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First Aid (Refresher)

By WISSEN DIREKT, Realis Verlags-GmbHreleased on:2010-03-25T07:09:15Z

When you arrive at the scene of an emergency the first few minutes are decisive. The life of an injured person can depend on whether you carry out the correct measures or not. This guide, compiled in collaboration with the Johanniter Ambulance (the German sister organization oft the St John ambulance), will help you to render first aid quickly and competently. The contents are, of course, in accordance with the newest first-aid guidelines.
In contrast to other methods, it is not necessary to make a diagnosis (for instance, heart attack). You choose from six guiding symptoms to find out what the situation is. The App will then lead you through the correct measures to be undertaken. These are explained step by step with clear illustrative material. For instance:
"u25cf Recovery position
"u25cf Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (listen to the correct frequency)
"u25cf Using the defibrillator
"u25cf Making the emergency call
"u25cf Life-saving grip
"u25cf Measures in the case of injury
"u25cf Checking breathing

Refresh your first-aid knowledge with this App! In addition to this you have all the emergency measures at your fingertips on your iPhone/iPod Touch. And don't forget, this knowledge is not a luxury, it's a must!

In the series KNOW-IT-ALL there are different Apps available in interesting and useful fields of knowledge. Further topics on offer are:
- Wines and grapes
- Recognizing architectural epochs
- Clouds & weather

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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First Aid

By Bubble (NI) Ltdreleased on:2010-02-18T08:48:11Z

SpeechBubble First Aid - is a multilingual mobile talk to carry in your pocket.

- Version 1.1


- Content

- Now with Vector Illustrations
- Retina Display
- Touch Navigation
- Full Multi-Language Navigation



- Instructions

"Flick to a Flag" for the talk in your language.


Who Is SpeechBubble?

SpeechBubble is a product of the company Bubble (NI) Ltd which specializes in taken everyday content and making it multilingual and engaging.

We use in house illustrators for high quality and 3rd party tranlsation houses for content accuracy.

So please visit to see what we do or have any feedback.

From the Team at SpeechBubble - Enjoy

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First Aid White Cross

By Bruno Mandolesireleased on:2008-11-08T01:33:39Z

Do you know how to act in a First-Aid scenario?

If you don't, "First Aid White Cross" is the right application for your needs. It is an easy to use application that will allow you to correctly handle an emergency situation. All the basic information you need for the correct handling of an emergency case is illustrated and shortly described.

"First Aid White Cross" was developed with the White Cross Rescue Association. The content of this application is based on the guidelines 2005 of the ILCOR (International Liaison Commitee on Resuscitation). All contents were quality checked by the the professionals who are out everyday saving lives and helping people. Of course, the application is not meant to replace a CPR Course, but for sure any help is better than none at all.

"First Aid White Cross" delivers informations already present at "" and is meant as a complementary tool to have always in your pocket.

"First Aid White Cross" provides all necessary informations with professional illustrations and optimized text files for the iphone. You will be guided step by step and on the go.

Please note that in some countries the guidelines may differ from those in this application. For any comments do not hesitate to contact us at

With "First Aid White Cross" you can:

- ASSIST people already helping to avoid mistakes


- Protect yourself
- Rescuing casualties
- Check for vital signs
- Recovery position
- Resuscitation
- Wounds

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first Aid \u2714

By Zemingo Academyreleased on:2010-12-15T10:21:38Z

"u05d4"u05d0"u05e4"u05dc"u05d9"u05e7"u05e6"u05d9"u05d4 "u05e4"u05d5"u05ea"u05d7"u05d4 "u05e2"u05dc "u05de"u05e0"u05ea "u05dc"u05d4"u05e4"u05d9"u05e5 "u05d1"u05e7"u05e8"u05d1 "u05d4"u05de"u05e9"u05ea"u05de"u05e9"u05d9"u05dd "u05d0"u05ea "u05d4"u05d3"u05d1"u05e8 "u05d4"u05d7"u05e9"u05d5"u05d1 "u05d1"u05d9"u05d5"u05ea"u05e8:""u05d4"u05e6"u05dc"u05ea "u05d7"u05d9"u05d9"u05dd"
"u05d4"u05d0"u05e4"u05dc"u05d9"u05e7"u05e6"u05d9"u05d4 "u05d7"u05d9"u05e0"u05de"u05d9"u05ea "u05d1"u05db"u05d3"u05d9 "u05dc"u05ea"u05ea "u05dc"u05db"u05dc "u05d0"u05d7"u05d3 "u05d5"u05d0"u05d7"u05d3 "u05d4"u05d6"u05d3"u05de"u05e0"u05d5"u05ea "u05dc"u05d4"u05e6"u05d9"u05dc "u05d7"u05d9"u05d9"u05dd

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"u05d0"u05dd "u05e1"u05d9"u05d5"u05dd "u05dc"u05d9"u05de"u05d5"u05d3"u05db"u05dd "u05d6"u05d4 "u05ea"u05d5"u05db"u05dc"u05d5 "u05dc"u05d4"u05e6"u05d8"u05e8"u05e3 "u05dc"u05e7"u05d1"u05d5"u05e6"u05ea "u05de"u05e6"u05d9"u05dc"u05d9 "u05d4"u05d7"u05d9"u05d9"u05dd

"u05de"u05e7"u05d5"u05d5"u05ea "u05e9"u05ea"u05d4"u05e0"u05d5

"t"u05ea"u05de"u05d9 "u05d9"u05dc"u05d5"u05df, "u05d9"u05d4"u05d5"u05d3"u05d9"u05ea "u05e8"u05d1"u05d9"u05e0"u05e1"u05e7"u05d9 "u05d5"u05e9"u05d5"u05dc"u05de"u05d9"u05ea "u05e8"u05d9"u05d9"u05df

"u05d4"u05d0"u05e4"u05dc"u05d9"u05e7"u05e6"u05d9"u05d4 "u05e0"u05d1"u05e0"u05ea"u05d4 "u05d1"u05e2"u05e7"u05d1"u05d5"u05ea "u05e4"u05e8"u05d5"u05d9"u05e7"u05d8 "u05de"u05e6"u05d3"u05d4

"u05d0"u05e4"u05dc"u05d9"u05e7"u05e6"u05d9"u05d4 "u05d6"u05d5 "u05e0"u05d5"u05e2"u05d3"u05d4 "u05dc"u05d4"u05e7"u05e0"u05d9"u05d9"u05ea "u05d9"u05d3"u05e2 "u05ea"u05d9"u05d0"u05d5"u05e8"u05ea"u05d9 "u05d1"u05dc"u05d1"u05d3!
"u05d0"u05d9"u05df "u05dc"u05e8"u05d0"u05d5"u05ea "u05d1"u05de"u05d9"u05d3"u05e2 "u05d4"u05de"u05d5"u05e6"u05d2 "u05d0"u05d9"u05e9"u05d5"u05e8 "u05dc"u05d0"u05d1"u05d7"u05d5"u05df "u05d5 / "u05d0"u05d5 "u05d8"u05d9"u05e4"u05d5"u05dc "u05de"u05e2"u05d1"u05e8 "u05dc"u05e1"u05de"u05db"u05d5"u05d9"u05d5"u05ea "u05d4"u05de"u05d5"u05e7"u05e0"u05d5"u05ea "u05d1"u05d7"u05d5"u05e7 "u05d5"u05d1"u05d4"u05ea"u05d0"u05dd "u05dc"u05d4"u05db"u05e9"u05e8"u05ea"u05da "u05d4"u05e8"u05e4"u05d5"u05d0"u05d9"u05ea

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iFirstAid Lite

By Survival Emergency Productsreleased on:2008-11-27T01:29:15Z

iFirstAid. First Aid on your iPhone.

* Now with voice instructions, a CPR timer and slick new interface!

iFirstAid Lite is a FREE, Emergency First Aid assistant which includes essential First Aid topics:
- Bleeding
- Burns
- Choking
- Poisoning

It also provides Police, Fire, Ambulance and Poison Information Center numbers for 99 countries, with more coming soon.

iFirstAid Lite is designed in Australia to meet some of the most harsh and unforgiving conditions on the planet. So you can count on it wherever you are around the globe.

With it's single-page, 'memory jog' format, iFirstAid Lite is designed to make it as easy as possible to recall First Aid procedures when you need them most.

All iFirstAid Lite content is authored by international First Aid expert Ella Tyler, winner of the International Florence Nightingale Medal.

Ella is a Registered Nurse and Midwife, with two degrees in Adult Education and over 30 years experience in First Aid teaching and instructor training. She is the author or editor of 18 first aid books.

iFirstAid Lite is based on the award winning FIRST AID EMERGENCY HANDBOOK by Survival Emergency Products.

Download this potentially life-saving App now! It's FREE!

Note: iFirstAid Lite is not available in the UK. Please search instead for our UK specific app "FirstAid Emergency Handbook".

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GotoAID First Aid LITE

By Jaargon Ltd.released on:2010-02-26T12:02:48Z

Created for the non-professional responder, GotoAID's easy to follow instructions walk the first aid provider step-by-step through the appropriate responses for everything from bee stings to weather related emergencies to a complete sudden Cardiac Arrest incident. GotoAID is also an outstanding resource for those who want the enhance their emergency care training by providing instructions for many types of emergency situations not traditionally included in a basic first aid course.

This LITE version will give you a taste of our award winning first aid application. Take a test drive with

* Over 40 First Aid Topics
* Full customized 3D illustrations for each step
* Full digital audio
* Choking and CPR for Adults, Children, Infants
* Easy to follow with descriptions, symptoms, warnings and tips
* ICE "In case of emergency" database to store your medical and contact information
* GPS location to find your nearest Pharmacy, Hospital, Dentist, Clinic, Police
* SOS message creation tool
* Free printable wallet skill guide

We would love to hear comments/feedback

Please email us at

Take a free test drive of our App and then please check out our premium app available on the app store for a complete database and more features!

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WebMD Mobile

By WebMDreleased on:2008-10-31T02:12:35Z

WebMD Mobile is new and improved. We've completely redesigned the app and added many new features.
Check your symptoms, access drug & treatment information, get first aid essentials, and check local health listings on the go, from the most trusted brand in health information.

Key Features Include:

★ WebMD Symptom Checker - Select the part of the body that is troubling you, choose your symptoms, & learn about potential conditions or issues.
★ First Aid Essentials - Your handy guide for medical emergencies. From insect stings to broken bones, helpful treatment tips are always available, even without an Internet connection.
★ Conditions - Find medically reviewed information about Conditions relevant to you & learn more about causes, treatments, & related symptoms.
★ Drugs & Treatments - Search our extensive database for information on Drugs, Supplements, & Vitamins. Access content such as Uses, Side Effects, Warnings, and more.
★ Pill Identification Tool - Identify your prescription drugs and over the counter medicines by pill shape, color, & imprint.
★ Local Health Listings - Find the closest physician, hospital, & pharmacy based on your current location or search by city, state or zip.

Additional Features:

"u2714 Content Updates - Timely content is updated automatically.
"u2714 Email Me - Quickly send yourself content with one click. Simply save your email address in app settings.
"u2714 Email Friends - Send your friends medically reviewed content covering First Aid, Conditions, & Drugs.
"u2714 Maps - View local health listings & individual Physician, Hospital, & Pharmacy locations in a map view.
"u2714 Get Directions - Enter your primary address once in app settings and get one click directions.
"u2714 Add to Contacts - Physician, Hospital, & Pharmacy details are added to your Contacts list with one click.
"u2714 Tour - Swipe through a quick visual tour of key features and navigation.

WebMD. Better Information. Better Health.

WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the WebMD mobile application.

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Everyday First Aid LITE

By Portable Monster LLCreleased on:2010-12-08T08:00:00Z

People do not seek emergencies but emergencies find them! Are you adequately prepared to care for a family member or stranger? Arriving on the scene of an emergency is both time sensitive and stressful. Whether you are home, on vacation, or in transit, Everyday First Aid LITE offers clear, concise and well-organized information wherever you are!

Medical information is based on guidelines provided by the American Red Cross and other health organizations with topics including allergic reactions, snakebites, blisters and more.

Take the app for a SPIN and decide the value it can provide!

NOTE: The FULL version of Everyday First Aid is loaded with additional content.

With Everyday First Aid LITE, You Can:

Review first aid information anytime-anywhere, no connection to the internet needed!
Store and access your emergency and medical information with the click of a button!
Have up-to-date information from the American Red Cross and other health organizations!
Review general first aid information to become a responsible caregiver!
"E-Mail a Friend" to inform them on topics included in the pocket guide!
Enjoy easy-to-navigate, concise, well-organized and in-depth information on a wide range of topics!

Our Pocket Guide Includes:

- First Aid: General

Select A Topic:
- Allergic Reactions
- Anaphylaxis
- Bites / Stings: Human
- Bites / Stings: Snake
- Black Eye
- Bleeding: General
- Blister (Vesicle)
- Broken: Ankle / Foot
- Broken: Arm
- Burns: General
- Burns: Sunburn
- Chemical Emergencies
- Cold Sore
- Confusion
- Dehydration
- Ear Injury
- Fainting"t
- Flu (Influenza)
- Frostbite


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Family Doctor - Symptoms and Diagnosis

By Vito Technology Inc.released on:2010-10-14T07:00:00Z

***From the developer of Star Walk and the popular Dorling Kindersley book - a quick-reference health guide to your symptoms and how to deal with them - based on the well-known and time-tested medical tips of "Home Medical Adviser"***

Try the simple "yes&no" Q&A charts that will take you through your symptoms and will give you approved guidelines about what to do for your headaches or for your baby tummy ache. Especially useful and interesting for first time parents to recognize that strange baby cry that you have never heard before.

We have all experienced the time consuming research through the immense amount of information available online only to get disappointed because we can't find that medical answer that we would like to have quickly available on our hands.

The 150 easy-to-follow symptom charts in this app will help you determine the importance of your symptom: whether it is a minor disease that can be treated with self-measures or something more serious requiring an immediate doctor's interference. Each chart deals with a particular minor illness such as chest pain or hearing problems. You just answer yes/no questions simulating ones a doctor can ask to get to the heart of the problem and take the required steps. Chart-finder facilitates the search of the most appropriate chart for a particular symptom.

Family Doctor provides you with all the appropriate medical information you need:

to feel safe and protected with knowledge
to make your child feel better
to become more literate about your health
to learn about gender and age specific health conditions

*No Internet connection required*


Vito Technology is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: parents
Categories: Parents

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By Bio-Detek, Inc.released on:2009-11-09T08:00:00Z

PocketCPR for iPhone ™ provides REAL-TIME feedback and instructions on CPR that empowers ANYONE to learn and practice CPR, so that they can be READY when seconds really count!!! The technology is the same as that used in PocketCPR, an FDA-cleared device, for actual rescue from sudden cardiac arrest.

Pocket CPR for iPhone is a must-have app for anyone who wants to learn how to perform CPR with accuracy. The PocketCPR can be used in CPR training programs and for individual practice at home or at work. It is a great tool for families to learn CPR in order to be prepared if a loved one needs their help.

PocketCPR for iPhone:

"tActively utilizes the accelerometer hardware in the iPhone for real-time coaching and actual feedback on CPR while you are learning and practicing.
"tMeasures the actual rate and depth of your compressions and lets you know if you need to push faster or slower, and whether you should push harder or softer.

Other CPR prompting devices can provide instructions on CPR or encourage you on the steps and pace of CPR, but ONLY PocketCPR for iPhone can:

1."tGive instructions.
2."tPrompt on the steps for proper CPR.
3."tAND give you REAL-TIME feedback on the chest compressions you deliver.

PocketCPR for iPhone will remind you to Call for Help, to provide ventilations according to guidelines (optional), and to perform CPR at the correct rate and depth. The device algorithms are in complete compliance with American Heart Assocation and International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) guidelines.

Pocket CPR for iPhone features include:

"tClear visual and audio step-by-step instructions on CPR performance, including initial steps for the Chain of Survival.
"tOption to go straight to chest compressions for those who are familiar with the initial Chain of Survival steps.
"tPrecise metronome to pace chest compressions.
"tAccurate ability to detect rate of actual compressions and to state visually and audibly whether to push faster or to push slower.
"tIndustry-proven technology to detect the depth of chest compressions.
"tAudio and visual prompts to push harder or to push softer.
"tPrompts to remind the user to provide ventilations after the detection of 30 chest compressions.
"tFeature to detect when chest compressions have stopped and to prompt user to START CPR.
"tComplete Instructions for Use.

NOTE: The Pocket CPR for iPhone is currently for training and practice purposes only. The application is not yet cleared by the U.S. FDA for use in an actual rescue.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including First Aid you looking for.

We belive for every paid First Aid app out there there is a equivalent free First Aid app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free First Aid apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different First Aid apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone First Aid apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular First Aid app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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