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Flags Fun - FREE

By Lima Sky released on: 2009-06-07T07:00:00Z

"What a cool idea. I love learning these new flags while keeping my memorization in shape. ... I'm very happy with this game." - Customer review (US)

"Great game! - I enjoy this game a lot. It's quick and easy but also gives me a good visual memorization workout. The colors are cheerful ... I'm becoming curious about details behind the choices for the different countries flags. Great Ap!" - Customer review (US)

"Great way to memorize flags and have fun at the same time..." - Customer review (US)

Two fun and educational games in one app!

- Flags Guess: test your knowledge of the flags of the world by correctly indicating a flag of a country that you are asked to identify.

- Flags Match: Match the flags of different countries and learn what country they belong to in this take on the classic pairs matching card game.

You probably know what the flag of Canada looks like. But what about Laos or Myanmar? Develop your cognitive skills, practice your memorization, and learn the flags of different countries all at the same time while playing this fun, educational, and addictive game.

- two games in one app. = great value!
- over 150 beautifully rendered flags with more on the way
- fun and educational at the same time

***** Over 150 flags of different countries are included in this version with more flags on the way in the upcoming update ******

NOTE: This is a free, ad supported version of Flags Fun.

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Flags World

By xcentric released on: 2009-09-18T12:15:30Z

Tour the world right at your finger tips.. ok, perhaps not quite but this fun little collection of 3d flag images is a start, and it's free! We like it but maybe we're just into flags.

Xcentric-Systems presents a fun way of exploring some of the (wow! lots) world's flags.

Mimicking the iTunes Album Art browser, you can slide through a collection of the world's flags with just a flick of the finger. Selecting a flag will navigate you to where maybe you will learn something new.

Many of the beautiful flag images courtesy of, and with thanks to, Fabio Fatuzzo @

Flags of The World displays ads periodically to cover hosting costs but the application will always be free.

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Look it Up! Flags

By Shaul Kedem released on: 2008-10-09T12:55:37Z

Ever wanted to see what a nation's flag looks like? wanted to show someone? Now is your chance - download Flags for free and look it up!

an iPad version is coming soon!

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Flags Memory Game Lite

By Marcello Valeri released on: 2011-03-12T12:47:20Z

* TOP 10 iPad game in more than 40 countries in its category
* TOP 20 iPhone game in more than 20 countires in its category
Memory Match Game with World Flags.
Tap to flip world globes, find those with the same flag to make them disappear. But Hurry up, because time is ticking.
- Easy: find matching pairs in a 4x4 board
- Medium: find matching pairs in a 6x6 board
- Hard: find matching triplets (NEW!) in a 6x6 board.
Have fun!!

Lite Version has only level Easy. Get the full version to play the Medium and Hard levels.

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African Horn - Vuvuzela & Rattle

By Onteca released on: 2010-06-23T01:20:02Z

Support your team. Bring the awesome stadium atmosphere to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Shake to play the Vuvuzela and Rattle!
Choice of several colours.
Realistic high quality sound with 16 random Vuvuzela sound samples.
Press or shake for noise.
Cool Vuvuzela and Rattle design.

Your friends will want it. Make sure you're the first to get it!

** WARNING ** Using the African Horn and Rattle can be extremely addictive!

Reviewer comments:

"Perfect for driving your mates nuts!"

"It's just like I'm in the stadium."

"Very funny and so realistic! It's the best Vuvuzela sound I've heard from an app!!"

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Flags and Capitals

By Xcentric Systems released on: 2010-07-16T03:28:00Z

Enjoy the successor to Flags of The World - now with Capital Cities and Search!

Tour the world right at your finger tips.. ok, perhaps not quite.. but this fun little collection of 3d flag images is a start, and it's free!

You can slide through a collection of the world's flags with just a flick of the finger. Select a flag and see the capital city on a map, and how far away you are. Wikipedia info is just a touch away.

Some of the beautiful flag images courtesy of, and with thanks to, Fabio Fatuzzo @

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Signal Flags Info

By Gigs, Inc. released on: 2010-03-02T10:42:33Z

Signal Flags Info contains images of all (40) of the international code flags, along with abbreviated usage descriptions for each flag. The app is designed to be used as a reference tool for recognition of the flags and interpretation of their meanings when displayed by merchant ships, warships, fishing vessels and private yachts:

Scrolling views provide quick access to flag images/IDs

Disclosure info for each flag gives brief info on usage

A complete current version of the International Code of Signals (NIMA pub. 102) document is included for ready reference.

Fully self contained, does not require active network communication, and ready to use anywhere at anytime.

NOTE: The International Code of Signals (NIMA pub. 102) is provided with the following mandatory DISCLAIMER:
This reproduction of National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Pub. 102 is not approved, authorized or endorsed by the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Central Intelligence, the Director, NGA or any other element of the US Government. The US Government and NGA accept no liability for the accuracy or quality of this reproduction or the use of any NGA, NIMA or DMA products, information or data.

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World Football Flags Ringtones and Wallpapers

By SingMyRing Ltd released on: 2010-05-17T07:16:23Z

This app puts this year's biggest football tournament in your pocket!

With not only national anthem ringtones from all teams that are in the final 32, but also 32 iphone flag wallpapers to match. These that have been individually designed specifically for the iphone and feature a cool football flag design (see screenshots).

Select your flag from a cool horizontal sliding list and your iphone screen will be filled with the flag design of your choice and then automatically play the national anthem of that team, great for really showing your patriotism before, during or after the big game!

As an extra cool feature with added an AIR HORNS! No match is complete without this unmistakeable sound so get blasting! Press and hold for the longest blast of an air horn you will ever hear!

This FREE app is a must for anyone who wants to play a part in this year's biggest event. Push your team to glory with World Football.
Download it now, what have you got to lose? It's FREE!

App Features:

Cool sliding flag interface
32 unique iPhone wallpaper flag designs
Send national anthem ringtones to contacts
Superb 3 air horns to choose from!


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World Countries Quiz - Capitals and Flags

By ADS Software Group, Inc. released on: 2009-12-02T02:31:42Z

Special free version of World Countries application.

Includes Quiz game to learn Capitals and Flags of world countries.

"u2713 Select any combination of regions to play: America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania.
"u2713 Play only Capitals or Flags or both games mixed

OPENFEINT features:
"u2713 Send your scores to Leaderboards to compare with other players or just track your progress.
"u2713 Send same questions you answered as a challenge to your friends to see who can do better
"u2713 Get achievements for giving several correct answers in a row. Post your achievements on facebook and twitter.

If you like World Countries Quiz, check out FULL Version with Factbook, Atlas and two more games Guess the Flag and Flags Memory match.

Other educational applications by ADS:
"u2713 ART - Pocket Art Gallery. Great Artists. Slideshow. Quiz
"u2713 ART Renaissance
"u2713 JS Bach - Classical Music Collection and Quiz.
"u2713 USA Factbook and Quiz - all that newcomers to the US should know.
"u2713 Love Clock and Quotes

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Flags Free

By Just Free Apps released on: 2011-02-25T11:32:23Z

Flags Free is a tool for viewing and identifying flags of the world. You probably know what the flag of the United States looks like. But what about Christmas Island or Zimbabwe? Develop your knowledge and learn the flags of different countries all at the same time while using this free tool.

- Find a country flag by search selection.
- Pinch and Zoom feature allows you to see clear details of the flags.
- Lookup the country maps to see where the country flag is located.
- Over 230 flags of different countries are included.

Flags Free is a handy tool, since it requires no Internet access once installed. All flag images and data are contained within the tool.

Just Free Apps brings you quality apps for free.

Download some of our other apps:
Censor Photo for Free
Cash Booth
Venue Finder


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World Flags eBook

By Bunkundo Co.,Ltd. released on: 2011-02-01T10:14:10Z

This application is useful for studying the national flags. 192 national flags are introduced in this application. The country name and map will appear by tapping each national flag.

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USA Flags

By Joshua Frasier released on: 2009-08-29T12:19:16Z

USA Flags is a great app if you want to show your patriotism or need a USA flag with you at all times. This app includes more than one flag!

The flags included are:
* USA Flag with 50 stars
* USA Flag with 13 stars
* Don't Tread On Me
* Join, Or Die

A cool feature is the auto rotation of the flag depending on how you hold the iPhone or iPod touch. When the USA flag is on display the stars should be in the upper left corner. This app makes sure this happens automatically!

More flags are planned on being added in future updates.
This app is free because I want as many people to have it as possible. We all should have a flag with us in case we need it.

If you go to political rallies or other similar events, this will be very useful to show your support of America!

Have a great day!
God bless America!!

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Flag Quiz - Learn world country flags in family with your children or in class with your students while having fun with this educational game quiz

By NeoWORX released on: 2010-09-03T05:37:51Z

If there is something we learned from the football/soccer World Cup last summer is that we do not know many country flags! Well, 'FlagQuiz' is about to change that!

Download 'FlagQuiz' and start by training with the Drill section. When you feel ready take our Quiz and try to wipe out the 20 random flags from the board. Track your score, very soon you will get a 100%!

Drill section:
The Drill section has 2 kind of drills. You can either guess the country of a flag from 3 proposed names or you can guess the flag of a country from 3 proposed flags. Answer a set number of questions (20 or 50) or play against the clock (60 or 180 seconds).

Quiz section:
In the Quiz section you must clear a board of 20 randomly-chosen flags. Country names will be shown to you in sequence. Every time you answer correctly you earn 5 points. A wrong answer will cost you 1 point. If you absolutely don't know a country flag, just skip it. It will cost you 1 point, but it's less than if you guess wrong several times.

Flag section:
Have you ever wondered why the flag of Liberia looks so similar to the US flag? Check the answer in the app's Flag section. You will find there the history and meaning of every flag.

'FlagQuiz' is fun and educational. Play it alone or with your children or pupils. Very soon country flags will have no secret to you.

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Banderas del Mundo (HD - Retina Display)

By TuAbogado released on: 2010-09-08T03:36:53Z

80 World Flags; Retina Display ready.

Argentina "u00b7 Armenia "u00b7 Australia "u00b7 Austria "u00b7 Azerbaijan "u00b7 Barbados "u00b7 Belarus "u00b7 Belgium "u00b7 Bosnia and Herzegovina "u00b7 Brazil "u00b7 Canada "u00b7 China "u00b7 Colombia "u00b7 Croatia "u00b7 Denmark "u00b7 Dominican Republic "u00b7 Egypt "u00b7 Estonia "u00b7 Finland "u00b7 France "u00b7 Germany "u00b7 Georgia "u00b7 Greece "u00b7 Iceland "u00b7 India "u00b7 Ireland "u00b7 Israel "u00b7 Iraq "u00b7 Italy "u00b7 Jamaica "u00b7 Japan "u00b7 Kenya "u00b7 Korea (South Korea) "u00b7 Kosovo "u00b7 Latvia "u00b7 Lithuania "u00b7 Luxembourg "u00b7 Macedonia "u00b7 Malaysia "u00b7 Mexico "u00b7 Malta "u00b7 Moldova "u00b7 Montenegro "u00b7 Netherlands "u00b7 New Zealand "u00b7 Norway "u00b7 Pakistan "u00b7 Peru "u00b7 Poland (voivodeships) "u00b7 Portugal "u00b7 Puerto Rico "u00b7 Rhodesia "u00b7 Romania "u00b7 Russia "u00b7 Serbia "u00b7 South Africa "u00b7 Spain "u00b7 Sri Lanka "u00b7 Sweden "u00b7 Switzerland "u00b7 Thailand "u00b7 Turkey "u00b7 Ukraine "u00b7 United Kingdom (England "u00b7 Northern Ireland "u00b7 Scotland "u00b7 Wales "u00b7 Falkland Islands "u00b7 Gibraltar) "u00b7 United States "u00b7 Uzbekistan "u00b7 Vatican City "u00b7 Yugoslavia "u00b7 Zimbabwe

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