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By Knowtary Public Inc.released on:2009-06-12T11:24:27Z

Foodie connects influential eaters in Chicago with the best chef-driven restaurants, through exclusive and limited dining opportunities. It's like Restaurant Week all year.

Members enjoy....
Exclusive access to the best food in town through unique menus, great deals, early openings and underground dining, among a community of "taste makers."

We hand pick up to 150 restaurants that care deeply about the food they serve and the patrons who support them. Current participating Chicago restaurants include:

Boka, Perennial, Landmark Grill, Graham Elliot, The Gage, Piccolo Sogno, Spring, The Bristol, aja, Big Jones, Bistro 110, The Bluebird, Custom House, Eve, Fulton's on the River, Jake Melnick's, Spiaggia, Cafe Spiaggia, Green Zebra, Lula Cafe, Nightwood, mk, Webster's Wine Bar, one sixtyblue, Province, Sola, Takashi, NAHA, Roof, Cibo Matto, State & Lake, Wave, David Burke's Primehouse, Sprout, C-House, Bistro Campagne, Tank, The Drawing Room, C-View, Browntrout, Ceres Table, LM, Tank Sushi, Bistro Campagne.

"A deliciously ingenious app that's like having a ma"u00eetre d' in your pocket." - Urban Daddy

"Foodie has recruited the best restaurants in Chicago." - Daily Candy

"There's no reason your friends and family can't get in on the exclusive deals us Foodies are already enjoying." - Chicagoist

"Secure a special offer by making a one- touch reservation with the restaurant." - Gapers Block

"A tasty new iPhone app that has food fanatics raving"- CS

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Top Chef Foodie Fight

By NBC Universal, Inc.released on:2010-11-08T09:19:54Z

Are you ready to (food) fight for your life? Get down and dirty with Bravo's Top Chef Foodie Fight app, which pits you against some of your favorite cheftestants in a brawl of culinary proportions. Cut the competition down to size with a full array of foodstuffs and secret ingredients, but be sure to block enemy attacks with your trusty frying pan. Download it now and prove that you're the next Top Chef!

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The Show Foodie

By Legion Digitalreleased on:2010-11-10T11:47:20Z

Are you a Foodie? Do you ever catch shows on TV that highlight great places and think to yourself "Man, I need to remember to go there." The Show Foodie app is the perfect tool to find, track and make notes about the great Foodie spots around the country. Its easy to use, and best of all its Free. That's the way it should be.

UPDATE: If you are having issues with the "Nearby" option, do a few searches or browse around a bit. We found a bug that takes a while to initially get your location. A fix for this is on its way!

Some of the great TV shows that Show Foodie automatically tracks and updates are:

Diners Drive-ins and Dives
The Best Thing I Ever Ate
Meat & Potatoes
Outrageous Food

We've also included a section from our own Show Foodie editor.

This is a perfect little app for:

"u00ba Planning Foodie road trips
"u00ba Finding great places to eat when you're out of town
"u00ba Keeping track of places you see on TV and need to go to
"u00ba Quickly look up phone numbers, addresses and menus

Some great features include:

"u25c6 Find "Nearby" places
"u25c6 Save places and notes to your "Hit List"
"u25c6 Search by Place or Keywords
"u25c6 See reccomendations by Chefs and Superfoodies
"u25c6 Yelp! integration to get even MORE info
"u25c6 Facebook integration to post great places to your wall

This is the one stop place to track all the great places seen on TV. Best of all, its all free! Check it out...

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TODAY Show Recipes

By The Zumobi Networkreleased on:2009-12-19T05:29:09Z

Search for great recipes, get food and wine information from TODAY personalities, build out a shopping list and save your favorites with the TODAY Recipes application for your iPhone and iPod touch.

With a library to draw upon to search by ingredient or a particular style of recipe, make this application your first stop before the grocery store. Once you have your recipe selected, you can automatically have the app place the ingredients into a shopping list for you to check off as you shop.

Updated hourly with video features and articles, get the latest in food and wine news from the TODAY Show delivered directly to your device. With TODAY, you are always in the know, wherever you go.

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True Food

By True Food Networkreleased on:2010-07-06T07:00:00Z

Did you know that up to 70% of packaged foods on our supermarket shelves contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients? Today, thousands of products on supermarket shelves are made with ingredients from genetically modified (also known as genetically engineered [GE]) crops. But GM foods are not labeled in the U.S., despite warnings from doctors and scientists that these foods may not be safe in the diet or the environment. So what's an American consumer to do? Go behind the label and get the facts on genetically modified foods! The True Food Shoppers Guide gives you valuable information on common GM ingredients, brands to look for—and look out for—and common sense tips to keep you in the know and help you find and avoid GM ingredients wherever you shop.

The Center for Food Safety's True Food Shoppers Guide was compiled because you have the right to know what's in your food!

We compiled the Shoppers Guide primarily from direct communications with food producers. In some cases, we received company policy statements from consumers who passed these on to us. In addition to written statements, we spoke to many company representatives to clarify or assess their position. Products on the RED list contain ingredients that come from the most common GE crops (corn, soy, canola, cotton). Companies with products on this list have confirmed that their products may have or are likely to be made with GE ingredients, or have not denied using GE foods when given the opportunity to do so. Companies on the GREEN list have made a concerted effort to avoid GE ingredients and have company policies asserting their position on avoiding GE foods.


-"tOur "Four Simple Tips" section gives you easy ways to avoid genetically modified ingredients in any product
-"t"What's New" brings you an always-updated feed of the Center for Food Safety's latest news and campaign developments on GMOs and other important food issues. You can even share these articles and announcement with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and more, right from the app!
-"tOur "Action" center brings you our latest action alerts on simple things you can do to demand True Food!
-"t"Supermarkets and GMOs" lists major supermarket chains across the US and their policies on GMOs and rbGH use. Here you can find non-gmo and rbGH-free store brands, and supermarkets that are entirely non-gmo in their private-label brands!
-"tYou can browse the Shoppers Guide by category (16 categories in all) in a simple "Green" and "Red" list format, or search for products by brand name or food type
-"tThe Shoppers Guide also includes the ability to call or email companies listed in the "Red" (those who do not avoid GM ingredients in their products) to let them know you will not buy their products until they drop GMOs
-"tLearn about the risks of gm crops and foods, the benefits of and where to buy organics, gm crops in development, rbGH, and more in "More Info"
-"tJoin the CFS True Food Network or our new Mobile Activists list and get updates and action alerts on the most pressing food issues via email or text message! We are over 100,000 members strong, and growing. Add your voice!
-"tConnect with the CFS True Food Network on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

While the app contains a lot of brand information, we could not possibly include every brand in the country. If there is a certain brand you see at the supermarket, or purchase often, that is not included in the Guide, just send us an email from the app and we'll include it in our next update! Please note that the Guide only includes a few organic brands as Certified Organic products are not allowed to be produced from gm crops.

The CFS True Food Shoppers Guide app was developed by Twinkle Toes Software:

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Kitchen Helper

By Merillatreleased on:2010-09-27T04:06:07Z

This handy app contains hundreds of ingredient substitutions that let you skip the mad dash to the store. A must-have for foodies and busy cooks alike, the Kitchen Helper app comes with a built-in a quantity adjuster that makes it easy to scale your recipe up to feed any crowd. Expect additional cooking and baking ingredients and functionality in future updates to Merillat's Kitchen Helper.

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By Lettuce Entertain Youreleased on:2010-01-20T02:11:39Z

Hungry and in need of a delicious meal? Download LettuceEats, an iPhone app to find nearby Lettuce Entertain You restaurants, make reservations, view menus and more.

Are you a Frequent Diner? The LettuceEats app will instantly show you how many reward dollars you can spend on your next meal.

Traveling to a new city? Download the app to view a map of surrounding restaurants, get step-by-step directions, search by cuisine, and more.

All Delicious Features Include:

* Find restaurants nearby
* Make reservations
* View Frequent Diner rewards
* Search by price, location, mood or cuisine
* Get directions
* View menus
* Contact restaurants
* Save favorites
* Post reviews to Facebook & Twitter

To find out more about Lettuce Entertain You restaurants and our Frequent Diner Club, visit

For app support, email

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Tasting Table To-Go

By TastingTable.comreleased on:2011-01-10T08:00:00Z

Tasting Table To-Go is a city guide for the adventurous eater. It lets you take our delicious dining and drinking recommendations with you, wherever you go. From under-the-radar restaurants and bars to innovative wine pairings to recipes from top chefs and beyond, editors dine high and low to find the best your city has to offer. Find nearby recommendations by map, read articles and manage your own list of places to try. Sign up for a free membership at or register directly from the app, then dive into our world of food and drink culture daily.

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By AOLreleased on:2010-02-12T02:53:47Z

The free Slashfood iPhone App serves up food fun with the latest food news, top celebrity chef information, taste tests and quizzes, a daily cooking tip, fast food reviews, and more. It's all here, updated every day, throughout the day, delivered straight to your iPhone or iPod touch.


Feast your eyes on our luscious food images
Get delicious cocktail recipes and reviews of bars and lounges from across the country
Read cookbook reviews
Learn from our Daily Cooking tip
Test your knowledge of food facts with our quizzes
Discover the best of the brands with our taste tests
Get the latest food news from all the major newspapers across the country.
Secrets of celebrity chefs
Weigh in on our fast food reviews

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Mixing Bowl

By Meredith Corporationreleased on:2010-01-14T04:32:51Z

As a member of, food and friends are made fresh daily. Once you join, we'll deliver a customized food experience just for you. You'll be able to meet like-minded cooks and bakers, swap recipes, share photos, get cooking tips, read (and write) blogs, and much more.

Friends are just one click away on, the first social network centered on food.

From the new-nest neophyte just learning how to turn on a stove to the young mom holding a baby in one arm and cooking with the other to the passionate baker looking for kindred spirits, Mixing Bowl unites everyday home cooks. Once you join, we deliver a customized food experience just for you. You can meet others like you, swap recipes, share photos, get cooking tips, read (and write) blogs, and much more.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make authentic pho or bouillabaisse? We've got hundreds of ethnic recipes from home cooks around the world. Want to start your own restaurant? Get advice from someone who already owns one. Need dinner ideas for picky eaters? Ask another Mom. Starting a special diet? Let someone who's on that diet help guide your way.

This application gives you the power to create and access your own personal cooking network from anywhere. Simply key in a member name and password, or log in using your Facebook credentials, and join. You can share everything that you post with the whole community, or just a few close friends. You decide.

Facebook integration allows you to easily share your latest culinary triumphs (and trials), as well as the gems you discover on Mixing Bowl, with all of your friends.

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Eat and Drink

By American Express Publishingreleased on:2010-06-01T07:00:00Z

Eat and Drink By FOOD & WINE magazine

FOOD & WINE magazine points you to the best cocktail bars, coffee houses and dessert shops around the country. Complete with recommendations for the best food and drink to order, plus maps and contact information, for each location. All venues can be sorted into multiple categories: foodie buzz, near the sites and affordable.
Coffee Bars: 175+ best coffee bars, from old-guard Seattle spots to a newcomer operating out of a bike shop in Minneapolis.
Dessert Shops: 300+ best sweets shops, from a frozen custard spot in Las Vegas with only four flavors served each day to a chocolate factory opened by renowned pastry chef Jacques Torres in New York City.
Cocktail Lounges: 100+ best bars, from an updated American tavern in Boulder, Colorado, to a modern day speakeasy in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Meal Ticket

By db3 Mobilereleased on:2010-07-10T12:13:26Z

Meal Ticket - Savings on the spot

So you're hungry for a good meal—and a great deal, or looking for special offers? You can find both here. Meal Ticket will show you coupons and deals at restaurants near you, with reviews and ratings from other users. Pick your deal, map the location, order your meal, and flash the coupon right from your iPhone or iPod Touch—nothing to print, no coupons to clip. You'll get instant savings on the spot.

You can even pass the savings on to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and email, and receive alerts when your favorite restaurants post a new deal, specials, or events.

Best of all? It's free!Download nowand start eating up the savings.You can also use it as a great restaurant guide.

Put your marketing in the right place at the right time.
What if you could get your coupons, specials or events into the hands of potential customers, right at the moment when they are hungry, motivated and nearby? Now you can. Meal Ticket delivers your deals directly to iPhone users who are looking for special dining offers in their area.

With Meal Ticket, you can:
+ Promote your operation to highly targeted consumers
+ Announce new products, deals, happy hour specials—anything you want
+ Stay top of mind with potential customers in your area
+ Track coupon activity and redemption rates
+ Customize and tailor your promotions based on feedback and activity
+ Cut printing costs by delivering coupons digitally
+ Boost traffic

You can also push Meal Ticket to your social networks, and gain new fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter—where you can interact even more with your most valuable targets.

How it works:

+ Simply log in to Meal Ticket's user-friendly site and you can manage your promotional campaigns easily and instantly. Just point, click, send.
+ Meal Ticket'scouponing technology is built on a software-as-a-service (SaaS), on-demand platform that:
+ Requires no new hardware, servers or infrastructure
+ Delivers real-time analytics and reporting
+ Enables instant tweaks and mid-promotion changes
+ Alerts interested consumers when you release a new coupon
+ Is easily scalable for regional or national campaigns

Restaurants: please visit our website to learn how to promote your business:

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Chinese Foodie Flashcards

By May Wooreleased on:2010-08-22T06:16:15Z

Chinese Foodie Flashcards is a simple app to help you learn the Chinese characters for food. With the app, you can

- Review characters or test yourself whenever you have some free time.
- Order food at a restaurant.
- Learn to decipher characters on the "secret" menus at Chinese restaurants.

The first version of this app contains the simplified characters commonly used in China and Singapore. Traditional characters used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and most overseas Chinese communities will be added shortly.

While this app is free, please consider a donation if you find it useful so I can continue improving it. You can donate here

Thank you! Enjoy!

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Shiny Restaurant

By Big Shiny Factory Inc.released on:2011-01-20T08:00:00Z

Design your OWN shiny restaurant in this cute, fun game! Collect ingredients, choose your own menu and watch your customers eat their food. A foodies dream!

The better your decorations and menu are, the more you earn!

- Decorate your restaurant exactly as you have always wanted!
- Serve more dishes to earn more coins!
- Level up to unlock items and expansion packs!
- Ridiculously addicting!
- Come back everyday to collect your free gifts!
- Keep your restaurant earning coins, even while you are away!
- Cook your way to the top of the leaderboard!
- It's FREE!

Please note: An internet connection is required to play. iPod touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.

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Hawaii - What Chefs Eat

By A.D.A.M. Application Development and Marketingreleased on:2010-02-23T12:41:49Z

The Ultimate Hawaii Dining Guide

Ever wonder what Hawaii's top chefs eat on their nights off? What Chefs Eat iPhone app gives you the scoop! From only-in-Hawaii favorites to the best spots for ramen and late-night eats, What Chefs Eat brings you the places and foods savored by Hawaii's best palates.

Download now to receive exclusive offers and deals.

Hawaii Gourmet Chefs and personalities include:

Chef Alan Wong of Alan Wong's
Chef Roy Yamaguchi of Roy's Restaurant
Chef D.K. Kodama of d.k Steakhouse and Sansei
Chef Bev Gannon of Maui
Chef Ed Kenney of Town
Chef David Paul Johnson of David Paul's Island
Chef Jon Matsubara of Azure
Chef Colin Hazama of Kauai Grill

Master Mixologist Joey Gottesman of Mai Tai Bar & Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya of Vino
Farmer Dean Okimoto of Nalo Farms

Tweetstakes - Download the App. Find a restaurant. "Share" on Twitter and enter to win a Foodie Fantasy trip to Hawaii. Luxury hotel stay and dining experiences included. Ends soon!

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Specialty Produce

By Specialty Producereleased on:2010-06-01T03:54:05Z

The Specialty Produce App is an easy-to-use database of produce history, nutrition, cultivation, seasonal availability, and recipes.

If you want to know what the freshest produce is, or are curious about an unusual item you see at the grocery store, or just want a new recipe for something you love, this is the app for you.

The Full version of the application holds information on over a thousand kinds of produce, with more being added every week!

Detailed photos have been taken by our in-house team, and are downloaded on-demand as you browse the produce entries.

The recipes, hand-picked by our staff, come from food bloggers all over the world, who have graciously allowed us to link to their sites.

If you appreciate being kept abreast of what is the newest, freshest produce, or are just looking for interesting new facts and recipes for old favorites, this is the app for you.

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Chef's Journal

By TransTouch LLCreleased on:2010-02-17T12:17:35Z

Welcome to Chef's Journal

Chef's Journal is designed to share your recipes with friends, family and fans. Chef's Journal is different than other recipe-finding apps because it was tailored as a tool to help professional chefs and amateur cooks publish recipes with the iPhone's unique multimedia tools.

With Chef's Journal, you can create a recipe that includes a photo of the finished dish and voice notes on when to add special ingredients. You can add as much multimedia content to the recipes as you like.

When you are done, email the media-rich recipe to your friends and family so they can see, hear and practically taste your creation. Better, you can post Chef's Journal recipes to Facebook.

To help get you started, more than 20 recipes have been preloaded into the Chef's Journal app. Each recipe has been tested and includes pictures and voice notes. You can edit the text in our recipes, add photos and add voice notes. Or, just start by creating a recipe of your own.

Unique Chef's Journal features

-- Create unique recipes with your pictures and voice notes. You decide if you'd rather add more text or voice comments.
-- Share your recipes with friends and family via email or post on Facebook.
-- Seamlessly integrate recipe content from other websites into Chef's Journal via copy and paste.
-- Create shopping lists from individual recipes.
-- Recipes can be edited or enhanced with photos and voice notes at any time.
We want you to use Chef's Journal to share your creations with your friends and fans, or preserve recipes that have been handed down through generations.
Have fun, play and create!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Foodie you looking for.

We belive for every paid Foodie app out there there is a equivalent free Foodie app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Foodie apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Foodie apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Foodie apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Foodie app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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