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Quick Quiz

By Creative Toys released on: 2010-01-03T11:32:48Z

Play in two modes: instructional review and a timed challenge.
Six different categories - Science, History, Math, English, Geography, or Beginner
Challenging questions for both kids and adults.

Quick Quiz is the FREE version for Educational Challenge that lets the player try the Instructional level and Challenge with a limited mount of questions. Players also have access to Facebook and Twitter to post how well they do with this limited version.

Educational Challenge is designed to fill hours with interactive learning and of course, fun! Players can choose from subjects such as History, Science, English, Math, and Geography. Questions are written for children from ages 7 and up, with an additional Beginner's level for children as young as 5.

This new version has two great ways to play. There is an Instructional Level so players can be quizzed on all six categories and learn without the concerns of getting the answers wrong.

Then, when the player is ready, they can decide to play the Challenge where they have one minute to answer each of the 10 questions. When they finish, Educational Challenge will show the player how well they have done and how long it took to complete. If they got that perfect score they can then post the news to Facebook or Twitter.

Educational Challenge's primary purpose is to teach basic skills so when the player completes a Challenge, they can always go back and review the questions they got wrong.

Educational Challenge is not a trivia game, but an interactive reinforcement of elementary school lessons and content.

Educational Challenge is a fun way to learn basic skills at the elementary school level. The game is designed to encourage confidence in children and have fun learning.

Using Educational Challenge on one's iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is simple.

With Educational Challenge, the learning never ends!

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