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The Nightmare Maze

By Choice of Games released on: 2010-06-17T05:34:39Z

Lose yourself in the depths of a tormented psyche and try to find the logic to the night terrors in this haunting text-based multiple-choice game.

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A US History Quiz!

By Mobile Buffalo, LLC released on: 2010-06-16T01:32:59Z

Are you an American History buff? US History Triviais here just in time for independence day, and has over 200 questions from the early to recent US...

A US History Quiz has been a paid app until 2011, and we rang in the new year by switching it to free! Get all of the features of a paid app in this free copy!

Check out US History Trivia today - with over 200 questions and ELEVEN separate quizzes, you're sure to be entertained for hours!

Post your score to Twitter, or email a friend!

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Alone at War FREE

By Gameloft released on: 2009-12-29T03:58:19Z

Who said one man can't win a war?

Alone against all, you must defeat the vicious enemies attacking your kingdom with only your bow. Adjust the force and the direction of your arrows to inflict maximum damage. Battles are won a day at a time, and enemies will attack until the sun sets. As your hit count rises, you can obtain enhanced arrows and even spells to cast on your foes.

- Tap the screen, then hold and release your finger to take a shot. The longer you hold, the stronger the force of your arrows.
- Spend points to increase your abilities at the end of the day (strength, accuracy, life, and mana).
- Learn magic spells to cast on enemies in the battlefield.
- Shoot elements in the background to get weapons and first aid.
- Fun squared paper designs which change every day.
- A game with infinite lifespan.
- Show all your friends that you are the Ultimate Warrior through the Facebook Connect feature.

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TheTube, the best of YouTube - free

By Amanatsu Games released on: 2011-01-20T11:21:00Z

TheTube is the best YouTube application on iPhone also free with no limitation!

Now you can watch video in 360p or 720p when available on cellular and WiFi and remove ads with the in-app pay version!

Imagine you are looking for videos each day, with specifics keyword and also want to view your friends activities easily and see what they are looking and read/reply video comments related to the video you are looking... With TheTube you can save your search preferences with your own categories, see your friends activity and interact with YouTube like you never imagined!

TheTube works in both portrait and landscape mode for iPhone and iPad! You can actually see all the videos title and more informations from the video list when searching for a video.

The video commenting and description is very useful. You can see the video description in a very clean manner and see all the links from the description, click on a link and go navigate from the link, you always stay in the application.

You can access your YouTube account, manage your playlist. manage your subscriptions and more...

What you can do with TheTube:

- Watch YouTube video from all the countries
- Watch video in 360p and 720p when available (pay version in-app)
- Search video by categories
- Search video by keywords
- Sort the search result by updated, view count, rating and relevance
- Video history
- View channel
- View top rated
- View most popular
- View most recent
- View most viewed
- View friends activity
- View video history
- View my videos
- View subscriptions
- View/Edit categories
- View/Edit playlists
- View/Edit favorites
- View/Edit video messages
- Post/Reply video comment
- Rate video
- Add video into your playlists or favorites
- Navigate on links from video description
- Upload video in low or high definition

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The Oregon Trail FREE

By Gameloft released on: 2009-07-30T02:00:34Z

Embark on Gameloft's refreshing revisit of the classic game you used to play on Apple II now.
The press already love it. You'll love it too.

**IGN: 8,5/10 + Editors's Choice Award: "A smart remake of the acclaimed classic, complete with fantastic new visuals. You'll jam on it for weeks."
**Pocket Gamer: 9/10 + Gold Award - "An example of how classic games can be remade for modern play without losing nostalgic lustre or alienating with outdated design"
**Touch Arcade: "The Oregon Trail for iPhone really does seem to make dysentary fun again!"
**TapCritic: 5/5
**148Apps: 4,5/5



Westward, Ho! Your favorite pioneering adventure game is back and takes you to an exciting, historical side-scrolling adventure entirely rethought to fit the Touch experience of your iPhone / iPod touch.

- All of the decision-making and problem-solving fun of the original game.
- Prepare for your departure: Select the members of your party, choose your departure date and purchase supplies.
- Fun and educational! Historical references through real locations and famous characters from the past, plus historic facts perfectly explain the perilous journey of pioneers.

- 8 skill-based mini-games, including 2 accelerometer-based challenges: hunting, fishing, river crossing, rafting, wagon repairing, telegraph, berry picking, and gold panning.
- Random events (disease, bandits, hitchhikers, etc.) faced by real pioneers increases the challenge.
- Side-missions add more excitement to your journey, affecting your westward trek.
- Refreshed with modern, colored graphics in a cartoonish style.

- Post your achievements on your Wall.
- Challenge your friends by inviting them to play The Oregon Trail with the Tell A Friend feature.

- On Facebook at
- On Twitter at

Highly recommended for fans of retro gaming, edutainment, educational games, and strategy.

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Vikings\u2122 Free

By Entertaining Games, Inc. released on: 2010-02-01T07:14:19Z

Vikings™ and Kingdoms™ of Germany™ are BOTH included in the special FREE edition.

Unmatched depth of play:

* 2 huge scrolling maps (England w/surrounding areas AND Germany)
* Nearly 200 territories on each map
* Different terrain types
* Multiple zoom levels
* Pop-up, quick navigation mini-map
* Build and manage multiple armies from 7 different troop types
* Multiple types of troop "orders"
* Food management (Crops, transfers, stockpiles, marketplace)
* Land management (Iron, Gold, and Silver mining)
* Resource management (treasury, taxes, timber, stone)
* Build and command flotillas
* Create castles and strongholds
* Buy and attack with catapults
* 7 AI opponents
* Population models with "morale"
* Built-in context help and a tutorial
* Manual save and resume
* Adjustable difficulty
* Adjustable number of territories needed to win
* Reported bugs fixed

So much game play, all in the palm of your hand!

Reviews from the original Vikings...

"... Quality strategy war game that is well worth looting and pillaging to get." - Computer Gaming World, July '92

"... Vikings™ has some kind of magical addictive ingredient... GREAT GAME!" - Amiga Power

"... a challenging strategy game, ideal for those who would be King." - Computer Gaming World, Sept. '92

"... excellent strategy game that should appeal to strategists of all levels of experience." - Amazing Computing, Nov. '92

"Depth of play places this game at the top of the strategy market... HIGHLY recommended." - Buried Treasure, May/June '92

"REAL WINNER! ... superb gameplay." - Chicago Tribune, Sept. '92

"... Unlike so many of the lackluster wargames out there, Vikings™ has a difference - It's actually good." - Computer Trading Watch, June, '92

"... The intuitive control system is so straightforward that you can get hooked immediately... addictive and highly enjoyable." "Screenstar" - CU Amiga

Get Vikings™ today, and test your mettle!

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Hold'Em Hand History

By 32nd Degree released on: 2009-10-24T07:00:00Z

Hold'Em Hand History is a poker app for recording the details of live poker hands in order to replay, review, discuss, and share them.

Watch the demo at:

*** This is NOT a poker video game ***

After saving the details of the poker hand, you can review the hand by playing the animated replay. You can share the replay with your poker friends by uploading the hand via the app to our website and then sharing the web-based replay link with your friends.

Poker tournaments and cash games supported.

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The Military History Quiz: Become a 4 star general with the Osprey Quizmaster

By Aimer Media released on: 2010-11-12T06:20:37Z

How well do you know the who, where, what, when and how of military history?

Pit your puny knowledge against the mysterious Osprey Publishing Quizmaster, who has been mesmerizing and mystifying military history enthusiasts with his immense knowledge of history, whilst challenging them to some of the hardest quizzes ever devised.

Not content with simply challenging the visitors to the Osprey Publishing website with his fabulously tough quizzes the Quizmaster decided to compile a book containing some of his favourite quiz questions.

Get your thinking caps on and see if you can defeat the Quizmaster and claim your place as Military History Quiz General.

The Military History Quiz app allows you to progress through a series of questions arranged into difficulty levels. To complete the quiz you need to unlock the levels by completing the previous level. When unlocked each level contains one free quiz, the remaining quizzes need to be purchased within the app, they will then be available to play.

Each of four main difficulty levels has up to 25 quizzes to complete.

On initial launch you need to take the 'Officer Training' quiz. On completion, this quiz will unlock the first 'One Star General' level. To take the second level and complete all the levels to become a One Star General you will need to purchase the rest of the levels in 'One Star General'.

To complete any quiz and unlock the next quiz or level of quizes you need to answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly, otherwise you'll need to re-take the quiz.

- Sharing your score

When you've finished a quiz you can share the score with your friends by tapping the 'Share' Button. This will allow you to send your score for that quiz by email, or to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

- Profiles

The profiles area allows you to create a new profile, this means that multiple people can use the quiz app and their progress will be saved separately.

- View Scores

You can track your progress through the quiz in the View Scores area. All results wil be displayed here, and you can share any of these results at anytime.

- Purchase quiz levels

To take every quiz you'll need to purchase the levels from within the app. This allows you to only buy the levels that suit your knowledge.

Osprey Publishing is the leading specialist publisher of military history. Over 1,500 books in print provide a definitive resource for both established military enthusiasts and a wider audience with a general interest in military history.

Find out more at

The content of this app is based on The Military History Quiz Book also published by Osprey.

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Art Lite

By ADS Software Group, Inc. released on: 2008-12-06T10:52:24Z

"A Genuine Work of Art for the iPhone"

Great Artists and their masterpieces. Factbook, Gallery and Quiz game.

In Top20 of free educational apps for a few months in a row. Full version of ART is a best selling art app on the store.

From US customers reviews:

High quality images of famous works of art. Biographies of artists. Perfect for improving one's knowledge of art history while standing in line. Thanks!"
by TracyDower

"Great art at your fingertips!
by OrganonLL7

"Love it
Thank you!"
by Rosite7500

"u2713 10 Artists: Ivan Aivazovsky, Sandro Botichelli, Paul Cezanne, Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Kazimir Malevich, Edouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Raphael Sanzio, Vincent van Gogh

Full biographies of artist from Wikipedia. Offline no connection needed to read them.

"u2713 Open external WEB sites to learn more about artists

700+ pictures to view in portrait and landscape modes. Zoom in and out. Add to favorites, email image or save it in your photos.

"u2713 SAVE images from web sites to your gallery. Extending your gallery is an infinite fun.

"u2713 OFFLINE browsing with bulk download feature. You can download all images and browse them offline or you can load only when you open a particular picture.

"u2713 QUIZ game - who is the artist?

"u2713 SAVE TO PHOTOS. You can save painting to your iPhone photos library and set it as a wallpaper

"u2713 EMAIL IMAGE - create a nice looking html email with a link to the artist's page on wikipedia and

"u2713 SEARCH by artists name or work title

"u2713 MY GALLERY section with your favorite pictures. Turn iPhone/iPod into landscape mode to see your favorite pictures in large and framed

"u2713 PARENTAL CONTROL setting allows you to hide all nude and horror pictures.

"u2713 Animated SLIDESHOW for random pictures and for pictures in My Gallery (selected by you)

"u2713 OPENFEINT integrated: global and local history of quiz scores with leaderboards. Achievements allow you track your progress in learning art. Challenges allow you play with other people, find new friends.

In the Full version of ART you will get:
"u2713 204 Artists and counting. 6000+ pictures.
"u2713 'Most Expensive Art' section.

Note: Some masterpieces depict NUDE people - both women and men.

Works of art used in the application are to the best of our knowledge in public domain.

ART is still under active development. Please send you feedback to Follow our twitter at and subscribe to our newsletter at With every update and new release we give away free promo codes!

check out our other apps:
World Countries, JS Bach, USA Factbook and Quiz and others.

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including History Games you looking for.

We belive for every paid History Games app out there there is a equivalent free History Games app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

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- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different History Games apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone History Games apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular History Games app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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