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WordSearch Unlimited Free

By released on: 2009-02-27T02:16:14Z

The latest version support selecting word by tapping the first and the last letter of the word.

This is the lite version, get the full version with lots more features:
- 3 game levels, up to 16 hidden words
- Word lists from popular categories
- Word lists with foreign words
- Advertisements free

WordSearch Unlimited is one of the best word puzzle games in the App Store.
Play unlimited high quality puzzles, with themes you like. WordSearch Unlimited is the one you are looking for.

- Unlimited puzzles: each puzzle is unique
- Customizable Themes
- Auto save game state on exit
- Local scoreboard
- Email to friends

- Pencil on paper
- Chalk on blackboard
- White grid & Black grid
- Custom theme: customizable color and background.

Word Lists:
- Standard English words
- Food & Drink
- Family
- Boy names
- Girl names
- Colors
- Body parts
- Clothes
- World countries

More Word Lists in the full version:
- Basic, standard English words
- SAT vocabulary, GRE vocabulary
- Animals
- Fruit & Vegetable
- Sports
- Music & Instruments
- Transport
- Weapons
- Weather
- German words
- French words
- Spanish words
- Italian words

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Hangman Classic Free

By released on: 2009-05-24T04:49:59Z

Hangman is a classic word puzzle game. This hangman game comes with two classic themes that bring back old memory.

- Pencil on paper
- Chalk on blackboard

Word Lists:
- Standard English words
- Food & drink
- Fruit & Vegetable
- Family
- Body parts
- Colors
- Clothes
- World countries

Get more word lists in the full version:
- Basic, standard English words
- SAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT vocabulary
- Animals
- Flowers
- Boy names
- Girl names
- Sports
- Music & Instruments
- Transport
- Weapons
- Weather

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PowerVocab for GRE and GMAT

By Faqden Labs released on: 2011-01-13T08:00:00Z

PowerVocab personalizes the English vocabulary learning for competitive exams and personal improvement. This app is built by students of MIT based on the latest research from MIT Computer Science and Web Semantics Lab.

It uses latest machine learning algorithms and web semantic techniques to collapse billions of possibilities into comprehensible probabilistic profile information, in real-time. It completely controls the learning environment, so that you do not have to plan your learning approach. All you need to do is interact. The more you practice, the more it learns about you and figures out words that are diffcult for you. It ensures you achieve the top scores in competitive exams like GMAT, SAT, GRE or in your professional work.

— 600+ words ( common words from competitive exams ) in the lite version
— Intelligent algorithm to customize the learning experience.
— Key aspect of the app is the practice session.
— Words in practice session are customized based on your expertise level, and your comfort level with the words.
— Two parameters are used to profile users. "Expert Level" of the user and "Commitment level" of the user. ExpertLevel: determined based on the interactions with the words. CommitmentLevel: determined based on the interactions with the iPhone App/AI engine

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Smart Vocab GRE LITE

By High Five Labs Inc. released on: 2010-05-12T02:59:42Z

** This is the LITE version of our award winning vocabulary building app for the GRE **

If you're serious about learning vocabulary, this is the only app to use.

The easiest, funnest, fastest way to master vocabulary.

How is Smart Vocab like a great tutor?

* It gets to know you.
Smart Vocab is the only app that starts with a diagnostic. Find out where you rank in our ten vocabulary "belts."

* It knows it's stuff.
2000 words. Hand-picked and ranked for difficulty and priority by top New York City GRE tutors.

* It makes learning fun and easy.
Better UI. Smarter definitions and usage examples. Addictive quiz mode.

* It makes sure you really learn.
This quiz mode is serious fun. It times you, makes you get each word right three times and keeps track of what you need to review.

"u27a4 support at the click of a button either on our website or on the phone

"As a New York City tutor for students applying to elite universities, I need my students to memorize hundreds of vocabulary words. Put simply, Smart Vocab does that job for me. It quizzes my students on the right words, so I can be sure they know them. No other app does that." - Will Chancellor, GRE tutor


* 2000 words, chosen based on data from forty years of past GREs.

* Intelligent design generates word lists tailored to your level.

* Fun, addictive quiz mode: advance through ten vocabulary "belts" by mastering words.

* Study mode with definitions, usage examples, part of speech and pronunciation.

* More than just a game or stack of flash cards.

Note: All Smart Vocab apps include many essential words that appear on all tests. Choose the version that best matches the test you're taking.

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SAT GMAT GRE Practice (math)

By einsLab LLC released on: 2009-07-31T02:05:32Z

Our mission is to provide practice tests to aid applicants score the maximum in SAT, GMAT and GRE math.

Our tests are accessible immediately and only a finger tap away! You can access the tests at anytime and anywhere with your device. Take the next step forward in achieving your highest score in math through einsLab.

- 2 Mini Math Tests
- Countdown Timer feature
- Test Reports and Answers
- Access to Online Support
- Auto-save feature to restart tests
- iPod Touch and iPhone OS 3.0 compliant


***** "Awesome Tests. Love the timer!"
Alex, NYC

***** "I was able to take these practice tests during my lunch break. Helped me get into the zone before my GMAT."
Sonia, Austin, Texas

***** "I like the mix of problem solving and data sufficiency questions. Timer is extremely useful when taking practice tests."
Zahid, Chicago


GMAT is a registered trademark of Graduate Management Admission Council, which neither sponsors nor endorses this product.

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GRE Vocabulary Flashcards & Quick Reference - LITE

By PFG Software released on: 2009-11-19T09:00:07Z

PFG Software's GRE Vocabulary is essential for mastering the verbal reasoning section of the GRE. These vocabulary words are carefully selected to allow you to master the following areas of the GRE:

-"t Sentence Completion
-"t Reading Comprehension
-"t Analogy
-"t Antonyms

The free version of the GRE Vocabulary application contains over 600 flashcards that are categorized into Easy, Medium, and Difficult vocabulary words. A Quick Reference capability allows you to easily search or browse the entire word list.

PFG Software's GRE Vocabulary allows you to conveniently and affordably test yourself anywhere, anytime.

* For all references in this application, GRE"u00ae is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service, which neither sponsors nor endorses this product.

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GRE Connect Free

By Watermelon Express released on: 2011-03-04T02:18:07Z

Score higher on GRE. Study anytime anywhere.

GRE Connect Lite is a complete test prep tool for GRE.

Tons and tons of content
- More than 50+ questions (fully explained)
- 1 diagnostic tests with detailed statistics
- 50+ pages of review material
- 4000 words in flashcard format

Real-time feedback and performance analysis
- Overall performance (score and time)
- Category level progress report
- Real time percentile scores comparing your score with other app users

Create study events with your friends

Visit us at: or email us at for more details

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iGrockit GRE

By Grockit released on: 2010-06-15T09:29:31Z

Ace your GRE by studying with iGrockitGRE on your iPhone!

It's the perfect app for quick practice sessions and study on the go.

Then sign on to to experience the full power of Grockit's social network for studying.

Features include:
- Hundreds of GRE practice questions written by professional GRE Tutors
- Statistics that let you know how you are improving

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GRE Word Lite

By Boost Academics released on: 2008-12-02T09:04:26Z

GRE* Word Lite is the FREE version of GRE* Word Boost.

This "Lite" version has the same features as the full version and includes a sample set of 26 GRE* words.

The full version of GRE* Word Boost teaches you 500 absolutely essential GRE* words.


-Teaches you absolutely essential GRE* vocabulary. Don't waste time and energy studying thousands of words you will never be tested on.

-Each word has an example sentence using the word in context.

-Use swipe gestures in "Study Mode" to review and learn new words and definitions.

-Attach notes to yourself on the back of word cards.

-Reinforce your retention with flashcards in "Quiz Mode". Test by word or by definition.

-Test yourself with multiple choice questions in "Test Mode".

-Easily sort and organize the words into lists with one tap.

-No need to input any data. Download and start boosting your GRE* score immediately.

Comments? Suggestions? Please visit:

*GRE is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service, which was not involved in the production of this software and neither endorses nor sponsors it.

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GRE Vocabulary Scramble

By released on: 2008-10-19T01:48:45Z

This nifty game will both help improve your vocabulary and prepare you for the dreaded GRE"u00ae.

The 5012 words used in the game were picked on the basis that most of them have been found to appear frequently in the verbal section of the GRE"u00ae (Graduate Records Exam). Some additional words have been added to keep you a well-rounded student.

Even if you aren't prepping for the GRE"u00ae you will find the word list contains an vast array of word puzzles ranging from simple high-school level words to those found in doctoral thesis.

This application should not be misconstrued with the GRE"u00ae test administered by ETS. This application is merely a study aid to help students conquer the GRE"u00ae. GRE"u00ae is a registered trademark of ETS (Educational Testing Service), and they do not support or endorse this application.

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GRE Simulator Lite

By Yinlin Chen released on: 2009-09-24T07:16:33Z

* Full version price 40% off right now! Feb Only!

* This is Lite version, full version is available in app store.

* The new GRE will launch at 2011 Aug. Act soon to prepare this kind of questions or you will be too late!

The GRE Simulator Lite application is a learning tool that helps you prepare for GRE (Graduate Record Examination). It familiarizes the user with Antonym and Analogy questions on the GRE. This application includes 400 Antonym and Analogy questions. It also provides a dictionary that includes 500 GRE vocabulary words.

There are several innovative features in this application:

1. Find related questions through search. With the word search capability, you can quickly and simply get all related Antonym & Analogy questions.

2. Mark Antonym & Analogy questions using a bookmark. You can mark important Antonym & Analogy questions , and continue with vocabulary memorization.

3. Customize your own Random Quiz. Different numbers of questions can be selected to construct a Random Antonym & Analogy Quiz. You can chose between bookmarked questions, wrong questions, and default random questions (wrong questions meaning the questions you previously scored incorrectly)

4. Localized into: "u7e41"u9ad4"u4e2d"u6587 (Traditional Chinese), "u7c21"u9ad4"u4e2d"u6587 (Simplified Chinese)

You can see more application screen shots in GRE Simulator website

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email at

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Vocab Wordology (Graduate) LITE - GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL vocabulary

By PrepInteractive released on: 2010-08-26T04:00:02Z

With over 15,000 combined Flash Cards and Multiple Choice Questions designed by Harvard Law, INSEAD Business School, and University of Chicago Law graduates, Vocab Wordology (Graduate) is the most comprehensive Vocabulary App on the market.

Whether you are preparing for the GRE"u00ae, GMAT"u00ae, TOEFL"u00ae or just want to learn Vocabulary effectively, Vocab Wordology (Graduate ) teaches you the most common and more challenging Vocabulary Words you will see on your exams.

But best of all, Vocab Wordology's unique methodology helps you learn these Vocabulary Words in many different ways so you can choose how to learn within PrepInteractive's innovative game format. Check it out!

- 14,000+ Multiple Choice Questions included within 2,500+ unique timed Drills that test your knowledge.

- 2,000 Flash Cards within 4 categories to help you learn 1,000 Vocabulary Words, including Sample Sentences, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Word (+ or -) connotation.

- 8 different ways to learn the most common and more challenging Vocabulary Words you will see on your exams.

- Game play that includes Leveling and Experience Points to track your progress.

- GPA and Grade calculations so you know how well you are doing.

Look out for more PrepInteractive products coming your way soon.

*Test names and other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holders.

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GRE Math Practice Questions

By MyAppBuilder released on: 2009-12-30T11:05:39Z

I Hate Math Group, Inc provides math tutoring and test preparation services.
This app includes 4 mini-practice tests for the GRE quantitative section with
solutions. Don't wait anymore.. get this app... hey its FREE..!!!

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GRE Flash Cards

By Anurag Mishra released on: 2009-10-22T04:27:34Z

GRE Flash Cards is a word list bank of about 5000 most commonly appearing words in a GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) exam.

This is an extremely simple to use application with easy access to GRE words on the go. Flick left or right to go to the next or previous word and tap on the screen to see all meanings for a given word.

I would love to hear your feedback on the app and features you would like to see in the next version.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including GRE you looking for.

We belive for every paid GRE app out there there is a equivalent free GRE app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free GRE apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different GRE apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone GRE apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular GRE app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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