patrick Cassidy
735 Belvidere Ave.
Plainfield, NJ 07062

Office: (908)668-5252
(908) 561-3416

For more information about this version of The Collaborative International
Dictionary of English, see the GCIDE XML home page.

The Dictionarium app has been developed by Semantico.

About Semantico
Semantico delivers successful online publishing solutions to some of the
world"u00b9s leading publishers. We offer a flexible, fully bespoke service to
help publishers and information providers put their content online.

Semantico"u00b9s products and services support its clients throughout the digital
publishing life-cycle. Our consultancy can help them plan a strategy or
establish requirements, or explore and test the usability of a solution. Our
SIPP publishing platform and SAMS access management products are proven
platforms for delivering revenue-generating content to users in elegant
environments. A dedicated hosting and support team take care of things long
after the project deadline.

We have particular strengths in academic, scholarly, reference and special
interest content and in commercial information and directories. Take a look
at our work to find out more at
Semantico"u00b9s senior executive team have backgrounds in the publishing
industry, giving them a genuine understanding of the business and technical
issues in publishing. Our entire staff is of the highest calibre.

Discovery Blog

Follow Semantico's blog & newsletter for the latest thinking in online

Get Discovery monthly for blog alerts, event news and exclusive offers. Sign
up at:

The Discovery Blog has been created to encourage debate and knowledge
sharing in our emerging industry. Members of the Semantico team contribute
to the Blog, each bringing perspectives from their own areas of expert
practice, from project management to web accessibility. The Blog also
provides a forum for commentary and discussion on the critical strategic
issues affecting online publishing. Together, the posts combine to create a
useful tool kit whatever your role in the future of publishing.

Follow us on Twitter:

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Spanish Word of the Day

By PROMETOYS LIMITEDreleased on:2009-06-07T01:59:49Z

Start to improve your Spanish today with this easy to use application. Learn with this app daily to improve your Spanish vocabulary (verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs).

The application is free.

* Spanish word with English translation
* Example sentence showing the usage of the new word
* The data gets updated daily

This app requires a network connection.

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By Benjamin Delaillereleased on:2010-10-26T09:29:09Z

SoundDico regroupe en plus de 500 mots toutes les d"u00e9finitions des termes, des expressions et des abr"u00e9viations du langage de l'audio-num"u00e9rique.

Vous pourrez gr"u00e2ce "u00e0 ce dictionnaire simple d'utilisation combler vos lacunes dans le domaine.

En bref SoundDico est l'outils utile en mati"u00e8re de son pour les amateurs comme pour les professionnels

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Dictionaries you looking for.

We belive for every paid Dictionaries app out there there is a equivalent free Dictionaries app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Dictionaries apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Dictionaries apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Dictionaries apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Dictionaries app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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