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The CAHSEE Tutor - English-Language Arts (Lite)

By TestTools, Inc. released on: 2010-01-21T07:15:43Z

All students enrolled in California public schools will have to pass both the Mathematics and English-Language Arts sections of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) to receive a California high school diploma.

The CAHSEE Tutor - English-Language Arts (Lite) iPhone/iPod Application was designed by TestTools, Inc. to help students prepare for the actual CAHSEE by taking a series of practice examinations that are 100% aligned to the California English-Language Arts Content Standards.

This Application (Lite version) has 39 multiple-choice test questions distributed across 4 English-Language Arts strands and 5 sample Writing Applications (Essay). The questions are formatted like the actual CAHSEE and have only one correct answer - A, B, C, or D.

English-Language Arts Strands

1. Word Analysis & Reading Comprehension - 9 questions
2. Word Analysis & Literary Response - 10 questions
3. Writing Strategies - 8 questions
4. Writing Conventions - 12 questions
5. Writing Applications (Essay) - 5 questions

This Application will provide immediate feedback when an answer choice is made to inform the user if the selection was "correct' or "incorrect". At the end of an exam, a grading summary will be displayed to indicate the score, time it took to complete the exam, and date. All competed exam scores will be saved and can be viewed from the "View Score History" section.

The passing score for the Mathematics section of the CAHSEE is approximately 55% and the passing score for English-Language Arts section is approximately 60%.

TestTools, Inc. is private test-preparation company that is NOT affiliated with the California Department of Education. If you have any questions about the actual CAHSEE, please contact the California DOE at

TestTools, Inc.
PO Box 272207
Boca Raton, Florida 33427
"u00a9 2010, All Rights Reserved

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By Castle Rock Research Corp. released on: 2010-04-25T12:13:48Z

SOLARO™ Mobile for the iPhone/iPod Touch provides students with high quality, curriculum specific educational content including topic tests, lessons and quizzes (see SOLARO™ for an iPad optimized version).

SOLARO™ Mobile supports the high quality education students receive through their daily schooling with resources that can be used effectively and efficiently by students at home. It allows students to complete or review lessons and assessments on an iPhone/iPod Touch, search for content and access notes created on the SOLARO™ website. Materials are stored locally on the device so that they can be accessed later (even in Airplane mode or when there is no internet connection).

Currently SOLARO™ Mobile has courses covering Grades 3-12 in California as well as Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. We expect to launch courses aligned to the Texas and Florida program of studies/curriculum before the end of March. Several additional States will be available in June.

To use the SOLARO™ Application you need to sign up for a SOLARO™ account at

SOLARO is provided as a subscription-based service at home but is free for in-school use!

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By Charcis released on: 2010-09-30T10:59:08Z

Are you a master of trivia? Study over 75,000 questions. Challenge your opponents to real time duels. Every correctly answered question becomes a weapon of attack! Sense when opponents are nearby! Locate opponents on the Q world map! Join the quest to be the next Qmaster!

Knowledge is power, and as each duel takes place, the opportunity for a promotion is at hand. Progressively improve and strengthen your abilities - where the few who remain will battle to the last. The gathering in the virtual world will now decide the true Qmaster. In the end, there can only be one.

Qmaster combines the popularity of trivia with the excitement of online interactive peer to peer gaming. Study on your own or challenge your opponents in ten areas of knowledge: Science, Technology, Geography, Media, Languages, Arts, Socials, History, Sports, and Mathematics.

Spread the word that you have earned promotions or won duels by posting to your Facebook profile or sending out Tweets! Questions increase in difficulty as one earns upgrades and promotions to higher levels in each subject category. Enhance and build your Q score by earning upgrades or promotions through study or through an intense duel with another player. The rewards are greater for winning a duel than for accomplishments in study mode, but so are the punishments! Beware. It will not be easy to become a Qmaster!

-Over 75,000+ questions and growing
-Study in any of 10 subject categories
-5 levels of question difficulty in each subject category
-50 steps of upgrade or promotion in each subject category towards becoming a Qmaster
-Post your game play achievements on Facebook and Twitter
-Correctly answered questions become weapons for use in attacking opponents
-Select nearby opponents on the Q world map
-Attack opponents that are on-line by sending them a question and triggering a duel
-Defend yourself from attack by correctly answering questions
-Receive a push notification sound and alert when a nearby opponent becomes attackable
-Provoke opponents that are off-line by sending them a question and push notifications
-Receive a push notification badge, sound and alert when one is being provoked
-React to provocations when you come on-line by answering a question and attacking your provoker
-Receive a push notification badge, sound and alert that a daily challenge question awaits
-Overcome daily challenge questions when you come on-line to earn upgrades and promotions
-Earn free subscription days for yourself and friends by inviting them to install the game using your reward code
-Ability to track favorite opponents, even when they are not nearby
-Ability to block undesired opponents from locating or attacking oneself
-Ability to control which events will trigger notification sounds and alerts
-Random location offsets applied on Q world map so that ones precise location is not revealed to preserve privacy

-Internet connection on your iDevice required to play Qmaster
-Notifications must be enabled under iDevice Settings
-You must allow Qmaster to use Location Services or manually enter your location
-Subscription required to advance to higher levels and enable advanced game features

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