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Ticker Factory

By Tamtris Web Services Inc. released on: 2009-02-06T02:01:24Z's Graphical Event Countdown uses tickers to count down to events in your life.

A ticker is a visual way to count up or down to an event. The days until or since your event are shown with a slider moving across a ruler and accompanying text.

You can personalize your event tickers with hundreds of ruler and slider graphics to choose from.

* Create a ticker in three steps: Select a ruler, slider, and enter your event name and date

* Hundreds of attractive graphics

* Create, edit and organize as many tickers as you want

* Send a ticker to a friend

* Download tickers you received from a friend or created on to your iPhone or iPod touch

* Share your tickers on your favorite site, blog or board eg. MySpace, Facebook, iGoogle...

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By Idea-Factory released on: 2010-10-03T02:21:10Z

This app allows you to send postcards to all your friends e-mail.

The postcards are organized in five different folders and each one correspond to an event type:
- Anniversary
- Wedding
- Graduation
- Courtship
- Birthday

Use the Preview feature to check out the postcard and look like it is after you insert the message.

You can send a postcard to a friend or you can send it to a group.

When you buy the app you must create a new user that will be associate with your device. After that, you'll automatically receive in your account 5 postcards i.e. you can send any postcard 5 times.

When you spend all the 5 postcards you can buy packs of it in the inApp menu.
You have packs of 50, 250 and 500 postcards.

This app is translated to English, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

The postcards are designed by us.

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Toast n Roast

By Hill Country Fun released on: 2010-07-12T07:29:37Z

Toast n Roast (TnR) is an exciting new iPhone app which helps you find the perfect toast or roast for that special occasion!

User Feedback:

Nice app! - ★★★★★

Used this to help with a birthday toast. Great free app!

Nifty and Unique - ★★★★★

I have really enjoyed playing with this app, customizing all the cool features, and sending all the hilarious toasts & roasts to my friends. A free app that's entertaining AND useful!

Fun!! - ★★★★

Nice! A solid app that quickly provides fun (and useful) toastsprobably more fun are the roasts (great insults which absolutely bring laughter!). VERY customizableI really enjoyed being able to configure the review image and font! Nice sharing and search options as well. And I liked the new iAdssweet SciFi looking ad for the new electric Nissan. Thanks for a great app!

Exciting free app! - ★★★★★

I recently downloaded this app needing quick jokes for an upcoming graduation. It's incredibly easy to use and I love that it's free! All who need a quick laugh will enjoy.


TnR provides a quick and easy selection window which allows you to select:

1) Toast or Roast option
2) The event (e.g. Wedding, Birthday, etc.) for your toast/roast
3) Your relationship with the recipient (e.g. a Friend, Loved One, etc.)

After making your selections you are presented with large list of appropriate toasts/roasts! Reviewing the list is fast an easy as you simply swipe each toast/roast with your finger (similar to when you're reviewing photos on your iPhone).

There are currently over 700 awesome toasts/roasts available to choose from with many more coming soon!!

Sharing selections is also fast and easy; you can email as well as send toasts as part of an MMS message. In addition, you can save your favorite toasts and roasts for easy future reference.

Looking for a toast that references "Pizza"? TnR also includes a handy search feature that finds all of the toasts within the app that matches the search string!

Are you a big Facebook user? TnR now includes a great new sharing feature, start off with an out of the box toast or roast. Change it to say just what you want and capture the image easily for sharing in Facebook, emails, texting, whatever!

Finally, TnR is completely configurable. You can select how you would like to view your toasts/roasts by choosing from these display options:

- Chalkboard
- Mirror
- Book
- Parchment
- Scroll
- Whiteboard
- Sticky
- Tablet
- Diploma

You can also select from multiple fonts as well as sound customizations. All of these settings are saved for future TnR sessions.

Also included is a handy User Guide for quick reference to any of the apps features (User Guide is an offline document and does not require connectivity).

TnR requires iOS 4.0 and above and relies on iAd for support. TnR supports the new multitasking features of iOS4.0 and keeps your exact position within the application as you switch back and forth between it and other apps on your phone!

You are going to love Toast n Roast, give it a try today!

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iBow Tie

By Rara Creations Inc. released on: 2011-02-03T05:00:10Z

Dress to impress! This application displays a bow tie on the screen. There are many several different background colors and bow ties that you can choose from.

Select the bow tie you want and touch the "Display Tie" button and presto, it will display on your screen. Hold it up in front of your collar - just for fun!

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Jawmbala word puzzle

By FarOut Franchise released on: 2010-03-22T05:36:21Z

FarOut Franchise proudly introduces Jawmbala the word puzzle challenge to theappleapps store.

Jawmbala is a hybrid game which combines a jigsaw puzzle with a word puzzles. The objective is to navigate the color coded letter squares into the correct word sequencethat will allow for the correct spelling of the word. Players can move the letters up, down, and diagonally to organize the letters & form a word. All the letters must touch when a player drags their finger through the correct spelling sequence in any direction of the word.

Jawmbala is a great puzzle pass time.Youstartoutinkindergarten and you advance through all 12 grades. Remember time and speed are an important parts of your grade. So how will you rate at the end of the Jawmbala grade school challenge. Do your mama proud and graduate from the Jawmbala grade school challenge.

Do you jawmbala???
you can jawmbala in a car
youcanjawmbalawith a dude name Bob
you can jawmbala here or there..jawmbala, jawmbala everywhere

"This game is like crack I can't quit it"
the puzzle addict

"Jawmbala is better than baseball, it's my favorite pass time." a real HOMERUN."
puzzle boy

"I graduated from Jawmbala High withflying colors."
the original dweeb

"I want to halla .....go jawmbala."

" the greatesttimekillerofalltime"
puzzle ali

.disclaimerthe above endorsements are fictional characters

****Original game Jose Cruz

***share ideas, feedback and suggestions

purchase this app today..regards team Jawmbala

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By ProPhotoApps released on: 2010-03-20T10:34:01Z

Watch for your friends on this fun, free app brought to you by Shoot the Moon Photography. Watch for specials, and upcoming events and more with this free app brought to you by Shoot the Moon Photography.

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By ProPhotoApps released on: 2010-02-24T12:57:11Z

Carry the portraits of Senior17 right on your iphone and be the first to get exciting news about our studio. Each day,a new pic is featured,selected from the year's best photo shoots. You can also access Senior17's website and blog instantly,and if your photo is featured, it's the perfect way to share it with friends and family.

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