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Wings Free: Flight Simulator

By Bottle Rocket released on: 2009-10-28T04:15:58Z

Wings Free has a single timed level. The complete version of Wings Earth has four levels, 3 more custom sound tracks and unlimited flying.

Wings brings the fun, excitement and relaxation of flying to everyone, not just pilots. Wings' flight visualizer and virtual worlds have the most beautiful terrains and environments available on the iPhone. Tailor your flying to have fun or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Make Wings your own personal flying escape. Download it now and you'll be amazed. This is a fun and entertaining way to pass time for anyone and is 100% safe for kids. Both relaxing and fun, Wings is the best way to get away.

If you like Wings Free, please check out the full version of Wings Earth with 4 virtual worlds, 4 custom audio tracks and unlimited flying.

Make sure to go to your main device Settings page, and scroll down to Wings Free to change app settings.

English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Please check out Voxie, Proxy Pal, Wings (Wings Earth), Santa Wings, Voice Cards, Mistletoe, Overnight, ZIP Finder, GasBuddy, GPS and our other apps. Visit our site at

Access support and FAQ's in the Info Screen of the app. FAQ:

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Flight Simulator Memo - FREE

By released on: 2010-02-16T07:05:39Z

A free memo list of all the keys used in Flight Simulator.
Keys are applicable to Flight Simulator X but most of them work in version 2004 as well.
Keys are divided in sections (Navigation, lights, General, ) for an easy and quick lookup.

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Kite Simulator

By VicoSoft released on: 2009-11-04T06:58:51Z

Have a break with your poket kite !

Kite Simulator is an original and relaxing app.

Throw your kite in the sky, and enjoy to control it as for real, by moving your hands toward or away from you !

Zoom in/out camera by a simple touch.

Keep an eye on the kite's speed and wind force panels,
strongest is the wind, quickest is your kite !

Choose from 3 kites & fly in 3 different locations:

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-"Irregular Verbs Easy : English"
-"Real Pocket Mirror for iPhone 4" (FREE)
The Big Bang Theory app for fans of the TV show

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Total Drama Flight Simmerator

By zinc Roe released on: 2010-12-06T10:49:33Z

TOTAL DRAMA FANS! Earn your co-pilot wings with Chef's EXTREME flight simulator/burrito cooking game!

Are you tough enough to fly the Total Drama World Tour Jumbo Jet while cooking up burritos in the cockpit microwave? That's what Chef has to put up with.

We kowtowed to Chef's surly demands and made this game to his EXACTING specifications:
-Full cockpit view: air obstacles are coming right at you!
-Easy tilt-to steer
-Chef's personal high-voltage microwave
-Chris and Chef bobble heads

-Freezer Burn
-Total Pandamonium

Get more Total Drama:

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X Invasion 2: Chapter 1

By Viderea, Inc. released on: 2010-03-02T09:38:36Z

Hostile aliens have invaded San Francisco, and you are mankind's last line of defense. X Invasion 2 redefines the 3D arcade-style flight combat genre with intense gameplay, epic storyline, and intuitive controls!

X Invasion 2 allows you to fly freely in true 3D over 10,000 square miles of photorealistic and geographically accurate views of the San Francisco Bay Area.

"X Invasion 2: Chapter 1" contains a 20 minute timed Arcade Mode (the full version has no time limit) and the first 5 missions of Campaign Mode. To get the full experience, purchase "X Invasion 2: Extreme Combat" which includes 3 modes of play:

Campaign Mode consists of over 16 unique missions that lead you on an epic journey from rookie flight training, to missions to perfect your flying skills, to unique missions such as aerial rollercoasters, follow the leader, cargo support, bombing runs, and of course culminates with an epic showdown with the Alien Mothership with the fate of Mankind in your hands.

Arcade Mode. How long can you survive against the untimed onslaught of Alien Invaders? How do your skills compare to others who have taken on the X Invasion? Arcade Mode is all about intense fun use your weapons wisely, look out for powerups, and watch your back!

Tour Mode. Ever wished you could take a helicopter tour of the San Francisco Bay Area? To be able to hover over the famous landmarks and take gorgeous photos of the scenery? With Tour Mode, now you can! In Tour Mode, you can relax and explore and discover the beauty of the entire SF Bay Area. And if there is something you find interesting, you can take a picture of it and share it with your friends.

X Invasion 2 features easy to learn controls. Tilt and rotate you device to turn left/right and move up/down. Slide your finger on the right side of the screen to change speed. It's that simple! This is about intense arcade-style fun, not frustrating and difficult to learn controls.

*** NOTE: Restart your device after installation to avoid performance or crash issues. Particularly important with 1st and 2nd generation devices. ***

View a preview of actual gameplay at:

Follow Viderea:

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Earth defence 3D Lite

By Marcin Ostopinko released on: 2010-10-04T07:00:00Z

This is a 3D shooter game with dynamic action where you will have a chance to jump into one of three most advanced military planes and fight with aliens attacking our home planet.

-"t3 different fighters
-"tfantastic 3D graphics
-"t3D sound
-"tdynamic action shooter
-"tcontrol by touch and accelerometer
-"t3 difficulty levels

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DogFighter Lite

By TeraCode Games LLC released on: 2009-10-13T07:51:30Z

As an elite military pilot, you are on the battle front flying aerial combat missions against a dangerous enemy. Only your instincts, speed and dog fighting skills will keep you in the air. Turbo thrust, lock up the enemy, launch missiles, and fire your guns!

Good luck Pilot and bring your plane home safely!

DogFighter Lite includes:
- Training Mission
- Quick Fight mission
- Two missions from the Campaing mode

Buy the full version of DogFighter to enjoy the complete experience:
- Training and Free Flight missions to hone your dogfighting skills and prepare you for battle
- A full military campaign with 25 missions, engaging story line and increasing difficulty
- Quick Fights Mode to get right into the cockpit and shooting down the enemy
- Super smooth flying with our adaptive accelerometer control - you'll catch yourself turning and twisting like you're actually flying
- Multiple camera angles and modes
- Highly detailed aircraft models
- Detailed 3D world environment

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Dogfight Lite

By Joaquin Grech released on: 2010-02-01T08:07:55Z

Dogfight is a WWI based airplane game & action packed!

Fly through training levels all the way up to full-blown dogfights against enemy planes.

This is the lite version. The full version contains multiplayer support and many more levels and dogfights.

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Defend London 3D Lite2

By Luis Evaristo Rodriguez Campos released on: 2010-04-01T02:34:36Z

Shot down a German fighter with your Spitfire, flying over the Channel.

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Air Master 3D Lite

By Alex Nankervis released on: 2009-05-25T06:48:15Z

I can honestly say I do not remember the last time I had so much fun with an iPhone game. Reminiscent of the classic Descent series, AirMaster 3D hits a home run... AirMaster 3D has the best executed use of the accelerometer and on-screen controls I have encountered on the iPhone... On the whole, AirMaster 3D brings back the classic good vs. evil, green vs. red that is in the heart of any true gamer -

Air Master 3D is quite a little gem hidden among the App Store clutter ... clever features and nearly flawless controls -

Air Master 3D is a fine addition to the Sci Fi Flying genre. It's one of the first games that really gave me a good sense of flying and the shooting worked perfectly. I feel like a kid all over again -

Great game - Dog fights can get fast paced but are still easy to keep up with - Endlessly

Great - Simple controls immersive gameplay. In seconds in was totally engrossed. - Askme233

You are the last Air Master, humanity's only hope against an unstoppable alien threat! Make your way to the alien homeworld, destroying everything in your path across five planets.

This is the free version of Air Master 3D that contains one planet and no custom level mode.

Full version features:
-True 3D flight
-Tilt and rotate to fly your plane with the accelerometer
-Touch the screen to shoot and control your speed
-Procedural levels make each game different
-HUD with artificial horizon and enemy tracking
-Custom level mode lets you easily set up battles beyond the included levels

Air Master 3D combines arcade action with the iPhone's tilt controls and a 3D battlefield, for a fun and fast-paced flight combat game!

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X Invasion

By Viderea, Inc. released on: 2009-10-08T08:50:04Z

Do you have what it takes to save San Francisco from an alien invasion?

San Francisco is under attack from an invasion of alien ships and UFOs! It's up to you and your trusty WWII Corsair single prop fighter plane to save the city! Will you have what it takes to take on the X Invasion?

X Invasion's realistic free roaming 3D technology means you are free to decide how your adventure unfolds. Blasting everything in sight is great stress relief! Or test your accuracy as a sniper. Or simply enjoy a relaxing flight over the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

X Invasion includes two modes of play: Career Mode and Timed Mode. In Career Mode, accumulate medals of honor through multi-level play as you progress in experience all the way to the prestigious Top Gun ranking. In Timed Mode, blast your way to infamy on X Invasion's real-time high scores list.


X Invasion is not an ultra-realistic flight simulator with complex controls that take hours of frustration to master. Instead, X Invasion is a fun fast-paced retro-style shoot-em up.

Remember the side scrollers and top-down shooters from the arcades? They weren't hard to learn, but they were insanely fun because you could pound frantically on the fire button to destroy everything in sight. X Invasion takes this simple concept but extends it with true free roaming 3D graphics!


Advance through over 100 levels of play on your way to becoming a Top Gun in Career Mode, or experience the intensity of Timed Mode play!

Fly over geographically accurate views of the San Francisco Bay Area in a true 3D free roaming environment! Fly over and around real landmarks, streets and scenery. Ever want to land ON the Golden Gate Bridge? Ever want to fly over downtown San Francisco at 1000 MPH? You can with X Invasion!

Take on various alien ships, from speedy scout ships flying in formation to spinning UFOs with glowing lights to gigantic motherships that take on real damage!

Compare your fighting ability with other pilots who have taken on the X Invasion. Will you be the first to reach the status of Top Gun, or will you choose to have the highest accuracy rating? Your success will be displayed for all in a fully integrated real-time scores list.

Simple and intuitive controls. Tilt and rotate the device to move, slide your finger up/down on the right side of the screen to control your speed, tap anywhere on the screen to shoot. Spend more time playing, not learning difficult controls!


We listened to your comments and made this version of X Invasion better than ever. Watch out, the aliens shoot back at you now! But if your health is getting low, enemies will leave behind POWER-UPs when they are destroyed for you to boost your health.

New and updated high score list means you can challenge your friends from across the room, or across the world!
*Unfortunately, because of change in gameplay, version 1.0 Career Mode high scores cannot be transferred to this version.

Experience the Future of Reality Based Gaming!


Follow Viderea for great new apps in 2010:


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Strike Fighter

By released on: 2010-09-09T07:00:00Z

Burn through the skies in the new F-35 Strike Fighter codenamed "LIGHTNING II".

Join the campaign or try survival mode in any of the 6 diferent environments. There are heaps of upgrades to collect and some massive bosses to defeat!

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