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Ultimate SoundBox(Including Fart/Laser/Gun/Air ...

By e21bCute Studioe21b released on: 2010-12-22T08:00:00Z

★☆Last day promotion! Price will rise to $1.99 Tomorrow! Be quick!

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Great quantity of Original sound effects in this app, enjoy it! including:

-Women Moan
-Women Fart
-Girl's Deep Breath
-Cash Register
-Cell Ringtones
-Fire Siren
-Machine Gun
-Laser Gun
-Morse Code
-Merry Xmas
Click the "Free" Button Now!

★☆--We are developing new version of this app. In the new version, you will get
--Picture of each sound effects
--Louder and More Original sounds
--You will be able to export these sound effects to Ringtones!

Also, please give this app a nice review and we will keep on updating this app.

Additional information
- Easy to use.
- Fun to play with.
- Original and Loud sounds.
- Now you can listen to your favorite sounds all the time

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By Marco Siino released on: 2010-06-04T09:34:16Z


** Fart!! Facebook Fan Page, click "I Like It" to help us releasing new free upgrades and give us your feedback:

Fart!! is a fart machine that allows you to generate new random fart sounds every time you push The Button.

* Fart Engine generates infinite and different farts every time

* Fart Button: touch the fart button to generate random farts

* Leg Fart: Enable the leg fart mode and put your device in your pockets, then lift your leg up to simulate an amazing fart!

* Fart Meter and Fart Points: Flood the fart button to increase the Fart Meter bar and earn Fart Points!

* Impress your friends and people in public with fart sounds!

* Simulate real farts for wonderful jokes!

Fart!! is the best Fart App for iPhone. Suggest Fart!! to your friends to make crazy exhilarating jokes with them!



Fart!! "u00e8 il migliore generatore e simulatore di scorregge per iPhone! Con Fart!! baster"u00e0 premere un pulsante per creare ogni volta scorregge sempre diverse e fare scherzi esilaranti con gli amici!

Inoltre attivando la modalit"u00e0 "Leg Fart" potrai mettere l'iPhone in tasca e simulare scorreggie alzando la gamba grazie all'accelerometro.

Premi il pulsante "Touch to Fart" pi"u00f9 veloce che puoi per creare un esplosione di scorregge e far aumentare il Fart Meter. Ogni volta che porterai il Fart Meter al massimo guadagnerai un Fart Point!

Fart!! "u00e8 la migliore applicazione di scorreggie per iPhone ed "u00e8 gratuita, consigliala ai tuoi amici per fare scherzi pazzi in compagnia!

Diventa FAN della pagina FACEBOOK di Fart!! per scoprire le ultime novit"u00e0, gli aggiornamenti e per aiutarci a rilasciare nuovi aggiornamenti gratuiti presto! =>

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By Lan Man released on: 2010-08-21T05:08:04Z

There are things you didn't know about fart and there are things that you didn't need to know about fart, but they are all gather in this app. It's useless, unimportant but hilarious and entertaining. ***** Features include: - Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to see an alternative fart fact - Save images as wallpaper - No internet connection required! All images are loaded in the app for fast browsing - Share facts with friends using facebook or email - FREE updates for a lifetime!!! ***** Share these facts with your friends during a meal or party, and I assure that you will be the center of attraction. Enjoy the app and don't forget to FART!

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Atomic Fart FREE

By FAR Apps released on: 2009-01-27T08:00:00Z


+ SIMON FARTS! (Simon Says)
+ REPEAT option for TIMED and MOVEMENT modes!

If you are not hearing any sounds, please make sure you are running the latest iOS version on your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Also please make sure you have the volume up and the mute switch is not activated.

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Fart For Free

By Gabe Jacobs Productions released on: 2008-12-31T12:33:32Z


Fart For Free is the one and only fart soundboard you need. It's got a ton of beautiful, lovely farts and it is absolutely free. With high quality, beautiful fart sounds, you can do many things:

- Play pranks on your friends
- Disgust your girlfriend
- Entertain your little brother
- Reminisce on past farts

Do what ever you want with it, but remember, these farts are not yours, they belong to the makers, and will forever be entitled to them.



1. Its not the application, so don't leave a bad review
2. Try turning up the volume
3. Make sure the silencer is off
4. Quit and see if you can play sound from other apps
5. Try plugging in headphones and seeing if you hear sounds


Go to : Settings -> General -> Sound -> Make sure headphones are turned on.


"This is the better of the two free apps"

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iFart Mobile Lite - World's #1 Fart App

By InfoMedia, Inc. released on: 2010-03-09T11:55:16Z

*** The World's Most Popular Digital Fart Machine! ***

--> An Apple All-Time TOP 20 App! <--

As seen on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

*** Now includes the world's FIRST Farting Social Network! ***


"I believe this is truly the most useful iPhone App yet."

"iFart Mobile is a great prank app. Use it the right way and you'll have your friends and family reeling as your iPhone rips one juicy fart after another!"

As seen on USA Today,, MacDailyNews, MacForums, The New York Times, Barron's, Motley Fool, Gizmodo, Venture Beat, Ars Technica, CNET News,, Forbes, The UK Register, Information Week, and dozens of publications all over the world!


iFart Mobile is the ORIGINAL Digital Sound Machine and entertainment system which brings endless laughs and enjoyment to its users. But iFart is much more than that. iFart has more utility, usefulness and functionality than many other iPhone apps out there.

Here are just a few of the useful, one of a kind features of iFart.


iPhones and pdas are stolen on a daily basis, but if you are using iFart's advanced security system you can stop criminals right in their tracks.

And when thieves try to snatch your phone, they'll be in for a shock when they're blasted by your chosen sound effect. Most criminals know how to lie, but "it wasn't me" isn't going to work with iFart.

Call the authorities and send these iphone stealing scumbags off to the gas chamber.


The World Today is a very stressful place. Stress causes medical problems, eating disorders, drug addiction, and leads to divorce and broken homes.

If only there was an internationally recognized sound that alleviates stress, brings laughter, lowers blood pressure, clears a room, helps bring peace to the middle east and is enjoyed by both Democrats and Republicans.

Well Folks... there is.. and it's FART NOW. Simply scroll to your preferred sound effect and hit Fart Now. The World will be a better place.


Please use OS 3.0 or above.
Make sure you are not set on vibrate
Make sure your volume is turned up.
Make sure your phone is not muted on side

To the reviewers with "No Sound" issues, please check the above before posting a review, or contact us directly if there's a problem.

iFart. There's something in the air.

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Fart Factory Free for the iPhone and iPod Touch

By Runic released on: 2010-05-21T07:00:00Z

Fart Factory Free is the BEST free fart app on the App Store!

Contains TONS of great features and is perfect for a prank or party entertainment!

Fart Factory Free has a fart ton of amazing features, including:

"u2622 RECORD YOUR OWN FARTS! Ever had a great fart and wished you could treasure it for a lifetime? NOW YOU CAN! THIS IS YOUR APP!

"u2622 Connect to other iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads over Bluetooth and make them fart!

"u2622 17 unique fart sounds, each and every fart was hand crafted to provide maximum laughs!

"u2622 Solo-farter mode - fart without friends

"u2622 Timer fart mode - set a timer and place it in a sneaky location and no one will know it was you!

"u2622 Many more...

Contains 17 hilarious fart sounds that you've never heard before, including:

"u2622 "Blame Grandma"

"u2622 "Long Time No Smell"

"u2622 "Crescendo de Toot"

"u2622 "Bubbling Bottom Brew"

"u2622 Many more...

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Fart Piano Free - Make Everyone Laugh

By ObjectGraph LLC released on: 2009-09-26T05:48:01Z

*** Breaking News ! TOP 14 ranking in Music Category !!! ***

Our famous fart app became a free now!

Enjoy fart sound effects with piano key style.
Please turn on your speaker for sound effects.

[User's Comment]
- "fun for younger ones" by matt57man
- "Dirty" by Shgcdjjyc
- "Yucky" by Pigglet33
- "It's good to play tricks on my friends" by man5231
- "LOl this was pretty fun!" by FEAR
- "Absolutely stupid" by ANDRII97
- "I told my little bro and my mom to play this and they loved it get this app!" Alscoccer19

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Fart Cushion

By TMSOFT released on: 2008-12-29T11:34:05Z

Why pay for a stupid app when you can have one for free? :) Fart Cushion is a classic practical joke sure to embarrass all your friends. Place the device safely on couch or chair just like a normal "Whoopee Cushion." When your friend sits down it will emit a loud farting noise. Laugh, point, and then on to the next victim.

- Multiple ways to trigger: Accelerometer, Touch, and Timer
- Loud and varied farting noises
- Sounds were professionally rendered and optimized for the iPhone/iPod speaker
- Fart cushion shaking animation
- Endless fun pranking your friends!

Note: For best accelerometer/touch results change the Auto-Lock setting to 5 Minutes or Never (Settings/General/Auto-Lock)

Fart Cushion was originally submitted on August 29th, 2008.

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Fart Express Funny Prank

By LOLriffic Stuff released on: 2009-09-24T01:15:53Z

Ever need a fart on the go? Wish you could have had that fart unleashed on that elevator ride you just got on? Have a sudden urdge to prank everyone in a meeting with a silent but deadly fart?


Enjoy farting with Fart Express, simply start up and unleash the powerful prankster gas upon your co-workers, friends, family, kids, and even parents. Quiet elevator rides? No more. Quiet classrooms during boring tests? No more. Bring a farting machine into your life for that perfect funny joke and prank! Show your appreciation for someone's show, performance, friendship, presentation, or smile with your own fart mania.

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Fart Piano (FREE)

By Ronald Bell released on: 2010-04-22T08:59:25Z

Fart Piano is a fun musical instrument that you can take with you anywhere! Download on multiple devices and create a Fart Piano band!

With Fart Piano you can play individual notes or chords. Join with a group of friends to create the ultimate Fart Piano group.

This app is also great for kids, or for showing off your iPhone to friends.

Remember to unmute your device and turn the sound all the way up to enjoy the fun!

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Glow Fart Button

By Giorgi Otiashvili released on: 2010-06-09T06:39:28Z

Do you want to kid your friends ? This app helps you to do this. App is very funny when your iphone/ipod is hidden :)

App contains various high quality fart sounds. Just click the big glow button.


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Monster Fart

By Cubic Frog Apps released on: 2010-07-29T06:35:32Z

===Ad Supported===
---Thanks for making this cute game a top seller in the app store!!! Please check out the HD version for a better playing experience---

Updates galore are on the way!!! (And yes, we are trying to make you smile)

Wrong! This is not just another farting app! This is a very funny game! if you want to actually have fun and laugh, get this app!

"My favorite game in the whole world." Mr. I. Beefed.
"Finally I can honestly blame someone else." That guy who ate all the beans.
"Fun for the whole family." Richard Limburger. (Professional cheese cutter.)
"Breaking the wind has never been so much fun." Wind Breakers Anonymous.
"I never authorized that gas attack." General Cheese E. Crackers.
Who Farted? Combining fun with improving your memory, Monster Fart is a unique and intuitive game that is not too gross. Yes, now you no longer have to Fart around by yourself.
Monster Fart is actually 3 Games in 1! Hold your nose while you and these cute 3D Monsters go through the Main Game of Stinky, Toxic, Nuclear and Fatal, which have a total of 40 levels to test even the strongest nose. If your nose can't handle all the stink of the main game, move on to the Fart Tournament which is a 60 second memory Fart contest. If all that stink has given you brain damage, click on "Free Fart" which lets you make the Monsters Fart along to the music!
Monster Fart is fun by yourself or with friends and family. Perfect for ages 4 and up. Monster Fart not only helps your memory and concentration but will keep you busy figuring out, Who Farted?

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Poop and Fart Jokes FREE

By Charles Jamerlan released on: 2010-02-18T03:18:08Z

GET IT NOW! Hilarious and absurdly funny!


"Totally Hilarious! OMG anyone who doesn't think it's at least funny is crazy! This is laugh out loud funny!" - Thewuhanguy

"this stuff is great!!!" - me was here

"makes me laugh so hard I want to cry" - That guy11767

"funny I almost cried" - Schersh

"funny and never gets old" - sportfin8tic

"Funniest app i've ever downloaded. 10 stars" - Thisgamelover

"This is so funny I cried" - Joeskid


There is just something about poop that makes kids of all ages just laugh uncontrollably!!

Poop Fart Jokes brings you the funniest and the best poop jokes ever! We have carefully searched and created poop jokes that will keep you laughing all day!

Share these jokes with your friends and family and they too will be laughing till they poop (no pun intended)!


- Poop Lists - a list of different kinds of poop that will keep you cracking up!

- Poop Jokes - a collection of the funniest poop and fart jokes!


- TONS more jokes to keep you laughing all night!

No internet access needed. Only the best jokes are added in this collection. If you have any funny poop jokes, please send them to and if they are good, we'll add it in a future update.

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Fart Machine! Lite

By Angelo Gizzi released on: 2010-06-25T01:41:09Z

The Fart Machine comes with 45 different REAL fart sounds. All sounds are amplified, so everyone will here them. A great way to embarrass people at school, home or work.

All your favourite fart types are here:
- Ripper
- Wet
- Surprise
- Squeaky
- Diesel
- Grandma
- Beefy
- Plus many more

- 45 different real fart sounds
- High quality audio
- Amplified sounds
- Play multiple farts at once

The lite version comes with 9 fart sounds.

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Ow My Balls!

By Jetson Creative LLC released on: 2009-04-23T07:00:00Z


Ow My Balls! is a complete entertainment package that brings top shelf kicked-in-the-crotch humor to the iPhone and iPod touch. It is one of the funniest apps in the App Store and the ONLY one that lets you kick a dude in the balls!

Kick Joe the Juggler from a ledge above the city and try to rack his balls on as many targets as you can. Ignite fart jetpacks to gain altitude and hit the most targets. Complete achievements and watch hilarious videos of.. you guessed it.

People who love Envirobear 2010, Sheep Launcher, Monkey Sling, Kitty Kannon, iFart, or Ragdoll Blaster should check this out.


"Ow My Balls seeks out the lowest common denominator of humor with unmatched fervor and succeeds admirably."

"Ow My Balls! is the Citizen Kane of iPhone gaming." -Eli Hodapp,

"Ow My Balls is totally ridonkulous! An instant iPhone Classic!"

"Absolute pant p******g hysteria! 100% Anti-Krapps Certified."


- Four highly addictive gameplay modes
- Unlock FREE Bonus Character "Lil' Baller"
- Unlock UNLIMITED gas in FREESTYLE mode
- Character pack includes five additional characters (available for In-App Purchase)
- 13 challenging achievements to complete
- 16 hilarious nut-cracking videos to unlock
- Global high-score system - dominate the leaderboards!
- Integrated OpenFeint social game system

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Fart Flamethrower Funny Prank

By released on: 2009-10-13T07:00:00Z


Enjoy the best type of flaming fart noises with your own Fart Flamethrower! If you thought fart pranks were great, step it up a notch and spread the heat. Time to set that fart free in the most hilarious way possible!

Ever need a fart on the go? Wish you could have had that fart unleashed on that elevator ride you just got on? Have a sudden urdge to prank everyone in a meeting with a silent but deadly fart? Get ready for Fart Flamethrower!

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Pocket Fart - Accelerometer Driven Flatulence

By Matteo Cortonesi released on: 2010-05-02T03:03:11Z

#1 Top app in Italy, Nederland
#3 Top app in Switzerland, Taiwan

"I've never seen a software like this." (

Have you ever wished you could fart on command just by lifting your leg?

Well, now there's an app for that!

Pocket Fart allows you to do just that. Just put your iPhone in your pocket and let Pocket Fart do its job.

Explore different kinds of movements to trigger our award-winning FPE (Farting Physics Engine) that uses the iPhone's accelerometer in an unprecedented way.

*** NEW ***
LOUDER farts.
Record your own farts.

Other quotes:

"Using the iPhone's accelerometer to transform its user into a fart on command superhero is an App Store first." (
"The use of technology in Pocket Fart is amazing." (
"Pocket Fart has changed the world!" (
"The possibilities with Pocket Fart are endless." (
"Who knew farting can be so much fun." (

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Fart a Phone Free

By LTS Inc. released on: 2010-08-10T06:16:04Z

Fart phone will crack up your friends and family by calling them and letting them know how you really feel. You can listen to Fart Phone's library of farts for free and for only $0.99 you can send your selected fart with a customized voice message to a friend's phone.

First, you pick a fart from our fart library and then add a customized voice message to send together to a friends phone. Then the recipient's phone will ring with your hilarious joke, your reminder, your invite, or your message just to let them know that you are thinking about them. You can sample your message first to make sure you are happy with what your friend will hear.

Fart phone is a gas for both the sender and receiver and will keeping you laughing all day long.

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Fart Whistle

By LOLriffic Stuff released on: 2010-01-23T08:00:00Z

Unleash a wicked fun fart whistle in the palm of your hand, have the fun of whistling to your other friends with this iPhone and iPod app. Simply follow the instructions to rip one out. Perfect for a funny introduction, pulling a prank out on an unsuspecting victim, and showing off what cool things your iphone or ipod can do! Lastly, if you can't hear any sounds or sound effects make sure your handset's volume is turned up and the silence switch is off.

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All in One Fart Buttons

By aone released on: 2010-05-25T04:20:59Z

Fart! Fart! Fart! Fart! Fart!
5 type of Fart, If you like your friend you can click the button, if you don't like your friend you can click the button, too!
Just use it to do what you like!

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Fartin' Furious - fart piano

By Santiago Lema released on: 2009-01-19T12:44:33Z

With a few thousand dollars and a lot of work you could get yourself a Ph.D. But let's be realistic and aim for reasonable goals. You can now play a portable fart-piano for free.

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yet a brutal noise and a subsequent strong smell are worth a million.

Stop hesitating and start fartin' your way all the way up to Broadway!

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Fart Prank

By LOLriffic Stuff released on: 2010-01-24T08:00:00Z

Introducing the perfect fart prank that will have your victims utterly confused as they try to find the source of these constant gas attacks! Now you can recreate the fart effect and drive people you hate nuts and no matter what they do, they hear them coming from somewhere... set a countdown, up to 60 minutes before the prank and then, press the button to start the prank and watch as the screen fades to an innocent off mode silently awaiting your prank victims.

To change a setting or turn the prank off, just tap anywhere on the screen to have the settings fade back into view. Depending on your skills at slipping this unnoticed prank into the perfect hidden spot, your prey will be searching for hours!

Meanwhile, the entire time your iPhone or iPod touch looks as if its innocently turned off. Make it even harder for them to locate by setting the how often the noises should be made, from extremely often with every second to rarely maybe once a minute more or less. Trick your friends and family members for good!

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Fart Boxin'

By BrennanMoyMedia released on: 2010-02-23T11:58:24Z

This is what you (yes you!) have been waiting for your entire life!

The two best things in the world put together!

Not chocolate and peanut butter silly! Farting and Beat Boxing!

Fart Boxin' is the app that combines all the fun and nostalgia of Old School Hip Hop and mashes it up with the great sounds of gastrointestinal problems!

36 awesome farts that you can use to tap out an old school beat!

Honestly I thought this was kind of dumb until I finished making it and started playing with it!

I made so many stupid dope def fresh beats that my girlfriend left me cause she was so "incredibly annoyed by my childish attitude and love of fart noises!" (her words not mine).

She told me to choose between her and the "Fart Boxin'", and I bet you can guess what I chose!

I may be alone now (I really miss the cats!) but at least I'm alone with some stupid fly jams on my iphone as I tap out the dopest kickin' fartastic beats with the help of "Fart Boxin'"

Also after you download this app please click "BrennanMoyMedia" above to check out our other awesome apps!

Enjoy the Fart-istry!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Fart you looking for.

We belive for every paid Fart app out there there is a equivalent free Fart app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Fart apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Fart apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Fart apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Fart app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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