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Drinking Games FREE

By FAR Apps released on: 2009-02-23T03:01:17Z



* 75 Drinking Games!!!!

* Favorites so you can save the ones you liked the most;

* Random game chooses a game for you if you don't feel like picking.

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Party & Drinking Games

By SusaSoftX released on: 2010-03-04T02:45:55Z

The Party & Drinking Games application contains over hundreds of classic drinking/party games.

Some examples of games that are included.
Beer 99
Beer Baseball
Beer Pong
Beer Roulette
Chug the Jug
Depth Charge
Drop the Dime
Hammered Hearts
Heads or Tails
Ibble Dibble
I Never
Liquid Hell
One Big Chicken
Pitcher Game
Split the Difference
Spin the Bottle
Thirty One
Uno Consumo
...and many many more...

-Lots of games in a list
-Description of each game
-Intuitive UI

Note1. Ad supported!

Note2. This application is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Note3. Mail us more games and we will update the app. Thank you very much.

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Drinking Games FREE!!

By Michael McConnell released on: 2010-10-28T08:44:30Z

This app has the rules and required items for all drinking games you will ever need. There are always updates with more and more games. Many of the games in this app are original and guaranteed to be fun. Check out Drinking Games Pro for extra games and Rule Suggestions for games that require players to make rules. Enjoy and drink responsibly.
Every person that has recommended a game has had it included in the NEXT update. Please send me e-mails of games you want added and they will be in the next update.

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Explicit Adult Games 17+ (Lite)

By Feather & Moor, Ltd. released on: 2010-12-18T10:38:46Z

Are you having trouble thinking of a game to play in your birthday party? Do you want to spice up a house party? Here's your answer to these questions.

Explicit Adult Games 17+ contains over 50 games to turn a party into a sexy and groovy one. What's installed after these games are NOT guaranteed but usually satisfying.

Features include:

- Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to flip a page
- Save images as wallpaper
- No internet connection required! All images are loaded in the app for fast browsing
- High quality images
- Clear and concise instructions to play the game
- Share photos with friends using facebook or email
- FREE updates for a lifetime!!!

Get this app NOW and turn all parties into a dirty one! It's time to play Austin Powers.

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Best Party Games

By Fingerspark released on: 2009-10-14T06:00:06Z


Party Games, Sleepover Games, Teenager Party Games, Kids Games.

Over 200 party games compared to just 20+ in the Lite App. No Ads, and loads more categories of games!

Best Party Games brings you the ultimate collection of games for all occasions and all ages. It contains the coolest, most entertaining games you'll ever need for a party, sleepover or drinking night.

We've got old favourites like Fizz Buzz, Spin the Bottle, Snaps. And a load of new games to liven up any event. This edition includes 6 groups of games

* Christmas Party Games
* Family & Kids Games
* Teenager Party
* Sleepover Party
* Party Selections
* Special Occasions
* A bit Mad!

This version includes over 200 games, with no adverts.

Ever been at a party, sleepover or bar and needed some inspiration for a cool game? Just fire up your iPhone and dive into Best Party Games for a huge selection of entertainment and challenges. Even better, hit "shake to shuffle" and get random ideas at the flick of the wrist!

If you loved the game you just played, hit Favourites and add it to your list. And why not send it to a friend: we've included an email function that will ping the game straight to your mate.

It's that simple to have fun!


-Over 200 games in the Paid app, with no adverts
-Games in 6 groups and loads of categories
-Nifty shake to shuffle function
-Full search function
-Mark and list your favourites
-Email to a friend

This is the second edition. Check regularly for updates: we've got loads more games to add.

Best Party Games is a Fingerspark production, launched in August 2009. For more information about this and other apps by Fingerspark, please visit us at

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Best Party Games - Lite

By Fingerspark released on: 2009-10-14T05:55:50Z


Party Games and Sleepover Games.

Best Party Games Lite includes 20+ games. Upgrade to the Full version and you get over 200 games, with no adverts.

Are you ready for some great party games? Best Party Games Lite brings you the ultimate collection of games for all occasions and all ages. It contains the coolest, most entertaining games you'll ever need for a party, sleepover or family and kids event.

We've got old favourites like Kiss the Poster and Fizz Buzz. And a taste of our new games to liven up any event. This Lite edition includes 2 groups of games

* Sleepover Party Games
* Drinking Games

Ever been at a party, sleepover or bar and needed some inspiration for a cool game? Just fire up your iPhone and dive into Best Party Games for a huge selection of entertainment and challenges. Even better, hit "shake to shuffle" and get random ideas at the flick of the wrist!

If you loved the game you just played, hit Favourites and add it to your list. And why not send it to a friend: we've included an email function that will ping the game straight to your mate.

It's that simple to have fun!

-20+ games in the Lite App
-Over 200 games in the Paid app, with no adverts
-Games in 2 groups and loads of categories
-Nifty shake to shuffle function
-Full search function
-Mark and list your favourites
-Email to a friend

Check regularly for updates: we've got loads more games to add.

Best Party Games Lite is a Fingerspark production, launched in August 2009. For more information about this and other apps by Fingerspark, please visit us at

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Irish Culture: eCards, Cocktails, Drinking games & Gaelic Phrases

By Sync Studios released on: 2010-02-26T03:09:18Z

Irish Culture is the ultimate tool for celebrating Ireland and it's culture! With personalised photo ecards, themed cocktails, drinking games and worldwide event lists, whether you're going out to celebrate, or partying at home, we have everything you need to celebrate in style!

"u2714 Send e-cards using one of many built-in themes, then personalise them with your photo and text.

"u2714 Organise your day with a worldwide list of events and parades.

"u2714 Enjoy a wide range of cocktail recipes.

"u2714 Play drinking games and find out the history of St Patrick.


"u2663 St Patrick's Day countdown

"u2663 Personalised e-cards

"u2663 Loads of themes to choose from

"u2663 Cocktail lists

"u2663 Irish sayings with clickable audio pronunciation.

"u2663 Irish Drinking games and parade lists


View a countdown to St Patrick's Day so you don't forget to get organised!


Create personalised e-cards with your own photos, save them to your photos, text or email them and even set as your wallpaper.


View a comprehensive list of St Patrick's day themed cocktail recipes to enjoy while you are out, or to make for yourself and friends.


Includes specially selected backing theme music.


Information on 2010 St Patrick's Day Parades around the globe.

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Picture Perfect Animals

By Milk Drinking Cow released on: 2010-09-12T10:53:55Z

Snap photos with wild animals!

***Check out our competition on Facebook!***

Have you ever: been chased by a shark? Kissed a cow? Snuggled up with a lion?
With Picture Perfect Animals, you can do all this and more!

Picture Perfect Animals lets you take a picture with your favorite animals without having to leave for a safari or the amazons.

This first release has 60 animals to choose from and more are on their way!

"Picture Perfect Animals shall certainly bring out your silly side!" - iPhone App Review

"Unique in its own right, as most playful photography apps have features applied to existing photos, Picture Perfect Animals is a fun tool for goofing off and composing funny pictures to take."

**With your feedback and participation you can request what animals you'd like to see and just wait for the next update and have them right there in the palm of your hand!**

One of the reasons why you'll love this app is that you have the animal in the screen while to take a picture so you can position yourself perfectly for your work of art. Perfect feature to have fun for hours! Buy it and see why!

**It's so easy to use too! Just pick the animal you want, snap a picture and share!**

You can upload to:




Compre esta aplicaci"u00f3n, le facinar"u00e1!

Alguna vez ha besado a una vaca? Lamido la oreja de un burro? Tomado una foto con un leon?

Picture Perfect Animals le permite tomar fotos con sus animales favoritos sin tener que salir en un safari o ir a las amazonas.

La primera edici"u00f3n contiene 60 animales para escoger y muchos mas estan por venir!

**Con su ayuda y comentarios pueden solicitar que animales quieren ver en la aplicaci"u00f3n y solo tiene que esperar al pr"u00f3ximo "upgrade" y los tendr"u00e1 ahi mismo en la palma de su mano!**

**Es TAN facil usarlo tambien! Solo escoga al animal que desee, tome la foto y compartala!!**

Puede compartir la foto en:




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Drinker - BAC Calculator Made Easy (For controlled alcohol drinking)

By Naim Cesur released on: 2008-11-14T02:57:14Z

Easily check your blood alcohol content! Never worry about how much you can drink or if you can take one more glass without getting slurred speech.

Drinker will give you the answers fast and easy. Simply select your gender, what you drank and for how long. You instantly get a description of the symptoms and the amount of alcohol in your blood.

"u2713 Simple interface (even for a drunk person)
"u2713 On the fly calculation, just click on what you drank!
"u2713 Let the app call a taxi if required!
"u2713 Supports Beer, Wine, Shots and Drinks.
"u2713 Descriptions and color feedback of your BAC levels.
"u2713 Global support for different metrics, measurements and BAC standards.

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Gametender: Drinking Games

By Down-Shift Inc. released on: 2009-12-23T07:38:18Z

Gametender is the most convenient/effective way to kick the party up a notch, liven up a hang out session, or just get your creative drunken juices flowing.

This is the AD Supported version of Gametender, if you don't really like ads then get Gametender Pro today!

We have over 200 games for you to try and around 100 recommended drinks to try them with.

App Features:
- Over 200 Drinking Games, days worth of drinking fun.
- Random Game Mode, let our slot machine decide your game.
- Search for drinking games, drinks.
- Favorite Games Support, save your favorites.
- Share your favorite drinking games with your friends on facebook, twitter, or through mail.
- Comment on your favorite games, how your last game session went, what drinks to try it with, etc.

Each Game Features:
- Full game description, separated by game type, amount of people that should participate, required items, and suggested drinks to go along with a game, clicking on the suggested drink will take you to a detailed drink page that shows you how to prepare it.
- Don't forget you can always change some rules around and play the game your way.

Also try one of our other apps: Today In History, for when you're not drinking and are looking for knowledge.

No internet required.

As always, drink responsibly.

Search downshift for more fun apps.

Twitter users follow us @dsinc for news and updates.

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iDrinking Games

By GeneraFun released on: 2010-07-07T08:14:44Z

iDrinking Games helps you break the ice and bring life to the party with these all time favorite drinking games and tons of new ones.

With more than 100 different games to choose from, choose from card games, dice, coing games and more. Review the rules or learn a new one and let the party begin!

Create your own collection of games and save them in the FAVORITES file.

Share games with your friends with FACEBOOK option!

We recommend these games to be used with alcoholic beverages, this way you"u00b4re guaranteed to have the party of the century. You can"u00b4t resist!

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The List - Over 1000 Drinking Games!

By Purple, Inc. released on: 2010-06-17T05:04:01Z

The List is the Ultimate Source for Drinking Games...and it's completely FREE! Have you ever tried to remember the rules to a certain drinking game, or you love to play them but don't know that many? Sometimes it even seems impossible to come to an agreeance with your buddies as to what the rules to a certain game are! Don't worry, you're not alone.
Use this extensive reference with over 1000 games and rules to quickly figure out exactly how to play. A search bar helps you find the exact game you're looking for quickly, and a touch-sensitive letter bar on the right lets you quickly search by letter.

- over 1000 games
- search bar for quick reference
- completely free

WARNING: Some of the definitions may have strong language and/or suggestive themes. Swartz Enterprizes does not promote, nor takes any responsibility for the abuse of alcoholic beverages. Any use other than for educational purpose is done so "at the users own risk" and should only be done in moderation and with caution.

Works on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices with OS 2.2.1 or greater.

Any reference to any third-party products, services, names, or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, developer, supplier or otherwise, is for convenience or comparison only, and does not constitute nor imply endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship thereof. All characters, names, titles, likeness, and other content used or depicted in this product (even those based on real products or real people, either living or dead) are entirely fictional. Any similarity to actual products, or persons either living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any coincidental likeness and or voices are not real. This product is for entertainment purposes only and is not authorized or endorsed. All trademarks, service marks, product, service, or other names mentioned herein, are the property of their respective owners, and no claim is made to any such mark, product, service or other name. Copyright (c) 2010 Swartz Enterprizes, Inc. and its licensors.

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By Global Agent Inc released on: 2010-10-06T07:00:00Z

3D DICE HD brings you unprecedented dice experience! The best dice drinking game! What's the best? Free is the best! We designed a high-level dice bar for you, and leave the power of decision to you! It's up to you to decide game rules! Play it as you want!

We provide you with 6 seats for compotators, the procedure of swinging the dice and even the drinking button. Just tap it to have a bottle of nice beer! Oh yeah, who is the next?

This is, by far, the freest drinking game on iTunes! You can make your own game rules! Just follow your inclinations! You don't need those complex settings or buttons! Play it immediately!

Besides, we offer you guides for 10 dice drinking games. Be a master hand of drinking games immediately!

#1 Marble dices
#2 Jazz bar
#3 Realistic 3d effect and sound
#4 You can increase or decrease the amount of dices (from 1 to 6)
#5 Perfect user experience

Let your iPad become the protagonist of parties! Share with your friends, drink and play with your friends!

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Beer Pong Classic Free

By Corey Ledin released on: 2009-02-04T08:00:00Z

Beer Pong Classic is Beer Pong at its Finest! With a realistic 3D environment and true to life world physics this beer pong game gives you a pong experience like no other on the market. Not to mention full game statistics and online leader boards that let you compete to be the best! CL Games proudly brings you Beer Pong!

Beer Pong is a classic drinking game in which players throw a Ping-Pong ball across a table trying to sink it into the opponent's cup.

:::The New Beer Pong Classic:::

::Game Modes / Options::
:1 Player: :2 Player:

10 Cup / 6 Cup Rebuttal
10 Cup / 3 Cup Rebuttal
6 Cup / 3 Cup Rebuttal

Difficulty 1-10 (1 Player)
-Each Level is a different opponent (ex. Corey : Level 10)

-Three Tracks to pick from including the original music

Tracer (guide)
-on (easier!!!)
-off (Very Hard)

-Each player gets there own stats sheet
-after every game (current game stats displayed)
-erase all option

Player Names
-ability to change to who is playing

Re Racking!
-When it is available (button appears)

Swatting (blocking)
-Swat a oncoming bounce shot by moving your finger over the ball. (1 player only)

The more you drink the more you sway and tilt along with screen darkening

::How To Play::
// Game Play //

::Throwing the beer pong ball::
-Touch your iPad/iPhone screen and hold. (Alternative try two fingers)
-You will then see a transparent ball and a power bar to its right.
-Move your finger around the screen to change your shot location.
-Hold your finger down until you achieve the desired strength.
-If the tracer is turned on use this as a guide.
-Turn off the tracer to make the game harder!
-Then release your finger to throw the ball.
::Tracer (guide)::
:Color Indications:
-Red | Off Table
-Yellow | Will Hit/Bounce off Table
-Green | Will Hit Cup
-Blue | Going in!
-Press the rerack button on the upper left when available.
::Pull a Cup::
-When directed tap on a cup to pull it.
::Lob Shot::
-Use less power and aim higher.
::Swatting the ball on a bounce::
-Drag your finger across the ball to swat it away!

::Throw Shot::
-Use more power and aim lower.
::Bounce Shot::
-Aim for the table to bounce the ball into a cup. You will be able remove a second cup if you are successful. (tricky)
::Great Shot::
-The ball went into the beer without touching the cup."
::Excellent Shot::
-The ball bounced into the beer without touching the cup.
-The more cups your drink the more your view will sway and tilt along with slight tunnel vision.

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By Indigo Penguin Limited released on: 2009-11-14T12:57:34Z

=Limited time sale! GET while it's FREE=

"LOL. LOL. Took this 2 school and made all my friends CHOOSE" - maxtherocker

"this is a really fun app to play in a group" - Katz

"Played this for like 2 hrs in the car!!!" - beatindrumz

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Hangover Lite - Drinking Games

By Gabriel Lanata released on: 2010-06-11T10:24:49Z

Hangover for iPhone is an application that teaches you how to play various party drinking games. It is perfect for celebrations and hanging out with your friends. The games are not limited to just instructions of how to play them, some also help you to play them by using the iPhone and even give you ideas on what to say.

- Many games for you to choose from
- Game helpers so you can play on the iPhone itself
- Easy navigation to allow you to find the right game.
- Virtual dice
- Love slider, so you can customize the games to suit the ocation you want. From a 10 year old child to 18+.

Game: I've Never
We've added many questions for the popular game "I've Never" so you can play with your friends and get answers to the hard questions without having to ask them yourself.


- 10 Games
- 15 Question limit
- No game extras
- No automatic update


you can submit games and content to games in our website:

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iPee Drunk

By Data Supply released on: 2009-05-16T07:07:11Z

iPee Drunk is an fun and addictive game that simulates a drunk toilet visit. The game knows 3 levels, each level the game will be harder and harder to finish.

You start off with a light alcoholic drink, but in each level you try something stronger! In the final level you have had a virtual vodka bottle! As you are drunk it all starts having a will of it's own! Hold your iPhone against your hips and steer against the gravity by holding your iPod or iPhone in the opposite angle.

Try to beat your highest score in your own top 5, or ask your friends if the can beat you with a higher score!

Finally don't forget to submit your score, and check your world pissing position!

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r u drunk - free

By MobilityWare released on: 2010-08-09T05:21:59Z

r u drunk presents you with a series of tests to determine if you are drunk or have just had one beer or cocktail too many to drink. New tests and games have been added, and now include a new scoring system.

r u drunk currently has 7 built-in tests and games and also includes a Blood Alcohol Content calculator. The tests are a balance test and a straight line test both using the accelerometer, an alphabet typing test, a hand eye coordination test and a simulated breathalyzer test. In addition, Stack'Em and Beer Pouring games will also test your "drunk-ability".

r u drunk makes an excellent compliment to drinking games such as beer pong or quarters at a party or in a bar or club, test all your friends, they may have trouble even when they are sober.

★★★ Actual customer testimonial ★★★

This here applikashun is my bestest friend...

Owwww my freaking head man... turn off the freakin' lights man. Dude... last night was AWESOME!!!!! Me and Ronny P were down at Tubby's over on Market, drinkin' and sangin' karaokee wit a bunch of folks 'til 2am when theys kicked us out. So's we stumble out to the car and Ronny's all wantin' to drive. Shoot, he was drunker'en Cooter Brown and I told him so. Well, we got to arguin' till I remembered this app on my iPhone. Sure enough, Ronny couldn't pass a single dang test, hell his breath almost melted the screen, so I figure it's me drivin'. But no, Ronny makes ME do the dang test, and wouldn't you know it, I ain't doin' too good either. We ended up callin' a cab and that's why I'm alive today, with a hangover.
Thanks r u drunk!


r u drunk is for entertainment purposes only.

r u drunk is ad supported.

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By Vivid Games released on: 2009-11-05T06:58:52Z

Burp! One more, just one more The unwritten law of the party: the better the evening, the more painful the morning. Drink one more beer, mix it up with some whisky, have a slice of pizza and chow down three hotdogs. As they say, appetite comes with eating. Keeping the balance between devouring unhealthy food and binge drinking is the key - a tribute to junk food and alcohol!

Boozle will help you rediscover the match 3 genre once again. You'll need a drink after the pressure of hectic matching! Buy the game for the cost of a beer to ensure you'll be able to jump right into a party wherever you go!

********** REVIEWS:

"I actually like this game better than bejeweled" - Cranker
"This is the best match3 game I've played on my iPhone! Great design and balanced gameplay." - Zero485600
"Tested and seriously approved by!!" - BeLLShocK
"Crazy addicting, great twist to classic gameplay and an overall funny/enjoyable game" - KingEnvy
"I'm loving how this game really plays with your mind as using your usual Bejeweled instincts to go for big combos and such, while also netting you big points in the game, might end up screwing up the careful balancing needed in this game" - Lord Gek

********** FEATURES:

Match three of the same indulgences to force your character to eat or drink. But remember to balance yourself. It will become more difficult with each match, so you must be quicker and quicker.

The meter behaves according to your actions. Plan them wisely and keep your focus while creating combos and using power-ups for short immunity.

You will likely hum the great melody that accompanies Boozle. It's so
catchy that it will stay with you for hours!

Gain medals and notify friends about your achievements. Let them know
how much you drank, ate and scored.


How long until you puke?


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Beer Pong Flick

By inThing Apps released on: 2009-11-19T08:59:47Z

Beer Pong Flick brings the classic game of beer pong (also known as beirut) to your iPhone and iPod Touch! Jump instantly into a game by pressing "Play Now!" We'll match you with another player and throw you right into a game. Or play with a friend by challenging them from your contacts or by email address. Or see who's playing near you with the Nearby Players feature.

If you're not quite ready to dominate the virtual beer pong world, hone your skills by playing against the "u2018bot or a friend on the same phone. We manage all your stats for you, so prove once and for all that you are truly the "King of Pong"!

When it's your turn, just swipe your finger to flick the ball towards the cups. That's it! You can set your sensitivity in the Preferences menu.


*PLAY NOW! We'll match you into a game with another player who's ready to play now.
* Play online! Challenge a friend from across the world, or use "Find Nearby Players" to challenge people in your area.

* Play in single-player (against the "u2018bot) or two-player modes (against a friend on the same phone)

* Taunt your opponent in online play

* Detailed stats tracking allows you to see your personal and opponent's records - see how to match up in the virtual pong world!

* All 1v1 beerpong and beirut rules apply: "on fire" status, rebuttals, and overtimes.

If you like Beer Pong Flick, check out our other applications:
*Spin the Bottle PRO (with cheating) is sure to sway luck in your direction.
*iMistletoe PRO (free) let's you bring holiday cheer and kisses wherever you go!

We're always open to comments and suggestions so feel free to drop us a line at any time!

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Perfect Pour Free

By Generally Bored Software released on: 2009-10-08T05:57:21Z

Tip your iPhone or iPod touch and pour yourself a beer. Perfect your time or challenge your friends in multiplayer mode.

Ad supported version of Perfect Pour with two beers included.

With the paid version you get four beers to pour (each one pours differently), a random beer option, new bluetooth head to head racing between two devices and no ads!

The full version also supports German, Spanish, and Chinese languages.


A beer pouring game for your enjoyment. The object is simple - pour the beer into the glass by tilting your iPhone like it's a bottle of beer. Do it as fast as you can without spilling it. The trick is to manage how fast you pour vs. how much foam you create. You have two beers with unique pour characteristics. We've actually measured real beers to simulate how quickly each one can be poured and how much foam they create. Really.

Hone your pouring skills in a single player game against the clock. Your best times are stored on a leaderboard. When you're ready, challenge your friends to a multiplayer match to see who's the best. Up to ten people can play on one device. With multiplayer, the game is played in timed rounds. Beat the clock to make a successful pour, but go too fast and it will spill. Not good. Try it as a drinking game at your next party, or just challenge your friends for fun. For an added challenge try the Random beer at the selection screen. You won't know which beer you'll be pouring until you start to pour.

Awards are handed out at the end for the quickest pour, the most good pours "The Pourmaster", and for being sloppy. Yes, spill it the most and you will receive the dreaded "Sloppy Slopperson" award. Try to live that one down.

Single player or multiplayer.
Two beers to pour.
Fastest pour time leaderboard for each beer.

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Flip Cup Free

By GameResort LLC released on: 2010-08-27T04:29:09Z

You have better things to do. As your friends, we just can't let you do that. Your job, the economy, your relationships come on, forget that, flip some cups! Simple, quirky, and oddly addicting, Flip Cup is the game of wait for it flipping cups. Land them face down for points, land them face up for points, bounce them off awnings, twang a ukulele, then land upon a Tiki statue for loads of points. Sure, the world is calling, trying to cocoon you in beige; you can feel the cool drain away from your life. Well, not on our watch. Flip Cup will return the color to your cheeks, a swagger to your step, and you will adopt a devil-may-care attitude for untold seconds at a time. Think of all the reality you need to stiff arm for awhile: global warming, the guy who drones on in meetings, completely overblown iTunes catalogue text come on, forget that, flip some cups!

"u00b7 Simple Controls
"u00b7 Two Modes, Timed and Arcade
"u00b7 Unlockables: Even more things to flip and hit
"u00b7 100% Worry Free

If you have better things to do, you urgently need to download Flip Cup now. Flip Cup: when life comes at you hard, flip it off. Mahalo.

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Deluxe Spin the Bottle LE

By Kheper Games, Inc. released on: 2010-01-24T10:08:48Z

Deluxe Spin the Bottle LE adds a spinning game disk to the popular party game. Both the disk and the bottle spin so you never know who will be doing what to whom.

The LE version includes the "Drinking Spin the Bottle" game disk.

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By GraafICT released on: 2010-09-06T11:28:58Z

iDrinkLite is another version of the internationally famous 'iDrinkGames' app - the app that offers drinking game experiences without the need of cards or dice!
This version offers the same complete functionality of the full paid version, completely for free! Especially developed for the start of college 2010!

Almost all other drinking game apps ask you to get pen and paper, cards, dice, etc. This app does not ask you for anything, and offers you the three internationally most famous drinking games!

1. King's cup! aka Ring of death/fire
Take turns in drawing cards and follow the rules that come with each card! Unique about this app - you can change the rules!
2. iMexxen! aka Mexican
Roll dice by shaking your iPhone, bluff your way out of drinking and throw the ultimate 2-1 Mexx score!
3. iPanic! aka Reaction test!
Who is the slowest! With 2, 3 or 4 players you can play this game! Place your finger on the screen and lift it up as soon as you hear the sound! (or a vibration in case of noisy bars)
The slowest player drinks!

Guaranteed a fun night! Get it now for free!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Drinking Games you looking for.

We belive for every paid Drinking Games app out there there is a equivalent free Drinking Games app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Drinking Games apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Drinking Games apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
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