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Xmas Games

By Xmas Christmas Fun Games! released on: 2009-11-24T10:59:00Z

Stuck for games to play this Christmas?

Download Xmas games and keep yourself and your friends and family entertained.

Choose from a list of games or shake for a random game!

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Free Hangman

By MobilityWare released on: 2008-09-01T03:03:16Z

"Of the three games we reviewed, both my seven-year-old daughter and I enjoyed Hangman 1.7 the most. MobilityWare's version stands out because it enables you to select from four nifty graphical themes and separately select from 16 word lists." -

Hangman, the traditional paper and pencil word game, can now be enjoyed on your iPhone or iPod Touch! This simple puzzle game, in which the objective is to guess the letters that make up the hidden word, can now be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The player picks one letter at a time, but picking a wrong letter results in part of the stickman figure being drawn. If the stickman figure is completed before the word is guessed, then the game is lost.

If you do not know the hidden word after it has been revealed, you can tap on a question mark icon to see the word's definition, so you can add it to your vocabulary.

With 5 different graphical themes (Stick Man, Summer, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) and 18 different lists of words to choose from, players can challenge themselves with different categories of words, so they will never be bored!

Free hangman includes word lists such as Standard words, Easy words, SAT, Sports, Cars, Movies, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and many more you can choose from!

Play by yourself or play with a friend, as there are single player and two player modes available. The two player mode consists of one person typing a word for the other to guess.

Free Hangman is a fully-featured, but ad-supported version of Hangman.

If you like Free Hangman, but prefer it without ads, you can purchase Hangman without ads from the App Store.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:
- "this is the coolest hangman ever!"
- "these graphics are the best of the hangman offerings"
- "learn new words and have fun too!"
- "this game is truly amazing, it is not only fun but educational"
- "this is by far the best version of hangman I have ever played"
- "its one of the best free apps, keeps me pretty entertained"

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Preschool Games - Farm Animals (Photo Touch)

By MindValley LLC released on: 2010-12-17T05:06:20Z

Photo Touch by Smart Baby Apps = Top Educational iPad Apps for Kids :-)

Endorsed by tens of thousands of satisfied parents, teachers, and kids the world over.

Why Smart Baby Apps? We believe that educational apps should be ridiculously fun, immensely educational, and affordable for all.

Ideal for Kids 0 - 4 Years Old


* Learn by sight, sound, and touch

* Uses real, crisp photographs that are carefully hand picked and selected vs. cartoonish illustrations

* Fun & engaging voice artist keeps kids engaged

* Dynamic game play adjust difficulty (the number of objects per page) automatically to keep kids both challenged and entertained vs. getting bored

* Wrong answers do not interfere with gameplay, the child can immediately try again and touch the correct answer (most other games are too slow to keep kids interested by slowly repeating the desired question).

* Multi-sensory learning tool - combining audio, voice, and written words

* Over 18 Farm Animals included

Heroic Support

Heroic Support is not just what we do. It's really what makes us, well, us. It's that drive to make a difference in your life - no matter how big or small. Really, it's our way of life because we want you to be our customer for a lifetime of fun and learning.

Have questions? We are here to help. Email us at

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World Countries ALL-IN-ONE Free. 7 Educational Apps

By ADS Software Group, Inc. released on: 2008-11-19T01:42:16Z

7 Educational Geographic apps in one: World Countries Factbook (CIA, WIkipedia, Anthems, Maps, Flags, Capitals) - all 260 countries/territories, Continental maps, Flags, 3 types of Quizzes: capitals, maps, flags and trivia, Flash cards and Rankings.

Check full version of World Countries for more apps:
Wikitravel (offline travel guides for all countries), World Photos, World News, World Map, Flags Memory Match Game, Guess the Flag game and Geo Trivia Quiz.

"World Countries Makes Learning Easy and Provides Detailed Information at the Same Time" -

Use this app to learn about countries, check yourself and your friends, play with other people and even improve your memorizing skills.

"u2713 Pocket reference for 260 world countries and regions. Offline. No internet connection needed. Includes:
Factbook - CIA The World Factbook by CIA, WIkipedia, Anthems, Maps, Flags, Capitals.
"u2713 World Map - large political map of the World
"u2713 Country Maps - 260 maps of countries
"u2713 Continents - large maps of continents
"u2713 Quiz games - Capitals, Flags, Maps
"u2713 Flags - World Flags reference
"u2713 Countries flash cards

Additional features:
"u2713 Select any combination of regions - Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Oceania
"u2713 Send info or maps by Email from the application
"u2713 Copy info to clipboard
"u2713 Adjustable font size

OpenFeint integrated:
"u2713 Compare your Quiz scores and Games results versus other players and your friends (facebook/twitter)
"u2713 Invite and challenge your friends
"u2713 Post your achievements to facebook and twitter

Please send your reviews and requests to Subscribe to our newsletter at and follow on twitter at

If you like World Countries Free, check out FULL Version more apps with no advertising.

World Countries is under active development. We are constantly adding new apps and content

More apps by ADS Software Group:
"u2713 ART - Pocket Art Gallery. Great Artists. Slideshow. Quiz
"u2713 USA Factbook and Quiz - all that newcomers to the US should know.
"u2713 Love Clock and Quotes
"u2713 JS Bach - Classical Music Collection and Quiz.

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Brain Trainer by

By Lumosity released on: 2010-01-18T08:00:00Z

Over 4 million users have trained their brains using Brain Trainer by!

The best of online brain training is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch!

For years, Lumosity has worked closely with the world's leading neuroscientists from top universities -- including Stanford, UCSF and Berkeley -- to create the best cognitive enhancement program. It has over 10 million members.

New York Times:
"There is a gradual growing awareness that challenging your brain can have positive effects," Dr. Cohen said.... "Every time you challenge your brain it will actually modify the brain," he said. "We can indeed form new brain cells, despite a century of being told it is impossible."

Scientific American:
"Lumosity was the program I was most eager to play each day."

LA Times:
"Lumosity presents a wide range of exercises that target different mental processes that decline with age, including working memory, speed of processing and attention."

Women's Health:
"Surprisingly fun games using real neuroscience research to improve your attention, memory, and even peripheral vision."

Movie Entertainment Magazine:
"These enjoyable games are addictive and rewarding."

Lumosity Brain Trainer includes 10 brain games designed to enhance your cognitive abilities, including memory, processing speed, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. Playing our brain games a few minutes every day will help you achieve the best results.

Our users have reported the following benefits:
Improved memory
Enhanced mood
Better problem solving skills
Ability to think more quickly

Start improving your brain NOW!

Play one session per day. Each session has 3 games and has been designed to improve different brain functions. The first 5 sessions are free! Lumosity subscribers get full access.

Brain Performance Index (BPI) is a measure of your performance in a given cognitive function.
By using Brain Trainer, you should see your BPI improve over time.

Learn about neuroscience and how technology can improve cognitive abilities.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Chris Burriss, 25 years old
Baton Rouge, LA

"With Lumosity, I progressed rapidly and found that my thinking was much clearer, my short-term working memory had improved, and that I was able solve problems and come up with creative solutions much faster. I'm wholeheartedly convinced that these mental exercises are effective! They do work! People of all walks of life can benefit from I guarantee it!"


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ABC Phonics Animals Free Lite -Talking & Spelling Alphabet Flashcards Kids Games

By Brain Counts released on: 2009-10-23T12:47:43Z

FULL VERSION - 50% OFF Sale Price Today

1) Featured in the App Store "New and Noteworthy"
2) Featured on CBS EVENING NEWS:
3) Recommend by Educators and Parents

Developed by a group of parents - the app mimics and automates how they would go over each flash cards with their own children, focusing in on the alphabet phonetics, spelling, reading, and sounds.

The word spellings, letters, sounds, and images in this game reinforces associative learning which may aid in early brain development in young kids and may help your child get a head start in reading.

The flash cards are organized using the proven traditional flash cards layout and is combined with the following interactive elements:
1) Audio spelling of the words along with "Jumping Stars" animation synchronized with the voice.
2) Pronunciations of the full word - Touch the "Spelling" bird
3) Animal Sounds (i.e. dog barks) - Touch the animal
3) Phonetic sounds of each letter of the word - Touch the letter
4) Letter recognition along with the sound
5) Rhythmic preschool music synchronized with the animations
6) Swipe the screen to move forward or backwards

Along with the animal flash cards, there are 3 additional games to supplement and provide positive reinforcements:
1) Animal Match Game - supplemental to the flash cards and focus on your child comprehension skills. Recommended to play this game after your child plays with the flash cards and is familiar with it.
2) Prize Zone Game - interactive game where the prizes are unlocked after completing a level in the Animal Match Game.
3) Letter Balloon Pop Game - focus on alphabet letters and sound recognition.

Please visit our site to provide feedbacks or questions.

** Suitable for kids 2 years and older

Please adjust the game to fit your child's skill
level in the setting area. Use this as a teaching
tool that makes learning the alphabet fun.

Featured App on CBS EVENING NEWS:

Great tool to learn english alphabet phonics.

Gran herramienta para aprender la lectura fon"u00e9tica del alfabeto ingl"u00e9s.

Grande attrezzo per imparare il metodo di insegnamento fonetico di alfabeto inglese.

Grande ferramenta para aprender a f"u00f3nica do alfabeto ingl"u00eas.

Grand outil pour apprendre l'acoustique d'alphabet anglais.

Gro"u00dfes Werkzeug, zum der Phonik des englischen Alphabetes zu erlernen.



"uc601"uc5b4 "uc54c"ud30c"ubcb3 "uc74c"ud5a5"ud559"uc744 "ubc30"uc6b0"ub294 "uc911"ub300"ud55c "uacf5"uad6c

Try our New FREE App - "Crazy Symon".
Like the Simon Says game with a Twist - 4 games in 1

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Free Word Warp

By MobilityWare released on: 2008-09-23T07:17:25Z

"Word Warp is my first go-to game when I find myself out of the house and not doing anything. Every time you see me sitting on the train or in a waiting room I am listening to music and playing some Word Warp" -

"Its sheer simplicity combined with its quick playability makes it great to play when I have a few minutes of downtime." -

Word game fans rejoice! If you've enjoyed countless hours playing games like TextTwist, Word Scramble, Jumble or Boggle, then Word Warp is the game for you!

Similar to Text Twist, Word Warp is a challenging anagram type of word game in which you try to form as many words as you can out of the six letters you are given before time runs out. You will receive points for each correct word you come up with, but in order to advance to the next level you must come up with at least one word that uses all six letters.

Stumped? Word Warp has a Warp Button that will rearrange the letters for you so you may recognize some words you previously missed. There is also an option to change the allotted game time to give yourself more time - or make it more challenging.

Once the level is completed, you are given the list of all the possible words and you can tap any of the words to see its definition.

So if you want a fun and addicting game that keeps your brain sharp and builds your vocabulary at the same time, then definitely give Word Warp a try!

Free Word Warp is a fully-featured, but ad-supported version of Word Warp.

If you like Free Word Warp, but prefer it without ads, you can purchase Word Warp without ads from the App Store.

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What our customers are saying:
- "This is probably the most played app on my phone"
- "I loaded it and started playing and never put it down the rest of the day"
- "Fun for the whole family!"
- "Thanks to the developer for a quality, brain enhancing app!"
- "You will NOT regret downloading this! It keeps your brain sharp and quick"
- "Very addictive!!!"

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Games 4 Kids FREE

By DibDib released on: 2010-05-01T12:27:37Z

If you want your kids to have FUN, this is the perfect challenge! Not one but SIX games in one. Games 4 Kids FREE will keep everyone excited and laughing. Like Karaoke? Play your favorite instrument, sing along and listen to your great recording. Hide and seek fun.Want to learn how to hunt animals by hearing their sounds? Zoom to complete the puzzle before time runs out or connect the dots to bring to life lots of beautiful pictures. How about painting, become a great artist! Or challenge your memory in Sound Simon.

Wow, so much fun, so much learning for little and big kids!!

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123 Tracer and more Lite Free - counting, number games, math for kids

By App-Zoo released on: 2009-12-10T05:49:18Z

Please try our new FREE app
Phonics - ABC and Words


1) Count me: count the number of times a particular object appears in a group of objects (for toddlers)
2) Trace me: Demonstrates how to write numbers with correct strokes.It also illustrates the tens and units place (with audio)
3) Fun number activities: connect-the-dots, mazes, spot the difference
4) Pop me: More fun and educational activities
- pop the balloon in ascending order of numbers
- pop the balloons in descending order of numbers
- pop odd balloons in order
- pop even balloons in order
- count by 2 and pop the balloons
- count by 3 and pop the balloons
- count by 5 and pop the balloons
- count by 10 and pop the ballons

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dot to dot - animals

By Mars Games released on: 2010-06-24T11:12:55Z

Dot to dot
A new version for the classical "connect the dots" game!
Join the dots in order from 1 to 20 to complete the picture and get a funny surprise.


! "u05d4"u05de"u05e9"u05d7"u05e7 "u05d4"u05e7"u05dc"u05d0"u05e1"u05d9 "u05e9"u05dc "u05e6"u05e2"u05e6"u05d5"u05e2"u05d9 "u05d1"u05d5"u05e7"u05d9 "u05d1"u05d2"u05e8"u05e1"u05d4 "u05d7"u05d3"u05e9"u05e0"u05d9"u05ea
"u05d7"u05d1"u05e8"u05d5 "u05d0"u05ea "u05d4"u05e0"u05e7"u05d5"u05d3"u05d5"u05ea "u05dc"u05e4"u05d9 "u05d4"u05e1"u05d3"u05e8 "u05de-1 "u05e2"u05d3 20 "u05db"u05d3"u05d9 "u05dc"u05e7"u05d1"u05dc "u05d0"u05ea "u05ea"u05de"u05d5"u05e0"u05d4 "u05d4"u05de"u05d5"u05e9"u05dc"u05de"u05ea "u05d5"u05d4"u05e4"u05ea"u05e2"u05d4 "u05de"u05e9"u05e2"u05e9"u05e2"u05ea

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Ben Stein: It's Trivial Lite

By Griptonite Games released on: 2009-01-21T02:44:46Z


Online Winner's Board, Tips & Secrets visit:

Don't miss out on what critics and players are calling...

"The best trivia game on the iPhone!"

Ben Stein will tease your mind with comical one-liners and extraordinary trivia - all combined with jazzy game show music and an exclusive appearance by Cheex - Stein's cheeky monkey co-host.

Trivia starts off simple and becomes more challenging as you win. Earn bonus points based on how quickly you answer questions from four categories: Pop Culture, Sports, Natural Wonders and Random Steinage.

Do you have what it takes to challenge Ben?

Game Features:
- Hundreds of Trivia Questions (easy to hard)
- Touch Screen & Shake Controls
- Catchy Tunes & Quotes
- Bonus & Lightning Rounds
- Easy Instant Upgrade Button for Full Version

For more details visit:

By Jeff Merron (full version review)
One of the great things about rounding up a group of like-applications is that after a while it often becomes obvious which is the best among those apps—it's the one you keep returning to, to "test" some more. Which is what happened when I was assigned to test a trio of iPhone trivia games. I kept returning to Ben Stein: It's Trivial.

By Michael Alexander (full version review)
Ben Stein: It's Trivial is a captivating game and lots of fun. It will keep you, and everyone around you, entertained for hours and hours.

by Louis (full version review)
It is not hard to see that Ben Stein: It's Trivial is a well polished game. The music and sound effects are nicely done and the artwork along with the Stein Bobblehead definitely adds to the fun. With so many interesting items to steal from Ben, players should have no trouble playing the game over and over again Players will find themselves wanting to take Ben Stein to the cleaners!

by George Roush (full version review)
The App Store is now inundated with trivia games, so it takes an impressive hook to stand out of the crowd. Ben Stein is a pretty good hook. "u2028If you dig trivia games, give this game a try. ...the replay value of stealing Ben's items will keep you coming back for more.

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Fishing Toddler Lite (4 learning games in 1)

By Xutility released on: 2010-02-17T12:13:41Z

Free Free Free!!!
Good news for the little kids!!!
Added two different modes including beginner and advanced. Less and bigger fishes for the beginner now. Easy to catch the fish. Check the description in the What's New section.

4 learning games in 1 app now. Great learning game for kids to play.
A wonderful fishing game for toddler!!! Learning ABC, animal name, numbers, colors and shapes. It is a best educational game for toddler.

There are four fishing games for toddler now.

1.Fishing ABC
Learning alphabet through fishing game.
Learning pronunciation from a real person audio.
Learning pronunciation for each character.
Learning name of the animal from the picture and sound.
Learning lowercase and uppercase alphabet.
Enjoy the nice image in the middle of the cloud.

2.Fishing 123
Learning number from 1 to 10.
Learning sound of each number.

3.Fishing Color
Help kids to recognize the color of rainbow.
Help kids to know the name of the rainbow.

4.Fishing Shape
To recognize shapes through the fishing game.
We cover the most popular shapes in the game. Kids will like it.

Learning through game is the most fun and easy way to memorize the alphabet. An easy and friendly user interface to get toddler attention and enjoy the learning path. Real images help kids recognize animal's name and pronunciation.

How to use this application?
* Choose the game you want to play
* Hear the sound of character and find the same alphabet in front of the fish
* Swipe vertically to pull the fish out of river
* Tap the image to hear the sound
* Click the arrow button to go to next or previous character
* The alphabet will be showed automatically after 3 seconds
* Tap the character next to the image to hear the letter sound
* Tap the sun to switch between uppercase and lowercase
* Tap the house to go back to the main menu

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Highlights Hidden Pictures Lite\u2122

By Mobad Games released on: 2010-10-11T09:07:23Z

★★★ 2010 Parents' Choice Silver Award winner - Parents' Choice Foundation ★★★

The original Highlights Hidden Pictures™ - classic, fun and irresistible - now on the iPhone and iPod touch in a Lite version! Two puzzles are included in this free download of the award winning game along with two more puzzles when you register.

What critics are saying about Highlights Hidden Pictures:

★ "Top 50 iPhone Apps for Kids... My eight-year-old enjoys this app as much as I remember enjoying the magazine pictures when I was her age."

★ "4 out of 4 stars."USA Today's Jinny Gudmundsen

★ "This is a top-notch, great quality educational title."

★ "It is the best hidden picture type app that my kids and I have tried so far and we are loving it."The iPhone Mom

★ "This is a great entry level hidden pictures app for kids. The classic black and white illustrations are easy on the eyes and will take you back to your childhood (specifically to your dentist's waiting room). This app is almost perfect!" Best Kids Apps

★ "Hidden Pictures remains enthralling, challenging, and great fun for children and adults alike. You'll be wrestling your kid for dibs on this app!"... GiggleApps

Seek and find the everyday objects hidden within fun, kid-friendly illustrations. When objects are found, they turn from black and white to color and a cool "aha" sound chimes to announce your discovery. Highlights Hidden Pictures provides timeless, simple and satisfying gameplay in a go-anywhere format.

Puzzles - Two of our favorite illustrations let you find dozens of hidden objects. Play them over and over.
Clues - A scrollable row of objects in each puzzle can be turned off or on to make the game more challenging.
Hints - Use the hint feature when you need a little help to locate the objects. Just ask for a hint and the picture narrows to highlight the area around the hidden object.
Register - Register to receive two free puzzles and we will let you know when more Highlights games are available.
Music - Custom tunes play in the background. Music can be turned on and off.

Children will enjoy an imaginative and fun play experience that captures their attention and interest as they find the hidden objects and complete each puzzle.

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Vocabulary Bubble FREE

By Donoma Games released on: 2009-11-06T08:00:00Z

From the creator of Word Bubble FREE, top 100 word games in over 60 countries wordwide, Donoma Games brings you Vocabulary Bubble FREE for the iPhone and iPod Touch! With more than 4,500 college level vocabulary words and definitions, you will improve your vocabulary simply by playing only a few minutes a day. Don't hesitate, try it out now!

Vocabulary Bubble FREE is free of charge. If you like Vocabulary Bubble FREE, also check out Vocabulary Bubble Deluxe!


-Infinite Gameplay
-Beautiful Soothing Graphics
-College Level Words With Definitions
-Online Leaderboard and more powered by Scoreloop.

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Flashcards & Kids Games

By INKids released on: 2010-07-16T11:34:46Z

**LEARN and have FUN at the same time** - Flashcards & Kids Games is a collection of great learning tools and games for preschoolers (age 2-5) - it also makes teaching a second language to toddlers a breeze... Now your kids can also learn SPANISH and FRENCH (more languages are on the way)!

"A great stepping stone for kids" - Erin O'Hearn, 6 ABC NEWS

★★★★★"Both my boys (2 and 5) haven't put this down, they love the animals and the spelling games. This is easily the best kids app I've tried and multi-language options is a great feature" - Stuart, Sydney, Australia

★★★★★"Based solely upon the flash card app category, this is a very good one. I should probably go further by saying it is the best that I have come across for this age group." (Education Apps Review)

**** FEATURES ****

1. More than 230 flashcards in various categories (Animals, Transport, Bodies, Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes and Colors) illustrated by hand (no boring photos!)

2.Interactive and lovable animal characters

3.2nd Language support (Spanish, French and English languages are all available). A great way for kids to start learning a new language and perfect for bi-lingual households!

4.Ability to record your own sound files for any word or letter

5.Hundreds of audio files, including words, sound effects, and musical themes produced by professional sound engineers, voice over artists and language experts.

6.Simple Navigation for kids - Powerful settings and controls for parents; select display options, sound effects, languages, volume and more - and then lock the controls.

7.Teaches kids how to pronounce letter sounds and recognize words while having fun at the same time.


Flashcards for iPad also includes 2 fun games designed specifically for preschoolers;

1.WORD MATCH - Is it a Pig, a Horse or a Fox?! Match the correct word with the image on the screen, complete with sound effects - Teaches word association and image recognition.

2.SPELLING GAME - a powerful education tool, which provides many hours of fun and learning. This game is designed especially for little fingers and teaches toddlers how to recognize and match letters.

3.Other developers sell these games individually for the same price as this entire learning suite!


If you've ever wanted to teach your child a second language from a young age, then Flashcards & Kids Games is also the perfect learning tool! The application has support for English, French and Spanish (Italian and German are on the way)- Children can learn and practice any 2 languages at the same time.

Learning a new language is proven to be much easier if children have exposure to the language from a young age. If you've ever wanted your child to learn a 2nd language, then this application is perfect for your toddler.

This app means that your child won't just learning, they'll also be having fun. This entire application is beautifully illustrated and has entertaining sound effects that little kids love. The interface is clean and easy to use, but it is also a powerful fully featured learning tool.

Kids can play Flashcards by themselves, but you'll find they also like bringing grown ups along with them, telling you what each animal is and practicing the sounds they make!

The variety of options packaged with this application means that you can control and adjust the way your child understands and learns the relationships between letters and words. There is no other Flashcards learning tool like this!

NOTE: We are giving this away for FREE because we know you'll love it so much you'll want to buy the iPad version one day!

CONTACT US: For technical issues and suggestions or requests to

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Highlights My First Hidden Pictures Lite\u2122

By Mobad Games released on: 2010-10-11T09:07:28Z

Highlights My First Hidden Pictures™ - classic, fun and irresistible - now on the iPhone and iPod touch in a Lite version!

This free, full-color edition of the award-winning Highlights Hidden Pictures game is designed with younger children in mind. Have fun solving the two Hidden Pictures puzzles included in this free download plus the two additional puzzle you will receive when you register.

What critics are saying about My First Hidden Pictures:

★ "Gold Badge - There are many children's apps, but the Highlights My First Hidden Pictures app is sure to become a preferred option for children of all ages." ...Smokin Apps

★ "This is a terrific new hidden picture app and the developers have done another fantastic job of taking a childhood classic and bringing it onto the iPhone." ...The iPhone Mom

★ "It's always so thrilling when something I treasured from my childhood still exists to become a treasure for my own kids." ...The Working Mom

★ "One of our favorite things to do when we were kids and still fun today in a more high-tech way." ...Best Kids Apps

★ "Graham and I both have fun with this one." ...Go Graham Go

★ "I have had a lot of fun with these puzzles, and I do find myself using the hints towards the end. I am glad they are available." ...Giggle Apps

★ "The colorful cartoon scenes are great fun. Younger kids will enjoy seeing all there is to see in a scene in addition to hunting for the hidden objects themselves." ...Common Sense Media

★ "Top Ten Apps for Kids - There is still nothing in the world more fun than hidden picture games and the Highlights app is a great way to educate and sharpen the mind." ...Kid Wonderful

Puzzles - Two of our favorite illustrations let you find dozens of hidden objects. Play them over and over.
Clues - A scrollable row of objects in each puzzle can be turned off or on to make the game more challenging.
Hints - Use the hint feature when you need a little help to locate the objects. Each time you ask for a hint the picture narrows more and more to highlight the area around the hidden object.
Register - Register to receive two free puzzles and we will let you know when more Highlights games are available.
Music - Custom tunes play in the background. Music can be turned on and off.

Children will enjoy an imaginative and fun play experience that captures their attention and interest as they find the hidden objects and complete each puzzle.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Educational Games you looking for.

We belive for every paid Educational Games app out there there is a equivalent free Educational Games app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Educational Games apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Educational Games apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Educational Games apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Educational Games app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

Educational Games Apps Users Comments