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Fashism Mobile

By Fashism, LLCreleased on:2010-08-26T03:25:21Z

Fashism is the place to get instant feedback on your outfits--anytime, anywhere. Whether in the dressing room or at home, just snap a photo, upload, and get fast results from a worldwide community of fashion obsessed friends.

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PocketPose - Instant fashion feedback from friends

By PocketPose Inc.released on:2010-08-18T11:15:23Z

PocketPose - Shop with your friends in your pocket

PocketPose gives you instant fashion feedback wherever and whenever you need it: in the dressing room while you are out shopping or at home. Simply pose in an outfit, snap your pic, and share it on Facebook or PocketPose community and get instant feedback from your friends on your iPhone! Feel confident that you and your friends look your best every time you go out!

You'll never have to second guess your fashion choices again! Whether you're wondering if that top matches those jeans you have in mind, or if his outfit clashes with your dress, PocketPose lets you shop with your friends in your pocket!

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Questions & Feedback:
We are very committed to giving our users the best possible shopping experience with PocketPose. You can send us your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback from the app itself (use the Feedback option) or reach us by email

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Honestly Now

By Honestly Now, Increleased on:2010-11-11T10:48:34Z

you make personal decisions, every day, big + small.

your friends want to help you. but sometimes the truth is hard to tell.

honestly now helps your friends help you.

you send the bat signal (that's a question + a pic). they send the truth (+ love) via anonymous vote.

ask about anything. the only rule is that the question is about you, and something that you care about. include a picture and ask away:

--which outfit is best for my big job interview?
--do you think my new boyfriend is "the one"?
--should i buy this pricey couch?

your friends get the satisfaction of helping you. need extra help? we have pros who rock. they'll set you on the straight + narrow, lickety-split.

you walk away confident.

honestly, now...

why make a mistake if you don't have to?

(p.s. -- we're by invitation only. that's how we stay snark- and smarm-free. want in? go to + fill out the "i want in" box. we'll try to grab you an open spot as they free up.)

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By STYYLEme LTD.released on:2010-04-15T07:00:00Z

STYYLEme is a fun app which enables people to receive real time feedback on their fashion choices while out shopping.

This application is COMPLETELY FREE, so try it out!

POST: When you are trying on clothes and accessories, take some pictures of yourself in the mirror, and use STYYLEme to ask for feedback. You can take up to 3 pictures per item, and easily add information about the styyle.

You can post your styyles to:

- The general public at this means that anyone visiting the site can help and provide feedback.
- STYYLEme stylists who are standing by to give you their professional opinion.
- Your friends, by posting the styyle on your Facebook Feed and Twitter.

MY STYYLES: Follow up on the styyles you have posted. See the list of your current styyles, including the total votes count. The application will continuously update the display with the current results, and will beep when you have new votes or comments. Select one of your styyles to open a display of it, showing you all the comments posted, and allowing you to add more of your own comments to the discussion.

STYYLE OTHERS: Here you can view styyles of other people which were posted to the general public. Vote, comment, and join the discussion. Tap on the pictures to see a full view.

SETTINGS: Here you can update your profile, and manage your Facebook and Twitter details.

Please let us know what you think, provide feedback and ask for help at

Follow us on Twitter: @styyleme

Join us on Facebook:

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