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Mod My Mo

By Intelligent Communication Enterprise Corpreleased on:2011-01-25T02:49:42Z


Mr.Mo is the coolest panda of the entire world ! He's a celebrity wannabe. You can:-
1. Dress up Mo with accessories.
2. Choose a photo from your album to set as background.
3. Touch Mo gently to see acts celebrities will never do in front of a camera.
4. Snap a photo with Mo and share it on Facebook !

Download "Mod My Mo" iphone app from Apple iTunes store for free and follow Mo and other celebrities at

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Party Popper Lite

By P-O-M appsreleased on:2010-12-19T01:51:39Z

Party Popper — the fun never ends!

Step into a crazy balloon party!
As long as you keep popping, the party keeps going!
Just keep your greedy hands off the cakes!

Party Popper rocks your iOS device with an attractive, active, and very interactive gameplay!

In a race against time, slash, swipe, drag, tap, shake, tilt, spin and even flip to pop the different shaped balloons.
Explore the 7 mind-boggling Boss Modes.
Unlock amazing bonuses!

Game Features:
-insanely fast game play
-combo moves
-7 crazy boss modes
-bonus achievements
-real retina display graphics

Don't forget to check out the How To Tutorial in the game before playing .

Party Popper Lite lets you play up to the second boss, test and see if you have the skills to keep the party going !

The current version supports 3rd and 4th generation iDevices only.

Youtube gameplay video:

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Toddler Happy Birthday. Blowing out candles.

By Tipitapreleased on:2010-03-08T09:45:27Z

Top 100 App in education in 40+ countries for 2 months!

Candles hold a strange fascination over young children. Toddlers love blowing out candles and singing happy birthday. They can never get enough.

Now they can do it over and over until they are all out of breath—without risking any burns or sugar overloads.


In appreciation to our loyal app following, big and small, we've created this FREE, fun little app to help toddlers practice blowing candles, learn to recognize their age in numbers (1, 2 or 3), have fun singing Happy Birthday and make a wish without playing with actual fire or making a mess with frosting!

There are three simple modes:
"t"tI'm turning 1 with one candle
"t"tI'm turning 2 with two candles
"t"tI'm turning 3 with three candles.

"tCandles 4-99
"tPersonalize the song and greeting
"tEmail song, greeting and picture of the cake to friends and family (Quicktime required for personalized greeting playback in the receiving computer)

You can listen to the happy birthday tune professionally played on the piano. We would have loved to include an artist singing the song, but in one of the strangest twists in the world of intellectual property: the lyrics of the Happy Birthday song are copyrighted!!!! (It gives you a sense of how wrong the system is.) No real harm, though. You can sing along to the music with your little one.

So, Happy Birthday to all!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The iPod Touch doesn't have a built in mic. You will be able to listen to the song and see the images, but for the candles to blow out you will need an external mic.
WARNING .The blowing ONLY works AFTER the music is over. (Remember to blow hard and close to device mic.) Tap and hold anywhere on the screen for two seconds to blow off the candle before the song is over.
Fun learning, learning fun.

If you like this app, check out our in-app catalog and buy one of our other FUN and EDUCATIONAL apps.

You can also type "Tipitap" in the appstore search box for all our apps!

Toddler Tapping Zoo: animal sights and sounds
Toddler Music Jukebox: Classic songs
Toddler Spanish
Car, Ship & Rocket!
Art Sliding Puzzle
...and many more!

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Balloon Pop Up

By iPhoneCodeTutorials.comreleased on:2009-11-05T08:00:00Z


Pop balloons on your iPhone or iPod Touch and hear and feel them pop before your very eyes. Listen and laugh in the fun noises that you can only experience with fun balloon popping! Fun for all ages! FREE download!

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Santa's Sleigh Bells Christmas

By LOLriffic Stuffreleased on:2009-09-28T07:00:00Z



Celebrate your favorite holiday with ringing sleigh bells. Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a fun Sleigh Bell set and show your holiday spirit.

Have a jolly merry christmas with your own Reindeer sleigh bells and entertain your kids or children you may know for hours on Christmas Eve. Perfect for quick holiday fun for children or kids of all ages.


Keywords: merry,christmas,bells,ring,cheer,celebration,holiday,xmas,santa,reindeer,shake,toy,elves,northpole

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Kids Celebration

By three-thirty ministries, LLCreleased on:2010-06-25T01:39:49Z

The Kids Celebration app brings you all the important information to help keep you in touch with the ministry of Kids Celebration. Kids Celebration is a live 30-60 minute interactive family event that combines group interaction, music, and awesome games.

Through this app you can keep up-to-date with their events and resources. This app also contains a way "on-the-go" to share God's plan of salvation with not only kids, but people of all ages.

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Fun Party Games

By Lan Manreleased on:2010-08-19T10:36:44Z

Do you want this Easter celebration to be the most memorable and fun one? Then this app is handy and useful for you! These are games that you and your family can play during Easter. And it's less than a cup of coffee but gives you a day of fun. Features include: - Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to flip a page - Save images as wallpaper - No internet connection required! All images are loaded in the app for fast browsing - High quality images - Clear and concise instructions to play the game - Share photos with friends using facebook or email - FREE updates for a lifetime!!! Happy Easter and God bless!

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