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FCAT Tutor - Science Grade 11 (Lite)

By TestTools, Inc. released on: 2009-12-18T11:26:36Z

FCAT Tutor - Science Grade 11 (Lite) iPhone/iPod Application was designed by TestTools, Inc. to help students prepare for the actual FCAT Science Grade 11 by taking a series of practice tests that are 100% aligned to the Florida Science Sunshine State Standards.

This Application (Lite version) has 40 multiple-choice test questions distributed across Four (4) Science Strands and covers all the Florida Science Strands individual standards. The questions are formatted like the actual FCAT and have only one correct answer - A, B, C, or D.

FCAT Science Grade 11 Strands

1. Physical and Chemical Science - 10 questions
Strand A - The Nature of Matter
Strand B - Energy
Strand C - Force and Motion

2. Earth and Space Science - 10 questions
Strand D - Processes that Shape the Earth
Strand E - Earth and Space

3. Life and Environmental Science - 10 questions
Strand F - Processes of Life
Strand G - How Living Things Interact with Their Environment

4. Scientific Thinking - 10 questions
Strand H - The Nature of Science

This Application will provide immediate feedback when an answer choice is made to inform the user if the selection was "Correct' or "Incorrect". At the end of a test, a FCAT Grading Summary will be displayed to indicate the score, time it took to complete the exam, and date. All competed exam scores will be saved and can be viewed from the "View Score History" section.

TestTools, Inc. is private test-preparation company that is NOT affiliated with the Florida Department of Education. If you have any questions about the actual FCAT, please contact the Florida DOE at

TestTools, Inc.
PO Box 272207
Boca Raton, Florida 33427
"u00a9 2009, All Rights Reserved

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K12 Periodic Table

By K12 Inc. released on: 2011-01-21T01:32:25Z

K12 Periodic Table lets you explore the elements and their key attributes in a simple, easy-to-use way. It's perfect for working through your homework problems for Science courses.


* Swipe or touch to pull up element details
* Shows key element details such as name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, Lewis dots and radius
* Matches the style and format of K12's award-winning Chemistry: Problem Sets textbook

K12 Periodic Table was created by K12 Inc. as part of its comprehensive Science curriculum. Learn more at

For help with technical problems, email

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iTeachU: The Periodic Table Free

By TCK released on: 2010-08-05T01:58:41Z

iTeachU: The Periodic Table Free edition is an app geared to help students or anyone interested in learning about the elements in the fastest time possible. It has everything a periodic table has and when you turn your device sideways you will see a scalable periodic table. Tapping on any element in the table will bring you to its detailed view. Check out iTeachU: The Periodic Table Free edition today!

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By ELEKTROFLEX Co.Ltd. released on: 2011-02-17T11:17:29Z

We sincerely would like to express our hearty sympathy with everyone who is struck by earthquake in the Pacific Ocean offshore of Northeastern Japan.

This time, we deliver the application series "Sakutto Study!" free of charge though it is limited time.
The end period is undecided.

It would be greatly appreciated if they could help children who are lost textbooks and teaching materials by earthquake and everyone who is spending uneasy every day.

Of course, anyone may download them.

We sincerely hope for the quick revival!

"Sakutto Study! Chugaku Rika" is a educational application that users answer the questions of Science learnt in Japanese junior high school.
"Chugaku" means junior high school, and "Rika" means Science.

This application is for the people who want to acquire knowledge of Science.

The content learnt in Japanese junior high school is parted into three by each school year.
This application has 45 questions, and each part has 15 questions.

You select one correct answer from four answers.

If you could not answer the question, you can use the "pass" button or "2 taku" button.

Your result is displayed on the screen if you answered all questions or you quit before you answer all questions.
And "Number of answers" and "Accuracy rate" are recorded on the "Gakunennosentaku" screen.

You can try the questions many times.

Since the second times, you can answer only the questions that you passed or made a mistake last time.
So you can steadily acquire knowledge of Science.

Every time, each result that is displayed is updated.

If you study Science hard, or want to acquire knowledge of Science, let's try "Sakutto Study! Chugaku Rika"!

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Gatton To Go

By Genwi LLC released on: 2010-02-02T07:02:51Z

The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky is a residential high school for juniors and seniors interested in advanced careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This application will allow you to stay up-to-date with the Academy's latest news, videos, photos, and other social content.

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