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Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR)

By USBMIS, Increleased on:2009-12-22T05:49:34Z

Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) provides concise prescription and OTC drug information, side effects and interactions for medical professionals. The MPR iPhone Edition is a compiled database of up-to-date drug monographs from all MPR print publications (MPR, NPPR, PAPR, Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology, OB/GYN, Pharmacists, etc.)

=== Features ===
* Search entire MPR instantly
* Over 4,000 concise product monographs
* Listed by Brand and Generic name, Manufacturer, and Pharmacological Class
* Search drug monographs by therapeutic category, brand name, generic name, disease, or manufacturer
* Monographs for both prescription and OTC drugs
* Updated frequently by Pharmacists, Reviewed by Physicians!
* Now includes over 30 medical calculators

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Drug Pronunciations Lite

By Hipposoftreleased on:2009-05-12T06:31:43Z


**Drug Pronunciations Lite: Accurate drug pronunciations at your fingertips!**

**Try before you buy with this FREE lite version!**

-Lite version has 200+ drug pronunciations



"Medical Drug Pronunciations Lite" is a simple application that will play back audio of the correct pronunciations of over 200 drugs used in medicine today.

First impressions are everything, and nothing screams out inexperience and incompetence like butchering the pronunciation of drugs! Be confident when pronouncing drugs by knowing how to pronounce them properly beforehand.

Physicians, pharmacists, medical students, nursing students, physician assistants, medical techs, pre-med students, foreign health professionals Virtually anyone in, or interested in the health professional field will benefit from our application!



-Accurate audio pronunciations of 200+ drugs (FULL version has 2500+ drugs) including both generic and trade names (verified by physicians and pharmacists).
-Internet access is NOT necessary to listen to the pronunciations!
-Simple, easy to use, intuitive interface.
-Continuous FREE updates for new drugs and user suggested drugs.
-Integrated web browser with direct links to wikipedia and google for additional drug information.



1. Browse the selection or enter the drug of interest in the search field to narrow your list.
2. Select your drug and press PLAY. It's that simple!
3. To listen again press "Back" and select your drug again.
4. For additional drug information, select the "Google" or "Wikipedia" buttons to open an integrated browser.



We always strive to deliver the highest quality products and although we are very confident in the accuracy of our pronunciations, everyone makes mistakes! If you find a drug pronunciation that you disagree with, please let us know via email ( and we'll be happy to look into it. Thank you!



Check out our website for medical pronunciation access from your home computer!

Future Hipposoft applications:

Medical Anatomy Pronunciations

Medical Microbiology Pronunciations!

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By Epocratesreleased on:2008-07-11T07:00:00Z

Epocrates is the #1 mobile drug reference resource used by healthcare providers at the point of care. Trusted for accurate content and innovative offerings, physicians choose Epocrates 3 to 1 as their point of care drug reference of choice.

Clinicians turn to Epocrates numerous times throughout the day to make more informed medical decisions. They report that using Epocrates helps them avoid making medical errors, leading to improved patient safety. Epocrates also helps physicians save time; over 40% report saving 20 minutes or more a day.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What else sets Epocrates apart from the rest?

Only Epocrates provides an integrated set of unique features, such as pill identifier, formulary data and dosing calculator that physicians require at the point of care.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What can you do with Epocrates?

- Clinical information on thousands of prescription medicines and hundreds of OTC drug products
- In-depth formulary information
- Pill ID: identify those "mystery" pills by entering physical characteristics and imprint code
- Drug interaction checker: check up to 30 drugs at a time
- Dozens of calculations, such as BMI and GFR
- The most relevant medical news and information

- Evidence-based treatment info for hundreds of diseases and conditions
- Specific/empiric treatment guidelines for hundreds of infectious diseases.
- Lab prep, interpretation, and follow-up for hundreds of tests & panels
- Medical dictionary (over 100,000 medical terms)
- Over 20,000 ICD-9 and CPT(R) codes

Review app pricing, benefits, and more at


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Drug Slang Dictionary Megapack

By, inc.released on:2011-02-03T12:27:45Z

Parents! Stay up-to-date on your drug slang!

Drug Slang Mega Pack contains HUNDREDS of the latest drug-related terms.

Don't feel lost when people start throwing around terms that you haven't heard before or sound suspicious. Drug Slang Mega Pack is here to put you "in the know!" Separated into four easy-to-use sections, you'll be able to quickly locate exactly the term you are looking for.

Drug Slang Mega Pack Contains FOUR unique dictionaries:

* Club Drugs (Ecstasy, Ketamine, etc.)
* Street Drugs (Crack, Methamphetamines, etc.)
* Marijuana
* General Drug Terms

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By PEPID, LLCreleased on:2009-03-10T06:42:27Z

PEPID offers free and platinum clinical decision-support information and tools for doctors, nurses, emergency medical teams, and students.

**PEPID Elements**

PEPID Elements is our FREE toxicology resource and the key to our platinum specialty suites for the iPhone/iPod healthcare community. PEPID Elements-an indispensable tool for all professionals and students-covers:

-- The identification and management of toxicology emergencies including drugs of abuse, inhaled gases, heavy metals and caustics, occupational poisoning, household and cleaning agents, pesticides, plants, mushrooms, seafood, pests, and medication overdoses.

-- A comprehensive antidote reference with dosing indications, adverse reactions, prescribing and administration information.

-- Toxicology-specific lab profiles including descriptions, ranges and interpretation.

-- Poisonous plant identification images are part of the toxicology illustrations section.

-- Our complete drug interactions generator component makes PEPID Elements essential for every doctor, nurse, and student.

**PEPID Platinum**

PEPID Elements is the key to PEPID Platinum Suites for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. PEPID Platinum Suites are the most comprehensive medical resource on the market today.

PEPID Platinum offers clinicians specialty products that focus on the way they practice medicine and incorporates medical information and tools such as medical calculators, dosing calculators, drug interactions generator, a drug database that includes 7,500 drugs, and more than 800 illustrations. The new Platinum applications will also include PEPID's differential diagnosis generator (a symptom-driven generator), lab manuals, and an IV compatibility tool.
Regular updates keep content current with the latest medical and clinical information, and alliances with more than a dozen leading healthcare associations, such as the American Academy of Emergency Medicine™ and the Family Physicians Inquires Network™, ensure that PEPID delivers the best clinical content available.
There are practice-focused PEPID Platinum Suites available for:
-- Physicians: emergency physicians, primary care and clinical rotations
-- Professional Nurses: clinical nursing, critical care, oncology, and gerontological
-- Physicians-in-Training
-- Student Nurses
-- Emergency Medical Teams
-- Pharmacologists
There are PEPID Platinum Suites for every member of the Apple medical community.

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Teen Drug Use: 34 Warning Signs (Lite)

By DMBCreleased on:2008-10-16T09:57:55Z

Nothing is more destructive to a teen and/or their family than the use of drugs. Consequently the earlier the intervention the better. The problem is that in most cases teens are using drugs for several months or even years before parents become aware of it. Even when parents do become aware of drug use, they often underestimate the extent of their child's involvement.

If you are suspicious your child may be using drugs, don't ignore the warning signs. Children seldom grasp the concepts of addiction. Most view themselves as imperious to peril. For some teens, the stress of adolescence and pressure from their peers is overwhelming, and drugs become an enticing escape from their real world.

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By WebMDreleased on:2009-07-16T02:05:12Z

THE #1 DOWNLOADED FREE MEDICAL APP IN 2010! Medscape from WebMD is the LARGEST, MOST COMPREHENSIVE, FREE medical app available for healthcare professionals (available free for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad).


- Fast & Comprehensive Drug Reference
- Powerful Drug Interaction Checker
- Disease & Condition Reference and Treatment Guide
- Procedures Reference
- Tables & Protocols Reference
- Daily Medical News & Alerts
- Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE) activities
- Physician, Pharmacy, and Hospital Directories
- Unlimited FREE access to all features
- Offline access to the clinical reference (no Internet connection required)

- Same great features as iPhone app (except Directories)
- Layout optimized for optimal viewing on iPad

- Free app! No subscription fees. No hidden costs to download and use all our features.

- Drug Reference, Disease & Condition Reference and Treatment Guide, Procedures Reference, Tables & Protocols Reference and Drug Interaction Checker
work offline (no Internet connection required*).

- 6,000+ generic and brand drugs
- 1,000+ generic and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs
- 1,000+ herbals and supplements
- Comprehensive drug information includes adult & pediatric dosing, adverse effects, pregnancy & lactation guidelines, and more
- Save commonly searched drugs to your 'Saved' list for fast access
- Access anywhere "u00f1 no Internet connection required

- Quickly identifies interactions for a combination of up to 30 drugs, herbals and supplements
- Provides detailed information from minor to contraindicated interactions
- Access anywhere "u00f1 no Internet connection required

- 3,500+ disease and condition topics (continually-updated)
- Evidence-based content authored by leading physician experts
- Access anywhere, no Internet connection required*

- 600+ procedures, many with step-by-step videos

- 80+ reference tables and protocols including complete set of ACLS/PALS/NALS Protocols,
HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis & Treatment Regimens, and Adult and Pediatric Vaccination Tables

- Read the latest medical news in more than 30 specialty areas
- Top and breaking news headlines in your specialty featured on app home screen
- Save news articles to your 'Saved' list for fast access

- Quickly complete mobile CME/CE activities across 30+ specialty areas
- Earn CME/CE credits on-the-go and have them automatically tracked in our on-site CME Tracker

NOTE: You must have a Medscape account to use our App or you can 'Test Drive' our app for 24 hours to check it out without logging in. To create a FREE account, you can register in the app after downloading or by visiting

*Viewing images and videos requires an Internet connection

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Delmar Nurse's Drug Handbook Application - 2011 Lite Version

By Cengage Learningreleased on:2010-10-08T10:01:26Z

For 20 years, the Delmar Nurse's Drug Handbook has been an essential resource for the most important drug information.

With Delmar Nurse's Drug Handbook Application - 2011 Lite Version, you can access detailed information for 50 of the most commonly prescribed drugs right at your fingertips for free!

NDH Lite Features include:

* Free access to 50 of the most commonly prescribed drugs
* Drug search by both trade and generic name
* Auto-complete to predict the drug name you seek
* Tabbed browsing to find the information you need fast
* Select and save any drug to a special folder
* Dosage calculators at your fingertips

Watch for the premium version of the Delmar Nurse's Drug Handbook Application that includes drug information for over 770 drugs and over 50 classifications coming soon!

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By Wave Medical Ltd.released on:2009-04-23T06:28:34Z

Wave Medical provides point of care clinical decision-support content to general practitioners, nurses, emergency doctors and medical students. Wave Medical applications are designed for health professionals in the following markets: UK and other European countries, Middle East, Africa and Asia regions including India and Australia.

**Wave Medical Tox Pro**
Wave Medical Tox Pro is a FREE toxicology application and includes the installer to access all Wave Medical specialty-focused applications available for the iPhone/iPod healthcare community. The Wave Medical Tox Pro application includes:

-- The identification and management of toxicology emergencies including drugs of abuse, inhaled gases, heavy metals and caustics, occupational poisoning, household and cleaning agents, pesticides, plants, mushrooms, seafood, pests, and medication overdoses.

-- A comprehensive antidote reference with dosing indications, adverse reactions, prescribing and administration information.

-- Toxicology-specific lab profiles including descriptions, ranges and interpretation.

-- Poisonous plant identification images

-- A powerful drug interactions generator

**Wave Medical Applications**
Wave Medical Tox Pro is a FREE toxicology reference and also the installer to access all Wave Medical applications designed specifically for the use of general practitioners, nurses, emergency doctors and students.

Wave Medical specialty-focused clinical decision support applications include:
-- 2,300+ diseases and conditions
-- Up to 30,000 international drug names including herbals, nutritional supplements and over-the-counter drugs
-- A powerful drug interactions generator
-- 3,000 dosing and medical calculators
-- 750 high-resolution colour images
-- IV compatibility tool
-- Free, regular updates

Visit to learn more about Wave Medical applications for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Pain Guide: Pain Management Quick Reference

By James Lambergreleased on:2010-10-30T02:14:02Z

Pain Guide is a free medical resource intended for medical students and residents.

Pain Guide gives you quick and easy access to pain management information, pain syndromes, medications, and more. Great effort was made to correct errors and ensure up-to-date content. Please let us know if you find any errors and we will fix them. Suggestions for additional content via the support website are also appreciated.

* Analgesics: Overview
* Analgesics: Tables
* Headaches & Facial Pain
* History & Physical Exam
* Interventional: Overview
* Interventional: Techniques
* Nervous System
* Pain Syndromes

Analgesics - Overview
Analgesic Principles, Co-Analgesics, Complementary, Non-Opioid Analgesics, Opioid Analgesics, Opioid Equianalgesic, Opioid Routes, Pain Protocol, Side Effects - NSAIDs, Side Effects - Opioids

Analgesics - Tables
Analgesics - Moderate Pain, Analgesics - Neuraxial, Analgesics - Non-Opioid, Analgesics - PCA, Analgesics - Severe Pain, Co-Analgesics - A to K, Co-Analgesics - L to Z, Methadone Guidelines, Morphine & Fentanyl

Headaches & Facial Pain
Cluster Headache, Facial Neuralgia, Intracranial Pressure, Migraine Headache, Paroxysmal Hemicranias, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Systemic Disease, Temporal Arteritis, Tension Headache, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Tumor Headaches

History & Physical Exam
Addiction Management, Drug Allergies, History Taking, Neuroimaging, Pain Classification, Pain Mechanisms, Physical Exam - Lower, Physical Exam - Upper, Psych Assessment

Interventional - Overview
Intraspinal Opioids, Neurostimulation, Permanent Blocks, Pre-Procedure Checklist, Sympathetic Blocks, Temporary Blocks, Temporary Techniques

Interventional - Techniques
Discography, Epiduroscopy, Epidural Steroid Injection, Injection - Intra-Articular, Injection - Soft-Tissue, Injection - Trigger Points, Intrathecal Pump, Neurolytic - Celiac, Neurolytic - Hypogastric, Neurolytic - Neuraxial, Neurolytic - Peripheral, Neurolytic - Trigeminal, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Sympathetic - Lumbar, Sympathetic - Regional, Sympathetic - Stellate, Sympathetic - Thoracic, Zygapophyseal - Cervical, Zygapophyseal - Lumbar

Nervous System
Autonomics, Back Pain Tips, Cranial Nerves, Nerves - Lower Limb, Nerves - Upper Limb, Neuro Exam & Levels, Parasympathetics, Ranges of Motion, Sympathetics

Pain Syndromes
Abdominal Pain, Arthritis - RA & OA, Cancer Syndromes, CRPS & SMP, Fibromyalgia, Low Back Pain, Neck & Arm Pain, Neuropathic Pain, Pain In Children, Pain In Elderly, Pelvic Pain, Psychologic Syndromes

About & Disclaimer
Disclaimer, About Pain Guide, Student Surgery Tips, Glossary of Pain Terms, Go To IASP Website, Go To APS Website, Go To ASA Website, Donate To Pain Guide, Go To Feedback Site

Pain Guide Team
James Lamberg, David Giampetro, Channing Willoughby, Melinda Hansen, Yein Lee, Lisa Yoo, Robyn McEwen

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Pill Identifier Lite by

By Drugs.comreleased on:2010-10-21T09:27:38Z

Pill Identifier Lite edition is a searchable database which includes more than 10,000 Rx/OTC medications found in the U.S. Features "search as you type" functionality.

Search by imprint, drug name, shape and color. Access a wealth of information, including; Drug Images, Description/Indication, Pregnancy Category, CSA Schedule, Strength and Rx/OTC availability. Connects to for additional information (where available).

See Also: Purchase the full edition to install more than 7,000 images directly on your mobile device and get additional information such as NDC Codes, Coating, Clarity and Repackagers. The full edition is specifically designed for healthcare professionals and people on the move or with limited internet access. does not provide medical or treatment advice. Always consult with a physician.

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Marijuana 420

By Sink or Swimreleased on:2011-01-07T02:33:27Z

Get your 420 on now with the ultimate guide to marijuana slang! Learn about the marijuana related words that you hear all the time, but never know the meaning - until now... Download Marijuana 420 for the most complete, comprehensive, and accurate marijuana dictionary on the app store right now!

"u25cf FEATURES "u25cf

"u2714 Free!!
"u2714 Works on all versions of iPhones and Touches
"u2714 Easy-to-use interface
"u2714 Tons of slang words and definitions

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mobilePDR\u00ae for Prescribers

By Skyscapereleased on:2010-08-17T01:40:14Z

mobilePDR"u00ae provides the most accurate FDA-regulated information on more than 2,400 prescription drugs and is FREE to all US-based MDs, Dos, Residents, NPs and PAs.* This latest update is based on the 2010 print edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates. mobilePDR"u00ae contains full-label information on the most commonly prescribed drugs, hundreds of full-size and full-color photographs, and more.


-"tComprehensive search (by manufacturer, brand/generic name, and therapeutic category)

-"tNew drug labeling information

-"tColor images of medications

-"tFull prescribing information, including:

# pharmacokinetics and mechanism of action

# indications and contraindications

# trial data

# side effects

# warnings and precautions

# and much more

-"tCan be fully cross-indexed with all of Skyscape's 600+ nursing and medical references through Skyscape's SmartLink technology


*PDR Network currently utilizes multiple source files for practitioner validation. If, for any reason, we are unable to validate a healthcare professional (i.e. physician, NP, PA) via these sources, the PDRN Customer Support team at 1-800-737-2577 can assist the end-user with validation. Depending on the user type, representatives can collect certain data attributes to confirm the status of the profession, or in some instances, request additional credentials for validation.

Upon validation, you will receive an email confirmation from Skyscape Inc. with you new Skyscape login and password. This login allows you to access your mobilePDR"u00ae subscription and obtain additional free resources and subscription-based products.


Current Skyscape customers using a different email address for your PDR subscription will receive a second Skyscape login. Please contact Skyscape Support at 1-888-759-7227 for assistance in merging your accounts. We recommend using the same email address used for your Skyscape account when signing up for mobilePDR"u00ae as this will automatically add mobilePDR"u00ae to your Skyscape application.

ABOUT SKYSCAPE on iPhone and iPod Touch:

This app will install your new resource into the Skyscape Medical Resources environment. All Skyscape titles (over 500 of them, for all professions and specialties) and services like MedAlert™ and CME-STAT™ (coming soon) are accessed from within this environment.

Using our award winning technologies, including the patented SmartLink, Skyscape coordinates resources for drug information, interactions, clinical information, calculators, tools, clinical trial and research updates. We provide a single point of entry and seamless integration of resources, providing the best user experience for point of care decision support and research needs.


Skyscape has partnered with more than 50 of the most highly regarded publishers in healthcare content as well as major medical associations, leading healthcare institutions, government agencies, and well-respected clinicians. The result is the largest and most trusted portfolio of mobile medical resources available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

From within the Skyscape Medical Resources app, choose the Universe page to see the full range of titles and tools for your profession and specialty.

This Skyscape trusted resource was created in partnership with PDR Network, LLC.

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Marijuana +

By Sink or Swimreleased on:2011-01-05T02:17:34Z

Get your 420 on now with the ultimate Marijuana guide! Download now to learn about dozens of various strains! This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing available on iTunes right now. The Marijuana app will assist you in identifying dozens of various strains and their type of high, taste, and THC level.

"u25cf FEATURES "u25cf

"u2714 Works on all versions of iPhones and Touches
"u2714 High quality, high definition pictures!
"u2714 Easy-to-use interface
"u2714 Medical facts
"u2714 Complete and comprehensive identifying facts about many different strains

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Medical Wizards Library

By Medical Wizards Corporationreleased on:2009-12-08T06:23:47Z

Medical Wizards Library provides popular medical reference guides and tools for healthcare professionals in one easy-to-use application. After you install the Medical Wizards Library to your device, you will unlock a world of mobile medical possibilities. Whether you are a Doctor, Nurse, Physician Assistant, Nursing Assistant, or Medical Student, Medical Wizards has the ideal program for you.

Download includes a FREE one year subscription to our popular program, @Hand: Chief Complaints in Pediatrics, plus a large catalog of additional medical titles available for purchase. Medical Wizards offers essential drug reference, symptom, diagnostic, laboratory, and advanced calculator tools to help improve your decision-making and patient care.

Popular software titles available through the Medical Wizards Library include:

- EM Suite, our award-winning application
- PediSuite
- 5-Minute Clinical Consult
- Davis's Drug Guide with Integrated Calculators
- Anesthesia ToolBox
- Pearson Nurse's Drug Guide
- FP ToolBox
- @Hand: ICU Management
- EM & ICU ToolBox
- Prentice Hall Lab and Dx
- Prentice Hall Pediatric Drug Guide
- Davis's Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests
- @Hand: Internal Medicine
- Nurse's ToolBox

Browse the extensive Medical Wizards catalog directly from your Apple device and instantly purchase subscriptions to your favorite medical software titles. New titles will be released in the catalog each week! Check back frequently to see when your favorites become available. The catalog allows you to download a free trial version of each application, so you can test each program before purchase. We invite you to try our software and see for yourself why healthcare practitioners are turning to Medical Wizards for their mobile information needs.


The Medical Wizards Library provides one point of access for all your medical software, allowing you to keep important medical information at your fingertips. By combining all your resources into one standard application, you can freely cross-reference among multiple purchased medical titles at once. The Medical Wizards Library features an easy-to-use interface, quick navigation, an in-depth user guide, and automatic product update notifications.

From the main Medical Wizards Library screen you will see five menu options across the bottom: Library, Search, Catalog, Account and Updates.

Library: The library is the main application screen. When you initially download the application a "Quick Start" icon will appear. Tapping this icon will launch a Quick Start Guide which will guide you around the Medical Wizards Library. When you add new software titles, they will all be listed on this screen.

Search: The search feature allows you to search medical topics and conditions across multiple references at once to ensure easy organization and information flow.

Catalog: The catalog includes over 75 programs for a wide range of medical specialties. Instantly browse and purchase your favorite medical title in seconds!

Account: Create and manage your Medical Wizards account and renew subscriptions to your software titles instantly.

Updates: Resources are constantly updated to ensure that you are receiving the most current medical information. The Medical Wizards Library will automatically check for available updates. Select the updates icon to install new updates.


A free one-year subscription to our popular software title, @Hand: Chief Complaints in Pediatrics is included with the Medical Wizards Library download (a $29 value). This program provides authoritative guidance on the differential diagnosis of a full range of pediatric signs and symptoms.

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Prescriber's Letter\u00ae

By Therapeutic Research Centerreleased on:2010-02-04T12:04:29Z

For questions and/or technical support, please contact

Prescriber's Letter gives you unbiased recommendations you can trust on new developments in drug therapy.

Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and other prescribers...You get succinct, bottom-line recommendations that save you time so you can focus on patient care, and earn you kudos from your colleagues. You get the recommendations and more in the App without an Internet connection.*

And when you need the details, you can get them in the Detail-Documents, Patient Handouts, Drug Comparison Charts and Treatment Guidelines.

Plus, you get Evidence-based CME/CE credits while you read the articles. The Evidence-based CME/CE is accredited by ACCME so you get AMA PRA Category 1 Credits.

You don't have to worry if you can trust the recommendations. No endorsements are advertising is accepted...nobody has accepted one dime to say or promote anything in Prescriber's Letter. The editors are not even allowed to own stock in any drug company.

"I have been a faithful subscriber to Prescriber's Letter since...I forgot how many years now. I think you are the most easy reading, concise, informative, and current!! Thank you for all of you!! Thank you for helping me to take better care of my patients -- past, present and future!"
Wei-ming Tuan, MD
Houston, TX

Prescriber's Letter App gives you:
- Time-saving, concise recommendations and analyses that help you provide the best patient care
- All the information you need to answer even the trickiest question from patients including Detail-Documents, Patient Handouts, Drug Comparison Charts, and Treatment Guidelines
- Evidence-based CME
- Answers anytime, anywhere even without an Internet connection*

**FREE Content**
Get access to one monthly, time-saving recommendation from Prescriber's Letter plus the details with the Detail-Document, Patient Handout, Drug Comparison Chart, or Treatment Guideline.

To get ALL the time-saving recommendations, become a Prescriber's Letter subscriber using the Subscribe button in the App after download, or Subscribe Today at

**Subscriber Only Content**
Subscribers to Prescriber's Letter get full access to Prescriber's Letter with this FREE app. You get 12-15 of the most pertinent recommendations each month, plus answers to all of your drug therapy questions in the browsable archives. The Prescriber's Letter App provides you the same benefits and ease of use that you've come to expect from the website. You will be prompted to enter your login and password one time after downloading the FREE App.

*Some archived content may require an Internet connection

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By MSK Softwarereleased on:2009-12-08T02:00:07Z

MD is a useful, all purpose medical resource for both patient AND doctor. Track your health, look up medical info, terms, anatomy, health calculators, recent news, and much more!

Recently updated to better serve your needs.

Medical students and Physicians: we are also releasing two additional doctor-specific version of MD, including a surgery reference.

If you use MD, we want to reward your patronage with free versions of these upcoming releases. Just send us an email with "MD FREE",
try include 1 or 2 sentences with what you would like too see in future versions of MSK's MD line of apps. Cheers!

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uCentral - medical references for institutions

By Unbound Medicine, Inc.released on:2009-04-10T04:10:49Z

== PLEASE NOTE: Requires a subscription to the online uCentral service, provided by your institution. ==

** uCentral is now optimized for iPad and loaded with new features.**

** CURRENT uCentral subscribers can download content to their iOS device at no cost. **

** To find out if your institution subscribes to uCentral, please contact your librarian or system administrator, or send us a message at: **


Mobile Medical References for Institutions

uCentral enables libraries or institutions to deliver medical reference content directly to their mobile users. With uCentral each institution creates a customized aggregation of point-of-care content that is available on mobile devices and the web.

In addition to quick-reference content, uCentral offers MEDLINE Journals, which deliver citations and abstracts from your choice of trusted medical journals to your mobile device and the web.

More than 30 references are available through uCentral, including:
5-Minute Clinical Consult
Harrison's Manual of Medicine
Red Book™
The Merck Manual
Cochrane Abstracts
Davis's Drug Guide
Taber's Medical Dictionary

uCentral client for iPhone and iPod touch features:
Interface optimized for iPhone and iPod touch
Cross Links for fast navigation between resources
Personalized favorites
Frequent updates and new editions when they're published
Citations and abstracts from the latest journals
Web access

uCentral client for iPad features:
iPad-optimized interface
Tips, Notifications, and institutional Messages
Universal index search across all references
New Recently Viewed feature
Side-by-side navigation and reading panes
Cross Links for fast navigation between resources
Personalized favorites
Frequent updates and new editions when they're published
Citations and abstracts from the latest journals
Web access


Instructions for current subscribers
Install this application to your iOS device
Open the application, enter your uCentral username and password, and tap "Login."
The latest uCentral content will download to your device.

Content available through uCentral includes 5-Minute Clinical Consult, Taber's Medical Dictionary, Davis's Drug Guide, Diagnosaurus, The Merck Manual, Cochrane Abstracts, Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines, Review of Natural Products, Davis's Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Diseases and Disorders, Clinical Evidence, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, A to Z Drug Facts, Emergency Medicine Manual, 5-Minute Pediatric Consult, Bright Futures, Red Book, Harrison's Manual of Medicine, MEDLINE and more!

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By PEPID, LLCreleased on:2009-04-04T10:18:26Z

PEPID offers free and expanded study tools for medical and nursing students.

**PEPID NCLEX Mini Review**

This portable review allows nursing students to study for the NCLEX-RN at home or on-the-go. PEPID NCLEX Mini Review contains 40 electronic review cards in Q&A format.

With PEPID, nursing students can study electronic nursing review cards to prep for the NCLEX-RN, on their iPhone or iPod Touch so they can test their nursing knowledge anytime, anyplace.

**PEPID Drug Mini Review**

Busy students can prep for their board exams by reviewing electronic drug information on their iPhone or iPod Touch. So they have the freedom to study whenever and wherever they can.

PEPID Drug Mini Review contains 20 electronic review cards that help you learn important drug information on your iPhone or iTouch anytime, anyplace.


PEPID NCLEX Review covers every section of the NCLEX-RN exam.

Topics include:

--- Management of care
--- Safety and infection control
--- Health promotion and maintenance
--- Basic care and comfort
--- Pharma therapies
--- Reduction of risk
--- Physiological adaptation

PEPID NCLEX Review includes everything you need to prepare for the exam, on-the-go without lugging around a heavy textbook. Our Q&A format makes reviewing essential information fast and easy for busy students.

**PEPID Drug Review**

PEPID Drug Review contains 200 drug review cards, plus a comprehensive 50-question test. Drug information includes:

--- Class and uses
--- Administration
--- Major side effects
--- Need to know

PEPID Drug Review includes everything you need to study on-the-go. Our bulleted format makes reviewing essential pharmacological information fast and easy for busy students, without carrying around a heavy textbook.

Visit to learn more.

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iPHARMACIST Handheld Software

By PDA Verticals Corporationreleased on:2010-05-25T06:44:46Z

Experience instant access to the tools and data needed by today's busy pharmacist. iPHARMACIST"u00ae empowers you to deliver the best quality care to our patients from one easy-to-use source, available at the touch of a button whenever and wherever you need it.
This free version of iPHARMACIST"u00ae contains a collection of medical calculators, plus regular clinical news and information updates. Additional clinical tools and content can be added via subscription through the iPHARMACIST"u00ae Catalog on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, or at The iPHARMACIST"u00ae app provides you with a breadth of up-to-date information conveniently accessible from a single, easy-to-use source.
With the iPHARMACIST"u00ae app you can:


A recent study by Auburn University indicates that the iPHARMACIST"u00ae handheld software saves pharmacists up to 30 minutes a day*- time that could be spent counselling patients.


Take advantage of our best-of-breed software program that contains high quality drug and reference tools, relevant industry news, and provides regular updates through wireless or cellular network connectivity. The iPHARMACIST"u00ae app helps you stay on top of the dynamic world of pharmacy.


Enjoy the benefit of being fully informed at all times with the iPHARMACIST"u00ae app - an innovative new solution that can be used on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. It's portable, easy to use, and offers you all the support you need to manage your busy practice.


Download the iPHARMACIST"u00ae app and take advantage of the tools you need to build your business and support your practice. The iPHARMACIST"u00ae app helps you improve your quality of care by enabling you to better respond to patient's needs, and enables you to use your time more constructively to effectively grow your business.


With a full library of 22 commonly-used reference books and tools, the iPHARMACIST"u00ae app ensures that you always have access to the latest materials needed to run your practice. The iPHARMACIST"u00ae subscription includes:

- Drug monographs
- Drug interactions
- Calculators
- Pediatric drug guide
- Labs and diagnostics
- IV compatibility
- Drug identification
- Patient education


- Makes professional services and routine drug dispensing easy and efficient
- Regular updates means the latest editions are always available
- Platform-wide search looks across all books simultaneously
- Faster, more convenient access than conventional paper-based resources

Whether analyzing a patient's profile or calculating a medication dosage, the iPHARMACIST"u00ae app is the tool of choice for today's busy pharmacist.

*In an iPHARMACIST"u00ae study conducted by Auburn University, the largest number of respondents indicated saving between 16 and 30 minutes per 10-hour day. For complete survey results visit

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