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Ancient Civilisations

By Stroika released on: 2010-12-01T11:55:12Z

Learn about the world's rich history and cultural heritage. Ancient Civilisations provides comprehensive facts, information and images about the world's ancient people's from around the globe.

Find out about where the word Avocado originates, how the Egyptians invented the hieroglyphs, the Khmer kingdom of Angkor Wat and it's impressive irrigation system, law and philosophy in Ancient Greece and much much more. Ancient Civilisations includes full details and a history of each culture along with many little known and surprising facts.

For children and adults alike, images and quick facts make this the ideal app to scan through on a short journey or to delve deeper into for some serious reading up. This is a perfect app for anyone interested in history and wanting to know more about people and anthropology.

And there's always a new fact or two to surprise and astound you. Find out about the lives and societies of your ancestors and wonder at the richness of the ancient world's civilisations.

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Quick reference guide with detailed summary and information from wikipedia.

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