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Tap Zoo: Christmas

By Pocket Gems, Inc.released on:2010-11-30T09:06:08Z

Christmas Special: Download The FAAD App And Wish For A Top Rated App Like "Tap Zoo Christmas" To Become Featured on FreeAppADay!"

Tap Zoo Christmas has been selected among the top 25 apps 2010 in the Christmas Advent Calendar by MagicSolver

Santa needs help with all of the cute animals who came to the North Pole to help him out! Can you help Santa build his Christmas Zoo?

PLEASE NOTE: This game lets you purchase items within the game for real money. Please disable in-app-purchases on your device if you do not want this feature to be accessible.

Come celebrate the season and create your very own Christmas Zoo! You're seconds away from building and customizing your own zoo by choosing which animals to buy and breed and customizing your zoo for the little children who come to see Santa. Have fun nurturing and breeding all the different animals! Can you find all of the cross-breeding combinations?


- Build your town and zoo at the North Pole

- Visit your friends' zoos

- Tons of new animals

- Collect money your animals have earned for you at the zoo

- Hire elves to care for the animals

- Decorate your zoo for the holidays with lots of seasonal decorations

- Plant trees to make the zoo more beautiful

- Cross-breed and breed your animals

- Place sidewalks to guide your visitors to all the different animals

- Very fun to play!

- Unlock new animals and attractions

- Works on iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPad and iPod Touch

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Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights (FREE) StoryChimes

By Siena Entertainment, LLCreleased on:2010-12-05T02:35:07Z


**NEW: Now includes integrated memory match game!

NOTE: This free app is ad supported. A paid version is available without ads.


Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights. Every year Jews celebrate the Maccabee's victory and restoration of the Temple with games, gifts and delicious potato latkes. StoryChimes takes your child on a historic journey to learn how Judah Maccabee stood up for his beliefs to prevail over even the greatest odds.

StoryChimes Application Description
"u2028StoryChimes are an affordable diverse collection of children's stories designed to immerse your child in the sights and sounds of interactive tales while keeping the "feel" of turning the pages of a real book. As we like to say, "When you hear the chime, turn the page!"

StoryChimes' stream of new titles will keep you coming back for more fun, adventure and education again and again. The ease-of-use makes it a snap for even the youngest kids to enjoy a StoryChime today.

Mom or Dad need a good distraction? No matter how you travel or where you are, StoryChimes are never more than a touch away. An entire collection of books in the palm of your hand, providing a great assortment of entertainment.

StoryChimes are the perfect alternative to movies, tv shows and video games. With StoryChimes you can entertain and educate at the same time. Grab one today!

- Karaoke like text scroll (highlights red as you read)
- Page indexing to access your favorite parts
- Bookmarking to pick up where you left off
- Read at your own pace without audio and scroll text
- Facebook integration
- E-mail a friend about the App
- Help menu
Large page turn area
Flashcard quiz at the end.
- 3D page turn provides a tactile "feel"
- Beautiful illustrations
- Great music accompanies each story
- Enhanced with sound FX

Please visit us on the web at for more great stories! Have a story suggestion or comment? We'd love to hear it. Drop us a line at


iPhone OS 3.1 or Later

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Hanukkah Match

By Jirbo, Inc.released on:2008-12-12T12:55:49Z

ATTENTION JIRBO FANS: our mesmerizing new 3D fish game, Tap Reef, has launched for iPhone and iPad. Check out to download this gorgeous game!

*****Jirbo presents Hanukkah Match for iPhone and iPod Touch!*****

Part of the Jirbo Social Gaming Network, with +30MM downloads and counting!

Happy Hanukkah from Jirbo!

Match the pictures of Hanukkah-themed objects in the least amount of time!

Compete against yourself, friends, and relatives this holiday season as you try to get the most matches in the least amount of time!

Fun for all ages!

Festive Hanukkah sound effects and music!

Best of all: it's FREE!

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Hanukkah Fun

By RGA Creations, Inc.released on:2009-11-30T09:52:21Z

Attention Moms and Dads!!!

Hanukkah Fun is a fun and educational puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Hanukkah Fun features scrambled Hanukkah works of art that need unscrambling. This game will keep your child occupied while helping him or her learn about Hanukkah. The easy-to-use touch interface makes solving the puzzle both fun and challenging. Each puzzle has three levels of difficulty. Once a puzzle is completed it advances to the next puzzle.

***Main Features***
-- puzzle with 3 levels of difficulty
-- Touch Interface
-- Educational and fun
-- Upgrade to 20 puzzles!!! Just use the in-app upgrade.

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123 Glow: Free Christmas Edition, Talking Color...

By Steve Glinbergreleased on:2010-12-14T05:23:16Z

* calls 123 Glow Christmas Edition, "festive, fun, and educational", Nov 23, 2010

* Apple, Cult of Mac, and PCMagazine all featured 123 Glow on their Best Halloween Apps lists, Oct 29, 2010

* says "Kids will love the fun Halloween finger painting and parents will appreciate the mess free factor. With 20 different stickers, 14 Halloween drawings, 10 Autumn drawings, 10 Dinosaurs and 14 Shapes to choose from, kids will stay busy for hours. ...little artists create fun Halloween artwork while also learning numbers, letters and colors in four languages", Oct 2, 2010,

* says, "123 Glow and 123 Sticker are hits...", Oct 5, 2010


123 Glow - Glow painting like you've never seen it before - with 30 brightly glowing colors, 48 drawings to be colored in, pictures and stickers to use to make glowing creations, and Perfect Paint™, a patent-pending technology that magically makes painting outside the lines impossible. With 123 Glow, anyone, any age can make unique and gorgeous glowing artwork, quickly and easily.


123 Glow is brought to you by the creator of:
* 123 Color, which has been featured in The New York Times, in iPhone Life Magazine, and on Apple's New & Noteworthy, What's Hot, and Staff Favorites app lists. 123 Color was named the #1 art app for kids by
* KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun, the top selling math learning game currently on Apple's list of featured Apps for Kids


123 Glow teaches numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and colors, spoken in English (American, British, or Australian), Spanish, French, and German, with glowing finger-paints, engaging artwork, fun music, sound effects, and animation.

In addition to having fun finger-painting cartoons, kids will learn:
Numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and colors, spoken in English, Spanish, French, and German
Spelling of numbers and colors in all four languages
Basic shapes including squares, triangles, circles, ovals, parallelograms, and trapezoids,
Compound shapes including cubes, pyramids, cones, wedges, concentric circles, and more
Artistic expression, drawing and painting skills

Additional features include:
123 Glow is a universal app - install it on all of your iOS devices
* 6 coloring books are available for purchase (5 for iPhone) including Christmas cartoons, Halloween cartoons, Autumn cartoons, Dinosaurs (iPad only), Shapes, and more
* The first drawing in each coloring book is free; purchase coloring books individual, or purchase all 6 coloring books at a steep discount.
Photo Painting - Paint your own photos or choose from the 10 still-life and action photos included. Add stickers and then share your creations!
Paint with a 10 or 30 color pallet (10 for young children)
Listen to voice-overs in English (American, British, or Australian), Spanish, French or German speaking colors, numbers, and letters of the alphabet
Select up to two languages to be spoken when numbers and colors are touched, and which language you want spoken first
Proper spelling of numbers is displayed in selected languages (for example, when 1 is touched, "One / Uno" is displayed if English and Spanish are selected)
23 optional sound effects and 25 optional songs are played
Save artwork to the iPad and iPhone Photos app, and email artwork to friends and family without leaving 123 Glow

Songs included:
London Bridges
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Wheels On The Bus
Oh Susanna
I've Been Working On The Railroad
Minuet by Beethoven
Ode To Joy
16 more popular songs


123 Glow isn't just great fun, it's also a powerful tool for introducing children to Spanish, French, German, or English as a foreign language.

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Dreidel Tap

By Jirbo, Inc.released on:2008-12-16T12:00:03Z

ATTENTION JIRBO FANS: our mesmerizing new 3D fish game, Tap Reef, has launched for iPhone and iPad. Check out to download this gorgeous game!

*****Jirbo presents Dreidel Tap for iPhone and iPod Touch!*****

Part of the Jirbo Social Gaming Network, with +30MM downloads and counting!

Happy Hanukkah from Jirbo!

Dreidel Tap is another fun holiday app where you have to tap the Dreidels flying around your iPhone while avoiding the burning candles!

Dreidel size is adjustable in the Settings menu

Compete against other Dreidel Tappers on the worldwide high scores list!

Best of all, it's FREE!

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Santa Hat

By Dream Injector, LLCreleased on:2010-11-14T06:37:36Z

Add holiday cheer to any photo! Santa Hat allows you to easily add a variety of seasonal hats to a picture of your choosing. You can add the hat to an existing image or to a new one using the camera. Santa Hat lets you move, scale, and rotate the hat for realistic hilarious results. You even get to put your photo in a special holiday frame!

Santa Hat features a variety of different hats including santa, elf, and snowman hats! You can quickly and effortlessly cycle through hat options to find the best match for your image.

Works great on kids, coworkers, pets, family, and friends. Best of all - it's free!

You can save your photo to the camera roll, send it via email, or post it directly to your Facebook wall. You can even directly post to a friend's wall!

Santa Hat is fun at home or office but best of all - Santa Hat is Free! Happy Holidays from Dream Injector!

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Christmas Card Creator Lite

By Big Blue Clip, LLCreleased on:2010-12-03T06:11:21Z

Get creative this Christmas. Design and share your very own Christmas Cards using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Christmas Card Creator comes loaded with backgrounds, characters, ornaments, packages, snow flakes, trinkets, you name it, we got it.

If that's not enough you can even select photos from your photo album to use as a background or as decorations.

* Save your cards
* Send your cards through email
* Share your cards on Facebook

Christmas Card Create has something for everyone. There's fun decorations, elegant decorations, even whimsical decorations. That's means you can use it to create a card for any and every one on your list. Have fun creating a card with the kids to send to Grandma. Or show your special someone how much you care by designing a card just for her. Need to send a card to some chumps at work? You can do that too.

You won't find a more complete Christmas card designer on the app store. Get it now and start creating!

** The Lite version of Christmas Card Creator comes with only a subset of the backgrounds and decorations that the full version comes with. If you want over 200 backgrounds and decorations please purchase the full version of Christmas Card Creator.

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TappyTunes\u2122 Holiday Lite

By UtiliTouch, Inc.released on:2009-11-20T10:59:25Z

Play your favorite holiday tunes instantly and note-perfect just by tapping!

"TappyTunes does an excellent job of enabling one to play music without learning an instrument."
— Macworld (see

TappyTunes™ Holiday Lite is a full-featured version of TappyTunes™ Holiday that lets you sample 5 of over 50 tunes for free before you buy.

Why struggle with piano keys or guitar strings when you can make music like a pro just by tapping the melody anywhere on the screen? Hear your holiday favorites come to life in full chords upon your first tap. Watch delightful animated graphics bounce and swirl right under your fingertips. No little piano keys to press. No note order to follow. Just tap away! TappyTunes™ is your own personal band, waiting to follow you. Never hit a wrong note. TappyTunes™ has all the notes and chords pre-loaded in sequence! Tap fast or slow to change the tune as you go. Give a command performance every time. Even your two year old can do it!


"u266a TappyTunes™ requires no musical skills
"u266a Go caroling with friends and neighbors
"u266a Captivate your children's attention
"u266a Lead a sing-along at your holiday party
"u266a Dock it to speakers karaoke style


"u266a Lyrics in sync with each tap
"u266a Fun for all ages
"u266a Sound effects
"u266a Animated graphics
"u266a Rich sound with full harmony
"u266a Variety of musical instruments


"u266a See TappyTunes™ in action at
"u266a Become a fan of TappyTunes™ on Facebook
"u266a Follow @TappyTunes on Twitter

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Holiday Jokes

By BrennanMoyMediareleased on:2009-12-09T08:54:10Z

Do you like stupid jokes?

Do you like funny jokes?

Do you like holiday themed jokes??

Then boy are you in the right place!

Hilarious comedian and marginal iPhone app sensation Tim Brennan returns with this awfully funny joke machine!

All jokes read by Tim's cousin "Elfy the elf!"

Great for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or all around fun all year round!!!

Download it now!!

Fun for all ages!!

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Dreidel Labyrinth

By Behrman House Inc.released on:2010-11-30T04:08:51Z

Happy Hanukkah!
Dreidel Labyrinth: A Free Game Center Game for Hanukkah

A new take on the classic Hanukkah game Dreidel. Navigate a ball through the labyrinth while collecting gelt and using the pinwheel to spin the Dreidel. Collect and bet as much gelt as you compete on game center. Earn an achievement for each board in the labyrinth. A different labyrinth for each letter on the Dreidel.

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Pocket Greetings

By Plasmaworks LLCreleased on:2009-12-18T08:40:10Z

Create greeting cards and fun scenes with Pocket Greetings, then send them to a friend with just a tap!

- Pick one of several pre-made backgrounds or import a picture from your photo album!
- Drag, drop, rotate, size, and color dozens of holiday decorations!
- Make custom snowmen and holiday trees with the Snowman Builder and Tree Decorator!
- Save scenes to your photo album, send them in an email, or publish them on Facebook!
- Enjoy the full-featured basic program. When you're ready for more, extra art packs are available for purchase!

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Aint Bubbies Dreidel

By Cool Your Bootsreleased on:2009-12-09T04:36:31Z

Aint Bubbies Dreidel is a working dreidel that you can spin like the real deal.

Set your iPhone or iPod Touch down on a smooth surface and give it a spin, taking off the protective cover for maximum torque. The dreidel spins along with your iPhone!

Choose from three different dreidel shapes and dozens of different patterns.

It is great for kids and adults during Hanukkah parties, and a fun way to reengage jews and non jews alike in this ancient game of chance; Not to mention a surefire way of showing your friends how cool the iPhone is. You can also help Jewish, Family and Child as 20% of all proceeds will be donated to this organization .

This sure ain't bubbies dreidel!

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- Explore different Hanukkah apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Hanukkah apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Hanukkah app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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