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Legal Terms

By US Legal, Inc.released on:2010-07-22T04:45:37Z

Have a question about what that specific Legal Term means? Going through a contract and want to make sure you understand what you are agreeing to? Or are you a lawyer/law student looking for an easy to use legal dictionary?

USLegal, Inc., a leader in online legal resources and legal forms, has created a comprehensive, easy to use legal term dictionary that can help.

Browse and Search an alphabetized, grouped list of thousands of legal terms and their definitions. See related terms, and even send in a request to have a term defined.

Much faster and more practical than carrying around a huge paper dictionary, have instant access to the terms and definitions you need, at your fingertips.

Download our app now.

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LawBox - Legal Reference and Search

By LawBox LLCreleased on:2009-07-30T02:00:30Z

Are you an attorney that needs free mobile access to the 2011 statutes of California, New York, Texas, Illinois, Arizona, Florida, or Delaware? There's only one app for that: LawBox.

LawBox is a digital statute book for your iDevice that allows you to download and search your state's codes. Our library already includes complete 2011 statute sets for:

New York
United States Code

And best of all: everything is free while we develop our next generation research service!

The following code packages are included as starter content:

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Federal Rules of Evidence
28 U.S.C. - Judiciary and Judicial Procedure
United States Constitution

Important: to enable the optional news client, you must go to your device's "Settings" app (grey gears icon), select LawBox from the list on the left, and enable the news preference.

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Legal Environments of Business Test

By Intersogreleased on:2009-03-05T12:47:16Z

*** Selected by for their "Hottest" app award.***

***Overall, my impression of this app was that it's great for those who want to learn business law topics on the go in an easy-to-learn format. AppShouter Review***

Legal Environments of Business Test- The complete testing solution for the complete professional.

Legal Environments of Business Test thoroughly evaluates your knowledge of the complex legal principles that apply to every business through a series of engaging interactive self-tests.

Tests include:
1. Introduction to Law, Legal System and Contracts
2. Parties, Illegality and Agency
3. Partnerships and Corporations
4. Property and Sales
5. Negotiable Instruments, Credit and Economic Relations

Explanation of Right and Wrong Answers
Save and Review Test Results
Shuffle Questions
No Internet connection required

Legal Environments of Business Test is developed by INTERSOG based on the work of Professor and best-selling author Dr. Jae K. Shim.

The app is based on the FREE Legal Environments Of Business ebook's content, which is available online at

Promoted by ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency

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Legal Maps

By WeedMapsreleased on:2010-01-28T12:36:48Z

Seen us on the web? High-5! WeedMaps is the BEST medical marijuana locator sporting dispensary menus, community reviews, photos, ratings, blogs and more--totally FREE.

3,010+ dispensaries (California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada) and over 32,356 reviews with more added daily!

What are you waiting for? Find your bud!

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LexisNexis Legal News

By Newstexreleased on:2011-01-19T04:01:06Z

LexisNexis"u00ae Legal News

Drawing from the vast LexisNexis"u00ae content repository, the LexisNexis Legal News app blends some of the best legal news, video, blog and twitter sources into a continuously updating content feed for users of the Apple"u00ae iPhone"u00ae and the iPad™.

Download the LexisNexis Legal News application to:

"u00b7 Stay on top of breaking legal, business and financial news
"u00b7 Set alerts for news on your clients, competitors and changing market conditions
"u00b7 Search for information from across a wide variety of content providers and formats including blogs, Twitter and video
"u00b7 Reduce app "u2018clutter' on your iPhone or/iPad from multiple legal news apps

Subjects covered in this app include:

"u00b7 Breaking news
"u00b7 Legal topics - banking, bankruptcy, constitutional law, copyright & trademarks, criminal law, emerging issues, environmental law, estate practice & elder law, healthcare, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, international & foreign law, labor & employment, real estate, securities, tax law, torts and workers compensation law.
"u00b7 Mealey's™ legal news

This app is meant to complement the LexisNexis"u00ae services by providing research capabilities in a mobile environment.

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No Mercy Christmas Gift

By Legal Radiation Teamreleased on:2009-12-15T05:25:07Z


This is the FREE version of NO MERCY.
#1 top paid app in Greece. // for video and screenshots

Video Review:


"It`s a great application, very well put together. Easy to use, fun and effective. Definitely check this out."
Jerad Hill -

" Congratulations for this wonderfull app. [It is] impeccable with amazing graphics"
iPodTouchPro -

"No Mercy has awesome graphics. I simply love the bright colors and the different actions that we can perform. Check out how the hand smacks the picture and even leaves an imprint on it." - 4/5 stars

"No Mercy, an extremely fun antistress application that will certainly cover your needs for fun and relaxation"


Did Santa forget to bring you a gift last year?
In fact, has Santa forgotten about you every year?

Well, If you think its Santa s fault,
think again !
The true culprit behind everything is
none other than Santa s helper!!

Let him know that you won`t tolerate
anymore of these empty Xmas nights by
letting him have it !

Give that forgetful elf a nice reminder
by sharing with him a few nice gifts of
your own !

Trust the NOMERCY method, you will get his attention.

In the full version of NOMERCY, you
can use photos from your library, or photos that you take directly from the camera.
Save the results and use as you wish!

Additionally, the following weapons are
also available for use:

pistol, ouzi, shotgun, dart, bow, knife, shuriken, screw driver, nail, hammer, egg, mobile phone, tomato, yoghurt, shoe, finger sketch, label, burger, tennis ball, mustard, fish slap, smack, cigar.

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Legal Edge

By JDSupra.comreleased on:2009-10-10T03:55:03Z

What's your legal edge?

Stay on top of the latest legal developments that matter to you with updates, news alerts, and case filings from the nation's legal professionals.

This app streams free legal content written by experts in all areas of the law.

Subjects covered: real estate, banking and finance, immigration, insurance, consumer protection, taxes, bankruptcy, intellectual property, health law, labor and employment, legal marketing, and many others. All information streamed through JD Supra, a leading provider of legal content from the source.


- Daily stream of legal articles, alerts, briefs, and newsletters on all topics (from trusts and estates to environmental law, and all areas between)
- Includes a stream of court filings from notable and newsworthy cases
- Content provided by Amlaw100 law firms, attorneys, and numerous other legal organizations and professionals
- All information streamed by subject: choose your industry, profession, or topic of interest
- View documents in PDF (includes landscape view) or Safari
- Zoom in on docs for easy reading
- Contact lawyer or firm directly through iPhone with any comments or questions (enabled for documents whose contributors are premium account holders)

About JD Supra:

JD Supra enables lawyers and legal professionals to showcase their expertise by distributing daily written work widely across the Web (including, of course, by iPhone).

For more information visit

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Tap Disc Lite

By Legal Radiation Teamreleased on:2010-11-18T01:21:19Z

*** NEW AND NOTEWORTHY *** under arcade and action in the US appstore.
This is the Lite version of the Tap Disc Game. You are limited in playing the first two rounds of the easy and kids mode. Game Center and Open Feint supported.

Tap Disc is an entirely new kind of game unlike anything you have played before. Combining elements of timed tapping and color matching, Tap Disc offers a unique challenge that was created just for the iDevice platform.
Use your finger to collect white, orange and red discs as they ricochet around the playing field. The timing and placement of your taps control which color discs you can collect. The goal is to collect as many discs as possible and earn points while making sure the colored discs don't collide with the big bad black and yellow disc.
The basic gameplay is simple and addictive and only gets more exciting with combos, power-ups, challenges and many other surprises.

Features in Tap Disc:
Simple one-touch tap control
20+ unique bonuses, power-ups, and challenges
Three standard difficulty settings and pre-school mode for children
Full tutorials
Openfeint Leaderboard Support

Give it a shot! We guarantee you've never played a game like this before. It's great on the iPad too!

See Tap Disc gameplay action here:

What Reviewers Say: - TapDisc for iOS combines a unique and challenging mixture of timing, strategy, and unique gameplay to create an interesting and fun new style of touch-screen game. - Daily app: What you end up with is a fun mix of a timing and angle game that's pretty addictive... Tap Disc is definitely worth checking out.

MACWORLD.COM + PCWORLD.COM - Thanks to an intuitive user interface and addictive game levels, Tap Disc is an enjoyable diversion into a weird world.

Score 4/5: "It's that simple. Yet it is also dastardly hard and very addictive... Tap Disc is a marvel." -

Score 4/5: " Entirely fun, and one of the most original experiences on the iPhone right now." -

Score 4/5 - "Tap Disc is the first of its kind we've come's a fun title that extends its hands to younger gamers as well." -

Score 4/5: "Tap Disc is a should buy for $0.99 that casual gamers will absolutely love." - App Advice

Score: 9/10 "There's nothing else like this on the App Store. Very addictive. Definitely recommend it." -

Score: 5/5 "I think that this game is very well polished with amazing graphics and interesting game play. There is never a dull moment in the game." -

Score: 8/10 -

*Apple is not a sponsor of, or responsible for conducting the promotion of the cash prize contest.

*Tap Disc is the game formerly known as Flying Discs

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By Tekk Innovations LLCreleased on:2009-11-10T12:38:17Z

A legal library in your pocket.

LawStack comes preloaded with the following:

"u2713 US Constitution
"u2713 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (Dec. 1, 2010)
"u2713 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (Dec. 1, 2010)
"u2713 Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (Dec. 1, 2010)
"u2713 Federal Rules of Evidence (Dec. 1, 2010)
"u2713 Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (Dec. 1, 2010)

Looking for more? Browse the embedded collection and add items to your stack. Examples:

"u2713 Code of Federal Regulations
"u2713 United States Code
"u2713 California Codes
"u2713 Florida Codes
"u2713 Texas Codes
"u2713 Delaware Codes
"u2713 New York Codes
"u2713 Virginia Codes
"u2713 Many more...

Can't find what you're looking for? Make a request. Then download more legal titles in the future versions of LawStack. We'll try to add the most requested titles first.


"u2713 Complete offline access for downloaded titles.
"u2713 Killer full-text search.
"u2713 Bookmarks.
"u2713 Header only search option.
"u2713 Search highlighting.
"u2713 Saved search term history.
"u2713 Email sections.
"u2713 Context-sensitive search.


Follow us on Twitter: @LawStack

Questions, comments, or feature requests? Need specific updates? Email us at

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3D Chess Free

By Wang Lixiangreleased on:2009-05-21T07:00:00Z

The Awards That Full Version Have Won
Won the What We're Playing in May 2009
Won the Best Chess Award in Sep 2009

What's More in the Full Version?
√ Built-in Chess Clock
√ 2 More Difficulty Levels
√ New Board


This is the Free version of 3D Chess. As an epoch-making product, 3D Chess is the first-ever meaningful three-dimensional chess application in the iPhone history. It is completely based on the development of advanced and professional-strength 3D game engine, which organically integrates the realistic three-dimensional scene, character models, and piece movements into this game. Its 3D effect helps in turning an ordinary chess game into an enthralling sight and game.

In 3D Chess Free, all chess rules are implemented and followed along with many features expected of a professional chess game, freely rotating board, gorgeous graphics, realistic sound performance, human-like artificial intelligence, automatic save function, 3 difficulty levels, friendly operator interface and much more features.

Tested compared with other iPhone chess games, 3D Chess Free has the more powerful and by far strongest AI engine on iPhone! Develop your strategic skills and train your brain, as you transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into a virtual Chess battlefield.

All in all, 3D Chess Free is the free ideal simulated chess game for players at any level. It is absolutely worthy of your choice.

Have fun! You deserve it!

More compatible with OS 4.2
Ideal simulated chess game
Realistic three-dimensional scene, models and piece movements
Board can rotate freely
True-to-life experience
Easy to undo moves
Legal move of highlight
Hint function
Automatic save if you exit or take a call
Human-like artificial intelligence
Fast-paced AI
3 Difficulty levels
Realistic sound performance
Clarion hints check
Image hint for the check and checkmate
Intuitive controls
Tap-tap to move pieces
Double tap carve characters "3D CHESS" to menu
Play games on your device anytime
Against friends in 2-player mode: Hot Seat (no network connection required)
Gorgeous graphics
Friendly operator interface
Cool gaming interface
Full-featured help page
Blue and Red are used in place of White and Black

Below there is a step by step tutorial guiding you how to use the customized background music function of 3D Chess Free:
Start your iPod application(in your iPhone or iPod Touch);
Choose your preferred song and play it;
Click your Home Button;
Start 3D Chess Free;

√ What's More in the Full Version?
Built-in Chess Clock
2 More Difficulty Levels
New Board

If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, please email to

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HR Daily Advisor

By Business and Legal Resourcesreleased on:2010-05-01T07:00:00Z

From BLR... the HR Experts. HR Daily Advisor comes from Business & Legal Resources, a name HR has known and trusted for more than 30 years, introduces it's HR Daily Advisor for the iPhone.

Forget lengthy, overcrowded HR sites or blogs that you don't have time to read anyway.

HR Daily Advisor presents an HR tip, piece of HR news, or compliance advisory a day readable in 5 minutes or less. Check us out every morning and see how easy it is to keep up with changing HR management trends.

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By Fastcasereleased on:2010-01-29T03:15:46Z

Fastcase for the iPhone/iPad is a free legal research application, putting the American law library in the palm of your hand. Fastcase contains cases and statutes from all 50 states and from the federal government. You can search by citation, keyword (in Boolean or natural language), or browse statute collections.


-"tFree, searchable library of American cases and statutes
-"tKeyword (Boolean), natural language, and citation search
-"tBrowse or search statutes
-"tMost relevant results first
-"tCustomizable, sortable search results
-"tSearch results automatically display number of citing cases
-"tJump right to most relevant paragraph of any case or statute
-"tIntegrated research history
-"tSave favorite documents for use later
-"tUpdated daily

Fastcase for the iPhone has won the prestigious American Association of Law Libraries New Product of the Year Award, and the iPad app includes great new features that take advantage of the larger screen area. Now you can view search results in a side panel while reading a document, enjoy portrait or landscape views, and see multiple levels of statute outline views.

Fastcase for the iPhone/iPad also uses smart search technology from Fastcase's fully-featured Web-based legal research application, which allows you to sort the most relevant results to the top of the list, customize and re-sort search results, and integrate citation analysis tools right into the results list.

This application is free, but you'll need to register an account so that you can save favorites and your own customized search history. There are tons of customizable features, so the more you use the Fastcase app, the better it fits you!

Fastcase's desktop application ( is widely considered the smartest alternative for legal research - allowing visual mapping of search results, dual-column printing, and more complete citation analysis and sorting tools. Fastcase was founded in 1999 and has hundreds of thousands of subscribers from around the world.

Fastcase for the iPhone/iPad is the world's largest free mobile law library. Happy searching!


"The short version of my review is this: I was impressed. The app is easy to use and produces lightning-fast results. . . . For legal research on the go, at any time, and for zero cost, this is a must-have for any lawyer with an iPhone." - Bob Ambrogi,

"The Fastcase iPhone app is an extremely solid app which probably won't be dethroned as the king of mobile legal research anytime soon." - Joshua Auriemma,

"The largest free law library available on the iPhone. . . . This is a surprisingly robust legal research tool that will allow its users to find cases and statutes wherever they are, whenever they want, all for free." - Bob Ambrogi

"Will it be long before students are required to purchase iPhones for law school in addition to, or instead of, laptops?" - James B. Levy, Legal Writing Professor Blog

"The Legal Universe At Your Fingertips, For Free!" - Brad Bogan, Fifth Circuit Blog

2010 Winner, New Product of the Year Award, American Association of Law Libraries

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Free Law Dictionary

By RedVok Softwarereleased on:2010-09-10T12:31:27Z

Free Law Dictionary is an easy to use, user friendly legal dictionary, with a very big database (more than 1,200 terms). No internet connection is required.
Main Features:
- More than 1,200 legal terms
- Searching mode with fast lookup engine
- Detailed view of the chosen word with phrases
- Bookmark screen

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Free Legal Study Flash Cards

By Costa Systemsreleased on:2009-10-14T05:53:51Z

Free Legal Study Flash Cards offers and easy and effective way to learn basic legal terminology.

For even more legal study terms, please see Costa System's other flash card applications.

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Marijuana +

By Sink or Swimreleased on:2011-01-05T02:17:34Z

Get your 420 on now with the ultimate Marijuana guide! Download now to learn about dozens of various strains! This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing available on iTunes right now. The Marijuana app will assist you in identifying dozens of various strains and their type of high, taste, and THC level.

"u25cf FEATURES "u25cf

"u2714 Works on all versions of iPhones and Touches
"u2714 High quality, high definition pictures!
"u2714 Easy-to-use interface
"u2714 Medical facts
"u2714 Complete and comprehensive identifying facts about many different strains

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Amazing and Weird State Laws (Free!)

By simpaddico llcreleased on:2009-11-03T09:59:26Z

Fifty Nifty United States...and Their Stupid Laws

The United States of America is a wonderful place to live, but sometimes, you really have to wonder who came up with some of the laws that Americans live by.

Each of the fifty states has their own quirky laws that, for one reason or another, were passed and never repealed.

In StupidLaws, you'll find everything from prohibitions on what pets can be brought into barber shops to state-determined fines for putting alcohol in candy!

Skeptical about these laws? Don't be! Each and every law is verifiable!

Any questions or suggestions? E-mail support [at]

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Constitution and Federalist Papers

By Multieducator Increleased on:2010-07-06T03:47:14Z

Our CONSTITUTION and THE FEDERALIST PAPERS is the best way to learn about the Constitution of the United States. Not only does the app include the full text of the Constitution, the product also features an explanation of each and every clause, as well as commentary on each of the amendments. The complete text of all 85 of the Federalist papers in also included. Program users can will enjoy photos of the authentic Constitution document. Using the unique capabilities of the iPad/iPhone you can zoom in on any part of the actual Constitution. A brief history of the writing of the Constitution and the Federalist papers is also included. You can create a "favorites" section or even e-mail your "favorites" section to a friend. MultiEducator brings the experience it has gained from twenty years of developing American history products to help you learn about the Constitution on your Apple mobile device.

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Dumb Laws Free

By Orange Driver Softwarereleased on:2009-09-13T07:01:34Z

Wanna reduce your chances of getting arrested for doing something stupid you didn't even realize was illegal? Then check out Dumb Laws! We here at Orange Driver Software have compiled some of the stupidest laws from all over the USA.

Did you know that in North Carolina, its illegal to be intimate in the space between two hotel beds. Well, you'll find plenty more laws as ridiculous as this one in Dumb Laws!

Wrapped up in an elegant user interface, you can shake your phone or tap the gavel to randomly display a new dumb law.

Great for your morning commute or just going to the bathroom, Dumb Laws will entertain and inform you at the same time!

If you like Dumb Laws Lite, please purchase the full version of Dumb Laws to get lots more laws and NO ads!

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There are more than 300,000 iphone/ipad apps for just about any category you can think of including Legal you looking for.

We belive for every paid Legal app out there there is a equivalent free Legal app that can be downloaded from itunes free of charge. If you do not like that app you can always uninstall it without paying for it or worring about losing the money you paid for app you do not use.

Try out the free Legal apps to see if you like it before purchasing the more expensive versions of it.
- There are thousands of iphone developers daily release free iphone apps.
- Explore different Legal apps with free iphone apps and see if you like it before you pay for it.
- Just like trial software for non mobile operating systems, free iphone Legal apps let you explore similar tools before you purchase the more expensive version.
- For those of you looking for particular Legal app specific to a professional decipline search apps by Apps Popular Among Professions.

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