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NALP 2011 Annual Education Conference & Resourc...

By Core-Apps LLC released on: 2011-02-09T08:45:48Z

Follow Me is the official application for the NALP 2011 Annual Education Conference & Resource Center Exhibition , April 27 - 30, in Palm Springs CA. Navigate like a pro with our maps, search the exhibitor directory, or create your show schedule by choosing sessions you want to attend and speakers you want to hear. Enjoy the show!

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Louisiana Legal Ethics by Dane Ciolino

By Matt Miller released on: 2010-02-24T10:55:12Z

This app contains an e-book with (1) the full text of each of the current Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct, (2) "background" information regarding the adoption of each rule by the Louisiana Supreme Court, (3) related ABA resources, including the comments to the corresponding ABA model rule, and (4) annotations discussing Louisiana case law and administrative decisions relevant to each rule.

This e-book is the successor to the book Louisiana Professional Responsibility Law and Practice (copyright by the Louisiana State Bar Association, Dane S. Ciolino ed.), published by the LSBA in three editions from 2001 through 2007, and reprinted here with permission. In cooperation with the LSBA, we are making this resource available online as an e-book, enabling us to provide this information at no charge and with immediate updates as developments occur. The views expressed on this site are those of Prof. Ciolino alone, and not of the LSBA.

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