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By Brunico Communications Ltd.released on:2010-01-11T07:12:06Z

KidScreen is the only international brand devoted exclusively to the children's entertainment industry. KidScreen aims to bring diverse communities together for dialog, debate and discussion about the global business of children's entertainment. This is achieved through various printed publications, interactive media, live events -- and now, an iPhone application sponsored by Saban Brands LLC.

Get the latest news, latest tweets, latest promotions and so much more right from your iPhone.

Especially useful with regards to the annual KidScreen Summit conference, the iPhone application allows attendees to access information on attendees, speakers, the agenda and the venue. It also allows attendees to rate speakers and sessions, and to communicate with each other, as well as gain access to late breaking news.

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By SEVEN PRINCIPLESreleased on:2010-02-26T03:09:20Z

The HARIBO app delivers a pack of virtual GOLD BEARS. Your phone screen will virtually turn into a pack of GOLD BEARS that can be opened. Also the GOLD BEARS can be eaten by emptying them into your mouth. A true amusement for every party or cozy video dates with your friends! Now you'll always have your HARIBO GOLD BEARS with you! For further information please visit

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Bunny Beat

By Golden Gekkoreleased on:2011-02-15T04:27:51Z

Be a Rock Star rabbit! Watch and listen to EB on the drums, then repeat the sequence and timing to score points and unlock new levels.

Pass each level successfully to move onto the next but watch out for Carlos the Chick who is out to cause mischief!

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