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Battery Free HD

By Santiago Lema released on: 2009-09-19T02:10:44Z

This is a lovely battery monitor for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Instantly know how many hours you have left for:
- Music playback
- Video playback
- Talk time
- Internet Browsing (WiFi or Edge/3G)
- Standby

Works on all iPhone and iPod Touch devices, displaying the correct values for each one.

Also note that battery life estimates are provided by the system in increments of 5%.

Try it. It's simply the best at what it does.

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Project Noah

By Networked Organisms released on: 2011-02-07T09:43:19Z

Project Noah is an award-winning mobile application that helps nature lovers discover local wildlife and aspiring citizen scientists contribute to current research projects.

Please send issues and crash reports to

Noah stands for networked organisms and habitats. Think of Project Noah as a tool people can use to document and learn about their natural surroundings and as a technology platform research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. Read on to find out how it all works.

The Project Noah application has 3 modes:

Spottings: Grab a photograph of a plant or animal that you find interesting or want to learn more about, select the appropriate category, confirm your location, add some descriptive tags, and submit it. If you need help identifying species, no prob, just select the check box and the community will suggest species IDs

Location-based Field Guide: See what kinds of plants and animals have been spotted near you and learn more about them. Search through a map view, list view, or grid view of most recent spottings all based on your location. You can filter wildlife by categories so you can explore what you're most interested in.

Field Missions: We work with labs, environmental groups, and various organizations to help them gather important data for their research projects. Missions can range from photographing squirrels or mushrooms to tracking migrating birds or invasive species. Missions allow users to contribute to ongoing research projects, but they can also be for fun and exploration.

With our website,, we continue to build an active community where users can view submissions, help identify species, choose their favorite photos, follow their favorite contributors and discuss their encounters. Users can also make submissions directly from the web.

Our ultimate goal is to build the platform for documenting all the world's organisms and through doing this we hope to develop an effective way to measure Mother Nature's pulse. By encouraging the mobile masses to document their encounters with nature, we hope to build a powerful force for data collection and an important educational tool for wildlife awareness and preservation. We hope you'll support us by joining Project Noah today.

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Duck vs BP Free

By XIMAD released on: 2010-06-16T01:32:59Z



In a POLLUTION-INFESTED WORLD, the only way for DUCK BOND to stop INEVITABLE ECO DISASTER is to block all pipes pumping waste, let nature to cleanse and restore itself. Help the hero duck to avoid falling oil bubbles, fight the enemy submarines and fight the oil spill by blocking the pipes on each level while learning important ECO FACTS along the way.

Thanks to OPENFEINT integration you can PUBLISH your best GAME RESULTS to the GLOBAL SCOREBOARD, TRACK your rivals and invite YOUR FRIENDS to COMPETE against YOU!



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Video Biology

By Thinkwell released on: 2010-08-25T09:28:29Z

Thinkwell's Video Biology is the perfect companion for anyone learning or studying Biology. Taught by award-winning teacher, George Wolfe, these richly illustrated lectures cover everything in a standard Biology course.

By downloading Video Biology, you'll have access to ten full-length lessons for free, and you'll be able to preview any of the 300+ different lectures included in the app. These video lectures are 5-20 minutes each and cover:

- Evolution
- Ecology
- Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
- Cell Biology
- Respiration
- Molecular Genetics
- Photosynthesis
- Genetics
- Animal Systems
- Plant Systems
- And lots more...

The videos showcased in this application are excerpted from Thinkwell's acclaimed online Biology course. For more information about Thinkwell and its other course offerings and web-based products, please visit

About George Wolfe:

George Wolfe has been teaching and inspiring students for more than 30 years. He is currently the Director of the Loudoun County Public Schools Academy of Science, an acclaimed public science and math magnet school which he founded in 2005.

Mr. Wolfe is an award-winning teacher whose achievements include: The NSTA Presidential Excellence Award, The National Association of Biology Teachers Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for New York State, The Shell Award for Outstanding Science Educator, and a spot in the National Teaching Hall of Fame.

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Power Simulator

By CINQ Technologies LTDA released on: 2011-03-09T07:33:11Z

Calculate your energy consumption quickly and easily! With the Power Simulator you can find out how much power an appliance consumes per second, minute, hour or day. It is really simple. All you have to do is to select a device, voltage, the desired usage, and you are ready to go - the result will be shown to you immediately. As well as being very useful, other highlights of this app are its attractive design and usability. All of the appliances are organized into categories based on the rooms of a house. For example, if you want to calculate the consumption of a hair dryer, just select the category "bathroom" and then select "hair dryer". The application also enables you to share your calculations with your friends by sending reports via e-mail. So, manage how you use energy with Power Simulator. Your wallet, as well as nature, will thank you!

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Coral Magazine

By Texterity, Inc. released on: 2010-11-23T03:10:53Z

Dive into the breathtaking world of coral reefs and astonishing marine aquariums with the exciting digital version of CORAL Magazine. It has ALL the same content as the highly acclaimed print magazine, and it's in a format as mobile as you are!

Start with the current issue, the best-selling marine aquarium magazine in the English language, hailed for its brilliant photography and authoritative articles.

Current and back issues of CORAL, absolutely free.
Luminous color and crisp, highly readable text in a replica of the print edition that is read in more than 100 countries.
Hot links to great videos and information sources on marine fishes, corals, reef invertebrates, and the latest reefkeeping technology, supplies, and hard-to-find gear.


Fish & Invertebrate Species Profiles
Reef Life Rarities
World-Class Aquarium Systems
Marine Aquarium for Beginners to Experts
Tropical Travel & Underwater Exploration
Thought-Provoking News, Portraits, Interviews, Technology Updates, and much more.


Text-formatted articles designed for maximum mobile readability.
Download each issue, then return any time for offline reading.
Search the archive of available issues.
Bookmark your favorite articles.
Share your comments with other readers.
New issues will be available for download bimonthly.

You'll also be able to receive real-time updates from
News Stories
Product reviews

All in one free app!

About Texterity

This application is powered by Texterity, a leader in digital publishing technology, provider of hundreds of online digital publications, and Check the App Store for more apps from your favorite magazines!

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SoilWeb for the iPhone

By CA Soil Resource Lab released on: 2010-02-23T10:09:32Z

GPS based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data, formatted for the iPhone. This application retrieves graphical summaries of soil types associated with the iPhone's current geographic location, based on a user defined horizontal precision. Sketches of soil profiles are linked to their official soil series description (OSD) page. Soil series names are linked to their associated page within the CA Soil Resource Lab's online soil survey, SoilWeb [1]. An up-to-date map of were data is available for queries can be found here [].


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By Realtech VR released on: 2010-11-25T01:38:15Z

Feed and protect your nucleus well, if you want to reach higher levels of evolution in this original, arcade type of game. Be careful to avoid the bigger and red molecules as you feed your nucleus smaller ones to thrive and survive. Click "More" to learn why you should download this App today!

You've been given a small nucleus. It's your job to feed, grow and protect the little fella, at all costs. Sounds easy but it's not. You made it through the first evolution without incident but now that you're in the second, danger lurks everywhere.

You manage to avoid the bigger molecules but quick, hit the flash button! It's the only thing that will protect your nucleus from the dreaded red molecules that are closing in to cause harm.

Whew, that was a close one. You almost need eyes in the back of your head to fend off the reds while watching for incoming, hungry bigger molecules. They love nothing more than to eat a small, tender nucleus like the one in your charge. Think you can keep the little guy safe until he's big enough to take care of himself?

Freeesh gives you exciting gameplay with an original arcade feel. Think Flow and you'll get the idea.

This really easy to use interface offers customized settings and 12 levels of play that increase in difficulty as you go. It's going to take a concentrated effort on your part to feed that little nucleus and keep him safe, especially with bigger molecules and red molecules that want to eat him.

If you're really good at playing Freeesh, you just might see your name and score on the global Leaderboard. You could even get an achievement award.

While you're having a blast playing Freeesh, you can listen to the perfect background music to set the mood. The game features an original chilling soundtrack by Alexel that's going help you become one with the game.

Check out the Freeesh features that you get when you download the app:
* User friendly, intuitive interface
* Accelerometer or Digital Pad control (with iPhone 4 gyroscope support)
* 60 fps gameplay on iPhone 3GS and more
* 3 *free* levels for a total of 12 levels with increasing challenges (requires in-app purchase for full version).
* Game Center support with Leaderboard and Achievement
* Personal best times for each levels
* Original chilling soundtrack by Alexel (

Download Freeesh now. Have fun but remember to watch for danger. It's everywhere.

See this App in action here:

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Sustainable Fish Guide

By Stephane Lecorney released on: 2009-04-28T07:00:00Z

Sustainable Fish guide gathers the list of acceptable or endangered fishes.
You can now buy a fish according to its sustainable fishery or not.

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By ITX Corp. released on: 2010-03-18T09:26:19Z

Futurity features the most fascinating research news from leading universities in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. The site covers everything from biotech to nanotech, physics to psychology, genetics to global warming. Futurity connects readers to scientists exploring today's most critical issues, and offers readers access to findings in every field. The iPhone app makes it even easier to stay on top of today's research news. Discover the future. Download the free version now.

Top Features
Access the latest research news from more than 50 universities.
Browse by school. Look up your alma mater!
Watch videos without leaving the app.
View the most popular stories, based on reader comments.
Access online content inside the app with the integrated mini browser.
Follow Futurity's posts on Twitter and Facebook.
View Futurity's stories on mobile-friendly

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iDig Free

By Babs2Go released on: 2010-10-11T05:35:39Z

I-Dig Free is funded by iAd. This is our Free version of "iDig: The Recycling Challenge". It includes all features of the full version.

i-Dig is an ecological adventure. On this first release, I-Dig uses the full potential of iOS and mixes a fun game with an ecological story. On the single player mode, the game objective is helping out a little worm to collect as much recycling material as possible. By bringing the cargo to the Recycling Center, the user gets Worm$ that can be used to buy upgrades. If a worm were as tall as a human, each game map would allow it to dig about 650 feet under the ground. The random map generator is capable of generating up to 1000 different maps to make each new campaign unique. As the user goes deeper he/she will find garbage and obstacles. Natural obstacles such as gas pockets will slow the worm down while drag its life away. Snakes are moving around and they may fall onto you. Be specially careful with spiders, they can follow you around and keep dragging your life away. Do not forget that your ethanol tank may go out of fuel as you dig in, remember to go back and refill it from time to time. The multiplayer mode is the greatest part! The same rules of the single player game apply to the multi-player mode. However, on the multiplayer mode you have to deal with a much smarter adversary that will control a second Worm. After the multi-player campaign starts, the users also have the option to start the Voice Chat tool and tease each other while playing. The game will keep track of both user's scores and it will assume that the highest score is the winner. However, blowing up your opponent will make you feel better in case you got a lower score :-) . Well, help the worm, get curious about your environment and have fun ! -Babs2Go Team

Support Note: Some times, when opening the Voice Chat module, the connection may take very long to complete. One safe way to speed-up this connection is cancelling the connection (press the cancel button) and try again. Keywords: motherload, motherlode, digger, dig, gold, recycling, ecology,adventure, arcade, action.

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Eco Cow

By Berthing released on: 2010-02-08T07:38:00Z

Turn the device upside down to hear the cow muuh - its that simple and fun

Cow info:
The cow muuh's used here is from ecological cows living in Denmark, together with 140 others and produces milk for the Danish consumers every day.

- Select between Cow and Calf muuh's.
- Includes background cow sounds, for the complete eco cow experience.

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By MoblMedia Inc. released on: 2010-03-24T01:45:02Z

This new permanent exhibit invites you to visit some of the most fascinating ecosystems to explore how the principles of ecology shape life on Earth. Investigate the gallery's eight Zones, each of which illustrates a different ecological principle.

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Do It Gorgeously

By Optimum Drama, Inc. released on: 2011-02-17T12:26:23Z

The Do It Gorgeously app is a series of How to videos by Sophie Uliano, the New York Times Best Selling author of "Gorgeously Green", The Gorgeously Green Diet" and "Do It Gorgeously". Sophie has appeared on Orpah, Good Morning America, The View, Dr. OZ and countless other shows teaching women how to update their beauty regime, detox their homes and lives. This app contains the HOW TO on Beauty, pets, Home, children, etc. These simple to follow videos will show you how to make everything in a non toxic manner from your own Vitamin C Face Serum and skin masks to organic doggy treats and baby bubble bath. It features Sophie showing you step by step how to cook incredible organic and healthy dishes and even a herbal cough remedy.

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Mobile Ag Tank Mix Calculator

By Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. released on: 2009-10-07T07:49:32Z

Marrone Bio Innovations develops effective natural products that provide solutions for today's pest management needs in agriculture, turf and ornamental production and homeowner use.

Classified as "u2018biopesticides' by the Environmental Protection Agency, these products are commonly used in tank mixes with other inputs, and are valuable additions to crop protection programs for pest control, resistance management, residue management and environmental stewardship.

Marrone Bio Innovation's Mobile Ag Tank Mix Calculator is a free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that can easily and accurately help you calculate the proper ratios of the products you are planning to mix together in your tank.

Simply input the capacity of your tank, the area you plan to spray, and the proper rates of the products you will be applying. You will be given the proper amounts of each product, the number of tank mixes it will take to cover the whole area, and the total amount of each product you will need to complete your entire job.

Because we believe that everyone should have access to innovation in Agriculture, Marrone's Mobile Ag Tank Mix Calculator is available free of charge. We welcome your comments and feedback. This is the first version of our Tank Mix Calculator and we hope to offer updates in the coming months.

Calculates tank mix proportions for up to 3 products
Calculates total number of tanks and total amounts of products needed to cover complete area
By adjusting settings you can enter inputs in pounds, gallons, quarts, fluid ounces, kilograms and liters
By adjusting settings you can calculate areas in acres, hectares or per 1000 sq ft
Provides an example of a common tank mix for a disease control program using Regalia (R) Bioprotectant for fungal and bacterial diseases, dry flowable copper and mancozeb.

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Oxygen Survivor Free

By Santiago Lema released on: 2009-09-24T12:32:55Z

How long can we survive if we keep consuming at this rate ? This game won't answer this question but hopefully it'll make you think about it.

The rules of the game are simple:

- the more you move, the faster you use your oxygen
- the more oxygen you breathe, the more co2 gets rejected in the atmosphere and comes back to kill you.

To survive longer: consume only what you need and only move when necessary.

Try to survive as long as possible and compare your scores with the other players around the world!

This is the ad supported version. There's a pretty cheap paid one if you wish to show your support.

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Portable Toilet

By speed4touch released on: 2009-09-25T08:44:21Z

Very economical, does not consume water.
Touch the screen to trigger the flushing !

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By cxpartners released on: 2011-03-11T12:22:13Z

Weird bugs have been spotted around your school, Can you find them all?

Eco bugs is a free iPhone* learning game for 7-11 year olds on iPhone 4 and 3GS.
Hunt bugs down with your iPhone using the GPS bug tracker. See virtual bugs crawling around your school through the Iphone camera. Use your bug traps to catch them all.

Simple to set up
Create a game with up to ten teams
Download the free iPhone App
Download and print the teacher packand place the special markers in your school environment.

Engaging to play
Track and catch bugs in real locations
Use experimentation to catch a variety of bugs
Use observational skills to determine what type of bug has been caught

Encourages collaborative learning
Learners share data with other groups
Teachers leads discussions about observations
Learners can see how real bugs relate to virtual bugs
Learning includes habitats, adaptation, food chains, sustainability and a whole lot more

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By OnO Apps Ltd. released on: 2010-06-28T11:47:52Z

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"u05d0"u05e0"u05d7"u05e0"u05d5 "u05db"u05d1"u05e8 "u05e2"u05d5"u05d1"u05d3"u05d9"u05dd "u05e2"u05dc "u05d4"u05d2"u05e8"u05e1"u05d4 "u05d4"u05d7"u05d3"u05e9"u05d4 "u05d5"u05d1"u05d4 "u05d0"u05d5"u05e4"u05e6"u05d9"u05d5"u05ea "u05d9"u05e8"u05d5"u05e7"u05d5"u05ea "u05e0"u05d5"u05e1"u05e4"u05d5"u05ea "u05db"u05de"u05d5 "u05de"u05d9"u05e7"u05d5"u05de"u05d9 "u05db"u05dc"u05d5"u05d1"u05d9 "u05de"u05d7"u05d6"u05d5"u05e8 "u05dc"u05e4"u05dc"u05e1"u05d8"u05d9"u05e7, "u05e7"u05e8"u05d8"u05d5"u05df "u05d5"u05d6"u05db"u05d5"u05db"u05d9"u05ea, "u05d0"u05d6"u05d5"u05e8"u05d9 "u05d6"u05d9"u05d4"u05d5"u05dd "u05d0"u05d5"u05d5"u05d9"u05e8 "u05d5"u05de"u05d9"u05dd, "u05d5"u05e2"u05d5"u05d3.

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Environmental Educator

By Environmental Educator LLC released on: 2011-01-11T05:22:53Z

Keep us in a livable planet. Good planets are hard to find, so lets stop conveniencing ourselves out of a livable one. The Environmental Educator will teach you how to and why you should, so you will.
The Environmental Educator is a topic a week, with daily segments being about a 30-40 second video.

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