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Baby Namer - Baby Name Generator

By released on: 2010-12-03T01:11:55Z

The Baby Namer contains over 10000 names from around the world to inspire your choice of baby name!

Each name featured in this app details the origin (e.g. French, English, Latin), the sex and a description. We have also integrated latest data for the UK and US top 1000 names for boys and girls.


- Baby name generator. Shake you iPhone to spin the dials (sex, letter, origin) and generate a random name. Dials can be held to narrow the field

- Browse. Browse names by sex, name and origin

- Search. Free text search for names

- Top 1000 names. See lists of the top 1000 names for boys and girls in the US and UK.

The Baby Namer is brought to you by Hello Baby (, an online nursery shop based in the UK.

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WordDot: a random name and phrase generator

By Endless Dot released on: 2010-07-14T07:00:00Z

Out of words? Out of ideas? You don't have to stare at the empty page or litter the floor with balled-up pieces of paper. Thanks to WordDot, you can just shake your iPhone (or tap "try again") and the muse will appear as seemingly random words.

Find inspiration in the connection between words. Withhold your judgement on what the "correct" phrase or name should be. The connection may be of total nonsense at glance. But it may be strange, unexpected, amusing or even intriguing. Let Word Plus jump start your imagination and refuel your creative thinking.

Please let me know what you use WordDot for. Writing prompts for a class or name your new formed band maybe?

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Super Research Idea Generator!

By Tapku released on: 2009-10-13T09:54:57Z

"If we would have new knowledge, we must get us a whole world of new questions." -Susanne K. Langer (1957) Philosophy in a New Key

Finding a good answer is hard, but asking a creative question can be even more challenging—and more rewarding. This is why we made Super Research Idea Generator. Designed by a PhD student studying communication and rhetoric and an undergraduate computer science major, Super Research Idea Generator is perfect for jumpstarting your academic imagination. Coming up with a good research question is the key to writing an insightful paper or leading an inspired discussion. Super Research Idea Generator will help you think of interesting questions you can use to begin your research. It's perfect not just for research papers, but you can use it for presentations or leading discussion in class. It works just as well for teachers as for students.

The program was designed specifically for students of communication or media, but because you can add your own words, it can be used broadly by anyone with an interest in technology. Be warned: You might get some strange ideas from the generator! It's up to you to use your imagination. This application is here to help spark your creativity. Some questions might work perfectly. Some might take more thought to tease out. And, sometimes you might have to just give it another try. Using this generator with your imagination is stimulating--and a little bit addictive. This is a unique brainstorming application, and you are sure to come up with tons of ideas that can be productively used for the classroom or even the boardroom.

Over 1 Billion possible combinations!
"Hand-crafted" list of words designed to provide unique, stimulating (and sometimes humorous) combinations of questions.
Allows you to lock words in the picker while still refreshing the questions.
You can add your own word to any of the three fields in the picker and save those words across sessions.
Tap the question field to save a question to your history and conveniently email it to yourself. You can also email multiple questions.
Shake to refresh the question, or click the Refresh button.

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Tell Me What To Do

By Roadseven released on: 2010-07-20T07:26:42Z

Tell Me What To Do is an amazing new app which introduces a whole new way for people around the world to connect and share suggestions on what to do. Browse through random suggestions submitted by fellow iPhone or iPod touch users from all around the world by just shaking the device. The app itself is a work of art, designed by graphic artist Sona Babajanyan and features artwork hand-drawn by her exclusively for this app.


- Generate random suggestions by shaking the device.
- Vote on suggestions.
- See the scores for all suggestions.
- Add your own suggestions.
- 'Report' button that keeps this app free of spam and abuse.
- Design and artwork by Sona Babajanyan


- iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4.

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Effective Mind

By Effective Mind AB released on: 2010-09-29T09:07:21Z

Effective Mind is a software for generating outside-the-box ideas.
Effective Mind is developed by Effective Mind AB.

- Enter a challenge
- Get impulses to trigger new ideas
- Enter your ideas
- Send your ideas to your email address

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By Geeky Lemon Development released on: 2011-01-25T10:26:53Z

Making decisions is hard and time consuming so let iDecide make all your decisions for you! so the next time you have to make a choose open the app and iDecide will help you, You never know what situation you will end up in some good some bad

- Free app
- 8 decision buttons
- Hundreds of outcomes
- Slick transitions
- Cool animation

***Updates continuously being made***

Please give us a 5 star review and tell us how we can improve the experience for users


Created by
Geeky Lemon Development


Geeky Lemon Development


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