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By Georg Klein released on: 2010-10-20T03:21:51Z

Fractile: Faster Fractals

Fractile is a Fractal viewer which allows you to explore the famous Mandelbrot set. Even though this set is based on a very simple mathematical formula, it has amazing complexity. Zoom in to find intricate spirals, flaming tendrils, and an seemingly endless smaller repetitions of the set itself.

- Unique multi-threaded tile-caching architecture for unprecedented speed
- Silky smooth 60FPS pan and zoom
- Pinch-zoom in up to 10 trillion times magnification
- Set detail up to 4096 iterations
- Fully optimized for iPad and retina display
- Julia set with real-time preview
- Save high-res images up to 13 megapixels
- Free! (Ad supported)

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Fast Fractal

By Tom Kerrigan released on: 2010-10-25T08:16:36Z

Over 50% faster than other fractal apps... over 10 times faster in some cases!

Fast Fractal is the fastest Mandelbrot set explorer for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

- Full support for the iPad and Retina Display
- Full double precision floating point math, allows 100 BILLION times magnification
- Easily set number of iterations and coordinates
- Switch between Mandelbrot and Julia sets with a toolbar button (optional)
- Saves your coordinates and settings when you exit

Fast Fractal is made by the developer of tChess (the popular chess app) and Learn Chess (the Apple Staff Favorite e-book).

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God's rule

By HJC released on: 2010-01-20T06:06:51Z

Our world is wonderful and complex, but the rule god use to create it is simple. Complication is generated by the repetition of simpleness"uff0cand this is the philosophy of our game.

In this game, you decide the evolution rule by editing the frames in the scene. Apply the evolution rule to the first generation, you can get the second generation, then apply to the second generation again, get the third generation ... again and again. you can get the last picture. Use your imagination, you can get some magic pictures.

Actually this game is a Multiple Reduction Copy Machine(MRCM) on academy, and what you got is a fractal.

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Realtime Mandelbrot Lite

By Naive Design released on: 2010-02-21T12:42:07Z

Create wondrous and gorgeous images, like those in the screenshots below, in seconds on your compatible iPhone or iPod touch: 3 GS, 4, iPod 3rd gen. Sorry, only these are supported, as they have the hardware (GPU) that this app utilizes to get its ferocious speed.

Pinch to zoom and drag your finger to pan, and fluidly explore the most famous of fractals, the "Mandelbrot set." Color your images using an artistic coloring scheme that magically finds pleasing hues.

This is the one and only app on iPhone OS (and, in fact, on any mobile platform for now) that uses the GPU for computation and allows you to navigate and color truly in "real-time"--you get immediate, final-quality results and never wait. It's 20-50 times faster than CPU-based fractal apps.


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Chaos Lab

By Timothy D. Jones released on: 2010-10-30T10:53:13Z

Chaos Lab puts the beauty of chaos in your hands.

With a tilt of your device, you control the parameters of beautiful mathematical objects called strange attractors, the reaction rates of a chemical oscillator, the position of two stars in a 3-body chaos simulation, and the shape of the Julian fractal.

Now you can be an experimentalist and an artist. Using real-time integration of over 6,000 points for the attractors whose parameters are tied to your motion, over 7,000 data points for a fractal which morphs at your command, ten "asteroids" demonstrating chaotic sensitivity to initial conditions in a jittering twin-star system where the stars move with your tilt (can you keep them from escaping?), and a real-time BZ-reaction simulation which you control by both tilt and touch, this is chaos as you've never seen it before.

Chaos Lab comes loaded with four of the most stunning attractors in chaos theory. The R"u00f6ssler and Lorenz attractors are well known, but the Thomas and Newton-Leipnik attractors are relatively new and quite amazing!

This work has been supported in part by grant PHY-0754081 from the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Nonlinear Dynamics Research Group at Drexel University (directed by Dr. Robert Gilmore), and the Department of Physics at Drexel University.

Please note, some of these experiments will run slower on the older models of iPhones and iPod touch devices.

Find the beauty in the chaos!

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By Yuji Katsuma released on: 2010-02-27T02:13:02Z

A fractal tessellation generator.
Built with Adobe Flash CS5 (Packager for iPhone).

A random fractal pattern is generated automatically.
Tap once, and the fractal pattern generation is executed again.

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By e-FRACTAL released on: 2010-07-25T05:36:04Z - The Ultimate Cross-platform Backup and Sync Solution

PhoneCopy is the ultimate way to backup and sync your contacts, events, notes and messages from your mobile device. PhoneCopy provides free, unlimited, cross-platform, smartphone and featured phone synchronization, with real time access to data via your web browser. Simply create your PhoneCopy profile, synchronize and you have all of your data safely stored in the Cloud.

PhoneCopy works with Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Symbian, Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Mac OS X - regardless of what smartphone or featured phone you have you will be able to backup, synchronize and transfer data!

PhoneCopy gives you THE BEST SPEED AND RELIABILITY. Contacts, events or messages are delivered as soon as your synchronization finishes. Unlike regular backup services, you aren't left wondering if your data have been saved. PhoneCopy shows you - through your profile - which of your contacts etc. has been changed or just successfully synchronized. Even when you delete contacts, tasks or notes from your phone, it will be moved to the archive, so you can always stay connected to your data.

You can synchronize anytime from anywhere free of charge. Wi-Fi or your current data plan is all it takes to synchronize your data.

Unlike PC backup, PhoneCopy is designed for instant access anytime from anywhere. This means that your data is always online and reachable from any PC connected to the internet. Likewise, your contacts are always reachable and you don't have to wonder where you left your phone or backup copies of your data. All PhoneCopy data is stored on reliable servers until you need to access it. You will never lose your data, even if you damage, lose or forget your mobile phone somewhere.

We would love to hear from you:
Twitter: @phonecopy

Only addressbook (contacts) synchronizing is supported now. Calendar synchronizing will be available soon (on iOS 4).

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Living Fractal

By Anton Holmberg released on: 2010-10-01T08:09:07Z

Experience the beautiful world of fractals. This app lets you create and manipulate spiral fractals in real time, it changes as you drag the sliders. You will be amazed by the relaxing and hypnotizing effect!

Get it while it's still free!

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By alpheccar released on: 2008-07-16T03:43:29Z

Explore the famous Mandelbrot and Julia sets with a few gestures. Mandelbrot and Julia sets are famous mathematical objects where art meets mathematics.

Zooms are animated. You'll feel like you are diving inside the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

There is a live preview of the Julia sets. Demo videos on author's web site.


- Mandelbrot and Julia fractals
- Zoom / Scrolling with a few gestures
- More than 100 palettes with palette animation and rotation
- Export of screenshots to photo album
- Accuracy control
- Bookmarks
- Sharing of the fractals by email and on a local Wifi network
- Experimental 3D view
- Fractals can be shared with the world and you can explore the fractals created by the users of the app


This application has no relation with the company iFractal which is also distributing applications on the AppStore.

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Trip Out (powered by Fractoscope)

By Michael Schneider released on: 2010-06-29T06:43:33Z

Relax and let the constantly changing psychedelic images blow your mind.

* Trip Out generates a stream of random fractal animations to space-out on.

* Slide your finger around the screen and change the colors and patterns in realtime.

* Play your iPod aloud and the images will move with the music.

This app has a special high resolution mode that automatically detects and takes advantage of Apple's new Retina Display on the iPhone 4.

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By released on: 2009-04-05T03:48:30Z

For fans of the band "Fractal" this free app links to dedicated blog feeds that provide info on their latest CD "Sequitur", gigs, detailed background info on songs, stream extra "secret" songs, youtube videos of a fractal zoom set to music by Fractal, and live performances, setlists for the gigs, and more information on the Fractal artwork used for the album cover.

This app can also open the iTunes Music Store App at the right location to listen to samples and purchase Sequitur (2009) and Continuum (2003) by Fractal.

Fractal were formed in San Jose California in 2000, playing "music to tap your brain to" their complex and intense music is original, diverse and hard to categorize. The most common comparisons from reviewers are King Crimson, Radiohead, Rush, Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd, although Fractal do not sound like classic progressive rock.

Fractal bring you intricate rhythms and lyrical guitar solos, and the contrast between Josh Friedman's pure vocals and Jim Mallonee's raw bluesy singing. The music is deeply layered and rewards repeated listening.

Source code for this app is available as a google code project, so that other bands can make their own versions.

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Fractal Editor

By Franklin & Marshall College released on: 2009-01-15T08:00:00Z

Fractal Editor allows the creation of beautiful fractals using Iterated Function Systems.

Begin by placing a few rectangles on the canvas, resizing, moving, rotating or shearing the rectangles, and then apply iterated transformations successively to create the fractal. The Fractal Editor can be used to amuse and entertain by creating interesting and beautiful images, and it can be used as an educational tool for studying iterated function systems and linear algebra.

Fractal Editor was developed by Michael Dejori (Free University of Bolzano, Italy, and an exchange student at F&M, fall, 2008) under the supervision of Prof. J. M. Anderson. It is based on IFS Drawer, developed by Rob Burkhead (F&M '09) under the supervision of Prof. A. K. Crannell and Prof. Anderson.

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Santa's Last Stand Lite

By Fractal Games released on: 2010-12-29T06:40:40Z

Now LITE version for free!!

Ever wanted to get on Santa's good side?

Now's your chance! Protect Santa's presents with your trusty Snowball arm! Tap your screen to pummel children, hobos, and snowmen who are trying to make off with Santa's loot. Aim for the face to achieve maximum enjoyment.

Enjoy realistic rag-doll physics, snowball upgrades, 7 enemies, 4 scenes and UNLIMITED levels in this Super Holiday Snowball Smasher!

For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch and iPad with regular iPhone resolution. 3G version coming soon!

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By Fractalist released on: 2010-07-18T10:48:59Z




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* "u6240"u6536"u5f55"u7684"u624b"u673a"u7f51"u7ad9"u5747"u5bf9iPhone"u8fdb"u884c"u4e86"u4f18"u5316"uff0c"u663e"u793a"u6548"u679c"u65e0"u4e0e"u4f26"u6bd4"uff1b

* 3G"u4e0a"u7f51"u5bfc"u822a"u672c"u8eab"u5185"u5d4c"u6d4f"u89c8"u5668"uff0c"u9ad8"u901f"u76f4"u8fbe"uff0c"u5fc5"u7ecf"u8fc7"u4e13"u4e1a"u6280"u672f"u4f18"u5316"uff1b

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3GBOX mobile navigator provides an easy way to access internet/wap sites via your cell phone only by one single click. Everybody will benefit from 3GBOX by being liberated from laborious input on cell phone.

Expecting your feedback, let's make it better.


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By Fractalist released on: 2010-04-27T03:59:52Z

★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆
"u91d1"u74f6"u6885("u5b8c"u6574"u7248) FREE!!

Chinese classic

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"u300a"u91d1"u74f6"u6885"u300b"u662f"u4e2d"u56fd"u6587"u5b66"u53f2"u4e0a"u7b2c"u4e00"u90e8"u7531"u6587"u4eba"u72ec"u7acb"u521b"u4f5c"u7684"u957f"u7bc7"u5c0f"u8bf4"u3002"u4ece"u6b64 "uff0c"u6587"u4eba"u521b"u4f5c"u6210"u4e3a"u5c0f"u8bf4"u521b"u4f5c"u7684"u4e3b"u6d41"u3002"u300a "u91d1"u74f6"u6885"u300b"u4e4b"u524d"u7684"u957f"u7bc7"u5c0f"u8bf4"uff0c"u83ab"u4e0d"u53d6"u6750"u4e8e"u5386"u53f2"u6545"u4e8b"u6216"u795e"u8bdd"u3001"u4f20"u8bf4"u3002"u300a"u91d1"u74f6"u6885"u300b"u6446"u8131"u4e86"u8fd9"u4e00"u4f20"u7edf"uff0c"u4ee5"u73b0"u5b9e"u793e"u4f1a"u4e2d"u7684"u4eba"u7269"u548c"u5bb6"u5ead"u65e5"u5e38"u751f"u6d3b"u4e3a"u9898"u6750"uff0c"u4f7f"u4e2d"u56fd"u5c0f"u8bf4"u73b0"u5b9e"u4e3b"u4e49"u521b"u4f5c"u65b9"u6cd5"u65e5"u81fb"u6210"u719f"uff0c"u4e3a"u5176"u540e"u300a"u7ea2"u697c"u68a6"u300b"u7684"u51fa"u73b0"u505a"u4e86"u5fc5"u4e0d"u53ef"u5c11"u7684"u63a2"u7d22"u548c"u51c6"u5907"u3002
"u300a"u91d1"u74f6"u6885"u300b"u7684"u601d"u60f3"u5185"u5bb9"u5b58"u5728"u7740"u4e00"u4e9b"u4e25"u91cd"u7f3a"u70b9"u3002"u4f5c"u8005"u5bf9"u4e8e"u66b4"u9732"u7684"u9ed1"u6697"u73b0"u5b9e"uff0c"u7f3a"u4e4f"u9c9c"u660e"u7684"u7231"u618e"u611f"u60c5"u548c"u4e25"u8083"u7684"u6279"u5224"u6001"u5ea6"u3002"u5c0f"u8bf4"u5bf9"u5265"u524a"u9636"u7ea7"u7684"u8150"u673d"u7cdc"u70c2"u751f"u6d3b"u8086"u610f"u6e32"u67d3"uff0c"u7279"u522b"u662f"u5927"u91cf"u9732"u9aa8"u7684"u8272"u60c5"u63cf"u5199"uff0c"u79fd"u5fc3"u6c61"u76ee"u3002"u5728"u89e3"u91ca"u4eba"u751f"u548c"u793e"u4f1a"u751f"u6d3b"u65b9"u9762"uff0c"u6709"u5bbf"u547d"u8bba"u601d"u60f3"u548c"u865a"u65e0"u89c2"u5ff5"u3002"u5168"u4e66"u6709"u4e9b"u63cf"u5199"u8fc7"u4e8e"u7410"u5c51"uff0c"u4e0d"u591f"u7cbe"u7ec3 "u3002
★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆

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Trip Out B

By Michael Schneider released on: 2010-08-27T06:38:16Z

Trip out on these hypnotic animations that respond to your music and touch.

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By Duff Research released on: 2010-11-10T09:31:23Z

An alarm clock based on mesmerizing screen savers. Something really cool to look at while your device is charging, or to put on your desk during the day. It's also good to watch before going to sleep as the animation is very soothing. A digital lava lamp! Great for spacing out!

mesmerizing animations
alarm clock with 5 minute snooze
change the size and location of the time display using multi touch gestures
lots of font choices for the time display
manipulate animations using multi-touch gestures
landscape and portrait
show/hide seconds

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By CRS4 released on: 2010-08-06T06:36:59Z

*** Tested on iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with WiFi or 3G connection.

GO TO: and

iGeoPix is an iPad/iPhone interactive visual browser for geolocated photos. Unlike the current georeferenced pictures representations used by Panoramio, Google map, Yahoo! map, etc., with iGeoPix you will be able to see both near and far photos, thanks to a non-linear zooming user interface.

The variable tile size, bigger in the center and smaller near the borders, will further contribute to give you the feeling of a more immersive visual browsing experience.

Imagine to browse the map and get the most relevant pictures with a magnifying glass through a tiled view composed of three concentric levels. The first level is filled with only one large tile containing an image considered the most representative around the map's center. The second level is composed by tiles laid around the first level like a crown, displaying the next 12 images relative to the map area around the first level. Consequently the third level, composed by 36 tiles positioned around the second level, corresponds to a more distant area from the center of the map.

With the new version you can also view pix with the classic thumbnails mode (thumbs).
*** Search in google for "Youtube iGeopix" and play the resulting video "Flickr set iGeopix" and watch the 50+ snapshot photos.

With iGeopix you can:
* visually browse the world by pictures in three modes: Map, Map & Pix, Pix Only, Thumbnails
* See the pictures in the classic thumbs mode: each thumbnail is positioned in its real geographical location
* jump to your current location using internal GPS
* tap a picture to see it in full screen mode
* select a picture and go to the relative web page
* search a location by name or address
* Send postcards to your friends by email!

Panoramio is currently used as georeferenced image resource.

Only a tip: start in landscape select "Pix only" iGeopix mode and "By Pix" browse mode, enter a search string, then click on any image to recenter and renew the mosaic of geolocated photos. To zoom, double click to see medium resolution, then click on "HQ". Click on "View Details" to jump to panoramio page.

We designed and developed the so-called "fractal view" originally for web browsers. See GeoPix and GeoPix Fractal View. A technical description can be found on the published paper Fractal Browsing of Large Geo-Referenced Picture Sets (by Davide Carboni, Valentina Marotto, Francesco Massidda and Pietro Zanarini, Communications of SIWN, System and Information Sciences Notes, Vol 5 - August 2008).
iGeopix is an iPad/iPhone universal application, designed and produced by Information Society division ( at CRS4 research center in Sardinia (Italy). (
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