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DailyBurn - Calorie, Workout, and Fitness Companion

By DailyBurn released on: 2010-09-28T06:21:45Z

Get in the best shape of your life with DailyBurn.

This is the ONE app you need to manage your diet, fitness, and exercise. Finally a free app that combines world-class training plans with best-in-class food and calorie tracking. Fully backed by DailyBurn: the top fitness community on the web. Manage your fitness and health goals on your iPhone and your data is automatically synced to our top-ranked website for more analysis, tracking at your computer, and more.

"u27a4 You have seen DailyBurn on ABC, The Today Show, FoxNews, CNET, NYTimes, Washington Post, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Mashable, and TechCrunch.

Why is DailyBurn better than the competition?
"u2713 We are the only app to have the FoodScanner: use the iPhone camera to scan the UPC barcodes of the foods you eat. Quick logging without typing!
"u2713 Food database of over 350,000 foods with actual pictures, full nutrition information, and food analysis. No cartoons - this is the real thing.
"u2713 New to fitness? We can help you find a Training Plan that is perfect for you. Already an expert? Use our tools to track what you already do.
"u2713 Track your workouts and foods while offline and sync when you get an Internet connection.
"u2713 Complete backup and analysis on
"u2713 Simple, easy-to-use, but useful. Fitness tracking doesn't need to be hard. We make it fun!
"u2713 Trainer Inbox: Take your fitness to the next level by interacting with certified trainers.

Nutrition and Calorie Tracking Features
"u2713 Complete database of 350,000 foods with pictures, nutritional information, and macronutrient breakdown
"u2713 Track Calories, but also protein, fat, carbs, fiber, sodium, etc.
"u2713 Set individual goals based on your fitness goals, age, weight, gender, activity level, and more - we help you know how much you should eat and exercise!
"u2713 Customized diet plans for weight loss diets, low carb diets, low fat diets, and bodybuilding
"u2713 Save your favorite foods for quick entry
"u2713 Quickly and easily add new foods to the database
"u2713 Scan foods for auto tracking with FoodScanner
NOTE: If you have previously purchased the FoodScanner iPhone app and installed the latest update, then you will get the FoodScanner upgrade for free. See the Support section in app for help.

Workout and Training Plan Features
"u2713 Find a Training Plan based on your goals: weight loss, cardio training, muscle building, and more
"u2713 Build custom workout routines on and track them on your iPhone
"u2713 Track individual exercises outside of a plan: Running, Swimming, Biking, Weight Lifting... 400 trackable exercises and growing daily!
"u2713 Store your favorite exercises for quick access and tracking
"u2713 Detailed instruction of how to perform the exercises properly - you don't need a trainer!

Other Features
- Full screen graphs of body weight, daily calories, and more
- Set custom check-in reminders to weigh-in, log your food, etc.
- Invite your friends using Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

What our users are saying...
"The best app on my iPhone!!!" - Jojo10566
"This app is awesome. Makes adding food logs easy and fun! I can't stop scanning!" -
"The long needed and awaited link between the brilliance of the iPhone and food tracking" - Alldaraon
"Off the CHART awesome!" - Sunny Days Only

Try DailyBurn app today and we think you will say that this is the easiest-to-use, yet most robust diet and fitness app in the App Store. Your goals are within reach!

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LA Fitness Mobile

By LA Fitness International, LLC released on: 2010-06-09T07:14:43Z

LA Fitness Mobile is now available to anyone with an LA Fitness membership or anyone thinking about getting fit. At LA Fitness, we want you to "exercise your options" and this complimentary application helps you stay connected to LA Fitness no matter where you are.

Search for clubs with the amenities you're looking for. Find a class that fits your interests and schedule, or discover leagues to get your competitive juices flowing.

Stay organized by keeping your frequented clubs & group exercise classes readily available within favorites.

Keep up with our latest tweets, postings and specials.

Update your membership profile, view your receipts, and keep track of your workouts by reviewing your check-ins.

Schedule your personal training or reserve a racquetball court.

Add friends to your VIP list and they will enjoy a complimentary 2 week guest pass to work out whenever they like, with or without you.

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Body Fitness FREE - ULTIMATE Exercise Journal, 320+ Exercises

By Ticklish Turtle LLC released on: 2009-12-10T12:27:52Z

Body Fitness is the Top FREE Fitness App in over 35 countries - USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Australia... download Body Fitness and get into shape today!!

From the creators of Bill Pal and Nutrition Genius, comes a revolutionary app that will change the way you workout at the gym!

Body Fitness is a comprehensive exercise journal that provides clear pictures, detailed instructions, clean user interface, all within the palm of your hands.

With over 320 exercises, separated into Core, Lower Body, Arms, Chest, Shoulders, Back and even Cardio categories, you'll be hard pressed to find an exercise that isn't included. And if it isn't, email us with your exercise and we'll be sure to include it within the next update.

But it isn't just about the quantity of the exercises, we're here to provide quality as well: Each individual exercise provides clearly drawn pictures along with detailed instructions on how to perform it accurately. If that isn't enough, the pictures animate through each step all the while describing how to do it right above, all this on one screen.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. Pick the target region you want to workout on: Core, Lower Body etc.. Pick an exercise and get to it. It's really that easy.

"u00b0 Gorgeous Calendar UI makes progress tracking so easy
"u00b0 Exercises categorized into target regions
"u00b0 Over 320+ exercises each with detailed instructions and pictures
"u00b0 Professionally drawn exercise pictures
"u00b0 Animations with Play, Pause capabilities
"u00b0 Easy logging, no more fumbling through multiple screens
"u00b0 Create any number of your own customized workouts from the Favorites Tab
"u00b0 Built in weight tracker with multiple daily weighings

Body Fitness is the ONLY fitness app with a beautiful calendar based user interface that makes everything a cinch. View by month, view by Day, it's all up to you.

For support and/or questions. Contact us at and we'll be glad to help.

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iMapMyRUN - Running, Run, Jogging, Training, GPS, Fitness, Workout, Diet, Calories

By MapMyFitness released on: 2008-10-14T05:35:16Z

★★★★★ Just read the reviews ★★★★★

Everything you need from couch potato to marathoner.

Automatically sync with your free account on

iMapMyRun makes running fun and easy, turning iPhone into a social training partner while tracking your pace, distance, and route using GPS.

With our 2.5 million users, you'll definitely be able to find your friend and connect and motivate via this app.

""u2730"u2730"u2730"u2730"u2730 - The app has a load of options too... we're surprised that iMapMyRun is a free
app..." -

""u2730"u2730"u2730"u2730 - I don't know if it is the log of my workouts or the showing up of my friends but I'm running longer and feeling better. Thanks app!" - Rostiah, iMapMyRun User

Whether you're just trying to get motivated for your first 5K, or training for your 10th marathon, you can rely on iMapMyRun to help you reach your goals.

Plus, with millions of users on the web and mobile, iMapMyRun connects you to a vibrant social fitness community - you'll be surprised to see how many of your friends are already members (using the Friend Search feature via your phone contacts), and how much more fun running becomes with a social approach.

Why iMapMyRun? We are a company dedicated to building a social fitness community around the best mobile fitness apps. We push free upgrades frequently and we listen to our users about what features to build next.


Getting started is simple:

1) Start the app and configure any additional settings (i.e. Auto tweet, voice feedback) if desired

2) Start recording your run within the app

3) Put on your favorite iPod Playlist (or streaming music like Pandora)

4) Put your iPhone in your armband or pocket

5) Start running

6) When you finish, press stop, and decide if you want to Save your results, and/or post to Facebook or Twitter

When you're done, your results (distance, time, splits) are all automatically recorded in app and on the web with your free account at where you can analyze results.


"u2713 GPS distance tracking

"u2713 Time, pace, splits

"u2713 Route mapping

"u2713 Voice feedback

"u2713 Heart rate monitoring via Ant+ dongle (see details at - works with your existing Garmin or Timex heart rate monitor)

"u2713 Multitasking

"u2713 Live tracking of friends (permission based)

"u2713 Real-time run sharing via Facebook and Twitter

"u2713 Historical training log

"u2713 Run against previously saved or newly searched routes

"u2713 Manual workout entry to log treadmill runs

"u2713 Use your iPhone contact list to see which of your friends are already using iMapMyRun (on the web or on mobile), and connect with them

"u2713 Social activity feed to motivate and inspire friends

If you ever have any problems, we will support you at:

Show us some? If you enjoy our free apps and frequent free updates, give us some love with a nice app store review. And if not, let us know via support, and give us a chance to help you meet your running goals.

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By 24 Hour Fitness released on: 2009-11-12T09:05:46Z

**If you are having problems with this application please be sure to upgrade your device to iOS 4.2.1 or newer.
For those having problems on iPhone 3G we are working to resolve compatibility issues**

The official 24 Hour Fitness iPhone App, My24 brings a great selection of fitness management features right to your beloved handheld device AND IT'S BEEN UPGRADED from the ground up! We completely re-worked the app to provide improved performance and increase stability while maintaining the features you know. Join the conversation and visit us on Facebook at

Thanks for your interest. Now, install My24 for FREE today!


Club Finder - My24 makes finding clubs easy. Auto-locate nearby clubs using your device's GPS technology (where available), or quickly find clubs using the Search By City or Advanced Search functions.

Club Details - Find location information, see club photographs, and review the full list of available club amenities. You can also contact the club instantly using one-click contact."u2028"u2028

Create Default Club - Define your default club to get quick access to your preferred club information like class schedules and contact information."u2028"u2028"u2028

Class Schedule Finder - This great feature means you can search available classes at specific club locations, lookup daily class schedules, and even search for specific instructors—all while on the go."u2028

FITNESS TOOLS"u2028"u2028

Body Mass Index Calculator - BMI is a useful indicator of overall fitness. Here you can calculate your BMI and keep track of changes over time."u2028"u2028

Calorie Burner - Input your workout duration and intensity to conveniently calculate your hard-burned calories.

Resting Metabolic Rate - How many calories do you consume while resting? Use this tool to know what's burning, when you're not.

Daily Calorie Calculator - As your activities change, so do your daily calorie requirements. This tool helps you stay on top by calculating your approximate calorific need based on your activity levels"u2028"u2028.

Video Library - Enjoy mobile access to the 24 Hour Fitness YouTube video channel. Look out for class videos, equipment instruction, and more.

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By LIFE TIME FITNESS, Inc. released on: 2011-02-17T04:31:40Z

LIFE TIME FITNESS Mobile gives you the on-the-go ability to find out what's happening at any LIFE TIME FITNESS location. Quickly access Group Fitness class schedules. Check on upcoming events and activities. Choose your specific interests and view class, lesson and scheduling information.

Home Club:
Get a quick snapshot of everything that's happening at your home club.

Find any LIFE TIME FITNESS by using your current location or by selecting a city and state.

Search Results:
Select from a personalized list of classes, lessons, events and activities. Sort results by "Class", "Date" and "Time" to find exactly what you need.

View detailed scheduling information for search results. Display the description, location, instructor, time and duration.

Try LIFE TIME FITNESS Mobile today!

Credits: Icons by Joseph Wain /

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Calorie Tracker Lite - LIVESTRONG.COM: Achieve Your Diet and Fitness Goals

By Demand Media, Inc. released on: 2010-12-17T04:48:54Z

Lose weight and get fit the right way with LIVESTRONG.COM's Calorie

Tracker Lite. The Calorie Tracker Lite is a free, ad supported version of the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker. With the Calorie Tracker Lite, you'll have the ability to set your personalized weight management goals and monitor your daily progress by tracking your calorie intake and fitness activities. Tracking is easy and informative with our comprehensive online database with over 625,000 food and fitness items (almost ten times larger than most competitive offerings).

You'll receive valuable data related to your daily food intake including your fat, carbohydrate and protein allotments. The Calorie Tracker Lite takes into account your daily caloric burn based on your personalized measurements - you can find and track thousands of exercises and activities on-the-go.

The LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker & Calorie Tracker Lite are companion tools to LIVESTRONG.COM's MyPlate which offers the same capabilities and a bevy of enhanced features including more detailed progress charts and instant access to community support and resources.

A summary of Calorie Tracker Lite features/capabilities include:
- The largest database of food and restaurant items
- Customized daily calorie intake
- Weight tracking on-the-go
- A diary of your caloric, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, sugar, fiber and protein intake

Achieve your diet and fitness goals with the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker Lite - a diet coach, nutritionist, calorie counter and food planner at your fingertips.

Upgrade: Check out the full version of the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker to enjoy enhanced personalization features, ad-free tracking, access to your saved meals and increased flexibility with online or mobile access.

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iMapMyRIDE - Cycling, Bicycling, Bike, Ride, GPS, Fitness, Training, Cycle, Road Cycling

By MapMyFitness released on: 2008-10-14T05:05:14Z

★★★★★ Just read the reviews ★★★★★

This is the ultimate GPS ride tracker and training app, but don't take our word for it...


Go to and sign up for the ultimate virtual cycling challenge and compete for over $150,000 USD in prizes. Post rides from this app and get your name on the leaderboard!

-- About iMapMyRIDE --

Everything you need from beginner to Le Tour veteran.

Automatically sync with your free account on

The new iMapMyRide makes tracking your cycling workouts effortless and will keep you motivated to ride day after day.

iMapMyRide uses the built-in GPS technology of your iPhone to enable you to track your rides and gets you closer to achieving your health and fitness goals. Step out your front door, get on your bike, start pedaling, and this app will effortlessly mark out your ride along an interactive map and record essential metrics including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation.

Once you finish your ride, save your data and it automatically uploads to where you can view your route, ride data, and a comprehensive workout history.

The new iMapMyRide also gives you the ability to easily share your workout data with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Real-time tracking that measures and displays time, distance, pace, speed, elevation
An interactive map that lets you view your current location and exactly where you have traveled along your route
Synchronization with your online Training Log on
Manual entry of workout data directly from the app so you can easily record your indoor activities like gym workouts and indoor cycling classes
Twitter integration that enables you to tweet your ride data to friends and family

Now with Ant support:
- Monitor your heart rate during workouts and track results over time
- Power, Stride, Cadence and other Ant sensor types coming soon!
- Requires use of Wahoo Fisica Ant dongle (can be purchased within app)
- Works great with powertap wheels and other bicycle power sensors from companies like CycleOps

If you like the extra features provided by iMapMyRide , please give us a good review in the app store!

And if not, , let us know at and give us a chance to fix it before you write a review.

We "u2665 our community!

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iMapMyFITNESS - Running, Cycling, Training, Diet, GPS, Fitness, Exercise, Calories

By MapMyFitness released on: 2008-12-09T08:00:00Z

★★★★★ Just read the reviews! ★★★★★

Everything you need from tracking runs and rides to logging gym workouts. This is your personal training log and friend.

Automatically sync with your free account on

The new iMapMyFITNESS makes tracking your outdoor fitness activities and adventures easy.

iMapMyFITNESS uses the built-in GPS technology of your iPhone to enable you to track your outdoor fitness activities and gets you closer to achieving your health and fitness goals. Step out your front door, hit the road or trail, and this app will effortlessly mark out your path along an interactive map and record essential metrics including duration, distance, pace, speed and elevation. Once you finish your workout, save your data and it automatically uploads to where you can view your route, workout data, and a comprehensive workout history. Plus, the new iMapMyFITNESS gives you the ability to easily share your workout data with friends and family via email and Twitter.

The new iMapMyFITNESS boasts all of these great features:

"u2713 Real-time tracking that measures and displays time, distance, pace, speed and elevation.
"u2713 An interactive map that lets you view your current location and exactly where you have traveled along your route.
"u2713 Synchronization with your online 'Training Log' on
"u2713 Manual entry of workout data directly from the app so you can easily record your indoor activities like gym workouts and cardio sessions on the treadmill.
"u2713 Twitter integration that enables you to tweet your workout data to friends and family.
"u2713 Voice Feedback detailing distance, pace, or speed information. Get your run data in real-time through your headphones.
"u2713 And iMapMyFitness is FREE.
"u2713 Now with ANT+ support:
Monitor your heart rate during workouts and track results over time
Power, Stride, Cadence and other Ant+ sensor types also supported.

Download iMapMyFITNESS today and get the tools and motivation you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

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By Planet Fitness released on: 2010-11-04T01:40:59Z

Planet Fitness Lunkinator

Yowzah, the Lunkinator app from America's fastest-growing gym is here! At Planet Fitness, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Thus, we created the Lunkinator app. Simply choose a "Lunk" aka meathead or musclehead and use the Lunkinator app to Lunk a family member or a friend via email. Then let the fun begin.
Beyond the gag, you can also find a Planet Fitness location near you by using the gym locator. Receive detailed directions, gym hours and contact information right from the app. Even better, you can join a Planet Fitness right from your device. Simply input your billing information and you're well on your way in joining the best gym around. Beyond our great facilities and awesome equipment, Planet Fitness has absurdly low prices, the one and only Lunk Alarm, and most of all perhaps, our Judgment Free Zone"u00ae philosophy, which means members can relax, get in shape and have fun without being subjected to the hard-core, look-at-me attitude that exists in those other gyms.
If we've not enticed you enough, we'll even throw in a "Lunk Alarm" with the app. It's just like the one that you hear in our gyms if somebody drops weights, grunts too loudly or acts like a Lunk!
Download the funniest app from the coolest gym today. Oh, and did I mention the app is free?
Planet Fitness, this is your gym!

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Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

By released on: 2009-12-08T02:04:45Z

Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter. With the largest food database of any calorie counter (over 1,000,000 foods), and amazingly fast food and exercise entry, we'll help you take those extra pounds off! There is no better diet app - period.

Featured in the NY Times, USA Today, Family Circle, Marie Claire, NBC, CNET, Shape, the Today Show and more.

"u25a0 "This is the best calorie counter on the iPhone, free or paid, and I've tried them all."
"u25a0 "The food database is HUGE! I've NEVER had a missing food."
"u25a0 "The first diet tool that has ever worked for me! I've lost 30 pounds!"
"u25a0 "This app takes seconds to use, it's that simple."
"u25a0 "Incredibly easy to use."
"u25a0 "I can't believe this app is free! I would have paid for this."
"u25a0 "This app literally saved my life. Thank you MFP!"
"u25a0 "This is the best app on my iPhone. Period."

"u25a0 Largest food database of any iPhone calorie counter - over 1,000,000 foods, with a streamlined database available offline
"u25a0 Easiest and fastest food entry - remembers your favorites, add multiple foods at once, save and add entire meals, and more. THERE IS NO FASTER OR EASIER APP THAN MYFITNESSPAL.
"u25a0 Free barcode scanner - easily find foods you've eaten. Other apps charge for this, ours is 100% free.
"u25a0 Fully syncs with the web, so you can log from your computer or your phone, which ever is more convenient. Plus your data is backed up online so you never lose it.
"u25a0 Diet with your friends - add friends and easily track and support each other's progress
"u25a0 Works offline* - Great for iPod touch users and for the plane, bad coverage, etc. NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED
"u25a0 IT WORKS - our users have lost more than 20 million pounds combined! Their success shows we can help you lose weight too.

"u25a0 1,000,000+ food database, plus streamlined database available offline. Updated daily.
"u25a0 Track all major nutrients: calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and more
"u25a0 Frequently used foods automatically remembered for easy access
"u25a0 Scan barcodes to easily find the foods you've eaten (note: requires an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch with camera).
"u25a0 Save and reuse entire meals
"u25a0 Recipe calculator - Enter your own recipes and calculate their nutritional contents
"u25a0 Add multiple items at once - NO OTHER APP HAS THIS
"u25a0 Create an unlimited number of custom foods

"u25a0 Over 350 exercises
"u25a0 Track both cardio and strength training, including sets, reps, and weight/rep
"u25a0 Create an unlimited number of custom exercises
"u25a0 Enter your own calorie amounts - great for HRM's or exercise equipment with calorie reports

"u25a0 Connect with friends and easily track and motivate each other
"u25a0 MyFitnessPal members who diet with friends lose 3X more weight on average!

"u25a0 Customized goals based on your specific diet profile - age, gender, activity level, etc.
"u25a0 Enter your own goals if you've gotten specific recommendations from a doctor, nutritionist, etc.

"u25a0 Track your weight, measurements and more
"u25a0 View charts of your progress over time for motivation
"u25a0 Daily nutritional summary with all major nutrients
"u25a0 View more detailed reports online at

"u25a0 Get support and motivation from our community of millions of dieters just like you
"u25a0 Entries are automatically synced to the web and vice versa, so you can log online or on your phone, whichever is more convenient
"u25a0 Automatically post your progress to Twitter and Facebook (optional)

Note: a account is required to sync and safely backup your data. You can create an account for free within the app.

*When an internet connection is unavailable, a streamlined food database is available for offline logging.

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Fitness Pro

By Data Supply released on: 2009-12-12T01:00:17Z


- 450+ exercises photo's with reference
- photo's of real people (no drawings)
- search option for fast finding your exercise
- possibility to create your own workout schemes
- various build-in routines to get you started
- simple and easy logging
- advanced log graphs and log results
- track and map your runs
- share your runs with friends with the free online portal
- no registration
- no lite version or limited use


----Exercise reference----
It doesn't matter if you prefer staying at home to do your exercises or prefer doing this in the gym. Fitness Pro can help you train more effectively! Are you tired of doing the same exercises over and over again? Did you ever wonder if you are doing exercises correctly? Training better and more effective is what Fitness Pro is all about!

With an exercise library with over 450 exercises you will always find the exercise that suits your needs. Just tab a category, browse through all exercises or quickly search for a specific exercise. Tab the exercise to get a helpfull picture showing you how to perform the exercise. For more in depth instructions, simply switch to the detail view of an exercise at any given time!

----Create your own Workouts----
Fitness pro is a great tool to help you plan and create your personal workouts.

Workouts are based on a weekly scheme, in which you can add up to 7 different training days. Simply search or browse through the extensive list of over 450 exercises and choose one to your liking!
Personalize each exercise by simply tabbing them. Choose the reps and weight relevant to your training! Once you've personalized all exercises to your liking, you simple select the training day that's relevant and start with your workout!

Fitness pro is a great app that holds a massive amount of exercises and is a great reference source, but where do you start as beginner? No worries! Simply choose one of the preset routines that fits your needs and get started!

Learn your body and muscles so know what exercise will fit you best.
By tabbing a muscle anywhere on the overview you can see detailed information and exercises relevant to this specific muscle!

----Adding & viewing logs----
Fitness Pro 2.0 contains an advanced logging system that can assist you in tracking your progress. Just start logging your exercises during a training so you can track your progress in detail. Watch the progress for individual exercises or see the total results on a monthly or even yearly base! You'll be amazed at the extra incentive it will give you, after you see a month's progress with different runs or the increase in weight you've lifted!

----Track your Runs----
The "Log and Map run" function lets you keep track of all your runs in great detail. Before you start running, simply select music from your device to enjoy during the run and hit the start button. While running, you can see your progress being tracked live!

We understand that during a heavy or sweaty workout you don't want to constantly look at your device, so we build a voice response system to keep you updated!

All logs are saved so you can review you're runs in great detail after wards!

----Online Portal----
The online portal is a new way to show your runs in greater detail. In addition it will show distance markers and elevations graph. Also it will let you share your runs with your friends, it has a seemless integration with Facebook and twitter. We are currently working on a live view option which let you share your run live with your friends. Your friends can send you even a live cheer! The portal is currently in a Beta state and is Free available for all Fitness Pro users. Current subscribers will get soon receive there login information.

These are just some of the new highlights we believe you'll love. There are many more features in the app to discover!

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Heart Fitness

By Senscare released on: 2010-10-22T05:36:16Z

Measure your heart rate with the built-in camera and monitor your physical fitness using our patented technology. Developed in the laboratory of Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in France, this method has been tested and validated against FDA-approved instruments in clinical conditions.

Best results for iPhone 4G, works on 3GS.

Whether you're a marathon runner or a couch potato (sedentary), you probably have some idea of how fit you are. But having more than a general sense of your fitness level can help you set fitness goals, monitor how you're doing and maintain your motivation.
This application offers an easy way to measure your heart fitness—one of the most important indicators of your overall physical health.

Heart fitness is a prime bulwark against myriad medical problems, including but not limited to the No. 1 killer in the United States, heart disease; more than 70 million Americans suffer from some form of it.

This test really couldn't be easier: all you need is to cover iPhone camera with your fingertip and proceed to 30s physiological measurement. During measurement the instantaneous heart rate is monitored in beats per minute (BPM) and the physiological plethysmographic signal is also displayed.

Make sure that finger detection gauge is green and full before and while you are making measurement, and that you are in sitting position for 5 min at least.

A low heart rate at rest suggests that your body is physically fit—a key element of a healthy body—so the lower the figure, the greater your cardio fitness. (Source: American heart association). Once you have the number of beats per minute, it's easy to gauge your situation and to compare it with friends.

Don't despair over an unsatisfactory result, however: Your level of cardio fitness can improve remarkably quickly, with as little as 20 minutes of physical exercise four to five times a week.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you assess four crucial components of physical fitness before you start a regular program of exercise. These include aerobic fitness, maximum and reserve heart rate. Set aside some time to calculate your Training Chart. Once you know where you're starting from, you can plan where you want to go.

Keeping track of your progress is an excellent way to maintain your motivation. Assess your fitness level 2 weeks after your initial measurement and every three to weeks afterward.

Repeat your assessment a year after your first measurement to see how far you've come. Celebrate your progress and set new goals.

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By ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. released on: 2010-01-04T09:04:43Z

Keep your profile up to date and on track with the new iFit app. is the fitness website that connects your fitness equipment with your own profile at Now, you can manage your iFit dashboard and enter other exercises, diet information and weight from your iPhone or iPod touch.

NOTE: To use this app you must be a registered user at

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Fitness Free: 700 exercises & yoga poses

By ARAWELLA CORPORATION released on: 2010-08-20T12:00:21Z

More than 1,000,000 people around the world are using our Fitness apps!

This free app has more features and offers more fitness tools than some paid ones do!

"u272d"u272d"u272d Rich content: 700+ exercises for men and women, instructions plus pics of muscles involved
"u272d"u272d"u272d 2 modes of workout program selection
"u272d"u272d"u272d 3 FREE ready-made workouts

Keep fit with the help of a huge exercise base compiled by pros!

more than 700 exercises grouped according to body parts, muscles and equipment.
3 FREE ready-made workouts - inside the app
log your achievements for each exercise during every session and review the logs when you need
Quick Recipes mode: choose from a list of ready-made programs to fit your goal
Fast Mode: create and edit your own program quickly and efficiently.
the app will automatically resume from the interrupted exercise if you have to receive a call or SMS
2 measurement systems: metric or imperial - choose either you are used to

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Jillian Michaels Fitness Motivation

By Everyday Health, Inc. released on: 2010-06-11T04:52:43Z

Jillian Michaels Fitness Motivation

You've seen Jillian Michaels help people shed hundreds of pounds on NBC's The Biggest Loser and Losing It with Jillian. Now you can get that same hard-driving encouragement for your own workouts - when you download this hard-driving fitness app from America's toughest trainer - FREE! (Really, it's absolutely FREE; just download and set up your Profile to begin training.)

Whether you're just starting out or you're looking to step up the intensity of any workout, Jillian Michaels Fitness Motivation can help you reach your goals faster with:

-Tips and guidance on maximizing your workouts from Jillian Michaels
-Easy-to-use tools to track calories burned, distance run and log pounds lost
-Videos of Jillian demonstrating some of her favorite killer moves that you can use to build your own
customized circuits
-Charts and graphics to visualize your progress as you approach every milestone
-GPS and motion tracking to calculate your workout's intensity in real time

Download the Jillian Michaels Fitness Motivation app today and make America's toughest trainer - your trainer!

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Fitness Muscle

By FreeApps released on: 2009-10-09T01:55:01Z

-When playing video allow several moment for video to start

So you want to be a big bad Muscle Building Machine? But you need the motivation. You need the encouragement.Then you've got it.

We've covered the entire Database of Muscle Building Tutorial to help you build,grow,and look good with muscle.

Challenge yourself to the 12 Week Muscle Building program in which Fitness instructors will give you tips, step by step video tutorials to workout properly and efficiently. you don't get the seconds video tutorial but over 25 Hours of Fitness workout.


-Abs Challenge
-Kettle Ball Exercise
-Six Pack Abs without Crunch
-7 minutes workout six pack Abs
-Killer Home Chest Workout
-The Scivation 3 Days Workout
-Gaspari Coach Workout Training
-Peak Training
-Many More

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By 24 Hour Fitness released on: 2010-10-20T12:08:52Z


Learn more at

View the Start Guide at

This app is the companion piece to the bodybuggSP Personal Calorie Management System.


Calorie management is all about knowing how many calories you consume versus those you burn in any given period. The bodybugg system keeps an accurate daily count of calories burned and provides the ability to keep track of what you eat. So, you stay informed, make decisions, and more effectively manage your weight.

With the bodybuggSP System you can get real-time access to your daily activity through your iPhone and iPod touch.

Monitor calories burned
Log foods eaten and calories consumed
Track steps with built in pedometer
Manage calorie consumption through a web-based program (includes an initial 6 month subscription to the web based nutrition program*)
Includes a free phone coaching to help get you started
Runs on a rechargeable battery

*The bodybugg Personal Calorie Management System includes 6 months online subscription. Online subscription renewal fees are: $9.95 for month to month, $49.95 for 6 months or $79.95 for 12 months. BODYBUGG and BODYBUGGSP are trademarks owned by 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc. "u00a9 2010 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc.

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Interval Timer - For Fitness and Workouts

By Deltaworks released on: 2010-12-07T03:21:17Z

***Free and reliable. Perfect for use at home, at the track or in the gym.

We're proud to introduce this handy little app that helps you keep track of your work and rest periods during workouts. Whether your into cycling, running, lifting weights, exercise, workout, stretching, boxing, MMA or HIT, this interval timer will prove to be an invaluable asset to you.

Running foreground, background or with device locked, this reliable app allows you specify an overall time as well as program High/Low intensity interval and rest time between sets.

Key Features:
- Customizable sets, high/low intensity interval and rest for your own need
- Retina display, iOS4 and multitasking
- Continue to run even when screen is locked
- Play your song or playlist during your workout

Customizable Features:
- Number of Sets
- Countdown Time
- Set Time
- Low Interval time
- High Interval time
- Rest Time
- First Interval (low or high)
- Sound Volume
- Timer Sounds
- Auto Lock
- Vibrate
- Pause during Rest
- Playlist
- New Each Set

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Muscle & Fitness Trainer

By Bowleg Media, LLC released on: 2010-01-07T05:42:51Z

NOTE: You must have a FREE account with since each users workouts are custom & goal specific. Premium members will enjoy advanced features for this app.

The Muscle & Fitness Trainer App is designed to work with your existing Muscle & Fitness Trainer account that allows you to access all of your custom designed workouts directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch for free members.

In addition this App will also allow premium members to see images slide shows, tips, descriptions, & major muscles worked for the workout that they are currently on.

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Lose It!

By FitNow released on: 2008-11-21T10:54:04Z

Succeed at weight loss with Lose It! Set goals and establish a daily calorie budget that enables you to meet them. Stay on track each day by recording your food and exercise and staying within your budget. The average active Lose It! user has lost more than 12lbs and more than 85% of our active users have lost weight. Lose It! is completely free- get started losing weight with Lose It! today!

You've seen Lose It! on the Today Show, in the NY Times, or heard it mentioned on Howard Stern. Isn't it time to join the millions of others who have downloaded Lose It! and give it a try yourself?

Lose It! is simple and fun to use, but includes great features:
- Simple, attractive, streamlined interface
- Comprehensive database of foods and activities
- Quickly add new foods or exercises to the database
- Setup recipes for more complicated foods
- Quickly add to your log with previous meals, my foods, and other shortcuts
- Track nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, and more
- Email or print detailed reports directly from your iPhone or iPod
- Works with or without a network connection
- No advertisements

In addition, set up a free account to gain access to features and capabilities that no other weight loss application has:

- Log your food and exercise on
- Automatically keep a back-up of your data
- Add friends for extra support and motivation
- Earn badges to recognize your success
- Share custom foods, exercises, and recipes with friends
- See more detailed online reports
- Export your data to excel
- Setup daily or weekly email reports
- Get reminded when you forget to log your meals
- Share your progress on Facebook or Twitter
- Keep your data private or share with friends- you are in control
- Connect your Withings scale to automatically log your weight in Lose It!
- Connect your Fitbit tracker to automatically update activity in Lose It!

Lose It! is the most popular, complete, and streamlined weight loss application for the iPhone.

Become a fan of Lose It! on facebook at or follow us on Twitter @loseitapp.

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Anytime Fitness Locator

By Anytime Fitness released on: 2009-03-27T01:53:37Z

Anytime Fitness is the world's largest co-ed fitness chain, with more than 1000 clubs open worldwide! So there's bound to be an Anytime Fitness club near you! And, with Anywhere Club Access, members can use every club, whether it's across town or across the globe.

It's easy to find a club using the Anytime Fitness Locator. You can search a specific region or let the locator find a nearby club. Once you've found the desired club, their address, phone, and email information will be displayed. Plus, a map and driving directions are also available.

Find a club today! There is no better time. And, with 24/7 access, there are no more excuses!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Fitness you looking for.

We belive for every paid Fitness app out there there is a equivalent free Fitness app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Fitness apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Fitness apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Fitness apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Fitness app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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