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Fractions Calculator Unlimited Lite

By Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd released on: 2010-07-06T05:32:31Z

Our lite calculator does mixed fractions & decimal arithmetic with support for brackets. This covers most of the work you need to do with fractions but we also record 80 characters of results to a "paper tape" which you can scroll to review, with the ability to select and copy.

For example you can enter
5 3/16 + (12.11 - 1/8)*2 =
to get the answer 29 63/400 which you can then show as
11663/400, or 29.1575

All this on a limited size calculator tape that we remember between sessions so you don't have to remember how you arrived at the 29.1575 number the day after. Plus with sound feedback you can turn off or on means you get audible feedback when tapping our keyboard button images.

For a longer tape, email support and no ads purchase our regular calculator instead.

Since we support the power function we let you choose if
-3^2=-9 or 3^2=9.

Huge debate on this, Microsoft has one answer, but your college math professor has a different answer.

WolfRam Research's Alpha
Says '-9', but Microsoft Excel would answer '9'.

But we let you choose if the answer should be -9 or 9, so you can make either party happy. Hint your professor/teacher is likely the one that should be happy, ask him his opinion.

How do I enter a Fraction?

To enter 3/4 tap
'1/1' the fractions key. then

This will show 3/4 in the tape

To enter 9 3/4, a mixed fraction, tap
'1/1' the fractions key and press
'1/1' again to signify you are entering a mixed fraction then
'3' and
'1/1' the fractions key to say it's a fraction, and finally

This will show 9_3/4 in the tape.

Email us at if you have questions.


We are also unique in the way we handle unlimited sized fractions, and factorials. For example you can calculate this factorial based fraction.


Which answers 1/513, and requires the manipulation of a 1,170 and 1,167 digit number.

Or calculate 2^151 "2 to the power of 151" to get 2854495385411919762116571938898990272765493248

Check the rating and reviews, who makes the better fraction calculator in the store, we do!

Enabling in-app purchases will let you access the email function and disable iAds.

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Fraction's Kitchen Free

By Plainvue Software, Inc. released on: 2010-01-27T12:55:57Z

Join Chef Fraction in his goal to create a five-star restaurant. His journey, however, is blocked by mathematical obstacles and his arch-nemesis, La Cucaracha. Help him create his signature recipes while using his unique kitchen gadgets.

Educational Mini-Games introduce a fun and innovative way to learn about fractions.

Randomized Challenges make every time you play, a unique experience.

Free Full Version with Ad Support

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Pizza Fractions: Beginning With Simple Fractions

By Brian West released on: 2010-05-31T12:30:15Z

Learning fractions can be easy as pizza pie. In chef's pizzeria your child masters the concept of naming simple fractions using pizza picture examples. Designed for grade levels 2-6, Pizza Fractions provides a basic introduction to fractions in an approachable game-like format.

Key Features include:

-- players presented with randomly generated fractions to identify by counting slices of pizza

-- entry level simple fractions build confidence with denominators 1-12, excluding sevenths and elevenths

-- adjustable level of difficulty allows beginners to start with easier fractions and progress as they learn

-- score data and round timing allows you and your child to compete by alternating rounds

-- animated cartoon chef and comical sound effects lend appeal to the learning process

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MathTappers: Estimate Fractions - a math game to help children learn to make sense of fraction sums and differences by estimating

By HeavyLifters Network Ltd. released on: 2010-02-10T09:44:12Z

MathTappers: Fraction Estimation is designed to help learners to build their intuitive understanding of fractions by helping them to relate fractions (both symbols and pictures) to the nearest half (e.g., 0, "u00bd 1, 1"u00bd, 2, etc.) and then to extend their understanding by challenging them to use fraction estimates in addition and subtraction problems. Learners should be able to master the challenges in this app before moving on to formal operations with fractions. This app does not replace instruction or tutoring - but rather it supports such. We recommend that this app be used in conjunction with classroom or tutoring activities to support consolidation, mastery and fluency through a series of manageable challenges.

Fractions are in our everyday language and learners often develop a clear understanding of simple fractions (e.g., "u00bd or "u00bc) and simple problems using words and objects. If these fraction ideas, words and operations are sensible to your child - it is because they have learned them in context and have had an opportunity to make sense of them. Fraction symbols and operations may be difficult for learners to master because they often don't have sufficient opportunities to work with and make sense of the fraction-symbol relationship and symbolic operations are often presented and mastered as rote "u2018magical' procedures without full understanding. If a child can't estimate size of a fraction or the sum or difference of two fractions then they won't be able to check the reasonableness of their answers and any mastery that they may appear to have attained will have a very shaky foundation.

For Educators:
The purpose of this app is to support learners as they are developing their understanding of fraction symbols by emphasizing sense-making through estimation and the use of visual models. Evidence suggests that if learners are taught formulas and procedures before they develop understanding, then they may not be motivated to spend the effort needed to make sense of what they are doing. We want to support sense-making before procedural mastery.

This app is not intended to be mastered in one shot - rather levels should be assigned judiciously to support classroom learning activities. After introducing each fraction idea (fraction estimation, and estimation of sums and differences) in a classroom presentation, explanation or discussion this app may be used in small group and individual activities to support exploration, sense-making, consolidation and remediation.

Design: Tim Pelton & Leslee Francis Pelton
Programming: Mike Anderson & Garrett Reimer

The designers of the MathTappers Apps are math educators and researchers seeking to create simple games that will help learners to make sense of mathematics one concept at a time. In each App we try to present at least one useful visual model to support learners as they strive to master the challenges presented. The regular version of each app is provided to users for free and is designed to be useful as-is. In addition, most MathTappers Apps offer an option to expand the feature set for a minimal fee. Revenues received from these upgrades will be used to support research on the educational utility of MathTappers Apps and further refinement and expansion of the MathTappers App collection.

Current MathTappers Apps include:

MathTappers: Clock Master - learn to tell time
MathTappers: Fraction Estimation - make sense of fraction sums and differences
MathTappers: Find Sums - learn basic facts for addition and subtraction

Please visit to find helpful videos and learn more about our new and upcoming applications.

Play, Explore and Understand!

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enVisionMATH: Understanding Fractions

By Pearson Education released on: 2010-04-10T07:29:27Z

Based on the award winning instructional approach of enVisionMATH---the number #1 math program in the county---this full featured FREE App focuses on fractions.

enVisionMATH: Understanding Fractions is an engaging and visual way for children to learn about fractions. These step-by-step videos help children to understand dividing areas into equal parts, using fractions, and using fractions to name parts. A Quick Check is included for each video.

Ages 8-9

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Fractions,Decimals,Percent Conversion Spinnner

By Sugar Coded Apps released on: 2011-02-11T08:00:00Z

Quickly convert common fractions into their respective decimal or percent with this handy app.

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Fraction's Kitchen Lite

By Plainvue Software, Inc. released on: 2009-12-04T02:00:49Z

Join Chef Fraction in his goal to create a five-star restaurant. His journey, however, is blocked by mathematical obstacles and his arch-nemesis, La Cucaracha. Help him create his signature recipes while using his unique kitchen gadgets.

Educational Mini-Games introduce a fun and innovative way to learn about fractions.

Randomized Challenges make every time you play, a unique experience.

**This is a free lite version of the full version game.

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Number Line

By Todd Bowden released on: 2009-06-17T07:21:17Z


Number Line is an educational game app to help students learn about fractions, decimals, and percents by ordering equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents on a number line. The app features multiple levels where the player must drag circles with either a percent, decimal or fraction onto a number line in the correct sequence. A score is earned based on the time it takes to put all the circles in the correct order (faster is better), plus points for each correct placement, minus points for each error.

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Rocket Math Free

By Dan Russell-Pinson released on: 2010-12-17T05:55:41Z

★ Editor's Choice Award! - Children's Technology Review
★ Top 10 best app for elementary school kids - Appolicious
★ "Rocket Math is another winner" - The iPhone Mom

Math can be fun! Build your very own rockets and fly them to the stars with Rocket Math!

While your rocket is floating weightlessly in space, the real fun begins! Play one of the many fun math missions. Each mission has touchable objects floating in space, including stars, coins, 3D shapes and more! Earn a bronze, silver or gold medal and also try to beat your high score. Missions range in difficulty from even/odd numbers all the way to square roots, so kids and their parents will enjoy hours of fun while learning math.

"u26ab Numbers
"u26ab Telling Time
"u26ab U.S. Money
"u26ab 3D Shapes
"u26ab Arithmetic

"u26ab Fun math missions that are different every time
"u26ab Over 90 colorful rocket parts
"u26ab Lively sound effects and music
"u26ab Fun arithmetic game with 3 difficulty levels
"u26ab Works on both iPhone and iPad - a universal app
"u26ab Choose from over 15 space-themed avatars
"u26ab Create up to five player profiles
"u26ab Rocket simulator is powered by a realistic physics engine
"u26ab Provides hours and hours of learning fun!

Rocket Math is an educational app for all ages that's actually FUN to play!

Dan Russell-Pinson is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 4-7,8-10,11-12,parents
Categories: Games, Math, Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Algebra, Money, Creative Play

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Portable Math: Fractions

By Silverlining Technologies LLC released on: 2010-06-23T05:57:39Z

Oh the pains of math! We say to kids, "Want to get good at math? Practice, Practice, Practice!!" But how do we get them to practice when math equals boring + torture? Well, have them spend some time with "Fractions," an app from our acclaimed "Portable Math" series. "Fractions" is the perfect balance between fun and practice. It teaches the basic concepts of fractional arithmetic: addition, subtraction, reduction to lowest terms, and conversion of improper fractions to mixed fractions. "Fractions" uses a teaching method commonly used in Japan and Europe to make math more accessible to students by building a stronger core foundation. The app functions as quiz prep, a question bank, and mental math practice all at the reach of your iPod or iPhone. For those of us who think we're beyond basic arithmetic, this app might just introduce you to a new dimension of "u2018basic math'!

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Fraction Basics

By Wei Chong released on: 2010-11-24T09:19:43Z

This free video app provides a quick and simple way for you to learn and understand the basics behind fractions. There are 12 computer animated videos on understanding fractions, improper fractions & mixed fractions, equivalent fractions, adding fractions, adding fractions examples, subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions, multiplying fractions examples, dividing fractions, dividing fractions examples, convert fraction to percent, convert decimal to fraction. Each of these videos is divided into several different parts that you can easily skipped to. These videos are:

1. Understanding Fractions
Numerator, denominator of a fraction & proper fractions
What does fraction means?
Improper fraction & mixed fraction
Comparing improper fraction & mixed fraction

2. Improper & Mixed Fractions
Proper fractions & improper fractions
Convert improper fractions to mixed fractions
Quicker way of converting improper fractions to mixed fractions
Convert mixed fractions to improper fractions

3. Equivalent Fractions
What are equivalent fractions
Examine equivalent fractions visually (by multiplication)
Reasoning behind equivalent fractions
Can we get equivalent fractions by division?
Can we get equivalent fractions by addition or subtraction?

4. Adding Fractions
Introduction: Quick recap on fractions
Basics behind adding fractions with like denominators
Basics behind adding fractions with unlike denominators
Example on adding fractions with unlike denominators
Convert an improper fraction to a mixed fraction after adding

5. Adding Fractions Examples
Example 1: Adding a whole number with a proper fraction
Quick way of adding for Example 1 above
Example 2: Adding a mixed fraction with a proper fraction (Like Denominators)
Example 3: Adding a mixed fraction with a proper fraction (Unlike Denominators)
Convert an improper fraction to a mixed fraction after adding

6. Subtracting Fractions
Introduction: The idea behind subtracting fractions
Visually examine how the subtraction works
Example 1: Subtracting two fractions with unlike denominators
Example 2: Subtracting a proper fraction with a mixed fraction
Convert an improper to a mixed fraction after subtracting

7. Multiplying Fractions
Example 1: Multiplying two proper fractions
Examine how multiplying fractions work in Example 1
Example 2: Multiplying two fractions & simplify the result
Example 3: Multiplying a proper and a mixed fraction & simplify the result

8. Multiplying Fractions Examples
Example 1: Simplify before multiplying two proper fractions
Example 2: More on simplifying fractions before multiplying
Example 3: Multiplying two mixed fractions
Simplify before multiplying for Example 3

9. Dividing Fractions
Example 1: Dividing two proper fractions
Examine the ideas behind dividing fractions in Example 1
Example 2: Another example on dividing fractions
Further simplifying the expression in Example 2

10. Dividing Fractions Examples
Example 1: Dividing two proper fractions
Example 2: Dividing a proper fraction with a mixed fraction
Converting the mixed fraction before dividing in Example 2
Example 3: Dividing two mixed fractions
Further simplifying the expression in Example 3

11. Convert Fraction to Percent
Converting two fifths to percent
Examine the percentage when the numerator is increased
A quicker way of converting two fifths to percent
Converting three fourths to percent

12. Convert Decimal to Fraction
Analyze the fraction, one halves
Example 1: Convert 0.5 to a fraction
Example 2: Convert 0.19 to a fraction
Example 3: Convert 0.128 to a fraction

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By Marcus McDowell released on: 2010-07-21T08:52:36Z

Performs basic arithmetic with whole numbers, proper and mixed fractions; fraction to decimal, and decimal to fraction conversions.
**** Please Provide Feedback ****

What you can do with each tab in Fraction Calc:
Whole Number Tab:
It will only receive whole numbers as an input. Add, multiply, subtract, and divide. Division will provide a remainder where appropriate, rather than a decimal fraction.

Fractions Tab:
It will receive whole numbers, numerators, and denominators as input. The resulting fraction from the mathematic operation will automatically be reduced to the lowest possible denominator. A pie chart will display the fraction portion of the resulting answer.

Conversion Tab:
Convert from a decimal to a fraction by entering the decimal number in the field on the right side of the equality sign.

Operate the slider to determine the size of the denominator (from 2-8, 16, 32, 64, & 128) or type in the desired denominator in the field directly above the slider. The resulting fraction will be the closest approximation of the decimal based on the size of the chosen denominator.

If auto reduce switch is on, the fraction will be reduced upon conversion from decimal. If it is off, the fraction will retain the chosen denominator.

A glass will display the fraction as an appropriate liquid level, and will also display the decimal value as a red ring inside the glass at the appropriate level (if not exactly equal to the fractions decimal value).

Finally, if you enter a fraction it will convert to the decimal value when you press the done button.

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Calculator Collection Free

By released on: 2010-01-05T01:35:47Z

Calculator collection including loan, percentage, BMI, scientific, fractions, expression, chinese abacus, unit, converter, currency.

The App is free! Please rate to help promotion and further development.

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